Blood Moon

Zod brings Doomsday to heel and unleashes him on the Rebels, and Seg, Val, and Kem fight a last-ditch battle to hold the creature back while their compatriots escape.



By Gadfly on Aug 8, 2019

Lyta dreams of lying next to herself, strapped to a couch. When Lyta tells the others what Zod did to her, they realize that Zod would do much worse to his enemies if that's what he would do to his mother. Dev says that a smuggler has modified a skimmer for short-term space trap, and they can use it to get with Wegthor. Lyta insists on going with Seg and Dev, but Jayna warns that she's too weak to be of use to them. Nyssa offers to go with them, saying that she knows the tunnels, and Seg and…

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