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Elder Wisdom Recap

In Bwundasa, G. Gordon Godfrey interviews Lex about the UN climate conference. Lex insists that they're not holding the conference there because LexCorp owns the hotel, but because the country's leader, General Simon M'Barra, invited them.

In her suite, Troia talks to Wonder Woman, who is still off in space. Wonder Woman says that she's needed out there

As Lex participates in a photo op, Garth is shot with one of a barrage of darts.

An armored woman arrives outside of Troia's suite and telepathically stuns Troia long enough for another armored woman to crash in through the window and render Troia unconscious. Halo and Terra appear and order the intruder to stop.

More armored figures drop down on the photo op and says that they speak for the Bwundasan Freedom Front. The leader says that they're taking the conference hostage in protest. Beast Boy is disguised as a lizard and calls the Outsiders in. He orders everyone down and the freedom fighters shoot at him. Lex takes cover with M'Barra and asks if he has his permission, and M'Barra quickly agrees.

Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Ed--now "El Dorado" arrive and take on the freedom fighters. El Dorado then teleports M'Barra to safety.

Miss Martian reverts from her maid disguise and confronts the fighter mind-stunning Troia.

Terra and Halo fight the intruder, and Halo gets Troia to safety while Terra fights the intruder. When the intruder draws a sword and swings at Terra, Halo throws herself in the way and is badly injured. She heals herself with her violet aura.

Miss Martian and the telepathic freedom fighter mentally fight each other, and Miss Martin stuns her opponent and telekinetically cracks open her helmet. The woman has a control disk on her neck, and Miss Martian destroys it. Troia recovers and knocks the intruder back. Realizing that she's outnumbered, the intruder leaps out the window the way she came and makes her escape.

Garth recovers and directs water from a nearby fountain to deflect the darts. Flash arrives and catches more of the darts, then defeats the other freedom fighters except one who escapes in the confusion. Flash calls Watchtower to say that he got an assist from the Outsiders, and Beast Boy says that it doesn't matter who gets credits. Lex says that he called in the Justice League despite the fact that they're barred from the country, and dismisses the Outsiders as amateurs who entered the country illegally. He thanks Flash for his help, and the Outsiders head for the bioship.

Back aboard the bioship, the woman, Lia Briggs, tells Miss Martian that she had no control over her actions. Miss Martian knows and offers to help her. Meanwhile, Beast Boy tells the others that Garth was the target and drugged him in the initial attack so he couldn't use his powers. He figures that Lex knew about the attack. Lia comes in and says that they were set up.

On a private jet, the intruder--Cassandra Savage--calls Lex and she asks if they failed. Lex admits that it would have been nice to eliminate his two major adversaries, but discrediting the Outsiders was the primary goal and they succeeded. He tells Cassandra to make sure Lia doesn't confirm his involvement.

The Outsiders arrive at the Youth Center in Taos and Wonder Girl takes Lia in. Halo discovers that Brion has been sending her texts, and Miss Martian points out that she took crazy chances and was almost killed. She says that Halo has to talk to someone about her arrest, and until she does Halo is benched from the team.

Eduardo talks to Ed, saying that he caused an international incident. He wonders what happens if Ed is injured, and doesn't believe that Lex is targeting them. Eduardo threatens to rescind Ed's permission to work with the Outsiders, and Ed walks away in disgust. Halo creates a boom tube to teleport the Outsiders away without Miss Martian.

At the tower in Hollywood, the team prepare for training. Geo Force says that Fred looked for Vic and Violet is upstairs. Helga approaches Halo and says that they haven't found a cure for her cell death. Geo Force comes up and talks to Halo privately, asking what's going on. She says that she's not a good girlfriend and walks away. Helga tells Geo Force that first loves are sweet but they rarely last. Beast Boy confirms that the Outsiders are still trending, just as Eduardo, Jay Garrick, and Helena Sandsmark come in. Eduardo says that they compared notes and have to talk to the Outsiders, just as Beast Boy announces they have a call for help about Ivo's robot monkeys. Jay says that they're not going until they has things out, and Beast Boy tells him that most of them are 18 or emancipated. Eduardo points out that Wonder Girl, Ed, and Kid Flash aren't, and do not have their permission to go. Beast Boy hopes that the three of them can work it out and calls to Geo Force, who tells them to go without him.

In Dublin where the alert came from, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Static go to the electronics store the girl sent her alert from. The owner, Matthew, says that his daughter Moira has disappeared.

Ed says that the meta teens need role models. While they argue, Geo Force approaches Halo and says that he doesn't know what's wrong and wonders if he did something. Halo assures him that he doesn't, and says that it isn't him. She finally says that she kissed a girl, and insists that she's just a friend. Geo Force tells her that he forgives her and they can get past all of it.

Helena warns that Wonder Girl is no longer part of a covert team, and Jay points out that most of the deceased Leaguers are children. Meanwhile, Halo tells Terra that there's something that she and Geo Force need to hear.

Beast Boy and the others break into a factory and find Lex's spider-bots. The robot monkeys surround them, and a robot Ivo steps out holding Moira and sends the monkey robots to attack the Outsiders.

Halo tells Geo Force and Terra that her original body, Gabrielle, was killed after she took a bribe allowing Jaculi to kill their parents. Geo Force walks out and Terra stares in shock at Halo for a moment before following her brother. She stops on the balcony, sees the parents and children arguing, and texts Deathstroke that the Outsiders are grounded.

Jay says that he and the League should never have sanctioned their activities. Kid Flash figures that it's about Joan, who Jay is mourning. He assures Jay that he's not going anywhere, but someone needs to be there for the lost metateens. Wonder Girl tells Helena that metateens feel like they're targets all the time. Ed says that he and Eduardo are a family and someone needs to show metateens that families can survive together.

Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Static defeat the robots and save Moira.

The parents agrees to side with their children.

Godfrey reports that the Outsiders destroyed the factory after the Ivo robot exploded. He talks with Lex, who says that the local police could have rescued Moira. The Outsiders rushed in and destroyed property, and Lex says that it's a pattern. He calls upon the nations of the world to establish a hero registry to catalog, unmask, and regulate all vigilantes, like the one in the 50s. Godfrey says that the Outsiders' patients are onboard with their children, and Jay posted a video on social media about how no one could have stopped him from being a hero when he was young. Jay is watching the show and posts a message saying that registry didn't work in the 50s and won't work now. People across the world declare that they are all Outsiders, and Godfrey tells Lex that he's on the wrong side of everyone.

Afterward, Lex complains to Godfrey that what happened wasn't in the script. Godfrey tells him that the script needed changing and Lex let his personal vendetta cloud his objection. The Light knows that Ivo's factory secretly belonged to Lex, and his attacks increased their popularity. Lex figures that he should embrace and coopt.

At the Batcave in Gotham, Miss Martian and the other members of the inner cabal watch Lex on TV. Batman explains that Oracle sorted through Lex's shell companies and learned about his factory in Dublin, and then Miss Martian, Aquaman, and Nightwing confirmed that Lex was storing his spider-bots there. Batman posed as Matthew and Miss Martian as Moira, and Robin salvaged damaged bots to put in the factory. Wonder Woman wonders if they fooled Lex, and Batman says that Lex will know that it's a set up. He insists that it's a war, but Wonder Woman says that they've gone beyond lying to create fake news to make their opponents look bad. She warns that it's crossing a line and insists that they must see it.

In her room, Halo writes a note.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 27, 2019

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