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Event Horizon Recap

A school bus' brakes go out of control. Before it can hit a group of students, Supergirl flies down and stops it. The children applaud and Supergirl tells them to always the truth. Lena comes up and says that Supergirl saying to tell the truth is rich. She calls her "Kara" and punches her back with super strength.

Lena then ends the virtual reality simulation and removes the contacts. Her computer AI Hope points out that her simulations can be achieved in the real world, as Lena reads a newspaper articles about Kara being award a Pulitzer. Hope asks if Lena wants it to facilitate Lena calling Supergirl. Lena thanks her for her offer, and says that she trusts in technology not people. She admits that she's guilty of emotions, and engages in the simulations to rid herself of the emotions. Lena explains that she doesn't want to kill Supergirl because she's not a villain: she just wants Supergirl to experience the same hurt Supergirl inflicted on her... and promises that soon Supergirl will.

At Noonan's, Kara bumps into John as she goes to their table with Alex and Kelly. They talk about the new virtual reality contact lenses that the customers have, and Kelly explains that people using them can hook up to social media. Kara notes that there is a special election coming up and people aren't paying enough attention to the real world, and John points out that Kara took down Baker and Lex with her articles. Alex reminds her foster sister that she's getting a Pulitzer the next day, but Kara is disappointed that no one else is interested in social change. Kelly points out that she's going to be using Obsidian North's VR tech to heal the brains of dementia and PTSD patients. John leaves to teach a tai chi class to children, and Kelly leaves for her first day at her new job.

Alex asks Kara how the last night went with Lena, and realizes that Kara didn't tell her that she's Supergirl. Kara makes excuses, but Alex insists that she has to tell Lena the truth. Her foster sister worries that Alex will never forgive her for lying to her best friend, and Alex assures her that she's the bravest person that she knows. Kara says that they're having lunch and she'll tell her.

At CatCo, Nia and Querl are arguing who is the greatest movie villain of all time. Kara and Alex arrive and Nia insists that they'll have to accept that she's always right. Querl says that he'll get used to it, and the two of them shake before Querl leaves.

James tells his staff that they have to report everything they can find on each candidate. He sees Kara comes in and reminds the staff that Kara is winning a Pulitzer. Kara sees a woman in James' office and goes in, and the woman--Andrea Rojas--introduces herself and says that she's a big fan. Andrea admits that she's with Obsidian North, and James comes in. The woman says that she'll find a place for James there and explains that she bought CatCo and is taking over as editor-in-chief.

At the museum, a tour guide is giving students a tour of the Lost World of Krypton. She takes the kids to the Phantom Zone exhibit, and notices that one girl--Mallory--has stayed behind. A nearby dinosaur model grows to giant size.

Kara meets with Lena and asks her about Andrea. Lena says that she sold CatCo to Andrea, and Andrea wasn't supposed to show up until the next day. She explains that buying CatCo left her strapped for venture and Andrea's offer was too good to pass up. Lena says that the two of them go way back, and believes that Andrea will do a great job. She apologizes to Kara for not telling her, saying that she never purported to being a saint. Kara says that there's something she wants to talk to her about, but Alex radios and secretly tells Kara that there's something going on at the museum. Seizing on the opportunity, Kara says that she has work to do and leaves.

Supergirl arrives at the museum and finds the dinosaur rampaging through the hall. She punches it, while the tour guide grabs an axe. The dinosaur smashes Supergirl away into a poster of Lex. J'onn arrives and advances on the dinosaur, but a force field knocks him back and he clutches at his head. The dinosaur transforms into Superman's pod and flies off,

Later back at the DEO, Alex examines John, while Querl says that the "dinosaur" was a spaceshifter. Supergirl asks if the pod engine can be used to make a bomb, and Querl says that it is possible and would destroy all life across three solar systems. He points out that Supergirl's cape has been destroyed, says that it's critical to her superheroics, and promises to repair it.

Kelly meets with Andrea and explains that her father turned the VR branch of Obsidian over to her. Andrea shows Kelly their medical wing, and says that she's determined to have Obsidian tech in every household within a year. Lena arrives and asks to talk to the contacts in private. Once they're alone, Lena says that they had a deal to keep the sale secret until the next day. Andrea claims that she didn't think a few hours would make a difference, and Lena says that if they're having a relationship again then she expects Andrea to take her at her word. Once Andrea agrees, she asks when she'll have the big story and Lena says that she'll have it by 9 the next night.

In a secret lab, "Mallory" is working on the antimatter cell from the pod. She uses it to open a portal, and a figure comes through as Mallory's eyes glow green.

That night at Kara's Pulitzer party at CatCo, Andrea says that the next day famed reporter William Day will be joining them. She promises to create a world-class news organization. Nia asks what she means, and Andrea says that they're going to sharpen their work and monetize it. James says that they don't let revenue drive editorial decisions, and Andrea points out that readership has tanked. She says that everything is about clicks and CatCo needs to present watercooler news. James tells Andrea that they will walk because it's not what they signed up for, and Andrea says that they're on a brand-new three-year contract. She threatens to exercise their non-compete contracts to keep them from working, and offers a toast to the future.

Alex contacts Kara and says that they found Superman's pod. Supergirl arrives at the lab where the DEO is, and Querl assures her that he's working on her new cape. Alex says that the DEO has picked up the signature of a Phantom Zone projector. They realize that the person responsible left it there as a trap.

A Phantom Zone projector opens and a woman emerges. She says that she's Midnight and she is the murderer of multitudes. Supergirl figures that Midnight is there for her and asks her not to take her fury on being locked up on her. John says that he locked Midnight up, and Midnight fires blasts of energy void at them. The Martian phases through them and attacks Midnight, but Midnight snares him with an energy void. Supergirl gets to the projector and Midnight flies away before Supergirl can trigger it. John warns that Midnight will be back.

The next day at the DEO, John tells the others that Midnight just appeared on Mars to fight alongside the White Martians. She's fueled by death, and the White Martians were glad to turn her loose on the Greens. John doesn't remember how he defeated her because of the psychic trauma he suffered at the museum. Supergirl figures that it feels personal, and Querl suggests that the attack must have depleted Midnight's powers. Alex insists that Supergirl accept the reward rather than John shapeshift and take her place, and says that they'll face her as a team.

James visits Kelly in her office, and Kelly says that she'll support everyone they want to do but only in the abstract. He doesn't recognize Andrea's vision for CatCo, and Kelly suggests that he take a step back and ask himself what he wants.

Lena calls Kara in to Andrea's office and introduces her to William. William critiques Kara's recent article, saying that she overloaded it with emotion. Kara objects, pointing out that it has inherent bias, and William says that all articles have inherent bias. William points out that he does articles the way his bosses want, and Andrea tells Kara that William can rewrite Kara's articles. When Kara objects, Andrea says that she's not going to fire her and Kara insists that she'll write stories the way she thinks they'll should be written. Her boss tells her that she has no intention of silencing her.

That night at the party, Kara tells Alex what happened. She worries that she can't stand up to Lena and tell her the truth, and Alex tells her to stop beating herself up and enjoy the party. Kelly comes over and congratulates Kara, and takes Alex away for a dance. Once they leave, Querl gives Kara her new supersuit in miniaturized form. He attaches it to her glasses and tells her that the next time she takes them off, her new suit will materialize as needed.

As Kara goes to the buffet table, she sees Lena upstairs on the balcony. She approaches her and Lena says that she's the one who is going to introduce Kara. Kara says that she doesn't deserve it, and finally says that she's Supergirl. Lena stares at her in shock, and Kara removes her glasses and tells her friend that she should have told her but she kept making excuses because Lena has been hurt so many times. Kara convinced herself that she was protecting Lena, but then Lena hated Supergirl and Kara hoped she could keep her as a friend. She admits that she was selfish and scared, and didn't want to lose Lena. Kara apologizes, and Lena stares at her in shock. An assistant tells Lena that she's on in two minutes, and Lena walks away without a word.

Everyone gathers for the presentation and Lena goes to the podium. Hope contacts her by earbud and asks if she should upload the file to the CatCo servers. Andrea waits in her office for the story.

Lena says that the world is full of liars like her family. She talks about how Kara always reminded her that truth is a better way. Everyone applauds, and Lena says that the truth isn't easy. However, Kara pursues it every day and makes it look easy. Lena says that pursuing the truth is hard, and sometimes Kara can sometimes slip. However, she always gets back up, and they're better for her efforts. Kara goes up to the podium, and Lena whispers to her that Kara will always be her best friend.

Querl tells Alex that he got a notice from the DEO that Midnight is fully charged. The lights go out and Midnight enters the museum. John flies off to lure Midnight away and she goes after her. Meanwhile, Kara prepares to change to Supergirl, and Lena tells her that's her cue. When Kara takes off her glasses, her new supersuit forms around her, complete with pants.

John flies into a nearby auditorium and Midnight arrives him. Brainiac-5, Guardian, Dreamer, Alex, and Supergirl arrive and attack Midnight. Midnight repels their attacks with her energy voids, and then blasts them back. She creates a black hole in the ceiling, and Brainiac-5 says that she'll have to go in to use her gravitational powers. He tosses a pair of power-negating cuffs to John, and he flies forward and puts them on Midnight. Midnight knocks him into the black hole, and Supergirl prepares to go in after him despite Brainiac-5 warning that she won't be able to do that and negate the void.

Supergirl flies into the black hole and uses her heat vision to free John. The two of them fall out of the black hole, and realize that Midnight has made good her escape. Mallory secretly watches them from the balcony above.

Later, James goes to Andrea's office and finds her confirming the server didn't go down. She asks for the photos of the black hole, and James says that he didn't take any and he's quitting. Andrea warns that he'll never work as a journalist again, and James says that's part of the adventure as he leaves.

At Al's, the group discuss movie villains. Once they're alone, Nia tells Querl that they need to talk about their relationship. She points out that they've been together for a month and never get past a firm handshake. Nia asks what Querl is comfortable with, figuring he hasn't been in a relationship before. Querl says that he's had plenty of romantic experience but Nia is the first person he's ever loved. He talks about how he betrayed her at Lex's camp, and he keeps his distance because he wonders how he could let his guard down with her again. Nia assures him that the person who left her at the camp wasn't the real Querl, and assures him that he's good. She tells Querl that she wants to be the person he lets his guard down with, and asks him to kiss her. Stepping forward, Querl does so.

John returns to his office and finds Mallory there. She addresses him in a male voice and transforms into Malefic. He says that he wants John to be punished for his crimes, and addresses John as brother. John insists that he has no brother, and Malefic says that John and his father are more evil than he thought but justice will prevail. Shocked, John tells him to prove it and attacks him. Malefic repels him with a burst of psychic energy and flies off.

Supergirl visits Lena on her balcony and thanks her for accepting her. Lena says that there can be no more secrets between them, and Supergirl gives her a signal watch to summon her if Lena ever needs her. After Supergirl leaves, Lena goes inside. Hope asks why she didn't send the file exposing Kara's secret to the world. Lena says that she can never forgive Kara, and when someone betrays a Luthor they sting. Now that Supergirl has revealed her secret identity, Lena can use her to achieve her goals if Supergirl trusts her. She loads the VR simulation and prepares to fight the Supergirl representation.

Eve leaves her job at a diner, and someone grabs her and puts a bag over her head.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 7, 2019

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