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A.K.A I Did Something Today Recap

Jessica gets Trish to focus on her, and tells her friend that Gregory is unconscious but losing blood, but still alive. Trish warns that Gregory saw her face and Jessica warns her that if she kills Gregory then she's the bad guy. The police arrive downstairs and when Trish tries to get at Gregory, Jessica knocks her out and carries her away. When the police come in, they find Gregory and call for an ambulance.

Back at Trish's hotel room, Jessica cleans the blood off of her friend. Trish mutters that it's real and Dorothy is dead. She breaks into tears and Jessica comforts her, saying that they'll get through it. Jessica gets Trish into the bathtub and wipes her out, and takes Gregory's blood from beneath Trish's fingernails and collects it on a tissue. They lay in bed and Jessica says that Trish is who she is because of Dorothy.

Eddy calls Jessica, who ignores the call and tells Trish that they have to make some decisions. She warns Trish that Gregory will identify her when he wakes up and they'll put Trish away. Trish insists on bringing Gregory down. Eddy calls again and Jessica takes the call in the other room.

The detective is at Dorothy's apartment and says that he's sorry about Dorothy's death, and knows from Malcolm that Trish found her. He tells Jessica to bring Trish in because she could be Gregory's next target. Jessica says that she has Trish at a safe location, and Eddy tells her that Gregory was careful and kept the crime scene clean. He figures that Gregory was attacking Jessica, and he said Trish attacked him. Eddy says that Gregory is going down from the DNA evidence on Nathan's body, unless Trish gets in their way. Jessica tells Eddy that Trish would need guarantees of immunity to turn herself in, and Eddy says that she should watch the news. Jeri is holding a press conference saying that they have evidence that the masked vigilante has attacked Gregory.

Jessica tells Eddy that she'll call later, and she and Trish watch the news. Jeri says that since the police haven't acted, Hogarth & Associates is offering a $250,000 reward for the vigilante's identification. Jeri promises to identify the vigilante and take the city back. Jessica turns off the TV, and Gregory sends Jessica a photo of the unmasked Trish from the camera in his apartment. She tells Trish that she has to meet with Gregory and that Trish should stay there until she gets some answers.

Jeri goes back into her firm, and Malcolm asks if she's sure that it's the way. He warns that Gregory is the threat to the system, and Jeri says that there is a system in place to deal with the murder and warns that they'll have a problem if Malcolm doesn't find the vigilante. Once he's alone, Malcolm gets a call from Jessica who says that she and Trish need his help. She asks him to bring Trish some clothes and passport. Malcolm asks where Trish is.

Jessica goes to the hospital, poses as a nurse, and finds Gregory being transferred via elevator. Once they're alone, Gregory says that he was trying to capture Jessica's true nature and got Trish. He wants Jessica to help him stay out of prison, and figures that she's scared of losing Trish. Gregory tells her to destroy any evidence of him on Nathan's body, and Trish's picture is triggered to be released the second he's arrested. He says that she has no choice but to trust him to hold up his end of the deal, and Jessica promises that if anything happens to Trish she'll destroy him.

When she arrives at Alias, Jessica tells Gillian to get her any information available on the crime lab in Queens. Gillian is packing to quit, and says that the press keeps calling about the vigilante after she shredded Gregory's face. Jessica says that it isn't a good time, and Gillian offers her condolences on Dorothy's dead. Erik arrives at the door and Gillian agrees to stay on.

Jessica talks to Erik, and says that he got Berry back to Georgia and then saw the news. She lets him in and Erik offers to help with Gregory. Erik asks what Jessica needs, and she says that she needs to hide Trish permanently. They both realize that won't work and Jessica figures that she has to destroy the DNA evidence to help Trish. Jessica says that Trish would sacrifice everything to take down Gregory, but Jessica won't let her do it. Erik tells her that he can ask a favor to help get her in.

Char tells Jeri that Laurent is there, and Jeri agrees to see him. He says that Kith doesn't know that he's there, and saw Jeri's press conference. Laurent asks Jeri if she's good at her job. When Jeri says that she is, Laurent explains that one of the foundation donors, Demetri Patseras, is coming after Kith for the money that Peter embezzled from the foundation. Demetri won't back off, and Jeri says that Kith needs a new lawyer. As he goes, Laurent asks Jeri not to hurt Kith more.

Erik leads Jessica to a cop, Carl Nussbaumer, going into a bodega and explains that Carl killed three street dealers and stole their cash. Jessica approaches Carl, who turns off his body cam, and says that she works for the man who blackmailed him. Carl recognizes Jessica from the news, and she says that she wants access to the crime lab. The cop refuses and threatens to beat her, and Erik comes over, slams Carl against a wall, and prepares to beat him. Jessica stops Jessica, saying that they need Carl, and tells Carl that he'll take them in or she'll hand him over to IA. Carl tells her to be at the lab's loading dock at 2:45, tells Erik that he was stupid to show his face, and leaves. Erik tells Jessica that the evil he's sensing from Carl is worse than before, but he didn't stop Carl then.

Malcolm goes to Trish's hotel room with her clothing. She lets him in and Malcolm offers his condolences. He says that it's not her fault, and Trish complains that evil still won. Malcolm tells her that the bad guys don't always win, but Trish figures that they do enough that she can't do it anymore. Trish wonders if there's anything else and Malcolm leaves.

Jeri goes to see Kith after her quartet practice, and tells Kith that she needs a lawyer who will go up against Demetri. Kith isn't interested, and Jeri says that she loves her and revealed Peter's embezzling her. The other woman says that Jeri is still a manipulator, and Jeri describes the affair that she had while dating Kith. Jeri says that it was too earlier for her to know that she wanted a soulmate. Jeri has followed Kith over the years and figured that one day she would be ready. Then she had Malcolm dig into Peter and found out he was a fraud and a cheat. Jeri admits that she would do it again because she loves Kith. Kith pounds furiously on the instruments, and says that truth is overrated. Jeri explains that Laurent came to her and told her that Kith needs help, and Kith walks out without a word.

Jessica and Erik wait outside the loading dock, and Jessica explains why she's there. Erik tells her that she's doing the right thing, and he tried to do the right thing once. He came home from college and sensed with his power that his father had been molesting Berry for years. Erik forced his father to admit it and when they took him away, Erik's mother OD'd on pills and Berry blamed Erik because it wasn't his truth to tell. After that, Erik never used his power for so-called good. Jessica sympathetically takes his hand.

Carl opens the loading dock door, and Jessica goes over. He gives her a security key card and Jessica goes in without a word. Eddie is there with Dr. Irene Bickell, asking her to provide the results for Gregory's case. Jessica calls Erik saying that she needs to get them out of there, and Erik uses the plans to direct Jessica to the basement so she can use the sewer main. Jessica turns the valve and backflows the sewer up into the lab. An officer comes in and tells them that they have to leave because of biohazard protocol.

Once they leave, Jessica uses the key card to come in jumps across the counters to get to the DNA evidence. She breathes on it and then turns an electrical fan on it, and then puts it back. Jessica then leaves and gets into the car with Erik, and asks him if her aura has changed. Erik tells her that she's still herself.

Jessica calls Gregory and tells him that it's done. He says that they are done and hangs up.

The next day, Jessica and Erik go to Trish's hotel room and find her exercising. She figures that Erik wants him to absolve him because he let Dorothy died, slaps him, and says that he doesn't deserve her forgiveness. Erik agrees and leaves, and Jessica tells Trish that Erik helped her with the Gregory situation. The PI finally explains what she did, and Trish angrily says that she didn't care if she went to jail as long as she sent Gregory to prison. She insists that Gregory has to pay for someone's death. When Jessica tells her that she's done, Trish says that Jessica has obliterated her only win in a series of losses. Jessica tells her that she had to choose between destroying Trish or saving Gregory, and chose her like she always does. Trish wonders what they do now, and Jessica tells her to go into her normal routine and make funeral arrangements. Jessica offers to ID Dorothy at the morgue, but Trish says that she wants to see her mother.

Once Trish leaves, Jessica cleans up the room.

An officer lets Trish into Dorothy's apartment.

Jessica goes back to Alias and takes a drink.

Trish looks through a photo album with pictures of Dorothy.

Malcolm tells Jeri that he doctored the security footage of the vigilante breaking into his office. He reveals that he confronted the vigilante and found out her identity, and concealed the footage. Jeri fires him on the spot and tells him that they've been building a future together along with Zaya. Malcolm says that it has nothing to do with Zaya, and Jeri angrily tells him that he's lied to her all along. He admits that he considered unmasking the vigilante for Zaya's stake, and the vigilante is at least trying to be a woman while they protected a man who carves people up. Malcolm says that if that's what Jeri and Zaya want from him, he's out. As he goes, Jeri realizes that he knows who the vigilante is.

Jessica looks at the funeral home's web site and Dorothy's page. Eddy arrives and tells her that a freak accident with an electrical fan ruined the DNA evidence. He admits that they have nothing else and he's been placed on leave because the department is making him a scapegoat. They've accused him of colluding with powered vigilantes so he's out. Jessica offers to take the blame, and Eddy says that he's glad the vigilante is still out there because she tried to do what he couldn't. Eddy tells Jessica that it's on him and leaves.

At home, Jeri is reviewing the doctored footage when Kith arrives. She gives Jeri the financials about the foundation and Jeri tells her that she'll give her her recommendations. Kith says that Jeri feels remorse for once and Kith will use it for her benefit, and leaves. As Jeri reviews the financials, she sees the vigilante's reflection in a monitor screen and realizes who it is.

Trish goes to the morgue and identifies Dorothy's body.

The next morning, Detectives Imada and Defford arrive at Alias and present Jessica with a search warrant. They say that they want to take her in to ask questions, and Imada explains that they're with Homicide. Imada asks her about her conversation with Carl, and says that Carl was beaten to death. Jessica can't account for her whereabouts at the time Carl was killed.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 14, 2019

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