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AKA 1,000 Cuts Recap

Kilgrave runs outside and yells at Jeri to throw away her gun and drive him away. She has no choice but to obey, and the two of them drive off. Once they’re safely away, Kilgrave insists that he isn’t the bad guy, and that Louise was a cold-blooded monster that got justice. He tells Jeri to drive him to a doctor that she trusts.

Jessica returns to the CDC room and finds Trish trying to put a bullet in her skull by hand per Kilgrave’s last order. When Jessica tries to stop her, Trish bites her hand and insists that the bullet has to be in her head. Jessica puts the bullet in her mouth and tells her friend that she’s fulfilled Kilgrave’s last command. Trish spits out the bullet and Jessica assures her that she’s okay. Clemons staggers in and both he and Jessica tell Trish not to call an ambulance because they’ll end up in a cell. Jessica confirms that someone cut the failsafe wire to the shock switch, just as Albert picks up the scissors and tries to fulfill Kilgrave’s command to cut out his own heart. As Jessica restrains him, Clemons grabs some duct tape and they tie Albert up. Jessica prepares to go after Kilgrave. Trish warns that no one can resist Kilgrave’s mind control, and Jessica tells her that she resisted Kilgrave’s command.

Jeri takes Kilgrave to Wendy. When she objects to Jeri coming there, Kilgrave orders her to get her medical bag. As they wait, Kilgrave insists that he’ll keep his word and make Wendy sign the divorce papers.

Clemons confirms that Jessica resisted Kilgrave’s orders. Albert, hearing them, says that Louise always believed that they’d find a vaccine to resist the virus that Kilgrave emits to control people. He needs a biological sample from Jessica to create a cure, and Trish offers to follow his orders so they don’t have to untie him. Jessica agrees and Trish takes Albert to his hotel room to get his lab equipment. As Jessica goes, Clemons tells her that Jeri cut he wire and Jessica already figured it out.

As Wendy stitches up Kilgrave’s bullet wound, Kilgrave and Wendy talk about how much they gave to their respective lovers. Wendy says that there’s no way to avenge a death of a thousand cuts, and Kilgrave asks Jeri what Jessica wants from him. Jeri says that Jessica wants Kilgrave to pay for what he did to her and Hope, and explains that Hope was pregnant with Kilgrave’s child. She says that she and Jessica helped Hope abort Hope’s child, and she kept the remains to see if Kilgrave’s powers could be replicated. The experiments were unsuccessful, and Jeri says that the remains are in cold storage at Hammond Labs and Jessica doesn’t know that it exists.

Wendy finishes her work, and Jessica calls Jeri. Kilgrave orders Jeri to find out where Albert is, and Jeri says that she ran and is at home hanging low. Jessica, realizing that something is wrong, says that Albert is probably with Kilgrave and tells her to stay put. Jeri says that she saw Kilgrave alone and Jessica says that she doesn’t know Albert is. Wendy comes in and figures that it’s Pam on the phone, and loudly announces herself. Jeri hangs up, and Kilgrave figures that Jessica knows where Albert is. The doorbell rings and Kilgrave gives her a scalpel and tells her to start cutting. Wendy cuts Jeri across the face and counts one.

Will arrives at the containment lab and introduces himself to Clemons. Once he flashes his badge, Will says that Trish called him there and he came to investigate. He finds Louise’s body, and Clemons explains that they have the evidence to put Kilgrave away. Will says that the system can’t handle Kilgrave, referring to him by name. When Clemons tries to call, Will draws his gun and takes his fun, and says that he’s going to take her out. He asks if Trish was hurt, and Clemons explains about Albert’s theory of the vaccine. After a moment, Will offers Clemons his gun and apologizes. He asks where Trish and Albert are. Once Clemons gives him the address, Will shoots him in the head. He then pours alcohol around the lab and sets it on fire.

Wendy keeps cutting Jeri over and over, and Jeri tries to tackle her. Her ex keeps cutting, just as Pam comes in and bashes in her skull from behind. Jessica comes in behind her friend and asks Jeri what she did. Jeri says that she didn’t know, and tells them that Kilgrave went to find her father. Jessica tells Pam that Jeri’s on her own after she helped Kilgrave murder, and walks out. Jeri tells Pam that she’s going to handle everything.

On the street, Jessica calls Trish at the motel and tells her that Kilgrave is looking for Albert. Trish figures that they have time and Jessica gives Albert 24 hours to create the vaccine.

Malcolm is helping Robyn putting up missing fliers for Ruben. When he wonders if she has the $50,000 reward, Robyn reminds him that he offered to help and asks if he’s part of the solution or part of the problem. Malcolm reluctantly continues putting up the fliers, just as Jessica arrives. Robyn gives her a flyer and Jessica privately asks Malcolm if he’s lost his mind. She warns that it will just make things worse, and reminds Malcolm that Ruben isn’t coming back. Malcolm says that they should tell Robyn, and Jessica tosses the fliers down and goes inside. Shocked, Robyn wonders why Jessica threw them away and Malcolm goes to the subway station to put them up.

Jessica enters her and takes a drink from the bottle. Kilgrave comes up behind her and Jessica slams him against the refrigerator. He admits that he knew he couldn’t control her, and warns Jessica that if she kills him then there will be a rash of suicides across the neighborhood. Kilgrave explains 4that he’s going to get revenge on everyone close to Jessica, and that she’s going to keep him alive because of Hope. He’s told the DA and the judge to release Hope the next morning, in return for Albert. Kilgrave will stay away from her and Jessica goes back to her life. Jessica claims that she can’t track Albert down, but Kilgrave doesn’t believe it.

Jeri comes to visit Pam in jail. Pam wonders how Kilgrave knew about Wendy, and realizes that Jeri is lying to her when she claims that it’s complicated. Jeri tries to duck the question, but Pam realizes that Jeri was going to use Kilgrave to get Wendy to sign the divorce papers. Her lover reminds her that she told her to handle it, and tells Pam that she was the one who crushed Wendy’s skull. Pam says that Jeri is repulsive, and the detective comes in to take Pam to booking. Pam asks for a lawyer and says that she has no idea who Jeri is.

Jessica goes in the bathroom and texts to Trish that she needs the vaccine now. Kilgrave figures that she’s buying time, and says that Albert is running from him. He says that they make a good team, and Jessica insists that she never felt anything for him. Kilgrave reminds her that for 18 seconds on a rooftop, they shared a moment.

At one of his “borrowed” penthouses, Kilgrave and Jessica kiss.

Kilgrave explains that he made sure he hadn’t told her to do anything in 12 hours, and let her have free will for 18 seconds. She stayed with him because she wanted to, and Jessica says that she had waited a long time to be free of him.

Jessica suggests that Kilgrave go inside while she cleans up. Once she’s alone, Jessica prepares to jump over the edge and kill herself. A white horse passes below her, and Jessica imagines dropping down, mounting the horse, and riding off. Kilgrave orders her to come in, and Jessica has no choice but to do so.

Kilgrave doesn’t believe it, but Jessica says that she wasn’t fast enough and he just sees what he wants to see.

Jessica steps down and tells Kilgrave that she doesn’t want to listen to him. Kilgrave complains that she never appreciates what he does for her, and tells her to cut her ears off. Jessica starts to cut, but Kilgrave stops her and says that everything is all right and he’ll always be there for her.

When Kilgrave insists that she wanted to stay with him, Jessica shows him the scar behind her ear. As he stares at it, Jessica punches him unconscious and then kicks him.

The survivor’s group is meeting at a diner and Malcolm insists that they’re not victims. Jackson asks Malcolm who he’s helped, and Malcolm says that he helped his friend and she helped him. He explains how he took away Ruben’s body and he can’t tell Robyn the truth. Robyn is sitting behind them and hears everything, and angrily calls Malcolm out. She demands to see Ruben’s body, and says that none of the survivors feel rage over what Kilgrave did to them. Malcolm insists that Jessica is the only one who can take on Kilgrave, but Jackson agrees with Robyn. Robyn says that all of Kilgrave’s atrocities can be traced back to Jessica, and figures that she brought them together to control them. She vows to track Jessica down and make her explain herself, and the two men agree to go with her. Malcolm objects, but Robyn points out that he just admitted that he’s a liar.

At her office, Jessica calls Hope and tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about Kilgrave. She promises to pick up Hope the next morning, put her on a plane, and send her home. Hope says that she doesn’t have a home and her relatives told her brother that she’s dead. Jessica hangs up and Malcolm pounds on the door. When she opens the door, he tries to warn her just as the survivors charge in and grab Jessica. They fight and Robyn hits Jessica with a 2x4, and then goes inside to find Ruben. She finds Kilgrave bound and gagged on the floor and frees him.

Trish is following Albert’s instructions and Will knocks at the door. She lets him in and notices that Will’s pupils are dilated, and he says that he’s on meds. Will explains that Clemons told her about the vaccine, and Albert admits that Kilgrave is his son. The cop starts choking him and shoves Trish away when she tries to intervene. Will then apologizes and Trish figures that he’s messed up in the head. He promises that it won’t happen again, but Trish shoves him out the door and locks it. She then looks at the bottle of reds that Will left behind.

The next morning, Jessica wakes up when her phone rings. It’s Hope, who wonders where she is. Jessica tells Hope to lock herself in the bathroom, and Hope realizes that Kilgrave is alive and out on the streets. When Jessica drives to the prison, the guard tells her that someone picked up Hope 20 minutes ago to some guy. A female guard comes over and says that Kilgrave ordered her to tell Jessica to bring Albert to her favorite restaurant or lose Hope.

Once Kilgrave’s mind control ends after 12 hours, Trish frees Albert. He figures that the reds are some kind of combat enhancement. Jessica arrives and tells them about Kilgrave’s offer. Albert has the vaccine but warns that there’s only one way to test it.

Jessica and Albert go to the restaurant and Albert sprays himself with the vaccine. Jessica assures him that he’s not a coward and they go inside. Malcolm, Robyn,and the two male survivors are standing on the bar with noses around their necks. Kilgrave is eating at a table with Hope, and Jessica tells him to make the trade. Kilgrave tells his hostages to take one step forward, and demands that Jessica apologize. Once she does, Jessica reminds Kilgrave of their deal. Hope yells at her to kill Kilgrave, but Kilgrave is sure that Jessica still considers herself a hero and won’t do it.

Kilgrave orders Albert forward and after a moment’s hesitation, Albert steps forward despite the vaccine, and Kilgrave hugs her. Hope breaks a glass and Kilgrave tells her to stop. The girl cuts her throat and Kilgrave tells the hostages to jump off the bar as he runs out with Albert. As they choke, Jessica breaks the pipe they’re hanging from and then runs to Hope. Dying, Hope tells Jessica that she can kill Kilgrave now, and makes her promise as she bleeds to death.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 29, 2015

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