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New Jerusalem Recap

Annie wakes up at the bottom of the sinkhole, finds her flashlight, and looks around. She sees Ace's body nearby where it fell, lying on top of another much older body. There are ancient crypts decorated with carved scarabs, and Annie realizes that she's fallen into a giant mausoleum.

Trying to climb out of the sinkhole, Annie drops her flashlight. A root she's using for a handhold breaks and she falls to the floor. The rain comes down outside and Annie follows the flow of water to a pile of rocks blocking the outflow. Annie eventually finds a grille blocking an old shaft, and removes the grille and crawls down. She climbs down to the tunnel below and finally comes to a spiral staircase leading up. Annie ascends the stairs and finds a trapdoor at the top. It leads to a cellar, and Annie continues upward and through the abandoned manor.

Someone grunts in the darkness, and Annie tur\ns off her flashlight and moves toward the noise. A man and woman are having sex, and Annie runs out and looks back at the manor. Castle Rock lies below the hill, and Annie runs through the gates marking the manor as the Marsten House.

The next day, Pop sits in his office and remembers when he was in Somalia as a soldier. As his home nurse treats him, Pop makes entries in his ledger.

Annie drives her SUV to the motor lodge and remembers what happened at the construction site. She realizes that she lost her necklace when she fell earlier. Inside on the couch, Joy wakes up and Annie comes in. Annie asks her daughter if she's seen her necklace, and Joy hasn't. The older woman says that things have changed and they can't stay there, and searches for the necklace. Annie insists that Castle Rock isn't the Laughing Place, and tells Joy to trust the person in the world who loves her most. Joy runs into the next room and locks the door, keeping Annie out.,

The next day, Pop plays solitaire while getting chemo. Nadia takes over for his nurse Julie and Pop realizes that something is wrong. She explains that Ace firebombed her house, and Pop rips out the chemo vein and prepares to leave. Nadia admits that she doesn't know what Abdi is going to do, and Pop says that it's his mess to clean up and Abdi should lay low.

Abdi goes to the work shed and gets his guns from Somalia.

Annie is packing and sees Chris outside Ace's cabin. Chris goes inside and complains that Ace didn't meet him as they planned, and sees Ace's dog Bobby locked up in the kitchen. Taking pity on the dog, Chris gets it water, and Ace's phone rings. It's Pop, who asks where Ace is. Chris says that Ace is gone, and Pop tells him to have Ace call him if he sees him. As he goes out with Bobby, Chris hears Joy yelling at Annie that she's not going anywhere and storms out to see Chance. Joy trips over an old bike and cuts her hand.


A preacher tells his predominantly Somalia congregation that all they can do now is extend a hang to their new Somalian neighbors. He says that Pop insists that they find the Somalians a new home in Castle Rock, and announces that Pop found spaces in his warehouse to any refugees looking to own their own business. The congregation applauds and Pop reluctantly accepts their thanks.

Later, Pop goes to the Mellow Tiger Bar where the town council is meeting. Councilman Pinto says that she was Castle Rock back to life. Pop asks the bar manager if Ace has been around, but the man hasn't seen him in two days. When Pinto talks about the witches in Castle Rock, Pop hears her after collecting his money from the manager, and says that they were Satanists. After staring off into a moment, Pop leaves.


Pop and Ace's men continue looking for Ace. At the warehouse, Hassan and his men tell Ace's men that it's time for them to go.

Annie takes Joy to the hospital and tells Nadia what happened. They take her to get a tetanus shot, and Joy tells Annie to stay in the waiting room. Nadia assures Annie that she'll take care of Joy and goes with her. As Nadia restitches the old wound, Joy talks about how Annie cleans her teeth and she's never been to the dentist. She admits that Annie also did the original stitches at home, and Nadia asks if they've moved around a lot. Annie told Joy that she has to move around a lot or she'll lose her nurse's license. Nadia assures the girl that anything she tells her is confidential.

Annie sits in the waiting room, and a boy walking past asks his mother for a sundae. She remembers killing Ace with an ice cream scoop and takes her anti-psychotic medication.

Abdi tells Hassan that people think he killed Ace,

The Past

A young Abdi and Nadia secretly listen as Pop talks to the home administrator about adopting the two Somalia children. The administrator tells Pop that what he's doing is wonderful, and Abdi and Nadia come in. Afterward, Pop gets them fast food and is amused when Abdi tells Nadia she won't like her milkshake while taking it. Abdi gives Nadia her milkshake back, and Ace and Chris watch from the next room. Ace complains that it should have been his milkshake.


At the hospital, Chris tells Nadia that he's going to have Ace put away when he finds him. Nadia says that Pop won't let straight cops get involved, and Chris asks if she's okay. When Chris asks if he got her message the other night after having a few drinks, Nadia tells him that it's not a good idea for them to get together. Chris agrees and starts to go, then asks her to let him know if Ace turns up in the ER or the morgue.

At the construction site, one of the workers finds Annie's necklace on the ground. Abdi and Hassan are there, and Abdi says that they have to be ready if Ace comes at them again. The worker shows them the necklace, figuring it didn't belong to one of their people. Hassan figures that it's the squatters who come down from the Marsten House, and Abdi sends Hassan to clear them out.

Hassan goes to the Marsten House and yells at the squatters to get out. He finds food burning on a stove but no sign of the squatters, and finds a pair of charred corpses nearby. Someone takes an axe to Hassan from behind, and then drags Hassan's body to the cellar.

At the motor lodge, Pop tells Ace's men that all of the Somalians at the warehouse have guns and if they're pressured, they'll start shooting. They say that they work for Ace, not Pop, and that the Somalians are talking about retaliation for the firebombing. Once they leave, Pop calls Abdi and leaves a voice mail saying that they have to talk. He goes into Ace's cabin and Bobby runs out barking. The dog goes to the Wilkes cabin and barks at the door.

Joy uses her new phone to do a search on nurse's licenses, then on Annie under her assumed name.

Annie abruptly gets up and goes to find Joy. She discovers that they moved her for the blood drive, and Pop comes up and says that he knows Ace came to her cabin the night before. Now Ace is missing and Bobby went right to Annie's door. Pop notes that Annie's bags are packed even though she's paid up for a week. Annie breaks into tears and says that Ace said he'd kill Joy because she'd seen something that she wasn't supposed to. The woman claims that she thought Ace was going to hurt them, and then he ran off when a car came into the parking lot. Annie says that the driver followed Ace and he had a gun, and finally says that the man matched Abdi's height.

That night at the construction site, Abdi confirms that Hassan never came back from the Marsten House. Cops grab him, throw a bag over his head, and drive him off in a police car


Abdi meets with Pop in his office and they discuss business. Pop tells him that the mall is going to be his, and Abdi and Nadia are as much family to him as Ace and Chris. He suggests that he officially adopt them, but dismisses it as "just business". Abdi says that he'll have to talk to Nadia but says that it should be all right. The two men shake, and in the next room Ace secretly listens.


Pop confronts the tied-up Abdi at once of his warehouses, and finally asks where Ace's body is. Abdi laughs and says that he figures Ace is going to let him go or he'll tell the Nadia the truth about Pop.

Chris leaves the Emporium and hears a nearby car alarm go off. He goes over to the garage, and a figure walks behind him. Chris hears the man and turns, hearing someone moving.

Abdi denies Annie's claim, but Pop doesn't believe him. The Somalian says that Pop should know from the Army that if he's going to kill someone, he should kill them. Ace figures that Abdi is telling the truth, and Abdi says that he's a hypocrite because he wants Ace dead. He insists that they'll never be a family, and Pop walks off. He goes outside and remembers the streetfighting in Somalia. Pop goes back inside with Bobby, who barks at Abdi. The older man demands to know where Ace's body is, and Abdi says that he doesn't know. After a moment, Pop passes out and Bobby barks at Abdi.

Annie and Joy drive back to their cabin and Annie tells her daughter that everything she does is because she protects Joy. Joy figures that they're running from something and asks her mother if she did something. She says that there's nothing about either of them online, and Annie angrily says that she broke the rules. Joy goes into the cabin, and insects slam into the SUV windows. Annie turns and sees Ace standing behind the SUV, staring at her.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2019

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