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The Price of Gold Recap

We open up on a sad-looking servant girl in tattered clothes sweeping a courtyard while some other girls dressed in fancy gowns ride off in a carriage to a ball. Out of nowhere a fairy appears. The servant girl asks the fairy who she is. “I’m your Fairy Godmother. And I’m here to change your life, Cinderella.” Yes, this ladies and gents is Cinderella. The Fairy Godmother tells Cinderella that she’s going to change her life for the better – starting by sending her to the ball. Then she flashes her magic wand and explains to Cinderella that the wand has the power to make her dreams come true. And as suddenly as Cinderella’s fairy godmother appeared, she disappears in a puff of smoke, her magic wand falling to the ground. Rumplestiltskin appears and picks up the magic wand, “Now, now, I got what I wanted. There’s no need to be frightened.” He warns Cinderella to go back to her life because all magic comes with price. She begs for his help. He can give her all she wants but it will require something precious in return at a later date. She agrees to the deal and signs the contract on the dotted line. Then with a flash of the magic wand, Rumplestiltskin turns her into the beautiful Cinderella we all know.

In Storybrooke, Emma walks Henry to the school bus as they discuss code names for each other when Graham shows up. He thanks Emma for her help in finding the coma patient and offers her a job as his deputy for the sheriff’s department. Emma takes his card and agrees to think about it. Later, Emma’s in Granny’s Diner when Regina shows up. She tells Emma that she’s not worried about her relationship with Henry anymore. Regina unearthed information on the transient life that Emma leads – never planting her roots in one place – and now knows it’s just a matter of time before she leaves again. Regina suggests, “All I ask is that as you carry on your transient life, you think of Henry and what’s best for him. Perhaps consider a clean break. It’s going to happen anyways.” Regina leaves wearing a smug smile. Emma is flustered and spills her hot chocolate on herself. When she goes to the laundry room to clean her shirt, she finds a young woman crying. Her name’s Ashley, and we recognize her to be the Storybrooke version of Cinderella from Fairy Tale Land. She’s distraught over the fact that no one thinks she’ll be able to take care of her baby once it’s born. Emma tells her not to give up and fight, “If you want to change things? You’re gonna have to go out there and change ‘em yourself because there’re no fairy godmothers in this world.”


We find Mr. Gold outside his pawnshop locking up for the night. After he leaves, Ashley breaks into the shop and furiously searches for something. Returning to the store, Mr. Gold surprises her and asks, “Ashley, what are you doing?” Ashley says taking control of her life. Then she sprays him with pepper spray. As he falls he hits his head, knocking himself out. Ashley fishes through his pocket and takes something, then runs off into the night.
Regina is at home, putting makeup on, getting ready for a Saturday city council meeting. She gives Henry the ground rules about staying home while she’s gone. Under no circumstances is he to leave the house. But the moment Regina leaves, Henry disregards what she just told him, grabs his backpack and heads out.

At her apartment, Mary Margaret makes breakfast as Emma goes through a box of her things. Mr. Gold shows up and asks for Emma’s help in finding Ashley. He tells her she’s taken something valuable from him and he wants his property returned. If he goes to the police, it’ll ruin Ashley’s life and he doesn’t want to do that. When Emma asks what he wants returned, he says one of the reasons he hasn’t gone to the police is discretion, “Let’s just say it’s a precious object and leave it at that.” He also says that Ashley was wound up last night. Emma absorbs that and realizes that she wound her up. Emma agrees to help, but she’s doing it for Ashley’s sake. Henry shows up and is apprehensive when he sees Mr. Gold with Emma. Henry tells Emma they can hang out because his mom is gone until five. Henry insists on tagging along to help her find Ashley.

In Fairy Tale Land Cinderella gets married to Prince Thomas, with Snow White and Prince Charming together, in attendance. As Cinderella dances with the guests at her wedding, out of nowhere Rumplestiltskin appears and asks for his end of the deal. He wants her firstborn child. After dropping that bomb he disappears as mysteriously as he appeared. Sometime later, Prince Thomas finds Cinderella packing her things. He’s confused and asks why she’s packing. Cinderella comes clean about the deal she made with Rumplestiltskin. Prince Thomas stands by her side, “Magic may have brought us together but it didn’t create this love.” He steadfastly assures her they’ll make another deal to free her from the current one.

Henry is tagging along with Emma as she questions Ruby about Ashley. Ruby sticks up for her and says Ashley’s boyfriend left her in the lurch when they found out she was pregnant. Emma tells Ruby she’s trying to help. Ruby tells Emma she might be able to get some help from Ashley’s ex-boyfriend and says he lives with his dad.

Emma finds Ashley’s ex-boyfriend, Sean, who is the Storybrooke version of Prince Thomas from Fairy Tale Land. His father, the king from Fairy Tale Land, shuts her down. Sean is concerned and wants to help but his father is having none of it. He sends Sean inside and tells Emma that he doesn’t want his son involved with Ashley because she’ll ruin his life. He also informs Emma that Ashley made a deal to give up her baby to Mr. Gold for money. He thought that’s why Emma was here--- to find Ashley for Mr. Gold.

As Emma drives back to talk to Ruby, Henry tells her she can’t let Ashley break her deal with Mr. Gold. When they get back to the diner Emma discovers that Ruby misled her to buy Ashley time. Emma convinces Ruby that Ashley needs her help, that she’s in big trouble. “Don’t make her deal with Gold without me.” Ruby tells her that Ashley is running away to Boston to disappear there. Emma races to catch up with her, sans Henry. Or at least she thought, until Henry pops up in the back seat as a stowaway and forces her to take him along.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, Cinderella is shown the new prison for Rumplestiltskin by Prince Charming, Prince Thomas and Grumpy. They tell Cinderella the plan to capture Rumplestiltskin is to have her trick him into signing a new deal with a magical quill that will freeze him and his magic. Cinderella worries that using the quill with have a price. Prince Thomas says whatever the price, he’ll pay it. Cinderella finds her resolve and agrees.

Emma and Henry find Ruby’s Camaro crashed on the side of the road with Ashley not far from it ready to give birth. They rush her back to Storybrooke despite her protests of wanting to be taken to Boston. Ashley doesn’t want Mr. Gold to take her baby. Emma grills her about being ready for the responsibility of being a mother. She tells Ashley if she’s going to keep her baby she can never leave. This resonates with Henry.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, Cinderella meets with Rumplestiltskin and goes along with the plan to capture him. The ruse she tells him is that she found out she is having twins – and in exchange for now not one but two children he’ll help out their poor kingdom and make their land fertile again. Despite his skepticism, Rumplestiltskin signs the contract with the magic quill and is trapped by it. Prince Thomas and the others swoop in to haul Rumplestiltskin off to his prison. Rumplestiltskin tells Cinderella that no one breaks deals with him, “No matter where you are. No matter what land you find yourself in, I assure you I will have your baby.”

Emma and Henry are in the hospital waiting room when he tells her she’s the only one that can leave Storybrooke. But just before she can comfort Henry and convince him that she’s not going to leave, the doctor comes out and says that Ashley and the baby are okay. Mr. Gold shows up, “Thank you for bringing me my merchandise.”

As Rumplestiltskin is secured in a barred wagon, Cinderella shares with Prince Thomas how relived she is that it’s all over while he shares the name he picked for their child--- Alexandra. Cinderella is suddenly struck with pregnancy pains so Prince Thomas goes to a nearby well to get her water. When he doesn’t return she goes looking for him at the well, but finds he’s missing and all that is left is his cloak. She comes back and accuses Rumplestiltskin of doing something to him. From inside of the barred wagon, he taunts Cinderella. He tells her all magic has a price, “In this world or the next Cinderella, I will have that baby.”

Back in Storybrooke, Emma tells Mr. Gold he’s not getting Ashley’s baby. He tells her if he doesn’t get that baby he’ll have to involve the police. Mr. Gold says Ashley can keep her baby if Emma makes a deal with him. When she asks what he wants, Mr. Gold smiles, “I don’t know just yet. How about we say… you’ll owe me a favor.” Emma thinks about it then shakes his hand, “Deal.” Emma and Henry check in on Ashley and learn that her baby’s name is Alexandra, the same name Prince Thomas gave her in Fairy Tale Land. A grateful Ashley is excited and teary when Emma tells her she gets to keep her baby. When Emma realizes what time it is, she tells Henry it’s time to get him home.

Regina is getting dressed in a room at Granny’s Bed & Breakfast as she talks to someone off screen. She clearly hasn’t been at the city council meeting but instead at some romantic liaison. As Regina leaves she tells the mystery man that she was with, that he left his socks under the bed.

Emma drives Henry home, rushing to get him there before Regina returns. Emma says she wants her code name to be Pumpkin, he says he has another name in mind but doesn’t think she’s ready yet. When she drops Henry off, he leaps out of the car and heads toward the house. He turns as Emma yells after him, “Henry? About what you said in the hospital? About me being able to leave?” Henry looks back hopeful, “Yeah?” Emma smiles, “See ya tomorrow.” Henry rushes into the house, cutting it close as he barely makes up it to his bedroom before Regina gets home.

Ashley is holding her baby when Sean, her prince from Fairy Tale Land, walks in. She’s surprised to see him as he apologizes for leaving her. Ashley simply says, “You’re back.”
Outside of Regina’s house, Emma calls Graham, “I was thinking, maybe some roots wouldn’t be so bad. That deputy job still open?” When he says it still is, Emma says she’s in and continues to gaze at Henry in his window. On the other end, Graham hangs up and looks under the bed to find his socks. He was the mystery man with Regina at Granny’s. And off this revelation, we cut to black. 

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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