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The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroboros Recap

Lynn notes in her log that fatalities from virus continue to grow, and admits that she's failing to solve the problem. She removes the psychoactive properties from Green Light and makes herself smarter, processing information. Now Lynn is working around the clock to find a cure or all of the metas in Freeland could die.

Jeff drives Jennifer to school and they both see the city under martial law. They arrive at a checkpoint and Jennifer tells Jeff that there have been a lot of changes since he was away. She gives her father IDs from Odell showing that they're registered as non-metas, and Jeff gives their cards to a soldier. Locals break out and attack the soldiers, and Jeff pushes Jennifer down. His eyes start glowing, and Jennifer tells him not to overreact. As Jeff gains control of himself, the soldiers capture the locals.

Later, Jeff meets with a hologrammatically disguised Gambi and gives him the watch that Odell gave him. Gambi asks Jeff how he's feeling, and Jeff says that physically he feels fine. He's more concerned about his marriage, and wonders if the job got in the way between Gambi and his ex. Gambi says that he'll check out Jeff's new suit and find a way to Pit, while Jeff deals with his relationship with Lynn.

Jennifer returns home and finds Odell waiting for her. He says that they should keep their line of communications open, and she wonders why he doesn't shut down the occupation. Odell says that he's keeping the metas alive while the Markovians want them dead, and warns that can go quickly to chaos with the wrong push. He bids Jennifer good day and leaves.

The 100 hijacks an Army truck, and a soldier in the back kills one unwary ganger. The others mortally wound the soldier and drive the truck off on Sinzell's orders.

At Garfield, Jamillah makes a secret report on students being tested for the metagene. Brandon tells the students that he already had his test and isn't getting in line.

Odell tells Khalil that one of his trucks has been hijacked, and Khalil is ordered to find the hijackers and eliminate them.

Jeff and Jennifer arrive at Garfield, and Jennifer echoes Odell's comments about the ASA protecting Freeland. She points out that Jeff let the ASA experiment on him, and he says that he did it to protect her. Jennifer tells him that's always the reason and walks off. Jeff finds three students looking at a video and asks to see it. It shows Blackbird fighting against the ASA, and gives the phone back to them.

Lowry approaches Jeff and tells him that the ASA had Jeff removed from his position as teacher. Now Jeff is the guidance counselor, and has given Jeff a raise. Lowry figures that Jeff did really well on the ASA tests.

Khalil finds the dying soldier, gets information on the hijackers, and then drains the life from him.

Jeff calls for a meeting with Odell and complains that the ASA has put Freeland under martial law. He objects to soldiers walking around Garfield, and warns Odell that the occupation is overkill. Odell tells Jeff to do what he wants or he'll put Jennifer in Anissa in the pit like all the others.

The disguised Gambi spray-paints an Army truck wheel.

Bill meets with Veretta in his office and says that once he gets through the occupation, he'll have the clout to fix the city for good. The soldiers bring prisoners in and Major Gray in charge says that they're commandeering the station, and Gray says that she'll be using his office as her own.

Gambi continues spray-painting the truck wheels with tracer spray-paint.

Jennifer is at home and gets a link from Odell about how the Markovians are attacking other nations and killing civilians.

At the Pit, a meta named Richard tells Lynn that he's been married for 38 years ago. She admits the length of his marriage and gives him a drug to slow the virus down until they can come up with a virus. Richard talks about his family and then says that he can't believe that he's dying. Lynn says that she's not giving up on him and takes his hand.

Back in her lab, Lynn takes more of the modified Green light.

Blackbird attacks Sinzell and his gangers as they sell their stolen goods to the insurgents. She tells them to leave, and the leader tells her to talk to the boss if she doesn't like how they do things. Blackbird goes off to talk to him.

Jeff goes to Anissa's place and Grace answers the door. She recognizes him from Anissa's photos and invites him in. Grace says that Anissa should be back soon. Anissa watches Jeff on a security monitor, and then comes down and asks Jeff what's going on. Jeff complains that Grace knows about Blackbird, and he complains that Anissa is running around as Blackbird throwing tanks. Anissa points out that the insurgents are giving the citizens hope. Grace comes in, screams, starts to shapeshift, and begs Jeff not to hurt them. After Anissa tells Grace that Jeff won't hurt them, Grace runs upstairs and Anissa tells Jeff to get out of her house.

Once Jeff leaves, Anissa hugs Grace and assures her that Jeff isn't a threat to either of them. Anissa says that Gambi told her about Grace's alternate identity, and how she was sold for sex against her will. Grace is surprised that Anissa wants her despite that, and Anissa assures her that they're in it together and she loves Grace for who she is inside.

Jeff returns home and Lynn comes in. He says that she looks tired, and Lynn says that she's only there to get a few things and she's synthesizing a vaccine. Jeff says that their daughters need them, and Lynn's vision and hearing waver. Lynn asks if the daughters are safe, and tells Jeff to take care of anything that comes because she needs to get back.

Khalil tracks down two soldiers who were connected to four of the six missing ASA trucks. He jabs them with his fingers, injecting them with neurotoxin, and begins interrogating them. The soldiers quickly say that they've been selling the trucks' location to Sinzell, and tell Khalil where Sinzell is. Khalil promises to come back for them if their information isn't good and then kills both of them.

At Garfield, the students discuss American occupations. Jennifer says that the ASA might be there to protect them. Gray and her troops come in and take Tavon away over Lowry's objections, claiming the student is a meta. When he protests, one of the soldiers butts him in the face and leaves him lying on the floor. Brandon asks Jennifer what she thinks of her "peacekeepers" now.

Later in the restroom, Jennifer, Brandon, and Lisa argue about the ASA occupation. Jennifer talks about their parents never want their kids to better than they are.

The dying Richard tells Lynn that she did what he could. He flatlines but when Lynn takes his hand, energy spreads from her to him and he instantly heals.

Jeff arrives at the sanctum and Gambi shows him how he's tracking the trucks to lead him to the Pit. Jeff wants the witch so he can rescue Tavon from the police station, and Gambi says that he disabled the tracking device in the watch. He admits that Jeff's new suit is better than anything he could make, and warns Jeff that Odell said that if he goes out on the street Odell will lock up his daughters. Jeff figures that there's a better way but he'll need help.

Later, Jeff goes to Anissa's apartment and says that he knows she cares about the people of Freeland. Anissa explains that they've been smuggling metas outside of the perimeter with Gambi's help, and Jeff tells her that he's proud of her. Then he says that he needs her help to break Tavon out of the station.

Bill asks Tavon if he's hanging in there. One of the insurgents asks if they can have food. Bill refuses and the prisoner asks him how it feels to be an Uncle Tom. Outside, Bill tells Sara that the prisoners need food. She refuses, and Bill secretly steals a text from her, texts Black Lightning that he can come in, and sits down to play cards with the other officers.

Black Lightning breaks into the station through the door Bill left open for him, and uses his new electrical vision to spot all of the soldiers and officers. He takes out the lights and Blackbird moves in wearing night-vision goggles and takes out the soldiers. Gambi directs her to the cells and hacks the cell locks, and Bill comes in and opens another cell. Blackbird leads them out, and Sara prepares to shoot them. Black Lightning blasts her unconscious while Gambi watches and smiles.

Sinzell gets word that a man is coming, and Khalil breaks into the 100's warehouse. The trucks with the supplies drive off, and Khalil takes out the other gang members. When Sinzell shoots at him, Khalil blocks the shots with a ganger's body and easily subdues Sinzell and then kills him.

The next day, Blackbird leads Tavon and the others outside the perimeter. He asks Blackbird to tell his parents that he loves them and runs off. A truck arrives for the insurgents, and they refuses to escape.

Odell comes to the Jefferson house and says that he knows Jeff attacked the station. He tells Jeff that he gets one and should make sure it never happens again.

Gambi tracks the trucks to the Pits.

Lynn tells Odell that all of the infected are cured. Odell tells her that several of the metas have grown unstable, and Lynn insists on coming in to help. Gray watches the transmission and figures that Lynn is hooked. She congratulates Odell, who says that Lynn has only gotten a taste and used subliminals to get her hooked.

Later, Jennifer meets with Odell and he says that she can do things Jeff never did. He gives her a perfect copy of her suit and an earbud, and tells her to fly straight up. Once Jennifer changes, she flies up out of the atmosphere and hovers over the planet, energy swirling around her.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2019

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