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The World to Come Recap

The constables take Philo to the station under arrest, and Dombey joins Flute. Both men glare at Philo, and Philo insists that they know he didn't commit the murders. Flute points out that he withheld facts material to the case, and calls Philo a half-blood piece of shit. The magistrate has Dombey take Philo to holding, and Berwick looks at Flute for a moment before moving on.

Dombey has Philo logged in as a former inspector and has him tossed in with the human prisoners, making it clear to them that Philo is a half-blood. The constables leave and Vignette is among the imprisoned fae that watch. She yells a warning as the humans attack Philo, and Philo takes out three of them. The others back away, and Philo looks at Vignette for a moment.

Imogen and Agreus return to the Spurnrose house and the Puck says that it's been a memorable evening. She says that it has been for her and that she doesn't like the humans that she knows. Afissa comes out and Imogen assures her that she's fine, and Agreus goes to his home. The maid tells Imogen that the police were there and Ezra is in a mood, and leads Imogen inside. Inside, Ezra complains to Imogen about how he's learned that their father gave refuge to a pregnant Piz. However, he insists that there must be a limit on what Agreus can ask of Imogen in return for his financial support. Ezra says that he's going to negotiate an end to the situation on Imogen's behalf, and she says that she would be grateful. Her brother wonders if she enjoys Agreus' company, and Imogen laughs at the thought. Afissa stares at her for a moment and then takes her to her room.

Dombey brings a constable in to see Philo and is shocked to see him unharmed. He orders Philo into the fae holding cell and Philo goes. He thanks Vignette for her warning, and she says that she doesn't want to see him dead... yet. Vignette asks why he's there, but Philo doesn't answer.

The next day, Aioffe visits the Breakspear home and Piety tells her that someone has been arrested for the murders. She assures Aioffe that she's safe now, and the fae suggests that they have the wrong man. The fae insists that she saw the darkasher come for her, and at the moment of her death she'll understand who summoned it. Piety hopes that Aioffe's vision is mistaken, and Aioffe leaves before Absalom returns.

At the train station, Runyon pays for a ticket to get as far from the Burgue as possible. As he goes out on the platform, Symes sees him and calls to him. The friends greet each other and Symes explains that he's educating Jonah. He points out that he's making a lot of money and Runyon could do the same with his degree.

Sophie and Jonah have sex in his carriage. Afterward, they talk about how the city would figuratively burst into flame if they knee that a Breakspear and a Longerbane were involved. Sophie says that her advisors are telling her to call a vote of no confidence against Absalom, and Jonah must see to his future. Jonah says that he has no interest in politics, and Sophie tells him that politics is the price of their moments together. She asks if he knows what she's offering him, and warns that if he isn't careful they'll pass him by. With that, Sophie leaves and Jonah contemplates her words. Sophie gets into her neighboring carriage and the two carriages go their separate ways.

Vignette offers her condolences for Querelle's murder, and he offers her condolences about the exhibit of the mimastery library. He admits that he understands why the police believe he committed the murders after he lied to them, and sometimes there's no coming back to that.

Agreus and Ezra meet to discuss the purchase of the new ship. Ezra asks if Agreus was purchased, and he says that he was to a hard but fair man. Agreus made his fortune from that, and they drink as Ezra notes that a Puck making a fortune is particularly hard. Ezra asks what a shipjack does, and Agreus realizes that he's made inquiries. Agreus explains that a skipjack tracks runaway workers, including his own kind. He says that all the skipjacks he worked with were humans because he had to play by the rules of humans. Ezra then brings up the matter of Imogen.

Afterward, Ezra tells Imogen that Agreus will consider her obligation done when he has a foothold in human social circles. She says that it will be a long time, and Ezra tells her that Agreus has received an invitation to take tea with the Tripplethorns so they could turn the painting that Agreus won over to him personally. He assures Imogen that her services may not be required much longer, and Imogen says that they can only hope.

At the brothel, Tourmaline asks Fleury if she's seen Vignette, pointing out that she didn't come home the previous night. Tourmaline goes to the station and confirms with Cuppins that Vignette has been arrested, and may have to pay a fine or be deported. The prostitute offers to pay the fine, implying that she'll bribe Cuppins with some of it. Cuppins tells her to come back the next day with 50 guilders.

As Tourmaline leaves, Portia comes in and asks to see Philo. Dombey tells her that Philo has been arrested and charged, and she points out that Dombey didn't say anything about charging. The sergeant says that they have Philo for the killings, and Portia insists that Philo isn't a murderer. Dombey isn't convinced and tells Portia that it all fell into place once she told him Philo was a half-blood. Portia says that it was a lie and she made it up to hurt Philo after a quarrel.

Later, Flute and the others go to the holding area. Flute tells Philo that Portia filed a statement that could clear him of the situation, and Philo states that he didn't kill the three victims. Flute gives Philo the chance to deny that he's a half-blood, and Vignette watches as Philo considers what to say. The magistrate tells Philo that he needs to hear the denial from his own mouth, and Philo admits that Querelle was his mother and he is what he is. When he talks about the darkasher, Flute yells at him that he's done with his lies and says that he believed in Philo. Flute leaves with the constables, and Philo glances over at Vignette.

Jonah's new tutor--Runyon--arrives at the Breakspear house to continue Jonah's tutoring. Looking at Runyon's scuffed shoes, Jonah refuses figuring that Runyon needs the job so he'll report to Symes that he's making progress. If Runyon refuses, Jonah will demand someone else. He offers to pay Runyon double what he's making if he keeps his silence, but Runyon says that Jonah is skating along on Absalom's wealth. Runyon tells Jonah that he can't pay him to lie for him because he doesn't care about Absalom and isn't afraid of destitution. However, he figures that Jonah is afraid of it and it's time to look to his own future. Runyon tells Jonah that he's not like his other tutors, and Jonah sits down to continue his studies.

Dombey talks to Berwick and Cuppins about how Philo makes it look bad for the rest of them. Cuppins agrees and Dombey refuses to let anyone ruin his reputation. Berwick says that Philo needs to have his day in court, and Dombey suggests that Philo is killed trying to escape or hangs himself. He lightly slaps Berwick and tells them to consider it.

Vignette tells Philo that she did his mother proud. Philo wishes that he could have given Querelle justice and he was close to finding the killer, and figures that his father is the killer. He figures the darkasher didn't kill him because his father didn't know Philo was his son, and he killed the others to find out who Philo was. Philo figures that means the darkasher will come for him. Berwick comes in and tells Philo to watch himself because Dombey is going to try something. He apologizes for not being able to do more and leaves.

Imogen watches from her window as the Tripplethorns bring the painting to Agreus' home. She then goes to the house and offers to help Agreus place the painting. Agreus accepts and Imogen goes to work. Agreus' servant Fergus leaves, and Imogen discusses the painting with Agreus. Agreus wonders if represents Heaven and Hell, or Puck and Pix. Imogen says that the "devil" might be a rescuer from the ordinary. Agreus tells her that she wouldn't know anything about being ordinary, and they stare at each other for a moment. Imogen asks about another display, and Agreus explains that it's an electrical lamp and another of his prized possessions. He turns it on to demonstrate, mixing water with copper sulfate to charge the battery. Agreus closes the curtains and the bulb slowly lights as Imogen chuckles in delight.

Jonah meets Sophie in a carriage and says that he considers her more than another conquest. He tells her that something has changed in him and he can no longer ignore it: the future. Jonah wonders why, and Sophie says that she wants chaos, the hope of those in the shadows like the two of them.

Imogen notes that gas would be more effective, and Agreus talks about how in the future the streets and homes will be filled with electrical lights. They talk about the advantage of seeing the future, and Imogen wonders if that's how Agreus ignores the looks and the slights. She admits that she once considered Agreus ridiculous in appearance, but now she realizes that she was wrong and Agreus is unlike anyone she's ever met. After a moment they kiss and then undress each other to make love.

At the prior, Cabal shows Quill a manuscript salvaged from Puyan. He says that Quill must prove himself to the Hidden One. The other worshippers bring in the captive foreman who beat one of them earlier, and Cabal tells Quill that the humans have raised their hands against them for too long and now it's their turn. Quill takes a heavy stone from Cabal and as the other Puck look on, beats in the foreman's skull.

Absalom receives reports from Winetrout about human workers striking. Winetrout receives a report that the police have arrested the murderer, and he mentions Querelle's name. Absalom recognizes it and asks when Philo hangs.

Vignette tells Philo that she felt like she was finding a place in the city, and then saw a sign about the exhibition. She couldn’t the library put up for people to gawk at, and asks Philo if he thinks about Tirnanoc. Philo wishes that he never left it, and Vignette wonders how they got so lost. He assures her that they're found, just as Dombey and his men come in and say that they have a transfer order for Philo. Vignette breaks into tears and Philo asks her to stay with him. He tells Vignette that he loves her as the constables hood him and take him away.

As the sun rises, the constables take Philo out into a manor in the countryside. They escort him inside and sit him down in the middle of an empty room, manacle him to a chair, and remove his hood. Absalom comes in and looks down at Philo.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2019

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