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From the Ashes Recap

The Zephyr flies across the skies, and Yo-yo recovers consciousness in a hallway. Mack is lying nearby, groaning in pain, and Yo-yo realizes that her hands are covered in blood. He explains that Izel possessed Yo-yo's body and beat him, and the others are safe. Mack figures that Izel wants their knowledge of the temple in Guatemala, and says that he didn't tell her anything. Yo-yo points out that the only one who knows about the temples is Marcus, and "Mack" says that he hasn't heard Marcus' name before. Izel leaves his body and says that she wants to meet Marcus.

At the Lighthouse, Daisy and Piper coordinate the search for the Zephyr. Piper wonders what they can do against Izel's powers, and Daisy checks in with Fitz-Simmons and Deke. They admit that they don't have anything yet, and the couple go over theories. Deke tries to intervene, and Daisy tells them to focus on finding protection against Izel's ability. Fitz and Deke go off, and Jemma tells Daisy that they don't have any idea if what Izel said about Sarge. Jemma has tried scanning Sarge without success, and finally suggests that Melinda thinks that Sarge is remembering them.

Melinda questions Sarge, who says that he doesn't feel like a different person since Izel told him his origins. He insists that the time he spent chasing Izel are the truth like him, and says that Melinda wants him to be something he's not. Melinda asks if there's any part of him that remembers them, and Sarge irritably tells her that he's not the cure for her loneliness. He smashes his hand down on the table and realize that he's left a dent there.

Meeting with Daisy, Melinda tells Daisy that Sarge is being defensive. Daisy says that Melinda should beat it out of Sarge, but Melinda is hoping that Coulson is still in there. Her friend warns her that Sarge isn't the man that she loves, and Melinda tells her that she wishes Coulson was back because he'd tell Daisy to look for the good. As she walks away, Melinda says that they have enough to worry about with Mack and Yo-yo MIA.

The Zephyr lands in Guatemala and Izel possesses Mack. Izel/Mack tells Yo-yo not to give her away. When Marcus comes aboard with his assistant, Marcus brings up the information on the ruins. They say that the monoliths were supposed to be used to create a doorway to the world where Izel comes from. The hieroglyphs say that the realm contains "lost souls yearning to be freed", and when he mentions Keller Yo-yo says that Keller is still alive. Marcus picks up that something is wrong and suggests that he do some low flyovers over the sites. Izel/Mack agrees but asks for the coordinates, and Marcus secretly wipes the coordinates from his tablet. When he doesn't provide the coordinates, Izel/Mack kills the assistant and leaves Mack's body. She tells Marcus to take her to the temple.

Yo-yo tells Marcus not to say anything, and Izel threatens to kill her next. Marcus says that he won't give her anything, and tells Izel that he's already lost everything that matters to him so death doesn't frighten him. Izel figures that there's something that he fears.

Daisy enters Sarge's cell and says that the creature inside of him is getting stronger. He insists that it isn't, and Daisy points out that he's failed in the past to stop Izel. Sarge says that he can feel the rage churning beneath his skin, and Daisy tells him to let it out and use it. She figures that Sarge is afraid that it's the real him, and tells him to show them what he really is. Sarge accuses her of having daddy issues, and Daddy angrily tells him that he's nothing to her and leaves. She goes to the lab and Fitz-Simmons says that the sword Sarge used has a unique crystalline structure. Daisy points out that she needs a way to negate Izel's powers. Jemma says that Daisy has a pattern of walking away and she went on the space mission to avoid facing Coulson's death. Daisy insists that she's fine, and Jemma says that if she needs them, they're there for her.

Izel locks Mack and Yo-yo in the module, and Yo-yo says that if they want their relationship to work, he has to be willing to put her in danger. Mack says that he got Izel off the base to buy time to stop her, and Yo-yo reluctantly agrees. Izel and Marcus come into the hold with the Gravitonium sphere, and Izel says that the Monolith of Creation was the most powerful. She uses it to see what's in Marcus' mind, and the monolith creates Marcus' husband Thomas.

Daisy goes to her quarters and opens an envelope with her name written on it. She reads it and chuckles, and then cries. Daisy then goes to Sarge and asks him if his memories got stronger after Melinda shot him. Sarge says that the memories started coming into focus after he was shot, and Daisy is one of the people he can see. He figures that he's nothing: not Coulson, not the rage. Daisy tells him that he is something and breaks his neck with her powers... and says that she wants to see it come out.

Sarge lies unconscious on the floor, and Jemma calls over the intercom asking her what she did. Daisy says that she finally read the letter that Coulson read her, and it convinced her that Sarge isn't Coulson. She explains that she didn't say anything to them because they'd try to talk her out of it. Daisy has them scan Sarge and confirm that he's alive. Satisfied, she says that she wants to hear what Sarge has to say.

Thomas describes the moments leading up to his death, and Marcus explains that he was in an accident. His husband says that he heard every word that he said. Yo-yo and Mack yells that it's not real, and Thomas describes how he heard Marcus order him to be taken off of life support. He takes Marcus' hand and asks how much he was drinking that night. Marcus cries and Izel "kills" Thomas. She says that each time Marcus' death will be his fault, and asks how many tries he wants at recreating Thomas. Izel tells Marcus that he wants to die and that would be a relief but it's not an option, and he asks what she wants to know.

Jemma shows Melinda and Piper what Daisy has done, and Melinda figures that Daisy is trying to wake up whatever is in Coulson to learn what it knows about Izel. Piper warns that it's a bad idea, and asks Melinda if she wants to take the risk.

Sarge remembers being created by the monolith.

When Sarge wakes up, Daisy asks him what he knows about Izel. He tells her to get out of her way, but Daisy refuses and demands to see what he is. Sarge warns her that she doesn't know what she's doing, but Daisy says that he isn't going anywhere. Sarge smashes her across the room, breaks the door open, and walks out.

Once Daisy wakes up, she goes to the lab and asks Fitz-Simmons if they got Sarge's actions on camera. She picks up the sword and says that either Sarge will tell them how to stop Izel or if they'll find out if it can kill someone like Sarge, insists that Sarge isn't Coulson, and leaves.

Mack wonders what they would have done in Marcus' position. He admits that it wasn't just tactical him being there with her. The Zephyr changes course and Yo-yo figures that her plan doesn't without the Gravitonium sphere. Izel comes in and locks Marcus in the module, and Yo-yo superspeeds out, grabs the sphere, and returns. Izel enters her body and Izel/Yo-yo smiles. She tosses Mack out of the module and into the wall, and then slams him into the ceiling. Mack jettisons the module with Marcus inside of it.

Izel/Yo-yo tells him that Marcus already told her where to find the temple. Mack points out that he'll tell their team, and Izel says that her people will need hosts when the gateway is open.

Daisy searches for Sarge, and Melinda calls over the intercom saying that she's on her way. Her friend refuses, saying that it's on her and they have to know if they can kill Sarge or Izel with his sword. Daisy figures that the fact Melinda thinks there's still something of Coulson is why she has to do it alone.

Sarge is standing in the hallway and tells Daisy that he's awake. Daisy says that he and Izel are both monsters, and Sarge tells her to call him and she has to do it before he gets stronger. He tells her that the memories and pain are coming back, and yells at Daisy to end it. Daisy says that she can't, and Sarge tells her that she's already been more capable than she knew and begs her to do it. She realizes that he was going to sacrifice himself, and it's what Coulson would have done. Sarge says that he could kill her, but Daisy drops the sword, says that he won't, and hugs him.

At the temple, Yo-yo wakes up handcuffed to a pillar with Mack. Mack explains that he got Marcus out but doesn't know if it's enough. Yo-yo sees Izel below with the sphere, and she starts creating with it.

Fitz-Simmons try to work out how to stop Izel's power. Deke goes over the video of Daisy confronting Sarge, and picks up a tuning fork. He explains that Izel's powers work using resonant frequencies, and they need to disrupt the harmonic frequencies creating a sonic barrier. Fitz pats Deke on the back and they go to work.

Melinda tells Piper that Fitz-Simmons and Deke found something, and Piper says that they found the module with Marcus. Marcus has confirmed that Mack and Yo-yo are still alive last he saw them. Melinda goes to Daisy's quarters and says that they'll need Sarge. Daisy admits that Coulson is inside of Sarge, and she didn't want it to be possible. Melinda figures that Daisy needed to see for herself, and asks if Sarge can control his powers. Daisy warns that Sarge's powers are dangerous but they might be what they need. She admits that she isn't sure, and figures that if they look out for Sarge then he'll do the same for them.

In his cell, Sarge looks contemplatively at the sword.

Izel creates the gateway and tells Mack and Yo-yo that that when the temple and the monoliths resonate, her family will come through, take over the Shrike hosts, and spread across the galaxy. She has to rebuild the monoliths, and says that they're going to solve her problem. They've seen the monoliths intact, so their minds are going to create them for her. Mack points out that their fears have nothing to do with the monoliths but the people they care about, and Yo-yo agrees. A young man appears: Flint, from the future timeline.

On the alien ship, Atarah says that they may have learned enough to save Chronyca-2. Malachi disagrees, believing that they should have hunters establish Chronyca-3. Atarah refuses, saying that conquest is unnecessary, and Malachi warns her not to be short-sighted. He declares her the law in their plan and shoots her dead. Malachi then tells Baal-Gad that he and the others have their new targets.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 27, 2019

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