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Episode 100 Recap

A German family in a LA motel room try to sleep, but loud music from a neighbor keeps them up. The wife finally goes there and Richard answers the door. She tells him to turn the music down, and Richard says that he only plays full throttle. He invites the wife in, and when she tries to run off Richard drags her in. Jingles tells Richard to let her go because he needs to get some sleep. The wife runs off, and Jingles says that he's been his sidekick for a year and watched Richard kill 11 people. When Jingles says that he's had enough, Richard tells him that Satan gave him life and he serves at His pleasure. If Jingles breaks the deal then there'll be Hell to pay. Richard tells him to get his beauty sleep and turns the music back on.

Richard continues killing people as Jingles watches. They go to one house and Jingles waits in the car, changing the music to REO Speedwagon, while Richard goes inside.

Later on the street, Jingles sees a newspaper with a story about the Night Stalker while Richard goes into a shore. Jingles buys it and points out Richard inside the store to some nearby women. When Richard comes out, the neighbor men are waiting. Richard runs and they chase after him. More men join the chase, and they finally catch up to Richard and beat him. Jingles drives by, drinking a tab, and looks at Richard for a moment before driving on.


At Camp Redwood, a photographer named Dustin takes pictures of the wildlife. He finds a cabin with "Brooke wants your blood" written on the door and takes a photo of it. Moving on, Dustin finds Madison on the dock, sunning herself. Madison invites him to take a photo of her. He says that he's there for the water fowl, and Madison invites him to take her photo. Madison asks if she wants her top on or off, and says that she won't tell her girlfriend.

Madison unzips Dustin's photographer's fanny pack, and then stabs him repeatedly. The various victims at the camp before Madison arrived on and complain that all of the killing has gotten boring. Xavier tells them to stop raining on their blood parade, tells Madison that he calls next, and they kiss.

Robin Leach does Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous about Margaret Booth, a mega-rich real estate mogul. Margaret talks about how she searched for meaning in the horrible things that happened to her, and she used a small inheritance from her late husband to buy properties with a dark history. She's married to Trevor, who survived Margaret's knife attack and saw Margaret first when he came out of his coma.

Matthew is at home using coke and watching the show. Margaret is on the phone talking about the immersive experience of her properties, and Trevor points out her "charm". She throws her phone at him and says that she can take everything away from him. Trevor tells her that he doesn't need her wealth but she does because she gave up on God. Margaret says that the darkness still whispers, grabs a knife, and puts it to Trevor's throat. Trevor tells her to make sure that he's dead if she's going to kill him.


Trevor wakes up and finds Margaret at his bed. He says that what they survived bound them together. Trevor is surprised that Brooke was capable of such brutality, and Margaret assures Trevor that jury made sure Brooke can't harm anyone. He remembers that Margaret stabbed him, and tells her that he didn't call the police. Trevor figured that there'd be a trial and Margaret would buy her way out. Now he wants a wealthy sugar mama. Margaret tells him that if he wants a rich life, he has to stand at her side as her husband. Once they're married, he can't testify against a spouse.


Trevor tells Margaret that he's had enough, but Margaret dismisses him as dead weight. Furious at each other, they have sex. Margaret's assistant Courtney comes in and says that Brooke lost her last appeal and is going to be executed.

The warden welcomes Brooke to San Quentin Prison and tells her that she'll be in his charge until she is released in death. He advises her to stay quiet, and the guards take her to her cell past the shouting inmates. Richard yells up at them and chuckles, and says that she should have let him kill her at her apartment. When Richard says that at least Montana would be alive, Brooke tells him that she gutted Montana and she's in Hell.

Brooke and Xavier go through the photographer's belongings. Ray comes up and complains about the body rotting on the docks, and says that Montana can't kill everyone who comes through. Montana says that she can, and Ray warns that they don't know the rules. Xavier says that he tried to be good and it got him killed, and now he kills people and being bad feels really good. Montana finds a newspaper with an article about Brooke's execution. Ray says that Brooke didn't do anything wrong,

Dustin's girlfriend comes up and asks where Dustin is. Ray says that he was hiking around and explains that Brooke is her friend. Montana tells the woman that Montana is delusional, and Xavier cuts the girl's throat. Furious, Ray says that he's done cleaning up after them.

Brooke tries to sleep in her cell, and hears Richard talking about all the ways he can be executed. He appears in her cell and says that his master Satan can protect her from death. All she has to do is say yes. Brooke stands up and tells him to fuck off, and a black-eyed Richard sits in his cell.

Courtney gives Margaret the first-quarter numbers on the money her properties are making. He tells her that a deal fell through on Margaret's immersive Ed Gein experience. Courtney warns that three deals have fallen through in many months, and says that they should sell while they're at peak value. Margaret refuses, insisting that murder has always sold well. Trevor brings in a newspaper about the new murders at the camp. Margaret still owns the property, and figures it's the best news they've gotten in years.

In Alaska, Jingles is at home with his wife and baby son Bobby. The woman, Lorraine, says that he saved her and all they can do is make sure that they're happy. They agree that they're happy, and Jingles goes to work at the video store. The manager, Brett, tells Jingles that he's killing it there and the owners are thinking of opening another store.

Margaret holds a press conference at the camp and says that she's going to "baptize" the lake with the power of rock and roll. She has brought in major bands and people can stay in the cabins. Margaret promises that there will be plenty of bloody surprises. A reporter asks about the recent murders that occurred there, and Margaret says that people want to be shared. Chet is watching from the bushes and prepares to go kill Margaret. Montana stops him but Chet insists that Margaret needs to die and Montana promises that they will all have their chance.

Jingles and Lorraine watch the news and see a report about the camp. Intrigued, Jingles tells Lorraine that Redwood was another life and he feels nothing. He insists that he's over it and hugs Lorraine.

Red visits Richard in prison, and he says that Brooke is going to buy it. Smiling, Red tells him that there's a concert happening at Redwood, and Billy Idol will be there. She says that she's going to bring in a tape recorder and make a bootleg, and Richard is furious that the other bands are one-shot wonders. Richard figures that he'll soon be pop-culture trivia like them, and he has to move onto the 90s and make sure that people never forget him.

The guards take Brooke to the execution chamber, and the priest offers her last rites. She says to fuck God, and Richard calls to her saying it's her last chance. Brooke gives him the finger, and Richard turns to the pentagram he's drawn on the floor of his cell. The concert flyer is at the center, and Richard prays to Satan asking for a shot at immortality. In return he will send Hell a rain of souls.

The Warden asks Brooke if she has any last words. She addresses the one-way mirror of the observation gallery and says to Margaret that she's innocent. Margaret will burn for wanting to watch her die. Brooke spits on the glass and Margaret draws back shocked.

The executioner straps Brooke to a table and gives her the lethal injection.

Blackness spreads from the pentagram flows out the vent, and enters a restroom where a guard is in a stall. The blackness flows over the guard, killing him, and after a moment he comes back to life as Satan's puppet. The guard opens Richard's cell, and Richard smiles and goes with him.

The Warden announces that Brooke's execution has been carried out. Margaret and Trevor stay behind and they complain that it was boring. They finally go, and the executioner covers over Brooke's body.

A teenager goes to the video store and complains that Jingles gave him chick flicks instead of horror movies. He tells her that she shouldn't watch horror movies because there's too much violence in society. When he returns home, he discovers that Lorraine is dead, brutally killed. Jingles checks on Bobby and finds the flyer with "Satan will have his vengeance" written on it. Soon, Lorraine's sister Lizzie finds Bobby on her porch. Jingles is standing in the rain and says that Lorraine is dead, and darkness will always walk with him. He says that he's leaving to protect Bobby and end the situation.

The executioner takes Brooke to the morgue and gives her an injection to revive her. The executioner removes her hood, revealing that she's Rita, and Rita welcomes Brooke back to the land of the living.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 24, 2019

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