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A.K.A The Double Half-Wappinger Recap

Jessica and Trish stand outside the police station and watch as Gregory leaves. The press arrive and Jessica realizes that Jeri is representing Gregory. Jeri says that the police were misinformed, and Jessica is furious after what she told Jeri about Gregory killing people. Gregory says that the police were just doing their jobs and the misinformation came from Jessica, who broke into his home and assaulted her. Jeri tries to interrupt him, but Gregory says that there was another unidentified female vigilante. Jessica sends Trish away, and Gregory says that supers believe themselves privileged. He spots Jessica and points her out, and the reporters run over to question her. Jessica walks away while Jeri tries to focus on the police unjustly holding Gregory.

Jeri asks why Gregory didn't tell her about the second super, and he says that he didn't think the police would believe him. He tells her that he knows the law and it wasn't slander, and Jeri tells him that she's only failed when a client undermined her. Gregory advises her to prove she as good as she claims that she is, noting that she needs him more than he needs her.

Jeri returns to her office and finds Jessica there. Jessica says that Gregory dismembered seven human beings, and Jeri admits that she didn't know Gregory would call Jessica out. The PI insists that she's telling the truth and had no motive to lie about him, and advises Jeri not to make them adversaries. Jeri says that the law firm is meaningful to her and Jessica knows that, and Jessica warns that her and people around her get hurt when she cozies up to maniacs. The lawyer says that even maniacs deserve due process, and tells Jessica that they should stay out of each other's way and neither of them will get hurt. Jessica tells Jeri that she's finally found someone to kill her but warns that Gregory might enjoy it too much, and leaves.

At his apartment, Malcolm remembers having sex with Berry and ignoring Zaya's call. He calls her and apologizes for trying to pick a fight with her the day before. Malcolm asks if they can talk in person, and she says that she's in the middle of something and Malcolm will know where she'll be.

At Alias, Gillian is dealing with the incoming calls. Gregory's press conference has gone viral and Gillian says that the calls keep asking about the masked vigilante. Jessica tells her to tell them that there's no such person, and Jessica tells Trish that Erik took Berry out of town while Gregory is on the streets. Gillian goes to the restroom and Trish asks what the plan is. Jessica says that she was wrong about Andrew, and Trish screwed up her first time out... and figures that Gregory did the same. She has an article about Gregory's brother Donny dying in a tractor accident at Wappinger Falls, and suggests that Gregory was getting started and might have made a mistake. Jessica tells Trish that they're heading to Wappinger Falls, and Gillian confirms that the police there won't release the files.

Zaya tells Jeri that Reed claimed that a masked woman attacked him. Jeri tells her to go to Rikers and interview Reed, confirming if the descriptions match. Zaya then reveals that Jeri accidentally sent her a text meant for Kith, saying that Jeri is losing her mind out of concern. Jeri tells her to be back to help with the paperwork on Gregory's case.

Jessica and Trish drive to Wappinger Falls and pull up to the police station. As Jessica goes in to get the file, Trish tells her to be nice. Jessica introduces herself to Chief Ronnie Velasco and claims that she was hired by the tractor company. Ronnie says that it was a tragedy for the family, and Gregory was on a school trip at the time. The chief knows who Jessica really is, and Jessica says that Gregory killed seven people and Donny was his first. Ronnie doesn't believe it, and says that Gregory's father took it out on Gregory. She refuses to show Jessica the file without a court order, and Jessica goes to the nearby women's restroom and texts Trish to have a "meltdown".

Trish sets off the car alarm and starts screaming. Ronnie goes out to investigate, and Trish says that she dropped the keys. Jessica goes into the now-empty squad room and pulls the file.

Malcolm goes to the law office and Char tells him that Zaya is in a client meeting. He hears Gregory talking and goes to the door, and sees Gregory talking to Jeri and Zaya. The women say that they have a criminal who can confirm the masked woman attacked him, and Jeri asks if Gregory has anything damaging in his history because Jessica will find it. Gregory insists that they've earned their respect and reveals that he knows about Jeri and Zaya's background. Malcolm comes in and introduces himself to Gregory, and Jeri points out that he's trained under Jessica. Gregory notes that he has a black eye, and Malcolm says that he's not afraid of a fight for the right cause.

Jeri shows Gregory out, and Malcolm tells Zaya "no". She says that it's no business of him, and asks what his problem is. Malcolm says that his problem is that his woman is working with a psycho-killer. Jeri returns and points out that Gregory is an alleged psycho-killer, and tells Malcolm that it's not their job to assess guilty or innocence. Malcolm insists on checking Gregory's background to assess the risk to the firm, and Jeri agrees. Zaya says that they don't have a problem and leaves, and Jeri tells Malcolm to keep his issues to himself before he leaves. A call comes in for Jeri, but it's a spam call rather than Kith.

Jessica and Trish check into a motel and go over the stolen files. Trish worries that they might be on a wild goose chase, and Jessica points out that her playing a dumb blonde helped get the files. After she does so, Trish says that it was a relief that it came out she was a drug addict. She tells Jessica that people look at her with respect once they nail Gregory. They realize Donnie wasn't Gregory's victim and look for the person who was.

Zaya tells Jeri that she found records of five criminals who claim to be assaulted by the masked vigilante. Three of them are the firm's clients, and Jeri figures the woman has access to her client files. Jeri tells Zaya to follow it through without consulting Malcolm, and Zaya agrees.

The next morning, Trish wakes up Jessica and shows her an article about Nathan Silva, who was on the high school wrestling team with Gregory and they were friends. In his senior year, Nathan went missing.

As Gillian arrives at Alias, Malcolm asks her where Jessica is. Gillian says that she's away on business, and Malcolm asks for everything Jessica has on Gregory. Gillian refuses, saying that she's not impressed with Malcolm forcing his way into Alias.

Jessica and Trish drive to the Silva house, and Gillian calls. Trish takes it while Jessica goes to talk to Nathan's parents Manuel and Ana. Malcolm is using Gillian's call and says that he's taking on Gregory's case. He explains that he won't support Jeri as long as Gregory is killing people,and Trish makes Malcolm promise to keep them updated. Gillian wants Jessica's okay, and Trish says that she has her proxy;.

In the Silva house, Manual tells Jessica that Gregory and Nathan had a falling-out when recruiters approached Nathan because he was naturally gifted. Ana asks if Jessica is done as Manuel starts reminiscing, and Jessica finds a photo that Gregory took of Nathan standing in front of a gazebo. Ana angrily tells Jessica that they're done, but Manuel explains that the gazebo was built the day after Nathan disappeared. Jessica says that Nathan will never be back if they don't look, and Ana storms out.

Dorothy texts Trish with photos of the dresses for the show. Ronnie pulls up to the Silva house and Trish sees her.

Jessica looks at the photo that Gregory took of the gazebo, and confirms that Gregory helped build it. Ronnie comes in and says that Ana asked her to stop by. She tells Jessica to move on, and Manuel and Ana argue about whether Jessica can help. Jessica goes out to the gazebo, lifts it up, and Ronnie draws her gun and tells the PI to step away. Ignoring her, Jessica punches the concrete foundation until it shatters. As she digs, Trish comes out and tells Ronnie not to shoot because she's on camera. Ronnie hesitates, and Jessica finds a duffel bag and drops it on the lawn. She opens it, revealing Nathan's dismembered body inside.

As the EMTs take the bag away, Jessica calls Eddy. He tells her that he'll need to get permission to prove the NYPD has jurisdiction. After Jessica hangs up, Ronnie comes over and asks for her files back. Jessica gives them to her, and Ronnie thanks her for finding Nathan's body. In the car, Jessica tells Trish that she doesn't care what other people think about if she's a hero and they head back to NYC.

That night at the firm, Zaya goes over the security footage and sees the masked woman break into Malcolm's office and access his laptop., After the vigilante leaves, the footage shows Malcolm coming back and the two of them fighting, and then them talking before the vigilante leaves by the window.

Malcolm follows Gregory to the community center where he works as a wrestling coach. Gregory goes in and Malcolm goes in after him.

Trish parks beneath an underpass and starts to make a call, and then wonders what she's doing. She makes the call anyway to the Bulletin and says that she's calling in a tip.

Malcolm watches from the hallway as Gregory teaches the neighborhood kids. Jessica approaches Malcolm, who tells her that it's insane that Gregory is training kids. She tells Malcolm that they found what they needed upstate, and asks Malcolm if he has a job. Malcolm says that there's what he needs to do and what he wants to do, and he has to do both to stay sane. A boy opens his duffle bag, and Jessica remembers opening the duffel bag with Nathan's body inside.

Gregory sees Jessica outside and motions her in. She enters the gym and tells Gregory that the kids have had enough lessons from him. Jessica tells him to get away from the kids, and Gregory asks if she'll rely on an unfair advantage again. He asks if she thinks she can win a fair fight, and says that she can't control herself. Jessica figures that Gregory wants her to lose her shit in front of the cameras, and Jessica steps out onto the mat and invites Gregory to "school" her.

A reporter from the Bulletin arrives at the underpass, and he spots the masked Trish crouched on the girders above. He snaps photos and Trish poses for him before dropping to the street below and runs off.

Gregory has the kids take a seat and lays out the wrestling rules. She just stands and smirks at Gregory, and tells him to show her some moves. Gregory pins her and says that she can't hold back forever because it isn't her, and Jessica asks if it's the hold he used to kill Nathan. She pushes Gregory across the mat and the kids cheer her, and easily knocks him aside when he charges at her. Gregory grabs her but Jessica easily keeps her feet and tosses Gregory away. She lifts him up and flips him down onto the mat, then shoves him down with her foot. Gregory whispers that they'll see who she really is, and Jessica says to let them and walks away as the kids cheer.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 6, 2019

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