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Blood Moon Recap

Lyta dreams of lying next to herself, strapped to a couch.

When Lyta tells the others what Zod did to her, they realize that Zod would do much worse to his enemies if that's what he would do to his mother. Dev says that a smuggler has modified a skimmer for short-term space trap, and they can use it to get with Wegthor. Lyta insists on going with Seg and Dev, but Jayna warns that she's too weak to be of use to them. Nyssa offers to go with them, saying that she knows the tunnels, and Seg and Dev agree.

Zod tells his Sagitari that the enemies have failed to stop them, and they have only strengthened their resolve. He vows that once they defeat them, they will have the Stellarium and the galaxy will fear them. Zod says that they will do it for Krypton, and the Sagitari echo him.

Seg joins Lyta as she looks out at the storm. He asks her about the dream the Black Mercy gave her, and Lyta says that it gave her clarity and shoed it what's possible between them. Nyssa comes to get Seg, and Lyta tells her that she'll do everything possible to get Jor back. As they go to the skimmer, Nyssa tells Seg that she's glad that Seg and Lyta are back together, and admits that Seg might be the love of her life just like Lyta is his.

Nyssa and Seg arrive where the skimmer is supposed to be, and Seg realizes that the skimmer is closed. He finds it by touch and realizes that it's a lousy spacesuit.

Zod goes to where Doomsday is imprisoned, and Lis warns him that there might not be enough Mercy toxin in Doomsday's body to give Zod control. Undeterred, Zod releases Doomsday. It walks to him, and kneels when he tells it to.

Dev goes into their rooms and finds Jayna looking at a sleeping Lyta. Jayna tells him that Lyta is running a fever because of a residual virus the Mercy left in her system. Dev suggests hantha root and when Jayna agrees, goes to the Public House to find it. Lyta wakes up and tells Jayna that she dishonored herself and their name. Jayna says that her daughter did what she taught her, but Lyta refuses to let her blame herself. She insists that she had to choose between Zod and Jayna, and she made the wrong choice. Her mother says that the best thing they can do is make a new legacy for House Zod. Lyta asks Jayna to forgive her, and her mother assures her that there's nothing to forgive and hugs her.

Seg, Nyssa, and Dev arrive on Wegthor and meet with Val. Val and Seg hug, and Seg tells them that Zod is on his way with a fleet. Seg says that Val should trust him if he doesn't trust Nyssa, and Val warns that they're still vulnerable. Val tells the rebels to take their troops while h secures points of entry.

Adam and Kem are allocating the Rebel troops in the mines, and Seg tries to sneak up on Kem. Kem easily subdues him and realizes who it is, and the three of them hug, and they're summoned to the Rebel base.

Outside, a single spaceship lands the near the fortifications. Seg and the others watch, and Val has the field leader Lux report that the ship is too far away from their artillery. They pick up movement and prepare to open fire. A ramp comes down and Doomsday emerges. It waits, and Zod tells his troops to kill all of the Rebels.

Doomsday walks toward the fortifications and the Rebels open fire. The creature is apparently destroyed and the Rebels cheer. Doomsday emerges from the cloud of dust and runs toward the fortifications, and Val orders a retreat. Lux refuses as his men start to back up, saying that they will stay and fight. The Rebels cheer and follow him out onto the field, shooting at Doomsday. Doomsday leaps into the air and drops down, knocking Rebels away with casual ease. It kills them all and roars its triumph.

In the bunker, Val realizes that all of the Rebels in the field are gone. The bu8nker shakes and Seg realizes that Doomsday is in the tunnels. Kem warns that they can't keep him out forever with the fore barriers, and Adam insists that Doomsday is an unstoppable killing machine and the only person who ever defeated him is gone. He says that they have to run, and Seg suggests that the survivors evacuate in the ship that brought Doomsday. Lyssa agrees to lead a strike force, saying that Val can trust her. Val agrees and tells Adam to get the remaining Rebels to the ship while he, Kem, and Seg buy them some time.

As they head through the tunnels, Val says that he'll bring them down around Doomsday, giving them enough time to get the Rebels to the ship. Seg and Kem reluctantly agree, and Val wishes them both luck before leaving. Once they're alone, Seg tells Kem that the two of them will do it just like old times and it could be fun. Kem agrees and they head off.

Dev returns from the Public House and gives Lyta a drink of the hantha extract. She asks what her clone was like, and Dev tells her that the clone was just like her in every way. He admits that they became involved because she needed someone to fill the voice after Seg was banished to the Phantom Zone. Dev says that he finally got what he wanted, but the emptiness in him remained. Sagitari arrive outside as Jayna ducks in, and the three of them hide in the shadows.

The Sagitari come in and Dev disarms one and takes them all captive. the soldiers refuse to talk, and Lyta says that Zod deceived them and created a clone of her. He allowed the clone to be executed, and if he isn't stopped then many other Kryptonians will die. Lyta insists that Zod is a man with no honor and doesn't deserve their loyalty. One of the Sagitari, Thur, wonders why they should believe her. Lyta says that she and his brother served together and he saved her life. After a moment, Thur asks how they can serve her. Lyta tells them to do exactly as they say.

At the command base, reports come in that Doomsday damaged the main grid. Val is unable to raise Seg, and tells his lieutenant to leave now and he'll follow. Once she goes, Val reaches Seg on the radio and says that with the power grid destroyed, he can't detonate the explosives. He tells Seg and Kem to get to the surface.

Adam arrives at the base and tells Val that there's nothing more he can do and he has to go. As they go, Doomsday smashes its way in and as they run, a cave-in falls on Val.

Kem has his men plant charges in the mines, and Seg syncs the detonators to a short-range detonator. His friend notices and Seg says that Val can no longer remote detonate the explosives. Seg tells Kem to get their people to the surface. Kem refuses to abandon his friend, but they hear Doomsday coming. The creature smashes its way in, ignoring the Rebels' fire. Seg and Kem lie unconscious on the floor, the detonator nearby.

Nyssa and the Rebels take out the Sagitari skeleton crew guarding the spaceship, Nyssa killing any that stand in her way.

Val starts to dig Adam out of the debris and they share a laugh at surviving. Adam says that he can't feel his legs, and Val promises to never leave him.

Seg wakes up as Kem drags him to cover. He realizes that he lost the detonator, and Kem refuses to let him go back. Seg insists that it's his choice, pointing out that countless Rebels will die if he doesn't. Kem says that he understands, then knocks Seg down and walks back, activating a force field between them. He admits that he has a death wish, and tells Seg that they all have a responsibility. He insists that others have to step up to save Krypton and Jor needs his father. Seg begs him not to do it, and Kem talks about the scams they used to pull scams on the Rankless. He tells Seg that he loves him and walks away.

Kem makes his way through the tunnel to where Seg lost the detonator. A dying Rebel grabs him by the leg and then expires. Kem finds the detonator and then turns to find Doomsday facing him. The creature rams its fist through Kem's chest and lifts him into the air, and the dying Kem gives the creature the finger. Doomsday rips his head off and the detonator drops to the floor... activates. The bombs explode, bringing the tunnels down on Doomsday.

Val and his people reach the spacecraft, some of them carrying Adam. Nyssa goes to greet them, and Val tells her what happened. The explosions spread as the Stellarium goes off in a chain reaction, and Val realizes that Wegthor is ripping itself apart. Nyssa says that they have to go, and Val calls to Seg before being forced to retreat inside.

At the skimmer, Seg manages to activate the drive and flies off through the dying moon.

Nearby in space, the Rebels watch from the spacecraft as Wegthor blows up.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 8, 2019

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