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Event Horizon

Kara prepares to accept a Pulitzer for her writing, and comes to a decision about sharing her secret identity with Lena. A new villainess and former foe emerges from the Phantom Zone to fight John, and Lena sells CatCo to an associate who has big changes in store for the organization.

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By Gadfly on Oct 7, 2019

A school bus' brakes go out of control. Before it can hit a group of students, Supergirl flies down and stops it. The children applaud and Supergirl tells them to always the truth. Lena comes up and says that Supergirl saying to tell the truth is rich. She calls her "Kara" and punches her back with super strength. Lena then ends the virtual reality simulation and removes the contacts. Her computer AI Hope points out that her simulations can be achieved in the real world, as Lena reads a newsp…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted a year ago

Oh please...never EVER trust a Luthor...any Luthor. Lina has never been straight with any of them. She has kept dirty and dangerous secrets from them the gall of her judging Kara is insane. She is and always has been as sick and twisted as her "brother".

hekiv posted a year ago

It's strange to see Lina on, what looks like, the similar road that Lex went down on.
That she disliked Supergirl so much that she now hates Kara for lying to her. For keeping her secret from her.
I did like Kara finally confessing, it was a powerful moment.
But I was very disappointed and somewhat hurt about the ending, and what Lina said.

Gislef posted a year ago

You can find the TVMaze review of the premiere here.

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