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From the Ashes

While Deke and Fitz-Simmons try to find a way to negate Izel's powers, Daisy tries to get Sarge to reveal who he truly is and Izel forces Marcus to take her to the temple.

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By Gadfly on Jul 27, 2019

The Zephyr flies across the skies, and Yo-yo recovers consciousness in a hallway. Mack is lying nearby, groaning in pain, and Yo-yo realizes that her hands are covered in blood. He explains that Izel possessed Yo-yo's body and beat him, and the others are safe. Mack figures that Izel wants their knowledge of the temple in Guatemala, and says that he didn't tell her anything. Yo-yo points out that the only one who knows about the temples is Marcus, and "Mack" says that he hasn't heard Marcus' nam…

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