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Who Are You? Recap

Magpie breaks into a gallery and steals a ring on display. The alarm goes off and a guard comes in, and Magpie throws two grenades at him and flees during the ensuring explosion.

The next day, Vesper announces that a guard was almost killed during the third jewel theft in a week. Sophie listens as Vesper wonders where Batwoman was. Kate is in bed with Rachel, and turns off the radio. Rachel says that she kind of likes Batwoman and they kiss. Kate's phone rings, and she checks to learn that Luke texted her saying that it's urgent. She tells Rachel that Luke is a co-worker and water main broke at work. Rachel notes that she doesn't see much, and Kate tells her that she'll make it up to her before leaving.

Kate goes to Bruce's office and meets with the museum curator, Roxanna. Roxanna thanks Kate for donating Martha Wayne's necklace for display, and tells the photographer Margot to get a few more shots. Luke asks where Kate is, and Kate tells him that she's been seeing someone. He explains that Magpie struck again and almost killed a security guard, and Batwoman was nowhere to be seen. Luke and Kate go to the Batcave and Luke wonders what they're doing with the imprisoned Dodgson. Dodgson's heart seizes up and Kate agrees that he needs an ER.

Catherine watches as backhoe digs up two graves. She goes to her car and Alice and her gang show up. Alice asks Catherine if Jacob knows what is buried there. The villainess says that she'll keep what Catherine is doing to herself if Catherine gives her a top-secret weapon from her defense companies. Alice knows that the project was Catherine's idea, and tells her to give it to her by 10 pm the next night or Jacob will know that Catherine convinced him that Beth was dead.

Mary returns to her clinic and finds Batwoman waiting for her. Using a voice modulator, Batwoman tells Mary that she needs her help and shows her Dodgson cuffed to a bed. Mary notes that Dodgson tried to kill her, but checks his infected leg. She says that she might be able to save him, and Batwoman promises to come back for Dodgson later.

Batwoman figures that she needs to establish the citizens' faith in Batman by capturing Magpie. Luke calls her and suggests that they use Eagle cams.

Magpie breaks into a gallery to steal jewelry, and Batwoman cuts through her line. The two women fight and Batwoman grabs some trinkets off of Magpie's belt, and Magpie jumps out a window. Batwoman tries to stop her and misses when her thrown Batarang returns.

The next day, Vesper is on the radio complaining about how the gallery footage showed that Batwoman missed her catch. Kate meets with Luke and suggests that the Batarang is broken. He says that the trinkets were grenades and figures he can trace the contents to locate Magpie. Kate leaves to have lunch with Rachel.

At the Crows HQ, Jacob is listening to cello music when Sophie comes in. He explains that Alice was playing it when she broke into his penthouse, and notes that Beth played the cello and the song was her favorite piece. Jacob quickly shuts off the music and Sophie gives him a report showing that someone hit Alice's van with an advanced IED. She warns that the technology necessary is unique to Hamilton Industries, and Jacob wonders why someone at Hamilton would want to ambush the convoy.

Kate and Rachel go for a walk before lunch, and Rachel figures Kate came back because of an ex. She points out that she used to live in an apartment and all of the real estate moguls got rich evicting people. Kate realizes that Rachel was evicted from her childhood home, and Rachel admits that she Googled her. As Rachel takes Kate to her mother's restaurant, Kate gets another text and says that she has to deal with an electrical fire in her cousin's building. She invites Rachel to the fundraiser at the museum and Rachel agrees.

In the Batcave, the alarms go off. Luke grabs a gun and goes to investigate the break-in at Bruce's office. Magpie drops in and kicks Luke unconscious.

Later, Kate returns to the office and finds Luke unconscious. She realizes that Magpie took the necklace, and figures that she should have been there. Luke says that Magpie 3D-printed the bombs using explosive ink, and suggests that Kate ask Sophie since the Crow locate it since they track magnate shipment.

Later at the Crows HQ, Kathie meets with Sophie. Sophie wonders why Kate is on the case if Batwoman is as well, and Kate says that she doesn't trust vigilantes. After Sophie comes up with a list of explosive ink buyers, she tells Kate that she's glad she came to her and they've always made a good team.

Catherine's men break into one of Alice's lairs, and they set off an exploding rabbit doll. The gang members easily capture and beat them, and Alice tells them she heard that they were asking about her location on Catherine's orders. Alice figures that Catherine needs a message that she's not playing games, and asks for a "volunteer". When none of the three men volunteer, Alice picks the leader and cuts his wrist with a pair of hedge clippers.

At the Batcave, Luke goes through the list of ink purchasers. Kate notes that Sophie thinks that she's Batwoman, and wonders how Bruce made living a double-life so easily. Luke tells her that Bruce's life sucked, and comes up with a PO Box for one of the buyers at the old Gotham Hotel. Batwoman goes there and finds Magpie's jewelry, computer, and 3D printer. The temperature in the room, and Luke figures that if Batwoman's bodytemperature raises the room's temperature, it will set off a bond.

The Batsuit is rigged with temperature colds and Batwoman goes in, holding her breath. While she works, Luke says that the Batarang was calibrated for Bruce, not Kate, because he had longer arms. He asks Batwoman to clone the computer memory, and Batwoman does so and finds Magpie's stash of jewelry, including the necklace. Batwoman sneezes and then hoists herself out of the room on a grappling line as a bomb goes off.

Dodgson wakes up and begs Mary for help, muttering Alice's name. She realizes that Dodgson is suggestible because of the morphine she's giving him, and pretends to be Alice for the delusional Dodgson. Mary asks him for the details of "her" plan, and Dodgson says that "she" has no idea who Alice cares about. He says that Alice has big plans for "the Mouse" and passes out.

Luke returns the necklace to its case and goes to the Batcave.

Batwoman stands watch over the museum, figuring that Magpie will strike there. Luke has found schematics on Magpie's computer and is printing it since he can't decrypt them. She sees Rachel arrive and tells Luke that she has to go.

Catherine's man meets with Catherine in a parking garage and shows her his severed wrist tendon. He tells Catherine that she'll have to do it herself and leaves. Alice calls Catherine and says that she's too late, then hangs up.

Kate sees Rachel at the bar and avoids her, hides her case in a supply closet, and then goes back to the bar. Before she can approach her, Sophie comes over and says that she's working security in case Magpie shows. Rachel comes over and makes it clear that she's with Kate, and Sophie tells them to have fun.

Luke continues printing the schematic.

Rachel tells Kate that it's uncomfortable with her ex there. Kate sees a white-haired woman and mistakes her for Alice at first. Roxanna comes over and says that a security guard showed up with stolen necklace. She calls everyone's attention and presents the necklace. Kate excuses herself to Rachel and calls Luke, and Luke says that the "necklace" is a bomb that Magpie printed. As she goes to get her case, Kate figures that the bomb will serve as a distraction while Magpie robs the museum.

The lights in the museum go out, and Magpie sets off the fire alarm. Sophie moves people toward the exit and the security guards move in. Rachel wonders where Kate is.

Magpie is stealing jewelry when Batwoman throws a Batarang at her and misses. The thief asks if Batwoman will capture her or save the guests, and triggers a remote to set off the bomb necklace. Batwoman goes there and absorbs the blasts with her cape, and sees Magpie fleeing with the jewels. One of the pearls from the necklace lands next to a little girl, and Batwoman throws a Batarang to knock the pearl out of the girl's hand and then shields her with her cape. Magpie takes a grappling line across the street, and Batwoman snags her line and brings Magpie down into a nearby water fountain.

As the Crows secure the scene and take away Magpie--Margot--Kate returns and tells Rachel that she was on a call. Rachel figures that Kate is lying to her and says that she needs honesty in her relationships. Kate tells her that she's not in a place right now where she can share all of herself with someone else. She apologizes, and Rachel figures that she has a lot going on. Rachel hopes that it makes Kate happy and walks away.

Catherine goes to Jacob's office and says that Alice came to her and wants something. She explains that Alice is interested in Hamilton's newest project, and refuses to give a weapon to a terrorist. The phone rings and Catherine begs Jacob not to answer it. She says that years ago she made Jacob think that Beth was dead so that he and Kate would move on. Catherine paid the DNA analyst to write the report that Jacob saw, and Jacob tells her to get away from him before walking out.

Batwoman returns to the clinic and Mary says that Dodgson is stable. Mary relates what Dodgson said earlier, and Batwoman injects Dodgson with a subdermal transmitter. She tells Mary that Dodgson will lead her to Alice and Alice will lead her to Mouse, thanks Mary for her help, and leaves.

In his office, Jacob listens to the cello music and cries.

Vesper criticizes Batwoman about smiling enough. Luke tells Kate that the city trusts her now. Kate says that she's wants to buy run-down buildings and give them to the rundown.

Batwoman watches over the city, and figures that if she's going to embrace the Bat then she'll have to embrace hiding part of herself. Meanwhile, Luke turns on the Batsignal.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2019

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