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A.K.A Camera Friendly Recap

Gillian wakes Jessica up to tell her that she transferred a call to her cell. It's Eddy, who says that the ME in Wappinger found evidence on Nathan's body but Eddy can't get the body out of Wappinger because the news has gone out on Trish's masked vigilante. Since Jessica is associated with Eddy, he doesn't have the clout to get the jurisdiction on the body. Eddy asks Jessica to have the vigilante come in and answer questions, or just stop. Jessica says that she'll see what she can do, and calls Dorothy. Dorothy tells her that Trish is in the middle of a new promo and can't talk.

Jessica goes to the ARN studio, and Dorothy comes over and says that she'll have to wait to talk to Trish. When Jessica shows Dorothy one of the Bulletin photos, Dorothy recognizes Trish's pose and complains about her costume. Gregory sends a video to Jessica of two men in a restaurant, and says that by 7 that night, a life will end because of her and her hero charade will end where it began. Trish sees Jessica and calls for a break. She talks to Jessica, who shows her the video. They figure one of the two men is Gregory's next victim, and the video erases itself after two views. Trish says that they'll stop her, and Dorothy overhears her and says Jessica will have to stop Gregory because Trish has a promo to do.

Trish goes back on air and calls Dorothy on, and a surprised Dorothy comes on camera. Trish leaves Dorothy with Grace and heads to check out the video while Jessica makes sure that Gregory isn't at his apartment. Jessica tells her about the photo and the police, and Trish assures her that she'll stick to the shadows.

Eddy and his husband Russell meet with an adoption counselor to see a video of their child-to-be. Eddy gets a text from Jessica saying that Gregory is going to kill. She invites Eddy to join her, and he excuses himself. Russell goes out with him and Eddy promises it won't be the same way later. Once he's alone, Eddy calls Jessica and tells her to stay away from Gregory. She explains about the video and Eddy says that he checked with surveillance and Gregory is at home. Jessica says that she's going to Gregory's with or without Eddy, but it would be better if he was with her.

Jeri calls Malcom in, and he finds her and Zaya looking at the footage of the masked Trish breaking into his office. The end of it, where Malcolm talks to Trish, isn't present. Jeri asks where his security team was, and figures that Jessica thinks that she's weak and will take it. Zaya says that she found the footage, and Jeri tells Malcolm to find out who the woman is. She points out that Jessica hasn't done anything for the firm and is trying to undermine her, and tells Malcolm that the firm is his future and he should take it personally so she can out her.

Trish goes to the restaurant and asks the waiter about the two men in the video, who were in at 8:30. She claims she wanted to get the phone number of one man, but the waiter recognizes her as Patsy and figures that it's a prank. Trish tries to pursue the matter and he finally says that they paid cash, and Trish texts Jessica with the information. Eddy pulls up to Jessica and tells her to walk away from it, insisting that Gregory is in the apartment. He warns that she's playing into Gregory's hands, and paparazzi outside take photos of her.

When Jessica knocks at the door, another man--Joby-- answers it. Gregory isn't there, and Joby says that he works there. Gregory went out the back fire escape early that morning, and says he was hired online to watch the place. Eddy orders him out in the hallway, and Jessica admits that she told Gregory that she went to his hometown to get evidence against him. She says that she's going to wait there and force Gregory to communicate, and tells Eddy to go.

Gregory walks down the street following his victim, and gets an invitation to watch a video from Jessica. In the video, Jessica shows Gregory's certificates and then smashes them and breaks his wrestling trophies. Gregory curses and then controls himself because he's in public, and the video ends.

Zaya goes to Malcolm's office and asks why she protected him. Malcolm assures her that Jeri won't find out what Zaya did, and insists that the vigilante isn't the villain Jeri is making her out to be. Zaya warns that keeping secrets destroys a relationship, and says that they have laws and lawyers. She admits that they're imperfect but she trusts them more than a masked vigilante. Malcolm says that what the vigilante is doing is important, and Zaya asks if it's more important than them and walks away.

Jessica and Trish go to Alias and Jessica asks Gillian to pull up a satellite view of the restaurant. Gregory sends Jessica a video saying that Jessica is a fraud, and promises that everyone will know it at 7 that night. Jessica records the video on the second play, and on the playback they spot a woman who was in the first video of the restaurant. They figure the woman is the target since she looks a little like Jessica, and Jessica says that they need Dorothy.

Later at Alias, the two women talk to Dorothy, who gives her advice on what to do to sell herself. Trish narrows down the area where the second video was taken. Gillian says that Thembi Wallace is there, and Dorothy gives Jessica some advice on seeming friendly. Thembi tells Jessica that she's her first female empowerment interview, and Dorothy set the terms of the interview to be live. The interview begins and Jessica insists that she's not a superhero. She says that she found Gregory and she's after a serial killer. Jessica shows a photo of the woman and asks her to contact the police, and Thembi yanks the photo away. She yanks away the photo of Gregory when Jessica shows it, and says that the station isn't accusing Gregory. Jessica announces that she is, and Thembi notes that Gregory accused Jessica of harassment. She then asks if the woman wouldn't be in danger if not for Jessica, asking if she teamed up with the vigilante. Thembi accuses Jessica of breaking the law, and Jessica tells her to focus on the truth. Dorothy interrupts to promote Alias.

Afterward, Jessica and Dorothy go back to the bedroom where Trish has been watching the streaming interview. Dorothy assures Jessica that she got the word out and admits that Trish is making the city safer. She plans to monetize Trish's new career, and Jessica sees her out.

Eddy calls Jessica and says that every brunette in the city is calling in and they pulled the bolo on Gregory. He tells Jessica that people saw Gregory shouting at his phone and gives her the address, and tells her to be careful.

Jessica and Trish canvass the area where Gregory was seen, but come up with nothing as 7 approaches. The PI spots GT Agro Chemical, which owned the truck that Jessica's family crashed into. They figure Gregory was leading them there and go in.

Gregory puts on his mask and goes down a hallway.

Jessica and the masked Trish grab the receptionist, Pavel, and ask if he knows the woman from the photo. He recognizes her as Mona Lee and Jessica has him take them to her in the garage. Mona isn't there, and three security guards confront them. With time running out, Jessica and Trish attack the guards and knock them down. Jessica explains that they're there to help and one of them recognizes Jessica from the interview. The two women head into the garage and Mona attacks them with a hammer. Jessica easily disarms her and explain that they're there to protect her.

Two police officers confront Gregory as he comes back to his apartment, and he says that he went out for coffee. He threatens to call a press conference accusing them of police harassment, and they back down as he goes inside. Gregory looks around the apartment that Jessica trashed, then takes out some of the worms from his worm farm.

At AT Agro, Eddy tells Jessica that Gregory isn't there and never was, and went home. He notes that Gregory hasn't done anything but dicked them around, and they have Nathan's body. Eddy asks if she has anything in her life. He says that he's trying for more in his life and advises her to keep her head down until Gregory's arrest warrant comes in. Outside, the reporter ask Jessica if she stands by her accusation of Gregory. Trish watches from the shadows, and then drops down. Jessica grabs her and leaps away as the police approach.

Jeri is watching the newscast and tells Zaya that they need Gregory's statement. The Bulletin calls asking for a statement from Gregory, and Jeri takes it. She tells the reporter that Jessica, a former client, is associating with the vigilante who assaulted Gregory. Jeri insists that no one should be above the law and her firm is going to stop them. She refuses to comment about Peter's suicide, and says that the firm will never favor or harbor the illegal activities of powers. Jeri promises that if Jessica knows who the vigilante is, she'll come for her.

Jessica tells Trish that she's an idiot and could have been caught, and Trish thanks her for the rescue. The PI admits that Dorothy actually helped, and then figures that Gregory wanted to draw out the vigilante and knows who her sister is. Jessica tells Trish to be careful and goes into Alias. She watches the recording of the second video, and Malcolm arrives. He says that he knows Trish is the vigilante and figures that she'll keep Jessica in check and vice versa. Malcolm explains that Jeri has asked him to unmask Trish, and he's not going to do it. They discuss the accident that gave Jessica her powers, and Jessica realizes that Gregory is going after Trish because she's the only family she has left.

Trish returns home and sees her apartment door open. She carefully goes in and finds Dorothy dead, her throat cut. Jessica calls and tells Dorothy to pick up, and Trish answers it and says that Gregory killed Dorothy. Trish tells Jessica that Gregory has to pay, and Malcolm calls the police.

Jessica runs to Gregory's apartment and sees someone throwing objects out the window. The police respond, and Jessica goes up the fire escape. She breaks in the window and sees Trish preparing to kill Gregory. Jessica tells her to stop and runs over.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 7, 2019

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