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A.K.A A Lotta Worms Recap

Jessica sits in a police interrogation room and worries about Trish hurting herself and others. She finally opens the door and finds Amada there. The detective tells Jessica that she's no longer a suspect in Carl's murder and explains that the killer struck again while Jessica was in custody. They found Carl's badge on Montero's body, and a witness saw the vigilante nearby. Amada asks Jessica to help bring the vigilante in, and Jessica tells her that she can't help her before leaving.

Back at Alias, Jessica leaves another voice mail for Trish. A drunken Erik is laying in the bathtub running the water on him, and Gillian explains that he was passed out on the floor when she arrived. Gillian explains that Erik was there when she arrived. Erik tells Jessica that Trish in in trouble, and Jessica points out that she killed Carl and Montero with Erik's help. She accuses Carl of bringing Trish down to his level, and he admits that he did. Erik says that he didn't feel any darkness from her until she did, and figures that she shut down something within herself. He explains that when she killed Carl and Montero, his headaches stopped. Jessica asks where Trish is, and Erik warns that she's going after Gregory and if she kills him, she goes darker. The PI tells Erik to sober up and leaves.

That night at the hospital, Gregory tells a medical assistant that he's going home despite his condition. He insists that he can protect himself, and Jessica arrives and tells him that she's getting him out. Gregory refuses her help, and the masked Trish arrives and punches him. Jessica says that she's trying to save Trish, not Gregory, and throws Trish down the hallway when she goes after Gregory. As Trish recovers, Jessica gets Gregory into the elevator and closes the door in Trish's face.

Gregory asks Jessica why she's running when she can take Trish. They stop at each floor down to take on passengers, and Trish lands on top of the car. Jessica drags Gregory out just as Trish drops down into the car.

Jessica takes Gregory down the stairwell and alarms go off throughout the hospital. She takes Gregory up to the roof, figuring Trish can't jump as far as she can. Gregory tells her that Jessica is taking the easy way out as they cross a walkway. Trish arrives and tells Jessica that she'll take care of Gregory. Jessica insists that they're going to put Gregory away, and that she held some evidence back. Gregory says that he'll release the photo of Trish if Jessica does so, and Trish insists that she's the only one willing to kill Gregory. She points out that Jessica was once with Kilgrave, and Jessica tells her that it nearly destroyed her. Trish figures that she can carry the burden, and Jessica heads for the roof with Gregory.

Trish follows them to the roof and sees just Gregory. Jessica drops down and throws Trish across the street to the next building. Trish easily survives the fall but the gap is too far for her to jump back. Jessica and Trish stare at each other, and then Jessica leaves with Gregory.

The next morning at the law firm, Jeri finds Jessica in her office and Gregory on the couch. Jessica explains that her plan is to leave Gregory off with Jeri, and Gregory insists that Jessica is her protection. He asks why she keeps saving him from Trish, and Jeri says that her firm doesn't provide protection. Gregory wonders what Jessica is going to do when he's found beaten to death, and notes that Jessica has to protect him to protect Trish. He says that he's going to go home, wait for Trish, and put up a fight... and wonders which of them losing will be worse for Jessica. Once Gregory leaves, Jeri tells Jessica that she knows Trish is the vigilante. She explains that she pressured Trish to do something personal for her, and wonders if she should be worried. Jessica tells Jeri that she doesn't fit Trish's profile and she'll handle her.

Erik goes to Malcolm's apartment and says that Jessica called and asked him to come there. Malcolm wants to get things out between them, misunderstanding why Erik is there. As Erik tells him that Jessica needs them to do something, Berry comes in and greets her brother. She figures that something is wrong, and Erik tells her that it will be all right. They hug and Berry goes to take a shower, half-jokingly inviting Malcolm to join her. Once she goes, Erik tells Malcolm that what they're doing will help Trish. Malcolm has second thoughts but Erik relates Jessica's message to Malcolm to do his job.

At Gregory's apartment, Jessica watches the nearby buildings to try and spot Trish. Gregory says that he could expose her but might be risking himself, and Jessica isn't impressed. She spots Trish across the street on a building, and ducks back as Trish trains a pair of binoculars on the window. Jeremy steps out into Trish's view, and Trish prepares to move in. Jessica works out from the photo where Trish held the knife to Gregory's throat. Trish spots her, and Gregory asks Jessica what she's going to do. She throws him into a dresser and then smashes open his worm farm. Jessica reveals the camera inside and smashes it. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Erik taser Trish unconscious from behind and tie her up, and Malcolm texts Jessica that it's done. She then tells Gregory that she's going to get him locked up for his crimes and leaves.

The next day, Trish wakes up manacles to a post in her loft. Malcolm steps out and says that he would have turned her over to the police if it was up to him. Trish points out that he's been helping Jeri and the murderers she represents, and Malcolm admits that he has a lot to make up for. Malcolm tells Trish that Jessica still believes in her, but he's not sure who that is anymore. Trish insists that it's about balancing the scales, and Malcolm asks if she misses the person she used to be.

Jessica goes to the bar to drink, and Erik joins her. He apologizes for the trouble he's brought her since they met, but Jessica figures it would have found her regardless. Erik assures Jessica that the "real" Trish will come back, and he's on an upward swing of his own.

Returning to Alias, Jessica pours herself a drink. She works on her laptop and drinks some more, and Gregory lets himself in. Jessica is unable to stand, and realizes that her bourbon was drugged. He duct-tapes Jessica to a chair and wakes her up. Gregory has a camera trained on her, and Jessica realizes that she's paralyzed from the drug. He says that they'll get to the truth of the evidence she claims that she held back, and Jessica says that she's a cheater, a fraud, and more. Gregory wants to know why she calls herself a hero, and figures she's lying to herself when she says she isn't a hero. He points out that she works as a PI and wears her rock jacket and jeans as armor and a cape. Gregory tells her to accept what she fears the most: that her family died for nothing and now she pretends like she never wanted to be a hero.

Malcolm gets Trish some water after she exercises, and says that he does the same thing to keep the cravings at bay. Trish dismisses Malcolm as an asshole, and Malcolm says that his ex-girlfriend would agree with her. The man that she loved wasn't him, so he cheated on her with a hooker. Rather than own up to it, he made Zaya believe that it was her fault. He wonders if it's on the same level as Gregory, and Trish tells him that he's an asshole but he doesn't deserve to die.

Trish talks about how when she was 7, her father beat Dorothy and she was too proud to call the police. One day Trish found Dorothy bleeding after he slammed her head into the wall. Trish decided that he had to go, smeared Dorothy's blood all over her, then ran across to the neighbor and told her that her father had hit her. Dorothy never contradicted Trish, and her father was arrested. Trish admits that what she did was wrong, but it was also right. She wonders if she wants the evil to end, and Malcolm asks what happens if she becomes evil.

Gregory prints out the photos of Jessica and says that he captured her truth. When he says that he lives in truth, Jessica tells him that so did Dorothy and she owned everything she did. Gregory doesn't want to hear it, and Jessica tells him that exposing "truth" is just his rational for killing. The killer insists that he killed Dorothy to get back at Jessica, and Jessica smiles. She motions over at the camera that she planted, easily rips free of the duct tape, knocks Gregory down, then tosses him across the room. Jessica ties him up as Erik comes in and says that he got Gregory's confession on camera. Gregory taunts Erik, asking if he thinks that he's a hero, and Erik punches him and says that he kind of does.

The next day, Jessica calls Eddy from Gregory's apartment and tells him that Gregory confessed to murdering Dorothy. She also has evidence that Gregory kidnapped and threatened to murder her. Erik finds Gregory's server, and Jessica puts the knife Gregory used on her with Dorothy's blood that she took from under Trish's fingernails. She tells Eddy that he missed something at Dorothy's apartment and he tells her that he's heading there. Satisfied, Jessica and Erik leave.

Eddy and the unis arrive at Alias and find Gregory ties up on the floor. The recording of his confession is playing on Jessica's laptop on a loop, and the unis take Gregory away.

Malcolm asks Trish if she dreams, and Trish says that when she closes her eyes she sees all of the people that have died. She insists that she didn't kill because she wanted to but because she had to. Trish admits that doing good is a powerful drug, and what she's done isn't the old her. She wonders if she should get the old Trish back. Jessica comes in and tells Trish that Gregory is in jail for good and the photo is destroyed. She says that it's over, but it isn't satisfying, and gives Trish Gregory's photo of Dorothy. Trish admits that she's angry, and Jessica says that she is as well and that's the burden they have to carry. When Trish wonders if she can, Jessica tells her that most people can't and they wind up dead or in jail. Trish says that she never meant to hurt Jessica, and Jessica says the same about her and breaks the manacles. Getting up, Trish hugs Jessica who awkwardly hugs her back.

That night, Trish goes to the studio and sits down at her makeup table. Grace comforts her and says that she's strong to come back so soon. She offers her condolences and figures that Gregory will use the system to his advantage. Grace wishes that Gregory had just died in a shootout, and Trish says that her comments are all right.

Jessica returns to Alias and Erik offers to drive her to see Gregory's arraignment. She says that Erik got him. Gregory calls Jessica from prison cell and says that he'll see her soon. Gregory tells Jessica that he wouldn't have exposed Trish because she's a true believer, and says that eventually she'll have to face her own test. He asks if Jessica can make the sacrifice, and is eager to find out.

The guards take Gregory via tunnel to the elevator up to the courthouse. They hear something land on top of the car, and Gregory tells the guards not to open the door. The masked Trish comes out, takes down the guards, and knocks a gun out of one of their hands. Gregory crawls to it, grabs it, and shoots. Trish dodges the shot, then drags Gregory to the elevator.

In the courthouse, the bailiff escorts Jeri to where Gregory is coming up.

Trish slams Gregory into the wall of the elevator and then pushes the button for the main floor. Gregory tells her that she's no hero. When the door starts to close, Trish is distracted and Gregory attacks her. She breaks free and stares at Gregory as the elevator goes up. Trish shuts it off partway up and beats Gregory, asking him what he needed to see when he killed Dorothy. Gregory says that he needed to see her truth, and now Jessica will see Trish's truth. Trish knocks him unconscious and kicks in his skull.

Jessica arrives at the courthouse and sees Eddy. They hear a scream and run to the elevator, and Jessica sees Gregory's body in the elevator.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 16, 2019

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