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Slashdance Recap

Richard pounds on the cabin door and tries to get in. Chet, Brooke, Rita and Ray cower inside. Ray runs to barricade the door and Chet joins him. The pounding stops after a minute, and Rita crawls to the window. Richard smashes his way in, and the men barricade the window as well. Rita realizes that it isn't Mr. Jingles, and Brooke says that it's the man who tried to kill him.

Rita finds her car keys and Ray figures that if they split up then Richard can only get one. Brooke refuses to leave anyone behind, but Ray heads for the other door. Richard bursts his way in and slashes Ray while the others run. Chet looks back and sees Richard kill Ray, and goes back to knock Richard out and help Ray out.

Trevor tells Xavier that he has to get up and fight, but Xavier figures that they can't stop Jingles. Jingles stops pounding and walks away, and Trevor goes to the door and cautiously peers under the jam. He doesn't see anything, and Montana sees Jingles at the window and screams. The killer tosses in a flaming bag of shit, and Trevor stomps it out. Keith and Larry, dressed like Jingles, laugh and call them out. The townies say that it's a tradition to pull pranks on the anniversary of the massacre.

The real Jingles comes up behind the two locals and kills Keith. Xavier says that it's the real Jingles, and Trevor tells the others to run. Jingles kills Larry as the other three run, and cuts off Larry's ear.

Brooke and the others run for Rita's car, and Chet and Ray trip and scream. Rita and Brooke hear them but keep running.

Chet lies in a pit filled with spikes, one spike through his shoulder. He screams in agony and sees Ray laying nearby.

Mr. Jingles walks through the woods and finds a third townie, Wide Load urinating against a tree. The killer stops and once he's done, Wide Load puts on his Jingles mask and comes over. He says that his parents paid Keith and Larry to bring him, and he wants to be like the real Jingles. Jingles stares at him and once Wide Load walks off, the killer continues on his way.

Ry wakes up and tries to free Chet, but can't pull him off the spike. He tells him that if he pulls Chet off, he'll bleed out because the spikes is keeping the wound sealed. Chet explains that they're in a punji pit, and Ray wonders if it was Jingles rather than Richard.

Brooke and Rita reach the car and wait for the others. Rita figures that they shouldn't leave the others behind by going for help, and Brooke insists that they can get the police and bring them back. After a moment, Rita gives Brooke the keys and says that she'll tell the others Brooke went for help. As Brooke goes to the car, Rita injects her in the neck with a syringe. Once Brooke passes out, Rita says that she'll make it all better.

One Week Ago

Hopple meets with Dr. Donna Chambers and tells her that she's put in the work. However, she tells Chambers--Rita--that Jingles is a lost cause and hasn't spoken in years. Hopple says that Jingles is just evil, but Rita tells her that she's talked to serial killer before. She points out that Hopple has nothing to lose, and Art soon takes Rita to see Jingles. Art says that Jingles will be in constant restraint and leads Rita into Jingles' cell. Jingles doesn't respond, and Rita tells Art that they'll be fine. Art says that he'll need a record of everything she discusses, turns on a recorder, and leaves.

Once they're alone, Rita tells Jingles that Hopple thinks that he's evil and born to kill. She says that she doesn't believe in evil, but that murder is activated by outside circumstances. Rita turns off the record and says that Jingle was drafted into the army and trained to kill in the name of patriotism. She asks if Jingles ever hurt anyone before that, and Jingles shakes his head. Rita explains that there's been an uptick in serial killing and suggests that pornography and the rise of violence in southeast Europe has damaged good men's minds. Jingles suggests that high fructose corn syrup might cause the increased violence as well.

Jingles says that he's been locked up there for 14 years, and they told him he had a psychotic break and was the worst kind of human being. Rita says that she doesn't think that it's true, and something twisted his brain and gave him no choice. Jingles asks to help her prove her theory, and Rita says that she needs to study him in his natural habitat. She shows him a newspaper article about how they're reopening he camp, and Jingle says that he wants to stab Margaret over and over. He figures that if he goes back to the camp he'll kill again, and Rita tells him that sometimes sacrifices need to be made in the name of science. Rita offers Jingles her hand, and after a moment he takes it. She says that Jingles could have the honor of being the world's last serial killer, and it's time to stop the violence. Jingles leans across the table and asks if someone hurt her, and Rita tells him that she has her reasons. She insists that no one is born evil, and Jingles says that he feels like he's being seen for the first time in 14 years. Rita tells him to trust his instincts but first they have to get him out.

Rita lays out the plan for Jingles to escape. The last step is to find the bag she left him with a rain coat and a knife, and when he gets to the camp she'll be there with a new name.

The camp nurse, Rita, drives to the camp. Chambers pulls up behind her and follows her. Rita finally stops for gas and asks Chambers if she can help her. The nurse complains that Chambers has been following her, and Chambers explains that she was given directions to Redwood. Rita apologizes, saying she's heard stories about single woman being killed, and asks Chambers to keep an eye on her car while she goes to the bathroom.

When Rita comes back, she notices that Chambers' car is gone. She gets into her car and drives off. She comes to a stop sign and Chambers rises up out of the back seat.


Brooke realizes that her legs are paralyzed, and "Rita" says that she's a psychologist, not a nurse, and isn't sure what she gave Brooke. The girl passes out, and Rita drags her away.

In the pit, Chet passes out from blood loss. Ray complains, saying that he only left LA because he was in trouble. He explains what happened when he was at Omega Xi.

Last Year

Ray and the other frat boys haze the pledges, having them drink. They have the pledges strip down and join an orgy. One of them, Chan, collapses and says that he's going to hurl. Ray helps him outside and warns that if he doesn't shape up then he's going to get tossed. He says that guys like them have to work twice as hard to be accepted, and gives Chan ten minutes to get it together. Chan thanks him for the chance, and Chan falls down the stairs and dies. Ray goes down after him and tries to wake him up. The pledge master comes out, and Ray says that he'll take care of the body. Ray drags Chan's body out, puts it in a car, and shoves it off the cliff. Chan wakes up as the car approaches the edge, and Ray tells him to grab onto him. He clutches at Ray's arm, yanking off his watch, and then the car goes off the cliff with Chan still in it. Scared, Ray runs off.


Horrified, Ray tells the unconscious Chet that eventually he dropped out and got a job at the hospital. People figured that Chan had disappeared, but then three days ago the newspaper reported that Chan's car was found and eventually they'll find his watch. Ray says that it's good to tell someone, and Chet mutters that he heard him. He chuckles and says that Ray killed Chan, and Ray tries to climb out. Chet begs Ray not to abandon him, promising that he won't tell anyone, but Ray gets out and runs off.

Trevor, Xavier, and Montana reach the dock. Xavier says that they need to rescue Margaret and he hopes that he can redeem himself. Trevor agrees, saying that they'll go back and get Margaret and Bertie. They hear Jingles approaching and hide in the boathouse. They find a tied up Nurse Rita and untie her, and Xavier puts his hand over Rita's mouth and tells her to be quiet. Jingles hears her struggling as Rita crawls out. He grabs her and rams an oar handle through her mouth, killing her.

Once Jingles leaves, the three staffers emerge and look at the nurse's corpse. Xavier sees the nurse tag on the nurse's outfit and realizes that her name was Rita.

Ray runs through the woods, and Xavier, Trevor, and Montana find him. They ask where the others are, and Ray claims that Chet was with him but they got separated. Ray says that Brooke was with Rita, and Xavier explains that Jingles killed the real Rita. The others want to look for Brooke, but Ray refuses to go with them. Trevor gives him the keys to his Ninja, tells him to call the cops, and then go back. He tells Montana to go with Ray, and the two of them run off.

Jingles hears Cheat screaming and heads for the pit, axe in hand.

Chet hears someone moving up above, and calls out. It's Xavier and Trevor, and Xavier goes down to get Chet free. Once Xavier is in the pit, Chet tells him that Ray fell in and left him. He says that Ray has serious issues, and Trevor hears Jingles coming. Xavier apologies to Chet if he kills him, then pulls him off the stake. Chet screams in pain, and Xavier and Chet get him out. Xavier climbs up next and they carry Chet into the woods and hide. Jingles walks up and Trevor figures they he can take him, charges Jingles, and shoves him into the pit.

Xavier and Chet come over to congratulate Trevor, and Trevor finds the Jingles mask that Wide Load was wearing and fell off when he shoved Wide Load into the pit.

Montana and Ray reach the parking lot and Montana sees the drag marks from Brooke's heals. Richard steps out and says that the devil needs his due. Ray gets on the Ninja and drives off, abandoning Montana as Richard advances on her.

Ry drives down the road, and Jingles steps out and cuts off his head as he goes past. The motorcycle crashes just outside the gates, and Ray walks away.

Richard draws his knife and traces it along Montana's body, and she shoves him away but then grabs him and kisses him. She bites his lip and shoves him away, and she asks why he hasn't killed Brooke yet.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2019

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