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A.K.A Hero Pants Recap

Officers take Dorothy's body to the funeral home.

At Alias, Jessica tells Imada and Defford that she's supposed to be at the mortuary for her murdered adopted mother. Imada notes that grief makes people do crazy things, and Jessica says that they weren't that close. The police detective asks Jessica what she and Carl talked about after he turned off his body cam, and Jessica claims that the information is privileged. They note that she has no alibi, and Defford takes photos of Jessica's hands. They find a file on Carl and Jessica says that it's motive. Defford says that Carl stood his ground against a drug dealer that attacked her.

Jessica gets a phone call, and the unis tell the detectives that they found nothing. As the police leave, Defford tells Jessica that the deal she had with Eddy cost him suspended and they won't look the other way like he did.

At the funeral home, Jessica apologizes to Trish for being late. The funeral director, Gene Burchell, introduces himself and offers his condolences. Dorothy left specific instructions on how to be buried, and Trish doesn't want Jeri involved because they represent Dorothy's murderer as well. Jessica tells Trish that she'll get the original minion and deal with Jeri. Dorothy requested a memory board at the service, and asked that Trish give the eulogy. Trish figures that she'll let her mother down one last time, and Jessica says that she'll handle it.

Once Jessica deals with Gene on her own, she leaves and finds Imada and Defford outside questioning Trish. Jessica tells them to leave her family alone and leads Trish off, and tells her not to antagonize the police. She says that she didn't kill Carl but figures that Erik did to make up for letting Carl go before. Jessica tells Trish that she'll handle it, and Trish leaves.

Kith visits Jeri at her office, and Jeri tells her that the IRS has agreed to a reduced fine and all of the donors but Demetri will accept a minor settlement. She gives Kith a loan and tells her not to be stubborn. Kith sarcastically thanks her and Jeri says that Demetri's refusal feels like a personal vendetta. Her client says that Demetri and his wife gave them seed money for the foundation and were their closest friends until they learned Demetri beat his wife. Demetri blames Kith for the breakup of his wife, and Jeri says that she'll have her accounts look into Demetri's financials. As Kith leaves, Jeri says they have more to discuss. Kith ignores her and goes. Jeri tells Char to set up a meeting with Trish as soon as possible, and asks to the lawyer handling the Walker estate.

That night at Alias, Jessica goes through her things looking for something for the memory board. Erik arrives and confirms that the police detectives are outside watching the place. Jessica says that she doesn't have an alibi and tells Erik that he wasn't on the body cam but has a motive. Erik tells her that he didn't do it, and she checks his hands but there are no injuries. He says that he doesn't need her help and tells Jessica that he's glad Carl is dead because he was evil. However, Erik insists that he didn't kill Carl. Jessica isn't convinced and Erik leaves.

Later, Jessica leaves and Malcolm approaches her. He says that the detectives questioned him about killing Carl, and suggests that Jessica should hire him. Jessica tells him that she figures Erik is a suspect and she'll deal with him, but figures someone else wanted Carl dead. Malcolm tells Jessica that he quit Jeri and says that he did some things he wasn't proud of.

The next morning, Jessica goes to the firm and asks to see Berman, the lawyer handling Dorothy's will. Jeri tells her that she's handling the will, and says that she's there to talk to Trish. The lawyer says that she was going to tell Trish she's plans to terminate her relationship with Gregory. Jeri reads the will and says that half will go to Trish and the other have to a fund for women in the arts. Dorothy also left the contents of her liquor cabinet and a wingback armchair to Jessica. Jessica explains that she used to sit in it after she lived there. She takes the will and fires Jeri, and Jeri hands over Dorothy's personal effects. Jeri says that Trish will need a lawyer and she's the best. Jessica tells her that even Dorothy wanted to do something good before she died. She asks what Jeri is doing, and Jeri says that she's trying to fix several mistakes. Jessica isn't impressed and leaves.

Back at Alias, Gillian says that she hadn't seen Jessica murder anyone. Jessica asks her to develop film from her old camera. Malcolm comes in with Carl's police file, including photos showing his corpse. Carl's badge is missing in the photos, and they figure the police were looking for that. A cell phone rings in the box of Dorothy's effects, and Jessica answers. A girl asks Jessica to tell Dorothy that she got the part, and Jessica informs her that Dorothy is dead. The girl offers her condolences.

Malcolm goes back to his apartment and finds Zaya at the door. He admits that he changed the locks when he had them repaired and lets her in. Zaya is angry that he didn't tell her he was fired, and figures that he's helping Jessica and the vigilante. Malcolm insists that he doesn't need to compete in Zaya's arena, and he's better equipped to help people who need help. Zaya points out that he left her firm, and figures that he's leaving her as well. She asks if something more is going on, and Malcolm finally says that he's chose to do some bad things. Zaya wonders why he's punishing her, and Malcolm admits that Zaya is pressuring him to play in her arena. He says that he needs some time, and Zaya tells him that what he's doing makes him cruel before leaving.

That night, Jessica slips out avoiding Imada and Defford. She goes to Erik's place and says that Dorothy used to hit Trish. Jessica told herself that Dorothy was the first bad guy she fought, and Erik sympathizes. He says that burying his father didn't make him a bad guy, and asks Jessica who she needs him to be. Jessica tells him that she needs him to be the person she thought he was, and Erik kisses her. After a moment she kisses him back.

Jeri calls Kith to her apartment, saying that it's private business. The lawyer explains that she talked to Demetri and his lawyer earlier, and he refused to settle but they'll have an ugly fight if they go to court. She says that her accountant believes Demetri is hiding taxes, but needs access to his records. Jeri needs Kith's permission to go outside the lines, and says that she won't do anything without Kith's permission. Kith tells Jeri that she'll never understand and as she goes, Jeri stumbles and falls due to her ALS. She recovers and Kith stares at her for a minute, and then leaves.

Once Erik dozes off, Jessica searches his apartment and finds a box with files about more "evil" people, including Jace Montero. She takes photos of them and then goes back to the bedroom.

The next morning, Jessica returns to Alias and finds Malcolm there. She sends the photos to Malcolm's phone and tells him to confirm if Montero is still alive. Malcolm tells Jessica that he'll see her at Dorothy's service and leaves to check on Montero. Gillian gives Jessica the photos, and Jessica looks at them and then says that she has to get ready for the service. The receptionist asks if Jessica is holding up, and Jessica ignores her. She goes into her bedroom to change, looks at herself in the mirror, and breaks into tears. After a minute she gets hold of herself.

Jeri takes pills for her ALS. Kith calls and says that Demetri called and threatened to put her in jail. He's asked the DA to file criminal charges against her, and Kith says that she needs it to be over. She tells Jeri to do whatever it takes and hangs up. Jeri brings up the photo of Trish.

Malcolm calls Jessica and says that Montero is a property developer and still alive. A couple of his buildings have burned down and people died, and Montero collected the insurance. Jessica meets Trish, who says that she's not ready. Her sister says that she isn't either, and they head to the funeral home.

As Malcolm prepares to leave, Berry arrives. She says that she's looking for a job and needs a place to stay, and wants to prove that she's okay before she tells Erik that she's back. Berry promises not to force blowjobs on Malcolm and just needs a second chance. Malcolm invites her in.

Jessica and Trish arrive at the funeral home and Trish works on her eulogy. She says that Dorothy wanted more from her, and Jessica says that even though Dorothy wasn't perfect, it doesn't make it easier to bury her. They go in and find almost a hundred people there.

Berry makes herself comfortable on the couch, and Malcolm says that he has to go. She says that she'll be out of his hair in a couple of days, and assures Malcolm that he's a good guy. Malcolm kisses her and then apologizes, and Berry kisses him back. They start to undress, and Berry assures Malcolm that she doesn't feel obligated to him before they go to the bedroom.

People tell Trish how Dorothy helped them, and Trish thanks them for their anecdotes. Trish and Jessica go to the memory board and find it filled with mementoes. Jessica puts up one of her photos, showing a photo of their feet in a puddle from the day they went to see the Macy's Day Parade. She shot it by accident, and they missed the parade because Dorothy misread the train schedule. Dorothy took them to a movie instead, and Jessica says that everything went normally wrong like for a normal family.

The service begins, and Gillian calls Jessica to tell her that the police were there with a warrant for Jessica's arrest. They found a witness who saw Jessica go at it with Carl, and Gillian confirms the police are on their way to the funeral home.

Trish gives the eulogy, talking about how Dorothy pushed her to take a job on her show. Instead she talks about Dorothy's deepest fear of failure for her clients. Erik comes in and sits down next to Jessica, and Trish says that Dorothy was afraid of people who wasted their talent. Jessica gets an idea and leaves, and Trish notices as police sirens sound outside. Trish says that everyone would want them to do what they can with what they've been given.

That night, Jessica watches as Trish returns to her apartment. The next morning, Trish leaves and Jessica follows her down the street. The police pull up and arrest Jessica. Jessica insists that she didn't do it, but they cuff her and read her her rights.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 14, 2019

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