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The Lady in White Recap

Camp Golden Star, 1948

The camp cook, Lavinia, sells candy, and then she meets with her sons. Bobby makes a joke about refrigerators, and she questions her other son Benjamin about the True Vice comic he's reading. Lavinia tells Benjamin that she sweats all day to put food on the table, and Bobby asks if they can go swimming. His mother tells them that they can, and Lavinia says that they can. As they go, Lavinia tells Benjamin to keep Bobby in sight at all times.

At the lake, two girls insult Benjamin. When Bobby says that he's going swimming, Bobby tells him that they're not. Once the lifeguard and his girlfriend leave, Benjamin tells Bobby to sit on the dock. He follows the two teenagers into the woods where they make out, and secretly watches them. Meanwhile Bobby takes off his clothes and jumps into the lake. Benjamin hears him and goes back to the dock, and sees Bobby finally raise his head above the water. Nearby, two counsellors steer their motorboat out into the lake and hit Bobby with the rotor.

As the medics take Bobby's body away, Lavinia arrives and yells at Benjamin, asking him what happened. She screams at the lifeguard, wondering where he was, and says that he killed Bobby. Lavinia says that they're all guilty, including Benjamin, and Benjamin breaks into tears. She begs Bobby's corpse to look at her, and screams in anguish.

Rita takes Brooke to a motel room after rescuing her from the prison and explains that she swapped out a different drug for the final injection. Brooke goes through several days of suffering, recovering from the drug. She wakes up screaming from nightmares, and watches TV. Rita goes out and comes back with takeout, and tells Brooke that she has to try and eat it. She says that soon Brooke will finally have a new password and offers to test Brooke's pulse. Brooke slams her against a wall and threatens Rita with the IV needle she pulls out of her arm, and asks Rita why she's helping her. Rita explains that she's trying to make things right because she wants to make sure not to go to the Other Place when she dies.

Brooke tells Rita that she should have let her die, releases her, and sees the Flyer about the Redwood fest. Rita advises Brooke to ignore it, but Brooke says that she's going back there and Margaret stole a decade of her life. Sitting down, Rita tells Brooke that if she hydrates properly, she'll take her where the 80s are never over.

Later, Rita takes Brooke to a roller rink. They hit the floor and skate together, and guys hit on them. Once they're done, Brooke thanks Rita, saying that she needed it. However, she still plans on going back to Redwood. Bruce comes up and says that he's trying to get to his girlfriend's house and could use a gift, and offers to pay for gas. Brooke refuses and leads Rita off, and as they try to leave, Rita discovers that the engine won't turn over. Bruce comes over and offers to help, and they reluctantly agree. He tightens the distributor cap and the engine starts. Bru8ce says that he believes in karma and what goes around comes around, and Rita invites him to come with them. They pull out past a posted sign about missing women.

On the road, Rita asks Bruce how far he has to go. He says that he'll know the exit when he sees it, and Brooke wonders why he didn't have his girlfriend pick him up. Bruce tells them that she doesn't like to drive, and talks about a stranger following people home and killing them. Brooke figures that he's just trying to scare them, and says that he can't make them afraid. She orders him out and Bruce tries to apologize. Rita pulls over and tells Bruce to get out, but he calls Rita about her real name and says that he doesn't have to. Brooke reaches for the knife in her purse, and Bruce tells Rita that she wouldn't want his death from heatstroke on her conscience.

A police car pulls up and Rita quickly puts her knife away. The officer comes over and asks if everything is okay. Bruce says that everything is fine, and the officer ask if they're together. Rita says that they just met Bruce, and the officer says that he needs to see some ID. Bruce shoots the officer and gets out, and Rita drives away. The officer tries to crawl to his car, and Bruce goes over and finishes him off.

In the forest around Redwood, Wide Load is dressed as Jingles and stops to urinate. The real Jingles approaches him and says that he met him before. Wide Load says that he's dead and he's not the only one. Larry and Keith jump Jingles, and Wide Load tells them to wait. He says that Montana them not to kill anyone until the festival, and the other two ghosts grab Jingles and drag him away.

The ghosts take Jingles to Montana, who says that he's deranged to come back. Jingles says that he came back to kill Richard, and explains that he has the Devil on his side and is coming back. Xavier explains that time doesn't exist for them year, and Montana says that being a ghost isn't so bad. Ray explains that they feel pain and pleasure, and Xavier says that they'll kill every festival attendee. Montana figures that an entire musical festival slaughtered will draw every paranormal investigator there. Once they're there, one of them will figure out a way to break the curse keeping them there.

When Jingles wonders why they want to bring people there, Chet says that there's a Lady in White who stalks them. Jingles says that she's his mother, and explains that there was a massacre in 1950 when the place was called Camp Golden Star.

The new camp is hiring, and Benjamin's father died in the war. Lavinia takes the job as camp cook, but Benjamin only sees hate in her eyes. After Bobby dies, Lavinia refuses to leave. One night, Benjamin hears a woman scream and goes to the counselor's cabin. The counselors are stabbed to death, and Lavinia steps out and tells her son that they had to pay for what happened to Bobby. She holds out her arms and invites Benjamin to come to her. When he doesn't, Lavinia says that Benjamin was supposed to take care of Bobby and stabs him in the leg.

Benjamin climbs out and Lavinia goes after him. She grabs him but he accidentally stabs her and she falls to the ground, dying. Benjamin tells his mother that he's sorry and watches her die.

Jingles says that Golden Star was shut down and ten years later, Redwood was opened on the site. Lavinia's blood poured into the ground with her pain, and it's probably why they're stuck there. Jingles says that Lavinia hates counsellors and that's why she is coming after them. Madison tells Xavier to take Jingles to the old cabin, and Xavier reluctantly does so.

When they get to the cabin, Xavier refuses to get any closer. Jingles enters the cabin and finds Bobby's old toy. Lavinia steps out and greets Jingles. She calls him to come to her, and then appears behind him. When Jingles wonders if Bobby is there, Lavinia screams at him not to say his brother's name. She then calmly says that she misses Bobby and searches for him, but never finds him. Lavinia is stuck there, tortured on the site, and is unable to destroy herself. One day she felt a primal vibration and discovers that Jingles had returned. Lavinia figures that Benjamin was happy and mooned over Margaret.

Jingles wonders what she did, and Lavinia says that she gave Margaret a push to drive her to kill the counsellors. Lavinia figures that it's time for Jingles to know that she took the one thing he cared about and used it to destroy him. She yells at Jingles that he should have died that day. Jingles admits that she's right, and Lavinia says that the guilt turned him into a monster and she saw him call them all. However, Richard was reborn. Jingles tells his mother that his son will never be safe as long as Richard is out there. Lavinia promises that she will make sure Jingles burns in excruciating agony, suffering as she does, because it's what he deserves. She calls Jingles a parasite sucking her dry, and she pities Jingles' son. Lavinia stares at his mother in shock, and she disappears.

Rita finally pulls over, and Bruce slams into their car driving the police car. A truck driver gets out to see what happened, and Bruce shoots him dead. Brooke and Rita are unconscious from the impact, and Bruce tells them that karma is a bitch.

Later, Bruce slaps Brooke awake. She realizes that she's in the dead driver's truck, and Bruce says that Rita is fine. He shows Brooke Rita in the rear view mirror, lying unconscious on the road and chained to the truck. Bruce tells her to either drive and live, or refuse and die. He admits that he's killed five but hopes to eventually surpass Bundy. Bruce aims his shotgun at Brooke, and she tells him that Rita should never have given Bruce a ride in the first place.

Brooke steps on the accelerator and Bruce puts the gun to her head. He yells at her to do it, and Brooke jams the car forward, knocking Bruce's head into the dashboard. Brooke then backs up and Rita, waking up, lies back so the truck passes over her. After stopping the truck, Brooke grabs Bruce's gun and shoots him in the leg. Rita wraps the chain around Bruce's neck, and Brooke tells her not to kill him... yet.

Courtney tells Margaret and Trevor that he hasn't had time to provide food for the guests. Margaret doesn't care as long as she makes a profit, and tells Trevor that he's a glorified assistant. As Trevor walks off, he sees Montana across the road for a moment. A bus passes by and Montana disappears. The band Kajagoogoo gets off the bus, and the lead singer Limahl says that they only have one song anyone wants to hear. Trevor walks off to find Montana and goes into the woods. Montana comes out behind him and says that she's a dead. Trevor doesn't care, and they kiss.

Brooke ties Bruce to a pole, gags him, and cuts off his thumbs. She then tells Rita that she's going to walk the rest of the way to Redwood and Rita has done more than enough. Rita tells Brooke that she's coming with him because she needs to see it through to the end.

After night falls, Limahl is smoking. Richard comes up behind him and says that he's his biggest friend. Limahl wonders what he wants, and Richard says that they already have it. He says that Limahl should have read the fine print on his contract with the Devil, holds up his hand to show a pentagram carved into the skin, and cuts Limahl's throat.

Courtney brings some goodies to the bus, and finds the entire band dead and pentagrams drawn on the walls.

Jingles sits on the dock, and Lavinia comes up and tells Jingles that she shouldn't be sitting in the spot where Bobby sat. Her son tells her that he misses Bobby all the time and named his son after him. Lavinia tells him to be with Bobby, and warns that Richard is in league with forces her son can't be. Jingles says that he'll do everything he can to protect his son, and Lavinia kneels down and tells Jingles that Richard is there to collect on the deal Jingles made with the Devil. She says that if Jingles dies by his own hand, he'll come back forever. She touches the hand Jingles is holding his knife in, and says that if he truly wants to protect Bobby then he'll do what needs to be done.

Jingles calls to Bobby, saying that he's sorry and he won't curse his son the way he cursed his brother. He drives the knife into his stomach and falls over. Jingles' spirit appears over his corpse, draws out the knife, and walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 31, 2019

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