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Red Dawn Recap


Rita sits in her car and smokes, waiting outside of a house. A man pulls up with a woman and ushers her upstairs. Rita follows them up the stairs and breaks into the room with a credit card. She goes inside and hears the woman in the next room gasping. Rita pounds on the door and calls to the man, her father. She says that he knows he's in there and what he's doing, and says that either they'll talk about it now or with her mother later.

There's no answer, and Rita bursts in. She finds the woman tied to the bed, her throat cut. The wall is covered with photos of other women, similarly positioned. The woman starts convulsing and screaming, and Rita turns to see her father David standing behind her holding a knife and a bottle of bleach. He stares at Rita in shock and asks why his daughter--Dee Dee--is there, and says that no one was supposed to know that side of him. David explains that he wakes up with a hunger that he can't satisfy, and he was born with it and die with it. Rita insists that no one is born with darkness and insists that he's not evil. She begs her David to put the knife down, saying that she's a psychologist and can help him. David lowers the knife and says that he almost believes her, then stabs himself in the knife, killing himself.


Richard tells Rita that he was reborn by the Unholy One, and calls Rita "Dee Dee". He knows about Dee Dee's father because Satan showed him, and that darkness resides in everyone... even Rita. Richard points out that Rita released Jingles on the world, and says that she's evil. When Rita denies her, David appears and says that the darkness is inside of her. He tells her that she should follow in her footsteps because there's nothing else that she can do, and disappears.

Xavier tells the others that they need to build a signal fire by burning everything. Brooke and Montana tells him to focus, and Xavier goes berserk and lights a torch. Margaret knocks him out from behind, and they take him to a cabin. Montana wants to flee the camp, but Margaret warns that Jingles and his traps are still out there. She says that she used all of her bullets, and suggests that two of them take a boat across the lake to where she saw two campers. Montana volunteers Chet to go with Margaret, and the two of them leave.

Brooke wonders if they should wake Xavier up, but Montana figures that he's better off unconscious. When Brooke points out that Margaret didn't mention the campers before, Montana says that Margaret is a weird chick. When Brooke turns her back on Montana, Montana grabs a knife from the cupboard. Meanwhile, Brooke looks outside and sees Ray walking through the woods. She turns to Montana and grabs her hand, assuming she has the knife for protection, and goes out to find Ray.

Xavier mumbles to Bertie, asking her to make him a sandwich. He wakes up and asks if someone is coming, and Montana tells him that no one his.

Brooke calls Ray over, and he runs over and hugs her. She reminds him that he was going to get help, and all Ray remembers is that he has been walking through the forest. He figures that he fell off of the bike, and they hear Jingles and run.

Margaret and Chet take the boat across the lake, Margaret rowing. Chet doesn't see a light, and Margaret asks if he thinks about death. He talks about the nothingness after death, and Margaret says that God judges the righteous and the wicked. Margaret tells him to confess his sins because he won't get another chance, and says that she knows he's a "fake boy". Chet denies it, and Margaret confesses that there's nothing on the other side of the lake. She just needed to get each of the counselors alone with her. Margaret then clubs him with an oar. She then starts cut off his ear, they struggle and Chet falls overboard. He clings to the side of the boat, and Margaret finishes cutting off his ear and then kicks his hand until he loses his grip and drowns.

Brooke and Ray hide in the mess hall, and Brooke talks about how she had a dream to be nobody. She says that she was a total nerd when she was a kid, and a boy hated coming in second. The boy got everyone to not talk to her, and Brooke started getting answers wrong on purpose. When the boy became first, he asked Brooke to get ice cream and then to marry him, and Brooke always said yes even if she wasn't sure if she loved him.

Ray says that he knows what it's like, and he worked his ass off to get into school and fraternities so he could become a doctor. He forgot who he really was, and in the end it cost him a lot. Ray tells Brooke that she shouldn't feel she has to change to fit into the world, and Brooke kisses him. He asks why she did it, and Brooke says that she felt like it. Brooke figures that she doesn't want to die when she doesn't feel like she's lived. Ray suggests that they live and they have sex.

Xavier tells Montana that he has an audition and wonders how a burn victim is going to do that. Montana prepares to go out to find Brooke, and Rita comes in and says that she just wants to help people. Rita explains that she released Jingles from the asylum and led him to the camp, and what happened is his fault. She says that they can escape in her Rabbit, but Xavier is furious that Rita turned him into a monster. He shoves Montana out of the way and stabs at Rita, and Rita dodges him and runs out. Xavier yells at Montana to get out of his way and runs after him.

After sex, Ray says that it was amazing. He asks if it was good for her, and Brooke hesitantly says that it was. She admits that she hasn't had anything to compare it to and Ray was her first. Brooke explains that she and Joe never had sex, and Ray takes her hand and asks how she feels. Brooke goes to the refrigerator to get a drink, and screams when she sees what's inside. Ray runs up and discovers that Ray's head is inside. Brooke wonders what Ray is and runs off.

Brooke returns to the cabin and asks Montana if she's dead. She explains about Ray and wishes she'd never came to Camp Redwood. Montana knocks her out and says that she'll be leaving soon.

20 Minutes Til Sunrise

Brooke wakes up and Montana tells her that she sees Brooke as a black hole where light goes to die. She kicks Brooke in the stomach and tells Brooke that she knew since she first saw her that she was fated to kill her. Then Richard show up, and Montana sent him to kill Brooke. Montana admits that she had moments of doubt in her life, and Sam was the only one who believed in her... and Brooke killed him. When Montana chokes Brooke, Brooke grabs a knitting needle, stabs Montana in the leg, and runs out.

Rita hides in a cabin, and Xavier runs through the woods hunting for her. Jingles grabs Rita and says that she should never have brought him there. Rita agrees, and wonders if David was the man she loved or always a killer. Jingles says that he wasn't a killer and explains that Margaret killed all of the counsellors in the 70s. Then she made everyone--including Jingles--believe that he killed them. Rita tells Jingles to kill her because it's her fault, and she can't live with the darkness. Jingles refuses and says that there's only one kill left, and tells Rita that she's going to have to live with what she's done. he leaves Rita in the darkness.

Montana chases after Brooke, who hides in the mess hall. She finds Brooke and attacks her, and the two women struggle. Brooke finally hits Montana with a pan and grabs a knife. Montana advances on her, figuring that she's no killer, and Brooke backs out the door.

Margaret comes to the archery range, and Jingles tosses his keys on her. He grabs her by the throat and says that he should rip her apart. Margaret grabs a knife hidden in her belt and prepares to stab Jingles. Xavier arrives, grabs a bow and arrows, and shoots Jingles repeatedly. Jingles apparently dies, and Xavier does a victory dance. He goes to Margaret and wakes her up, stabs him to death, cuts off his ear, and walks off.

Jingles comes back to laugh as Richard appears, laughing. He asks Jingles if he accepts Satan as his master, and Jingles stares at him.

As the sun rises, the bus full of kids enters Camp Redwood.

Brooke and Montana fight on the ground. Montana stabs Brooke in the shoulder and says that she did it, and Montana knocks her away, grabs the knife, and stabs Montana repeatedly. The bus pulls up and the kids stare at the blood-covered Brooke and then scream.

Later, the police clean up the camp and lead Brooke away. Margaret watches them from hiding, then stabs herself in the leg and limps out. The chief deputy runs over and Margaret claims that Brooke went berserk and attacked everyone.

The medics bag up the bodies, and a forensic tech finds Don's head. Ray walks out and sees Brooke, and notices the blood on the ground where she stabbed Montana. An EMT asks if he needs help, and leads him to a picnic table. She checks his vitals and discovers that he doesn't have any, gets him into an ambulance, and straps him to a gurney.

The ambulance leaves Camp Redwood and Ray finds himself sitting on the road. He says that he just wanted to go home, and Jonas appears and tells him that it is home.

Someone drives away, stealing a police car. The chief deputy curses and prepares to call it in, and sees Montana. She tells him that she's dead, grabs his gun, and shoots him. Ray and Jonas watch, and Montana jokes up with them and tells them that they can be gods there.

Richard drives the police car down the highway and tells Jingles to put his seat belt on. Jingles laughs and Richard joins in as they head for Los Angeles.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2019

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