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The Joining of Unlike Things Recap

Light of the Martyr Foundling Home: The Burgue

A foundling, Jacob, gets up in the middle of the night and goes to the headmaster's office. He asks to go to the loo, and the headmaster tells him to go straight there and back. As Jacob leaves, he hears the sounds of a struggle and turns back. The headmaster tries to crawl out of his office and a bestial form drags him back, lifts him up, and rips out his stomach. Jacob walks back and sees the headmaster's corpse on the floor.

Later that night, Philo arrives to investigate. The boys watch from the windows of the dormitory as Philo leaves his carriage. Master Thorne greets the inspector and Philo greets his former master. Philo and Berwick go to the headmaster's office and find a hoof print in the mud. Another footprint looks like a Trow made it. They split up to cover the area, and Philo finds an open sewer well. He climbs down and hears something growling in the darkness. Philo catches a glimpse of the creature responsible and shoots, and the creature advances on him, unharmed. When the inspector reloads and raises his rifle back up, the creature is gone. Philo moves forward and finds a bloody liver on the walk.

The next day, Vignette brings the constabulary flag to the Black Raven cathedral. Hamlyn has her shadow Oona and tells Vignette to let him know if he needs anything. Oona tells Vignette to be careful of Hamlyn because he's looking to fuck Vignette, and he told Oona of his intention. Dahlia tells the Black Ravens that a shipment of lixir has been confiscated and someone in the organization told the police. She says that they've chosen to live outside the human law, and invites the mole to step forward and clear themselves, promising no harm will come to them. No one speaks, and Dahlia says that she will have no mercy on them when she finds them out.

Imogen has breakfast with Ezra and asks what his plans for the day are. He says that he's going to talk to his solicitor about finding a bank to get a loan, and Imogen reminds him that she dismissed his opinion. Ezra apologies for his earlier comment. Later, Afissa warns Imogen that Ezra wouldn't think much of her inviting Agreus for tea. Imogen says that she has no choice because Ezra lacks their father's mettle. She scatters ladders and cloths around the place, and tells Afissa to bring Agreus in via the servants' entrance and claim that they're sprucing. Imogen figures that Agreus will be grateful enough to possibly offer his financial help to Ezra.

At the morgue, Philo tells Dombey that the killer was bigger than a Trow. The coroner, Morange, reports that are severe contusions on the body and multiple lacerations. Philo notes that the injuries are similar to those on Querelle, and says that he had a "friend" do an autopsy on her. He has the liver that he found and notes that the killer was preoccupied with it, and Morange can't make anything of the contusions on it.

Philo meets with Mima Sawsaan at her mimasery shrine, who says that she knew he shot at the creature. He asks why the creature wanted its victims' livers, and Sawsaan tells him as much as he will believe. Philo orders her to say more, and Sawsaan says that there's a story from their oldest traditions of a beast called a Darkasher, a golem formed from the limbs of the dead given new purpose. Saint Titania said that there is a strange power in the joining of unlike things. Philo doesn't believe her, saying that he needs to see such things for himself. Sawsaan tells him to talk to a haruspex at her shop and gives the location. As he goes, Sawsaan warns that his skepticism won't keep him alive.

Agreus arrives at the servants' entrance and Afissa lets him in. She claims that Imogen is painting the foyer, and takes him to Imogen for tea. Imogen makes small talk with him and Agreus talks about how found opportunity in New Freehold and eventually made his way to the Burgue. As he takes tea, Agreus says that he has yet to meet the neighbors. He thanks Imogen for her invitation and Imogen says that her family is progressive. Agreus asks why she invited him and notes that he was brought in secretly, and angrily tells Imogen that he knows she set up the foyer to force him to come in the back. He figures that Imogen invited him there for sport, gets up to leave, and says that one day Imogen's neighbors will fight to shake his hand.

Winetrout tells Alistair and Piety that they have spies on Ritter and his associates. Piety says that she dreamed of Jonah and their vacation at the ocean, and worries that she'll never see their son again. Alistair assures her that he is handling it, and warns that if they have Ritter arrested then he'll deny anything. He figures that Ritter is trying to accomplish the chancellorship, and will demand that Alistair stand down in return for Jonah's return. Alistair assures his wife that they're onto Ritter and he will get no inkling that they have realized his involvement.

Later at Parliament, Ritter says that a majority is determined to let the Critch remake the city. He claims that the Critch will swamp the city and destroy them from without and within. When he says that someone among them will have sex with the Critch, Alistair takes the floor and tells him to bring Jonah forward. Ritter says that he has no idea what he's talking about, and Alistair tells him that he knows and chokes him until the other members pull him away.

Piety watches from the gallery, and afterward Alistair tells his wife that Ritter will never return Jonah since Alistair dragged the affair out in the open. Piety demands that they arrest Ritter, and Winetrout warns that they have no evidence and Ritter's coalition will successfully appeal the arrest. She tells Alistair that they will have enough time to obtain Jonah's location from Ritter while he's arrested, Alistair agrees to Piety's plan and tells Winetrout to have Ritter arrested, then asks for Piety's forgiveness.

On Carnival Row, Phil sees Vignette and she sees him. He approaches her and says that he knows he's lost as she said earlier. Philo admits that he's trapped between two worlds, and thought he could choose a third world with Vignette. He says that he was selfish, and let her go because he loved her. Vignette tells her to do it and walks away. One of Dahlia's men, Bolero, secretly watches the exchange.

Philo goes to Aioffe's shop and asks her to make him a Darkasher from the bodies of two creatures. He wants proof that it is raised from the dead, and offers to pay Aioffe what she asks. Aioffe says that the Darkasher will be bound to him by the life he must give, and requires his seed. She blows drugged smoke in Philo's face, and he sees her as Vignette. "Vignette" shoves Philo on the table and takes his seed. When Philo wakes up, he finds Aioffe mixing ingredients. She tells him to come back in a couple of days.

Oona shows Vignette the Black Raven drop sites for the contraband, warning that they'll clip her wings if they catch her. Bolero approaches them and says that Dahlia wants Vignette. They go to the cathedral and Dahlia has Vignette bound and then threatens to drop her if she doesn't confess. Bolero says that he saw Vignette with Philo, and Vignette insists that she fucked him during the war. She says that she doesn't know Philo's address, and offers to help Dahlia find the mole. Dahlia gives her until midnight to find the mole and leaves with Bolero.

Vignette goes to the hotel and tells Tourmaline what happened. She blames herself for Vignette's fate, but Vignette assures her that she wouldn’t have fit in at the brothel. Tourmaline advises her to get out of town, but Vignette refuses to run and insists that she's survived a lot worse. Her friend tells her not to make her hurt lead her to do something stupid, and Vignette stares at her for a moment and then leaves.

Ritter and his daughter Sophie have dinner, and Sophie talks about her possible future. She complains that her father won't let her out of the house, and Ritter insists that he won't let her go. Sophie says that she wasn't asking his permission, and Ritter comes over to her and strokes her brow. He then tells her to go and see how far she can get without his permission. The Chancellery guards come in and arrest Ritter, taking him to Alistair despite his protests.

The guards take Ritter to Alistair and Piety. Alistair hits Ritter and asks where Jonah is. Ritter professes ignorance and Alistair beats him until Piety stops him. The guards take Ritter away so that Alistair can interrogate him later.

Fergus tells Agreus that he's confirmed that Ezra is looking for a loan. Agreus figures that Imogen was interested in more than sport, thanks Fergus, and leaves in his carriage. Imogen watches from her house.

Piety approaches Ritter in his cell and gives him water. He insists that he has no idea where Jonah is, and he realizes that she poisoned him. Piety admits that she's had her son abducted, and "gets" a confession from him as he dies. She then fakes tears, goes to Alistair, and tells him where Ritter said Jonah was.

Dombey brings Hamlyn in, and Philo talks to his contact within the Black Ravens. Hamlyn warns him that Dahlia is looking for the mole, and Philo says that he's looking for the killer. He admits that he's pursuing a killer made of dead things, and Hamlyn says that he knows of one fae, Wren, who did side work working with a fae with a "religious name" getting corpse. He tells Philo that Dahlia had Wren killed two nights ago, possibly over her side work with the corpses. Philo says that they'll release Hamlyn in a few hours to make it look convincing.

Tourmaline meets with Philo, who is angry that Philo faked his death rather than break things off clean with Vignette during the war. She explains that the Black Raven saw Vignette talking with Philo, and needs Philo to tell her who the mole is. Philo gives her Hamlyn's name, and Berwick tells Philo that they've found Jonah.

The constables break into Copley Baths where Jonah is imprisoned, and free him. They take him to Alistair, who hugs his son. Jonah says that he knew Alistair would bring him home, and Alistair says that they have Piety to faith. The younger man remembers hearing the high heels of a woman at the baths, just as Piety comes in and her high heels make the same noise and hugs him.

Agreus knocks at Imogen's front door, and notices a neighbor watching from her window. Afissa answers and says that Imogen is indisposed, but Imogen comes out and sees Agreus. He says that he came to apologize for his earlier behavior, and Imogen abruptly accepts the apology. Agreus notes that the neighbors are staring, and says that they will stare even more when the Spurnroses are forced to sell the house. He figures that Imogen is desperate, and she admits that she is desperate. Agreus is impressed by her honesty, and Imogen apologies for her foolishness. The Puck says that they can come to an accommodation but first she has to let him through her front door. After a moment, Imogen opens the door for Agreus and he walks in. The neighbors notice, and Imogen defiantly closes the door.

At the cathedral, Vignette passes on the information about Hamlyn, claiming that Philo gave her the name. Dahlia wants Vignette to give her the name, and Vignette says that she's not a killer of her own kind. Undeterred, Dahlia gives her a knife and tells her to choose the fae or the humans.

Later, Vignette has Oona brings Hamlyn to meet her on the cathedral roof. She asks him if he's been telling folks that he means to fuck her. When Hamlyn denies it, Vignette asks if he would do it. He indicates that he's interested, and Vignette tells him to close his eyes and leads him to the balcony. She draws the knife and flies over the edge with Hamlyn, flying across the city as she tries to kill him. They struggle and Vignette manages to stab one of Hamlyn's wings. He clutches to her hand, and after a moment Vignette lets him go to fall to his death.

Vignette flies down to make sure that Hamlyn is dead. He knocks her down from behind and says that she only survived the shipwreck because she was lucky. Hamlyn beats her with a shovel and says that he's going to cut off her head. Philo arrives and shoots Hamlyn dead, and Vignette kicks the fae's body. The inspector stops her, says that Tourmaline told her where she was and says they have to go, and asks her to help him with the body. Once they toss Hamlyn's body into the sewers, Philo says that it was wrong to leave her the way that he did. He gives Vignette the braid back and says that he should never have taken it from her, and walks away.

Returning to the cathedral, Vignette gives Dahlia Hamlyn's severed wing. Dahlia admits that she didn't know which of them would come back, and is satisfied that Hamlyn's death wasn't quick and painless. She then tells Vignette that she'll run the lots, taking over Hamlyn's job, and says that she should be careful with Philo or the next time she'll have Vignette killed. Vignette says that Dahlia doesn't have to worry about him.

Portia gets Philo's note and meets with him. He says that she deserves better and says that he's chosen a world. Philo takes her to dinner and says that he hurt the girl Portia asked about the other day. Portia says that sometimes it's harder to live with causing the pain then receiving it.

Vignette sits on the hotel balcony and looks at the braid, her hands covered with blood. Tourmaline comes out and Vignette breaks into tears, and her friend assures her that it's okay.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 8, 2019

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