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A.K.A Everything Recap

A shocked Jessica walks out of the courthouse past the police. Jeri comes over to her and asks the PI to tell Trish that she won't say anything and is nothing like Gregory. Eddy leads her away to give her statement, and once Jerri leaves Eddy tells Jessica to do something about Trish.

Jessica goes to Alias and finds Luke Cage waiting for her. He points out that Jessica and Trish are in the news a lot, and Jessica lets him into the office. As she pours herself a drink, Jessica says that she can't talk about Trish because she might hurt her again. Luke talks about his brother Willis and how he deserved better, but what he did was on him and he sent him to the Raft because it was the right thing to do. He says that he hopes that if he goes too far, he hopes that someone cares enough about him to take him down. Luke tells her that some people think him doing so is inevitable, but he trusts Jessica to do the right thing no matter how hard it is. He says that Jessica has things to do and leaves.

Going to her laptop, Jessica traces Trish's phone and then calls Erik and says that she needs a ride.

That night, Jessica goes to Trish's loft and lets herself in. Trish is sitting at the kitchen table, and admits that what she did felt horrible. She says that it was necessary, and then goes to change for her show to maintain her cover. Jessica points out that Trish brutally killed a man, and Trish says that she figures a part of Jessica is relieved that Gregory is dead. Her friend tells her that she has to turn herself in Trish refuses to go to the Raft now that she knows what she's capable of. Jessica asks what happens if she kills someone who is innocent, saying that Trish has no control over herself.

Erik comes in and says that he can see the darkness in her and she knows it. Trish grabs him and Erik bleeds from his eyes in reaction to Trish's proximity. She releases him and he collapses to the floor, and she dismisses Erik as a liar and a cheat. Jessica tells Trish that it's over, and Trish asks if she can go and clean herself up. Once she goes into the bathroom, Jessica thanks Erik and he goes to "self medicate". Jessica hears the water running, and after a minute goes in to discover that Trish has gone out the window.

Trish goes to Montero's newest building and leaves a message for Jessica telling her to stay out of her way. She then brings up Jeri's phone.

At home, Jeri watches a news report about the masked vigilante. There's a knock at the door, and Jeri opens it to find Kith there. She asks if Jeri is all right, and Jeri invites her in. Jeri stumbles as she sits down and explains that she has ALS and is going to die. She admits that she was selfish to seek Kith out and apologizes, and says that she doesn't want anything from Kith.

Trish calls and tells Jeri that they have a secret and she wants to keep it that way. Jeri tells her that it will, and Trish asks her how bad Demetri is. Trish says that she can make it right, and tells her that when she protects a bad person that makes her a bad person as well. Jeri says that Demetri is a monster.

Malcolm arrives at Alias and tells Jessica that Trish has to be stopped. Jessica says that she's going after her, and has confirmed that Trish emptied her bank account. She refuses to tell the police about Trish because then the public will learn and chase Trish out of NYC so that they can't catch her. Jessica figures that Trish is in NYC to prove her wrong.

That night, Trish breaks into Demetri's brownstone, throws him across the room, and tells him to admit that he's a monster. His daughter Nora comes in and says that she called 911, and Demetri begs Trish not to hurt his daughter. Trish, shocked, says that she never would and leaves.

The next morning, Malcolm plays a newscast for Jessica of Trish's attack on Demetri, and how Nora identified the masked vigilante as the attacker. Malcolm knows that Demetri is connected to Kith, and Jessica goes to Jeri's office and accuses her of sending Trish to kill Demetri. Jeri says that Trish needed a new target and better Demetri than her. Jessica points out that Jeri is Trish's supplier now and she won't have a choice, and asks Jeri to act as bait. She suggests that Jeri might want to atone for her life by helping.

Malcolm returns to his apartment and sits down with Berry. She gives him money for the Thai she ordered and goes to the bathroom. There's a knock at the door, and Malcolm opens it to find Zaya there. She says that she came to get the rest of her things, and he gives her a box with them. Zaya tells him that she also hoped to get closure, and Malcolm tells her that she should go. As Zaya walks away, Malcolm tells her that he loves her but he sabotaged it. She asks why, and Malcolm admits that he doesn't know. Berry comes out and, seeing Malcolm, tells Zaya that it's just an arrangement and he's a good guy. Zaya says that Malcolm fooled another one and leaves.

As Trish buys a slice of pizza, she sees a news report about reporters asking Jeri about her claim that she can identify the masked vigilante. Jeri says that she can but she's not going to release her name in a public forum. However, she expects that an arrest will be imminent. Angry, Trish leaves.

That night, Jeri sits in her apartment. There's a knock at the door, and Jeri lets Kith in. Kith asks if Jeri sent the vigilante, and Demetri called to tell Kith that he's dropping the lawsuit. She says that she's free and kisses Jeri, and the masked Trish comes in. Jeri begs her to stay away from them, and Jessica comes in and throws Trish up into the ceiling as Jeri runs. Trish recovers and tells Jessica that she's not her problem anymore, and tells Jeri to call the police. She says that it's it for Trish, and Trish grabs Kith by the throat. Jeri tells her that she'll do anything, and Jessica says that it isn't Trish.

Jeri grabs a gun and tells Trish to let Kith go, and Jessica tells her to drop the weapon. The lawyer tells her to back off and aims the gun at her, and Jeri admits to Trish that she represents criminals. She says that NYC isn't safe for Trish anymore and she'll get Trish out of the country. Jeri shoots Jessica in the leg and leaves with Trish, who releases Kith before going.

At the office building, Jeri calls a contact to get a passport. Once she hangs up, Jeri tells Trish that she'll get her across the border to Canada and then she's on her own. She asks if Trish is going to kill her, and Trish says that she doesn't want to kill anyone. Trish is surprised that Jeri was willing to sacrifice her life to save Kith, and Jeri says that she loves her. She says that Jessica wants her sister back, and Trish insists that Jessica can't make the ultimate sacrifice of everything but she can and she will.

Trish gets a notification of the photo going out on the news showing her attacking Gregory. Jessica then says on camera that the masked vigilante murdered three people and needs to go down. She asks the public to help her find Trish and names her. Furious, Trish insists that Jessica can't do it. Meanwhile, Jessica says that Trish is holding Jeri hostage and no one should approach Trish.

The police confirm that Trish's loft is absent, and Jessica and Malcolm listen on the police scanner. Erik arrives and tells Jessica that she'll have to fight Trish, and asks what he can do to help. Jessica asks him to check through social media for reports of Trish's whereabouts.

The next morning, Jeri takes Trish to an old airfield to get her a plane out of the country. She warns that she's never done business with the owner, Alex Sokolov, and warns Trish that the option is extreme. Sokolov comes in and recognizes Trish, and agrees to take Trish out of the U.S. He says that they'll lay over in Thailand and then Trish can go wherever she wants.

Sokolov takes Trish and Jeri to a cargo bay and explains that they'll smuggle a drugged Trish in a coffin that he's taking with others to a war zone. Trish refuses to be drugged, and Sokolov explains that the coffin is oxygen-enabled.

Malcolm finds a report of a long-haul trucker saying that he spotted Trish in Jeri's car, heading east. They confirm there's an old airport there, and Jessica insists on going alone to confront Trish.

Trish gets into the coffin and Sokolov seals it. Jeri goes to a phone and calls Jessica, saying where they are. Jessica arrives immediately and tells Jeri to get out once she gets directions to the coffin. Sokolov confronts her and she grabs him, demanding to know where Trish is. He immediately gives Trish up and Jessica tosses him into a crate before he can tell her which one.

As Jessica pounds on the coffins to figure out which one has Trish inside, Trish hears the noise and smashes out, and then runs. Jessica chases her and kicks a barrel into her legs, knocking Trish down. Trish, able to see in the dark, kicks out the fuse box and knocks out the lights. She asks why Jessica can't let her go, and Jessica says that Trish will hurt others. Trish attacks her, using the darkness as cover, and Jessica asks if Trish is going to kill her next. She invites Trish to prove her right, and grabs Trish's arm when Trish punches her.

Jessica throws Trish into the cargo bay, and Trish limps away. As Jessica follows her, she says that she saw the darkness in Trish when she shot Alisa and can see it now. Trish insists that she's wrong, and Jessica tells her that she thinks she's avenging Dorothy when she's become her. Screaming at Jessica to stop, Trish draws a knife and Jessica tells her that she was right: she doesn't have what it takes but maybe Trish does.

Trish leaps at Jessica and stabs at her, and Jessica catches the blade in her palm. Jessica then slams Trish to the floor, knocking her out. She stares at the dagger run through her palm for a moment and then pulls it out.

Later, Eddy talks to Trish in prison and says that the feds pulled jurisdiction. He reads the list of charges against her for the record, and Trish just stares at him. Trish finally says that she's the bad guy.

Kith visits Jeri and they hug. She thanks Jeri and then says that she came to say goodbye. Kith points out that she believes that Jeri loves her, but she did what she did because they were both in a dangerous situation that Jeri created. Jeri insists that it's behind them, and Kith tells her that she's leaving it and Jeri behind. She figures that Jeri doesn't want to die alone, but tells her that she's going to and goes. Jeri says that Kith is the last mistake that she will ever make.

Erik brings takeout and first aid supplies for Jessica. He also has a copy of the Bulletin showing Jessica and saying that she's a real hero. Jessica admits that she earned it, and Erik offers to help her be a hero from time to time. She says that she doesn't trust him, and Erik leaves, saying that he needs to prove she can.

The next day, Jessica packs her things and leaves Alias. She leaves the office keys with Malcolm and tells him not to screw it up.

Eddy visits Erik, who is drinking at the bar, and tells him that Jessica said that they could help each other out. Erik points out a man and tells Eddy that he did something bad. They shake and Erik leaves.

Jessica watches as the feds take Trish to the Raft. Trish sees Jessica and nods to her, and the guards drag her to the waiting helicopter.

At the bus depot, Jessica asks for a one-way ticket to the closest place she can get to Mexico. She hears Kilgrave's voice in her head, telling her that she's right to give in and give up because it's someone else's job. Jessica leaves the ticket behind and walks back into the city.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 18, 2019

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