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True Killers Recap


At the studio's Midnight Manerobics session, Montana tells her class to dance. Richard watches through the window from the hallway outside. He then comes in and dances by himself, and Montana comes over and tells him his class isn't for posers. Richard says that he's training and everyone else has gone hold. Montana is impressed despite herself, and one of the dancers complains that she's playing metal. She tells him to suck it hard and orders everyone down. The dancer, Rod, says that he's telling Rudy and walks out.

Later, Montana is cleaning up after class. She goes to the locker room and changes into her street clothes, and backs up to see Rod's corpses suspended from the ceiling. Richard says that he did it for Montana because he didn't like how Rod talked to him. Montana slaps him and says that it's the most fucked up thing anyone has done for her, and she thinks that it's hot. They kiss, and Richard licks her blood-covered feet.

After sex, Richard tells Montana that he knows how to clean up messes. She asks if he'd kill her, and Richard says that he wouldn't. Montana asks him if he'd kill for her, and says that there's a girl who took away the only person who loved her: her brother Sam, Joey's best man. Montana knows that Brooke fucked Sam and he's dead, and Richard promises that Brooke won't see any more sunrises. She tells Richard that she wants Brooke to promise, and Richard does.


Montana asks Richard why he hasn't killed Brooke yet, and tells him that Jingles is running around. She says that they need to get to Brooke, kill her first, and get out of there.

Xavier and Trevor get Chet to the infirmary cabin and make him comfortable on a cot. Chet passes out, and Trevor confirms that he's not quite dead. He injects Chet with epinephrine, and after a moment Chet gasps to life screaming. Chet pulls the syringe out of his chest and says that Ray told him he killed someone in college. Xavier off-handedly says that he thought making gay porn was bad, and then insists it was nothing as Trevor and Chet stare at him. He then suggests that they escape in Blake's Cadillac, and Trevor says that they'll grab Margaret and Bertie and head for the car. Xavier wonders if they're too late, and tells Chet to stay there and lie low. Trevor goes for Margaret and Xavier looks for Bertie, and Trevor gives Chet a pair of scissors to protect himself.

Margaret walks through the woods and sees the townies' corpses. Trevor runs up and says that Jingles killed them, and tells Margaret that the camp is a killing field. Margaret refuses to go with Trevor, saying that there's a school bus full of eager campers coming there at sunrise. She tells Trevor that they'll be safe because he has a gun. Realizing that she's insane, Trevor runs off. Margaret grabs one of the townie's Jingles masks and draws a bloody X on its forehead.

Xavier goes the mess hall and hears music playing inside. He runs in and finds Bertie making bologna sandwiches. Xavier tells her that Jingles is killing people, but Bertie doesn't believe him. Jingles walks by outside, and Xavier hides beneath the table. Bertie turns to look at Jingles as he comes in, and then asks why he's there. She offers to fix Jingles a sandwich and goes to work, and Jingles walks over and sits down at the table. He asks Bertie why she came back, and Bertie says that she thought Margaret was losing her mind. Then Bertie realizes that Margaret is still living her horrible past, and coming back there is what she needs to get closure. Bertie wants to be there to help her, and tells Jingles that they can't fix what's already done. She offers Jingles a sandwich, and Jingles takes out a machete and cuts off the crust.

Jingles eats the sandwich with satisfaction. As Xavier tries to crawl away, he bumps into a table leg. Jingles looks down and sees him, and grabs Xavier as he crawls away. They fight, and Bertie grabs a meat tenderizer and swings at Jingles. He knocks her away, knocks Bertie unconscious, and then stabs her repeatedly, turns on the oven, and shoves Xavier inside. Xavier wakes up and pounds on the door, trying to get out as the heat increases.

Brooke wakes up in a cabin and remembers Rita drugging her unconscious. The door out is locked, and nobody answers when Brooke pounds on the window. Brooke finally manages to break down the door and runs out into the woods. She dodges Jingles' log traps but stumbles into a net snare. Rita comes out and says that she knew Brooke would go left looking for numbers. "Rita" reminds her that she's not Rita and she took the real nurses place, and brought Jingles there. Rita insists that she's doing it for science, and she needed to study the apex predator in the wild. She hung up Brooke to answer whether Jingles would hunt or kill easy victims. Rita thanks Brooke for her sacrifice and says that she'll be remembered as a feminist hero as she walks away.

Xavier tries to break open the oven door as the temperature rises. The wounded Bertie locks the door and then collapses, dying. Xavier tells her that he's going to get help, and Bertie grabs a knife and indicates that Xavier should kill him. He says that he can't, but finally plunges it into her knife to end her suffering. He stands up and looks at his burned and blistered face in the oven door glass reflection.

Montana searches for Brooke and hears her yelling. She follows the noise and tells Brooke that she'll be okay. Brooke warns Montana that Rita set the whole thing up and is with Jingles. Montana is unable to pull the net down, and Brooke tells her to find something sharp. Her "friend" says that it will be over soon and runs off.

Margaret goes to her cabin to get her revolver. She finds a carved bear in her desk drawer and remembers the past.

The Past

A young Margaret finds Jingles carving wooden bear. He says that he's making to watch over her. The three counsellors see them, laugh at the freaks, and walk off. Margaret mutters that she hates them, and Jingles says that they don't deserve to be there. He cuts his finger on his knife and Margaret kisses it and asks if he's her bear. Jingles says that he'd do anything to protect her, and Margaret gives him the knife.


Margaret puts the bear back in the drawer.

Richard makes a pentagram and calls to Satan. Montana finds him and Richard says that he's seeking guidance from the Master. She tells him that she knows where Brooke is, and insists on being there to watch Montana die.

Brooke is still trapped in the net when Richard finds her. Keys jingle as Jingles arrives, and Richard tells him that now he'll have to kill him. Rita watches from the shadows, as Jingles tells Richard that he doesn't want to do it. Richard rants about how Jingles' reputation is solid while he's trying to building something, and the legend of Jingles will live forever. He charges at Jingles, who stabs him in the chest. Meanwhile, Montana comes up behind Rita and says that she knows Rita isn't Montana. Rita elbows her in the gut and the two women fight.

Jingles and Richard fight, while Brooke swings back and forth in the net. Rita and Montana fall down a slope while struggling, and Montana grabs Rita as she tries to run. They fight and Montana knocks Rita out with a branch.

Richard manages to stab Jingles, but Jingles then grabs him and rams him backward onto a branch, jamming it through his mouth. Brooke manages to escape the neck, and Jingles goes after her. Montana returns and runs off, and Richard's corpse falls to the ground.

Margaret prays to God, saying that she vowed to give Him her devotion. She reopened the camp to walk the straight and narrow path, but darkness has descended. Margaret asks for the strength to do His will. Jingles comes in and Margaret says that he's the answer to her prayers. Jingles says that he came back there to finish what he started. Margaret tells him that he never had a chance.

The police take Jingles away, insisting that he didn't kill them. They take him to the sanitarium and Hobble has him prepared for electroshock and tells him that his memory can't be trusted. She says that he may not know what he is but she does, Hobble shocks Jingles repeatedly.

Jingles tells Margaret that she told them he was the killer. Margaret reminds him that he promised that he would protect her, but he was too weak and didn't do a thing. The counsellors kept at it, making Margaret's life miserable.

The female campers smoke weed and mock Margaret. Margaret watches them from the door, and later kills them all.


Jingles insists that it was him, and Margaret says that she used his stories of Vietnam to take the ears of her victims and made it look like Jingles did it. She took her own ear, and then planted all of the ears in Jingles' room. Margaret says that she killed the campers in 1970. She tries to put it behind her, and she thought she could come there and do some good. However, Jingles showed up and made sure it could never happen. Jingles is shocked that Margaret had her locked away, and he was shot up with drugs until he believed what Margaret said he was. He says that she's the monster that she made him and draws his machete, and Margaret shoots him dead. Margaret tells Jingles that he was just a guy in the wrong place at the right time.

Trevor and Chet are at the archery range and hear the gunshots. They find Montana, and Trevor says that he has to go back for Margaret while Montana should get Chet to the car. Once Trevor leaves, Montana helps Chet away.

Margaret tells Jingles that he was always so sweet to him, and now she gets to lay her sins on him one last time. Trevor bursts in and sees Jingles' body, and figures that she actually killed him. Margaret says that first Jingles killed Trevor, and stabs him in the stomach with Jingles' machete. As Trevor collapses, Margaret says that God has given her the strength to accept her true self. Trevor crawls for Margaret's discarded gun, and Margaret stabs him dead and then cuts off his hear. She turns to Jingles' corpse, but there's nothing there but a bloody stain leading out the door.

Xavier staggers through the woods and hears keys jingling. As he steps onto the bridge, Xavier comes on the other side. Xavier collapses from his injuries and begs Jingles to spare him, and Jingles says that it was never him. Brooke arrives and Xavier says that Jingles was there. There's no sign of Jingles, and a fire burns in the night. Brooke leads Xavier off the bridge to the fire. It's Blake's car that is burning. Chet, Margaret, and Montana are there, and they say the car was on fire when they got there. Margaret tells the others that Jingles killed Trevor, who died defending her.

Richard's body levitates into the air. Rita wakes up and looks at Richard's levitating body, while voices whisper "Satan". Richard's eyes open and his feet settle on the ground, and he sees Rita and chuckles.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 10, 2019

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