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The Gloaming Recap

Cabal questions Quill, asking why he hesitates. Quill says that he's weak because he's impure, and he purges himself through prey. Cabal has him knee, and Quill prays for purification.

Later, Quill and other Puck beat a Puck dressed in human garb. Once the Puck is dead, Cabal tells Quill to strip the corpse.

Morning at the station, and a fae prostitute calls Dombey into the fae holding cell to show him Vignette's hanging body. When Dombey gets close enough, the "dead" Vignette kicks him, runs out past the other constable, and tries to flee the station as the other fae cheer her. The constables grab Vignette and Dombey beats her with his nightstick, and then they throw her back in the cell. When she yells for Philo, Dombey tells her that Philo is dead.

At the abandoned manor, Absalom sits, drinks, and holds a gun. Philo asks what he's waiting for, and Absalom says that he wants to look him in the eyes and sees a sign of his true nature. He finally accuses Philo of killing Querelle, slapping him, and puts his gun to Philo's head and dares him to say Querelle's name. Philo tells him to put the gun down, and insists that he didn't kill the singer. Absalom pulls the trigger but the gun jams. When Absalom pounds on it, it goes off, the bullet hitting the ceiling.

Philo tells Absalom that he didn't know Querelle was his mother, and says that he thought Absalom murdered her until now. After freeing Philo, Absalom says that he met Querelle when she was a singer and he was a young student. Querelle sent the elites flirting with her away, and eventually Absalom brought her to the manor: his family's summer house. Absalom's father discovered their secret and threatened to kill Querelle unless Absalom called it off. Querelle asked to see Absalom one last time, but he never went. He realizes that it was about Philo, and admits that he was a coward. Philo tells him about his relationship with Vignette.

Agreus is reading the paper and Fergus asks if Imogen found her way home. The human servant asks if Agreus will be sending her again, and Agreus tells him that it's no concern of his. The fae asks Fergus if he disapproves of his behavior, and flies into a sudden rage demanding an answer. Fergus warns that someone could find out, and Agreus asks if he can rely on his discretion. The servant says that people are already talking and it's dangerous what Agreus is doing.

Imogen is going up to her room and Ezra passes her on the stairs, greeting her. He tells her that something came up and he knocked on her door but got no response. Imogen claims that she was there and fell asleep, and her brother says that the Swan is ready with a shipment of tobacco. She suggests that they invite Agreus to dinner when Ezra comes back so that they can celebrate as friends, and then corrects herself to say "business partners". Ezra tells Imogen says that people will make unflattering assumptions if she continues on her current course. Imogen irritably says that she doesn't care, and Ezra tells her that she talks as if Agreus has become a friend to her. She denies it, and Ezra asks what he is to her. Imogen says that he's a Puck and goes to her room.

As they go Absalom tells Philo that he'll have Vignette released but warns that Philo can't return to the Burgue because he's the next target. He advises Philo to stay dead while he settles the ugliness, and tells his illegitimate son to turn his chances to Vignette before it's too late. Absalom says that he wishes he knew Philo better and wishes him godspeed, and Philo leaves in Absalom's carriage.

Piety calls Jonah into the dining room and tells him that she knows he was with Sophie. She advises her son to stay away from Sophie, warning that she's twice as dangerous as anything on the Row. Piety reminds Jonah that Ritter kidnapped him, and Jonah tells her not to take him for a fool. She slaps her son and he walks away, and Piety hastily apologizes, saying that it was for his own good and it always has been. Jonah demands that she show him the big picture, and Piety finally says that Sophie is his sister.

In her shop, Aioffe cuts open an animal and studies its entrails. She realizes that the scene is like her earlier version and mixes a substance in a beaker. The darkasher comes in behind her, and Aioffe drinks the substance and turns to face the creature, saying that she knows who its controller is. The creature guts her.

Tourmaline passes the hat among her brothel workers to raise money for the imprisoned fae. Philo comes in and tells Tourmaline that he's there for Vignette. He says that Vignette is being released.

Absalom tells Winetrout to contact the magister of police on an urgent matter. He goes to his office and a Puck, his back to Absalom, pours tea. Absalom assumes that he's his servant Crick and says that big changes are coming to the city. As the man signs an order for Vignette's release, Quill serves him his tea and Absalom realizes who he is. The Puck stabs Absalom repeatedly in the stomach and after a brief struggle, Absalom falls to the floor. Quill runs out, yelling "Death to the tyrants", and the guards soon subdue him. Winetrout goes to Absalom and confirms that he's still alive.

Jonah visits Sophie at her home in broad daylight, and tells her that they can't keep meeting. She figures that Piety told him about her affair with Ritter. She says that their relationship didn't give her pause, and she grew up alone with no family apart from her bitter father. Then she felt a shred of a connection with Jonah, and saw no reason for pause. Jonah tells her that the world has boundaries, and Sophie insists that they don't belong to the world but it belongs to them. She tells him that's how power is born, says that he could be a force to be reckoned with, and gives him a note. When Jonah asks what it is, Sophie says that it's an offer to be considered. Jenila comes in and announces that a message has come summoning Jonah to Balefire. Jonah takes Sophie's note and goes.

Winetrout tells Piety that Quill is being questioned at the keep. Jonah arrives and says that he needs to see Absalom, and Piety tells him that he needs to rest. Her son insists on seeing Absalom, and Piety tells him not to upset the wounded man. Absalom tells Jonah that they say he's likely to survive, and Jonah says that Absalom never considered him a true successor. He points out that he carries Absalom and little else, and says that Piety told him the truth. Jonah figures that Absalom suspected, and his father admits that he did. Absalom says that Jonah is his son, but Jonah says that he doesn't care about the prophecy, bids him goodbye and leaves.

As night falls, Philo explains his heritage to Tourmaline. She asks him to take care of Vignette, and Philo says that he will. Tourmaline assures Philo that Vignette needs him the way that he needs her, and shows him the drawer containing the copy of Kingdoms of the Moon that Philo gave Vignette. Vignette kept it despite Tourmaline advising her to burn it, and Tourmaline knew that Vignette still loved Philo.

Imogen paces nervously and then goes to Agreus' home via the servants' entrance. Agreus opens the door and finally invites her in. She says that she thought they might have sex, and Agreus plays ignorant. He asks if Ezra will wonder where she is, and then tells Imogen that she shouldn't be there. Agreus says that he expects her to pretend it never happened, and Imogen asks if he can forget so easily. She demands the truth, and Agreus says she is a poor lover. Imogen figures that he's lying and Agreus admits that' he's obsessed with her. He says that he's can't forget what happened between them, and Imogen asks if he wants to. Agreus tells her that he can't risk it, and Imogen asks why he bothers with the charade of pretending to be a human if there's a part of the life that he can't have. Agreus accuses her and all humans of being entitled, and she says that they take what they want. The Puck slams her against the wall and asks her what she wants, and Imogen tells him that he knows what she wants. The two of them kiss and start undressing.

Outside, Ezra watches through the window. After a moment he turns and goes back to his house, gets his gun, and breaks into Argeus' house. He finds Imogen's discarded boot on the stairs, goes up, and follows the trail of his sister's clothing to the bedroom. Agreus and Imogen are sleeping in the bed, and Ezra throws Imogen's dress at her and tells her to put it on and go home, aiming his gun at Agreus. Ezra orders Agreus out of the bed, and when Imogen tries to stop her brother, he yells at her to stay away. He tells Agreus to face the wall, and Imogen knocks the gun out of his hand. Ezra grabs her by the hair and calls her a whore, consorting with an animal. Agreus knocks Ezra to the floor, and Ezra laughs and says that now Agreus has done it and everything he has will be taken from him.

Imogen grabs the gun and aims it at Ezra, and tells Agreus that he has to go because the police won't see it as self-defense. Ezra tells her that she can't leave, but Imogen leads Agreus out and locks the door behind them. Her brother yells that he'll find them wherever they go.

Vignette returns and Philo figures that something isn't right. Word arrives that Aioffe is dead, and Philo and Tourmaline go to the shop. They find the disemboweled fae laid out on a table, and Philo figures that she was killed because she knew or saw something. He realizes Aioffe's liver is still there, and Aioffe gasps in breath. She says that she's been waiting for Philo.

Winetrout tells Absalom that the magistrate is still on his way. Piety arrives in response to Absalom's summons, and he tells her that he spoke to Jonah earlier and he helped her solve a riddle he's been mulling over.

Aioffe says that she's suspended in the gloaming between day and night, life and death, and can see everything.

Absalom tells Piety that he always doubted that Jonah was his son and destined for greatness. Then Piety discovered a secret that he didn't know: he had her, and Aioffe world.

Philo asks who killed her, and Aioffe says that she should have seen it because "she" always took interest in her work.

Absalom figures that Piety never knew if the future promised her son belonged to another.

Aioffe says that Piety was always a curious child, and Philo finds a photo of Piety with Aioffe.

Piety asks where Philo is, and Absalom insists that he's no threat to them as a half-blood. His wife insists that she can't take the chance Philo will take Jonah's destiny, and demands to know where Philo is. He insists that the prophecy isn't real, and Piety smothers him with a pillow, yelling at him to tell her where her other son is. As Absalom dies, Piety says that he'll tell her one way or another.

Aioffe warns that Piety's rage makes her powerful.

Piety cuts open Absalom's chest and takes out his liver, then cuts it open to learn his secrets.

Aioffe warns Philo that Piety knows his weakness: his love for Vignette.

Piety takes the release order from Absalom's robe pocket and learns Vignette's name.

Dombey soon brings the release order to Vignette and tells her that she has friends in high places. They sent a coach to pick her up.

Aioffe tells Philo that time is running out and he should go. Philo and Tourmaline leave as the substance wears off and Aioffe dies. They go to Balefire and Philo breaks down a sewer gate, and tells Tourmaline that he'll find Vignette.

Jonah contemplates Sophie's note. The guards find Absalom dead and Jonah goes to see his father. They realize that Piety was the last person to see Absalom alive, and now she's gone. Jonah orders them to find her, and the magistrate acknowledges that he's the new Chancellor and begins the search. Winetrout tells Jonah that he's the Chancellor until the next election.

Piety straps Vignette to a chair and prepares to her cut her open. Piety says that she doesn't want to do it but she will if Vignette forces her to. She asks where Philo is and then he'll never need to know.

Philo makes his way through the sewers to Balefire and finds the darkasher standing in the darkness. He has a hatchet in hand and prepares to fight it.

Vignette realizes that Piety controls the darkasher, and says that she doesn't know where Philo is. She admits that she wouldn't tell Piety if she did know, and Piety prepares to disembowel her.

The immobile darkasher doesn't respond to Philo as he passes, unconscious when Piety doesn't control it. Philo bumps into a pipe and the noise alerts Piety through the darkasher's senses. Piety realizes that Philo is coming for Vignette and tells her.

The darkasher follows Philo, and Philo runs. He cuts the holding mechanism on a portcullis, dropping it on the darkasher as it passes beneath. Philo then decapitates it, severing its link with Piety. She goes to face Philo, and Vignette tries to reach the knife Piety left behind.

Philo continues through the sewers and enters Piety's "workshop" where she assembled the darkasher. Piety comes in and says that Vignette is fine, and explains that it's always been about Philo. She says that Quirelle sent her a blackmail note, and Piety couldn't take any chances after all she's sacrificed. Piety tells Philo that the time has come to finish it, and the darkasher arrives and throws Philo across the room. It puts its head back on its neck, and throws Philo across the chamber again.

Vignette manages to touch the knife.

Piety sends the darkasher after Philo as he tries to grab a bottle of acid. She has it lift Philo up, but Vignette arrives and stabs Piety through the skull, killing her. The darkasher, bonded to her, dies as well. Vignette flies down to Philo and holds him.

The next morning, Jonah tells his staff to put emergency measures in place. He summons Runyon and explains that the note from Querelle was found among Piety's things. Runyon says that he knew Querelle a long time ago, and Jonah has him read the blackmail letter out loud. He says that he was Querelle's dear friend and she wouldn't write such a letter. Jonah tells him that he's no longer in need of a tutor but he is need of an honest man. He offers Runyon a drink and a positon as special advisor to the Chancellor. Jonah says that he will need a steadying influence in the hard days to come. When Runyon wonders what he means, Jonah says that Quill was part of a radical fae organization, and things are going to get worse before they get better.

Vignette goes to the train station with Tourmaline and says that she's going somewhere where the presence of fae won't attract attention. Tourmaline tells Vignette that she's her friend and all she wants is for Vignette to be happy. Vignette glances over at the waiting Philo and wishes Tourmaline happiness and they hug. She then goes to Philo and the two get on the train. Soldiers are ushering fae off the train, and a guard refuses to let Vignette board. He explains that Absalom was assassinated by fae cultists and all of the fae are to be segregated to the Row.

The Swan's captain tells Agreus that they're being signaled back into port. Agreus tells the captain to ignore the signals and they can chase them if they like. Imogen arrives and Agreus asks her where they should go. Imogen says that they should go somewhere new and far away, and tells the captain to surprise them.

As he prepares for his first speech as Chancellor, Jonah looks at the letter and notices that the handwriting is the same as on the note Sophie gave him. Sophie comes in and tells Sophie that he's considering her offer of marriage. He points out that her handwriting on the two notes matches, and Sophie readily admits it. Jonah realizes that she's responsible for everything, and Sophie says that Ritter has been collecting information on for Absalom for some time. Ritter refused to make use of the information because of his residual feelings for Piety. She asks if Jonah has wept over Absalom's death. When he doesn't respond, Sophie says that chaos creates opportunity for them. Winetrout announces that Parliament is ready for them, and Sophie tells Jonah that it's time for him to decide if they're to be friends or enemies.

Jonah and Sophie go into Parliament, and Jonah gives his speech. He tells them that the Burgue is under siege from threats within and without. He vows that they will win the war.

The city guards go through the Row, putting up warning signs and barbed wire. Cabal and his cultists watch, as do the prostitutes.

Jonah vows that they won't negotiate or compromise.

Afissa is herded into the Row with the other fae.

Ezra stands on the dock, looking out at the departing Swan.

Imogen stands on the deck of the Swan, looking back at the Burgue.

Jonah says that they cannot be divided or weak, and now they have a common enemy and they must stand as one. He asks Sophie if she will stand with her, and Sophie agrees, speaking for the opposition. Everyone applauds, and Jonah takes Sophie's hand when she offers it.

As the guards take Vignette to the Row, Philo goes after her. She tells him not to make trouble and she'll find a way out. Fleury tries to fly out, and a guard shoots her down. Vignette goes to Fleury, and Philo tells the head guard that he's fae and goes into the Row. Vignette, crying, runs to him and they hug.

Sophie tells Parliament that a new day is coming to the city, and they can never go back.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 22, 2019

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