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Early Warning Recap

Reporter Courtney Whitmore talks about how Beast Boy and his Outsiders are trending after their recent escapades.

In the team's Hollywood HQ, Beast Boy tells Geo Force that Miss Martian has informed him that a meta-trafficking lab in Santiago De Cuba needs busting up. They teleport to Happy Harbor to meet with Wonder Girl, Static, and the bioship, while behind them Helga tells Fred, Tara, and Violet that it's time for school. Violet tells Helga that they still go to Happy Harbor on the east coast because they have friends there. Helga tells Violet that she has bad news about Violet's origins: she treated hair follicles from Violet's hair brush and confirmed that she's dying. She explains that Violet's cells aren't regenerating as they should, and her violet healing aura eats into Violet's overall health. At her current rate of deterioration, Violet only has a few months left. Helga believes that she and her mentor will have a solution, and says that it's up to Violet whether they worry the others. Violet agrees to wait to break the news to them.

On the Watchtower, Miss Martian and Aquaman tell Zatanna that the Outsiders are heading to Cuba to handle the meta-trafficking ring. Aquaman says that they were their only option because the UN and the Cuban government wouldn't let the Justice League intervene. Zatanna says that she has to go, telling Aquaman that she'll try to stay out of sight.

In a warehouse in Cuba, Klarion tells his cat Tico that they're on a top-secret mission for the Light. He goes to one of his meta captives and explains that he uses magic as a catalyst to activate the meta gene in kidnapped teens. Klarion transforms the captive and she becomes a water-breather... and starts choking. The villain then brands her with a mystic control brand and sends her into the mass flesh body that he's created from the other metas. The flesh monster awakens and roars.

The Outsiders arrive and send a beetle drone into the warehouse to scout the place. The creature eats the drone.

Tico tells Klarion that they're out of captives.

Static tells the others that they have Cuban military incoming, and Beast Boy tells Geo Force to keep the soldiers at bay while the others go after Klarion. Geo Force forms a lava barrier in front of the soldiers, holding them at bay. Meanwhile, Klarion sends the flesh monster to crush them, and the Outsiders see the meta teens inside screaming and trying to get out.

Beast Boy goes after Klarion while Static and Wonder Girl hold the flesh monster off. He knocks out Tico, loosening Klarion's existence on the mortal plain.

The military see the flesh monster and the commander, Ramon Bracuda, fires a bazooka at it. Geo Force blocks the shot with the lava and blocks the gunshots when Ramon shoots at him.

Zatanna arrives in the warehouse and explains that she's using a glamour spell to hide herself from observation. Klarion recovers Tico and recognizes Zatanna as a witch, and Zatanna has Beast Boy and Static distract Klarion while she and Wonder Girl deal with the flesh monster. Beast Boy turns into a hornet and stings Klarion,

While Zatanna tries to cast a spell to separate the flesh monster into its component parts, Klarion manages to transfer Wonder Girl into the creature. It grows larger and smashes everything around it, and Zatanna casts her spell to separate it. She can't deactivate their meta genes but she does remove the brands. Zatanna then teleports Klarion, Tico, and herself to the Tower of Fate. Klarion realizes where he is and worries that Nabu will come back to his place of power. He tries to teleport away but finds himself lost in the endless inside of the tower.

Beast Boy radios Geo Force to let the Cubans in, and then transforms into a gorilla and throws the water-breathing girl, into the nearby ocean. He transforms into a dolphin and jumps in after her, then calls in the bioship and pushes the girl inside.

Fred and Tara return to the base, and Artemis asks them where Violet is. Tara explains that Violet blew them off to hang with her friend Harper. Helga listens as Artemis figures that it's not like Violet but it's healthy that she's making friends.

Harper takes Violet to the beach, drinks, and shoots a gun into the ocean. Violet joins her in drinking, then gets a text from Brion and ignores it. She takes another drink and Harper kisses her. Violet points out that she has a boyfriend, and Harper says that she has one as well and kisses Violet again. She then offers the gun to Violet, and Violet expertly shoots two target bottle. Policewoman Bethany Lee arrives and tells Violet to drop the weapon, and after a moment Violet does so.

Ramon's sergeant, Maria Garcia, runs to her son Luis, one of the metas. Mother and son hug, and Maria thanks the Outsiders for their help. She asks what they'll do with the others, and Beast Boy says that the locals can stay but the others trafficked from other countries will be given the opportunity to go home or stay at the metahuman youth center in Taos. Ramon says that the League shouldn't be there, and Beast Boy tells him that they're the Outsiders, not the League. The metas join in with Beast Boy, chanting the catchphrase that they are all outsiders. A soldier captures the entire thing on video, and Ramon calls for reinforcements. Maria tells the Outsiders to go while they still can.

Tera and Artemis spar in the gym, and Tera remembers Deathstroke sparring with her and knocking her down. Artemis extends her hand to help Tera up and tells her that it's all right, and Tera ignores the hand and gets to her feet on her own. When Artemis advises her on how to fight, Tera grumbles that she knows and then hastily apologizes, thanking Artemis for her help. Artemis figures that Tera has learned how to fight and the training was brutal. Tera agrees and Artemis says that her father Sportsmaster was like that as well but she's not like that. Tera smiles and agrees to go again.

That night at the Happy Harbor police station, Bethany calls Megan to have her pick up Violet. Megan asks about Harper, and Bethany says that they tried to reach Harper's father but he didn't answer. Until he arrives, they're holding Harper. In the car, Megan asks Violet what happened. Violet says nothing and Megan drives off.

The bioship arrives at the Taos youth center, and Aquaman, Eduardo, Ed, Wendy, and the other kids greet the Outsiders. Static realizes that Violet hasn't texted Geo Force back and suggests that her phone is dead. Beast Boy tells Aquaman that he has some newbies for them and introduces the rescued metas. He has the bioship show Aquaman the girl in the water-filled hold, and Aquaman figures that they'll have make alternate arrangements for her. Ed tells Beast Boy that he wants in to the Outsiders, saying that it's something he needs to do. He figures that the Outsiders need someone the kids at the center know. Beast Boy agrees as do the other Outsiders.

As Eduardo takes the metas inside, Static asks Ed if his father will be okay with his decision. Wendy tells Ed and the others that their adventure in Cuba is trending across the world. They're now bigger than the Justice League.

Klarion keeps trying and failing to teleport out of the Tower of Fate.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 20, 2019

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