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Down, Down, Down Recap

Alice sleeps and dreams of her younger self walking down a flight of stairs and coming to a door. Beth goes through the door and finds a box filled with water. Something glows gold and rises up, and Beth screams in horror... and Alice wakes up.

At the Wayne Towers office, Kate worries that she's given the city's citizens their hope back and she didn't intend to. She worries that she's lost her advantage now that Alice knows who she is, and figures she can't do it because she's not Bruce. The Batsignal shines on the tower as Alice makes finger shadows on it.

Kate goes to the rooftop and says that she wore her Batsuit to protect herself from Alice and her gang. Alice says that Kate hasn't changed anyone's life and reminds her that she let Jacob declare her death. She asks how she can get Dodgson back, and Kate says that if she can stop killing people for 24 hours then she'll reassess. Alice finally agrees but says that Kate has gone down the rabbit hole and will never come back.

A guard is watching an ad promoting Elliot estates, and a truck runs him over.

Sophie spars with Tyler and remembers her talks with Kate. Tyler notes that she's aggressive than usual, and Sophie decks him. She receives a report that Jacob is there, says that she has to go, and kisses Tyler.

Jacob is in his office watching the bridge explosion when Sophie comes in. He notes that no one has taken responsibility for the attack, and wonders why anyone would want Alice dead when she was in custody. Sophie says that she hopes to get his approval for a special assignment against Alice.

The next day, Vesper wonders where Batman is. Meanwhile, Mary is tending a child at her clinic. She goes home and finds Sophie waiting for her. Mary says that Kate rarely goes home, and Sophie asks her if she stays out all night. She warns that Mary is in danger and says that Jacob made her Mary's bodyguard.

Kate returns to the office and finds Tommy sitting there. Tommy tells her that he has more money than Bruce, and shows her a building across the street. He says that he bought it and it's five stories taller than the Wayne Tower. Tommy explains that Gotham's Dark Knight has the city swooning, and Kate claims that the photo is a fake. Her visitor points out that Batman let Kate's mother and sister died, and is surprised she isn't more upset. Kate says that she had years to process and notes that Batman saved Tommy's mother. Tommy tells her that he wanted to invite Bruce to celebrate his new acquisition, and insists that he's there. Kate says that he isn't, but agrees to leave the invitation on Bruce's desk

Luke calls Kate to Wayne's advanced weaponry report and says that someone stole an object from it. He figures that if that will get Bruce's attention, anyone is. Kate picks up a two-way grappling hook and Luke quickly takes it away from her. The police are called off and Kate goes to check it out.

At the Gazette, Kate finds a dead person dressed as Batman on the street. Someone has written "Come out, come out, Batman!" on the nearby wall, and Kate figures that the citizens are less safe because of her.

At Gotham University, a student approaches Mary and quickly backs off when Sophie comes over. Mary suggests that Sophie move off, but Sophie refuses. She comments on Mary studying biochemistry, and Mary reminds her that she's a med students. Mary asks if Jacob is forcing a bodyguard on Kate, and Sophie tells her that Jacob figures it isn't necessary. When Mary complains that it's not fair, Sophie asks why Kate didn't take the Crows job. Mary says that she has no idea and dismisses Kate as crazy. Sophie asks what Kate is doing with herself, and Mary wonders if Sophie is keep tabs on her or Kate. She tells Sophie that Kate isn't a Crow because Sophie is.

In the Batcave, Luke shows Kate that the Batsuit is bulletproof. He explains that the thieves took a prototype rail gun from Wayne R&D and shows that it will fire through the Batsuit. Bruce had the rail gun build in case the suit fell into wrong hands. Luke suggests that Alice took the gun, and Kate figures that the thief knows Bruce is Batman. She shows Luke the invitation and notes that it was for Bruce rather than her. Kate figures Tommy knows Bruce is Batman and that's why he stole the gun. Luke suggests that she put the Batsuit back on and show Tommy that Batman isn't afraid of him. He figures that Bruce built something to stop the rail gun and he'll find it, and Kate should defeat the thief. Kate warns that if she doesn't, she'll let down the entire city.

In Jacob's penthouse, Alice makes herself up after putting on a policeman's uniform. She takes a glass of champagne and looks at a copy of Tommy's invitation, then drops a photo of her family on the floor. When a Crow comes in, Alice kills him and says that Kate will be disappointed.

Kate arrives at the Elliot party and presents her invitation to get in. She gets into the elevator with Mary and Sophie, and Sophie explains why she's there with Mary. Sophie asks Kate why she's at the party, and Kate says that she was told to move on. They go up to the top floor and Kate looks around for Tommy. The bartender Reagan advises her to stay at the bar and Tommy will be there, and Kate orders a beer. Tyler comes over and wonders how Kate and Sophie know each other. Kate introduces herself and Tyler remembers that they went to the academy together.

Tommy comes over and Tyler excuses himself. Reagan knows that Kate was involved with Sophie, and says that Tommy is dangerous and separating the city. Jacob joins Kate and admits that he loathes Tommy, and Kate tells him that Alice won't be a problem that day.

Mary finds Catherine and complains to her about Sophie.

Kate finds Tommy, who says that he's finally looking down on Bruce. She asks why he thinks Bruce is there, and Tommy says that they're "cosmic besties". Kate mentions that a thief stole the rail gun and there's a hidden GPS hidden in the butt, and Wayne Security will soon track down the thief.

Jacob gets a call and hears Alice playing a cello. She says that he taught her, and Jacob says that she's not getting into his head. He asks where he is, and Alice says that telling him would ruin the surprise. Alice wonders why he stopped looking for her, and figures that since he's enjoying his new life. Jacob realizes where she is and Alice tells him that she won't let him forget her again. Once Jacob hangs up, Alice finds a box with Kate's name on it. She opens it and smiles at the childhood belongings inside. Among them are the maps Kate used to look for Beth.

Jacob tells Catherine and the others that they have to go, and they grab Mary and leave. At the elevator, Jacob pulls Catherine back and Sophie, Tyler, and Mary take the elevator down while Jacob and Catherine get into another elevator.

Tommy is looking at the rail gun in his office when Kate comes in. She tells him that it isn't his and asks how he knows Bruce is Batman. Tommy explains that he paid a man to riddle him the answer, and says that Bruce saved his mother so he didn't get his inheritance and his mother went mad. He says that he's going to get revenge on the city's hero, and insists that Batman has to die. Tommy draws a gun and aims it at Kate, then takes out a phone and shuts down the power throughout the building. Jacob and the others are trapped in an elevator.

Tommy tells Kate to have Batman meet him on the roof or he drops the elevators. Kate says that Batman isn't there, and Tommy releases an elevator with catering staff in it and says that in an hour, he'll do it to people the city will miss if Batman doesn't meet him.

Kate checks out the elevator crash site and finds the survivors. She tells one that he's going to be okay as the EMTs arrive.

In the elevator, Sophie discovers that the outgoing signal is dead. Jacob tells Catherine that Alice called from their penthouse.

As they wait in the elevator, Tyler tells Sophie that he talked to Kate. He wonders why Sophie never mentioned Kate, and Sophie claims that they weren't that close.

Catherine wonders how the city can trust the Crows to protect them when they can't protect themselves.

Sophie and Tyler pry the elevator door open and climb out. Tyler goes to find help and Sophie helps Mary out.

Late goes to the Batcave and says that it's her fault, and asks Luke if he really thinks Bruce is coming back. Bruce admits that he isn't, and Kate says that maybe she's better than Batman because she's there.

Mary sees the injured and realizes that there aren't enough EMTs, and helps the survivors. She figures one woman has a subdural headache and calls the EMTs over, and they confirm she was right.

Kate stencils her own symbol on the Batsuit and puts it on, and figures that she has to be honest with Gotham that she's not Bruce.

Tommy is waiting on the roof, and Batwoman moves through the shadows. She finally steps out and when Tommy realizes that she's not Batman, tells him that's the point. Tommy demands Batman, and Luke tells Batwoman to activate the neutralizer in her glove. She does but it doesn't work, and Luke remote-activates it and tells her to stall for 30 seconds while it charges. Batwoman attacks Tommy and the two of them fight. He grabs the gun just as the neutralizer charges, and Batwoman shuts down the rail gun. However, Tommy grabs his remote and sets off a charge.

The elevator containing Catherine and Jacob shakes as the cable holding it up breaks. Batwoman drops down and uses the two-way grappling gun to catch it. Tommy sets off the charge on the elevator Batwoman is on. She uses a grappling hook to pull herself up, and Tommy steps on her fingers. Alice knocks him out from behind, looks down briefly on Batwoman, and leaves and walks away.

Kate pulls herself up and points out that Alice saved her life. Alice says that they're even and strokes Kate's cheek, and notes that the red is the color of their birthstone. After a moment, Alice tells Kate that she didn't want to wait and Dodgson will die. Kate wonders why she saved her, and Alice says that she has plans for her. When Kate grabs her and says that if she kills again she'll stop thinking of Alice as her sister, Alice says that's what she wants. Kate doesn't believe it, and Alice pulls Kate's hand away and leaves.

As the police take Tommy away, Kate arrives and Tommy tells her to tell Bruce that he won't stop until Bruce shows his face. Reagan comes out and Kate confirms that if she's okay. She figures that Kate is into her and promises to call her then. Sophie is nearby and overhears them, and Mary notices.

Catherine returns home and discovers that Alice left three cards for her: 2 – 8 – 2. She hides the cards as Jacob comes in, and tells Jacob that he has to stop Alice and put an end to it. Jacob says that when Alice called, she was playing a song that Jacob taught Beth. Catherine tells her that she could have found it online and tells Jacob not to let her in.

Kate admits that she was afraid of letting Bruce down, and figures that whatever happens is worth it. A helicopter spots Batwoman, and Vesper reports that Gotham now has a female Batman. Sophie is listening and suggests the name "Batwoman".

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2019

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