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Mommy Deadest Recap

As Ida makes tea, she hears something moving outside. The noise repeats itself, and Ida goes to the window and peers out. Peter knocks on the back door, startling her, and Ida opens the door and tells him to get in. The teenager tells her that he got into a situation and needs some advice. Ida figures that he has the Rothstein's manuscripts, and tells him to sit down. Once he does, Ida asks for a complete explanation. He explains that he went to Andrew, who bought a poem, and now he's dead. Ida tells Peter that there's someone else out there looking for the manuscripts, and Peter says that he may have shot the man who killed Rothstein. Peter doesn't trust the police, saying that it will destroy his parents, and Ida tells Peter that it's all very dangerous. She says that they can trust Bill, but Peter doesn't believe it. Ida tells the boy that a lawyer has to keep things confidential, and Peter agrees to meet with a lawyer she finds.

After Peter leaves, Ida goes to Bill and tells her what happened. She doesn't know where Peter is, and Bill tells her that Roland is good. Bill wants to grab Peter at the meeting, but Ida says that Peter is armed and shot the man who killed Rothstein. She hopes that Roland can make Peter see reason, and insists that she doesn't know where Peter is. Bill pours drinks and says that things aren't good, and gives Ida Roland's number.

Roland and Holly meet Lou as she leaves prison, and Roland warns her that she's still under court supervision. He tells her not to miss any of the court-ordered meetings, and confirms that Lou's trailer was repossessed while she was in jail. Holly offers to let Lou live with her, ignoring Roland when he warns it's not a good idea. He finally says that he's glad Lou escaped being institutionalized but figures in-patient treatment is warranted. Roland asks if "Brady" is still talking to her, and Lou tells them that Brady told her to speak up about Brady at the sentencing hearing. She suggests that Brady did as much as Roland to secure her freedom, but Roland warns her that taking they have a problem if Brady is giving her advice. Lou says that the key is to knowing which advice is good or bad, and that she knows.

Morris tells Alma that Peter has gone into hiding and his parents have contacted the police. He figures Peter is looking for another fence, and whoever buys the manuscripts will keep them under wraps. Morris tells Alma that she shouldn't have killed Andrew because they blew it and they'll never get the manuscripts. He insists that it's about more than the manuscripts, and Alma says that she loved Rothstein and there were snippets of her in Rothstein's books. Alma figures that they have to grab Tom and Marjorie to force Peter to give them the manuscripts.

Holly tells Bill and Jerome that Lou won't present a danger, but Bill isn't so sure. Lou comes in and finally tells them that she can't convey her gratitude for their support. She promises that she will never forget what they did for her, Bill says that he's concerned that Lou is unstable and Holly. Lou admits that she needs counselling but would never pose a danger to them because they're her family. Bill points out that she said the same thing to Brady before she killed him, and Lou admits that Bill is right to worry. She plans to move on, and knows that it starts with moving on from Brady.

Tom and Marjorie are eating, and Tom finally says that his desperation drove Peter to get mixed up in Rothstein's murder. He figures that Peter is sending them the money because Tom can't.

Roland calls Holly and says that a TV station is offering Lou big money for interview. He'll be part of it to make sure it goes well, and figures that Lou could make a career out of killing Brady. Roland goes into a church to meet with Peter, and assures the teenager that he wasn't followed. Peter insists that what he's saying is privileged, and Roland lays out that Peter is in possession of stolen property during a murder. He figures Peter has known about the murder for some time, and explains that under Ohio law he's as guilty of murder as if he pulled the trigger. Roland advises Peter to authorize him to go to the police and make a deal involving Peter's knowledge of Rothstein's killer. Peter says that he gave most of the money to his parents and they spent it, and Roland says that the returning of the manuscripts is far more important. He assures Peter that his parents are probably in the clear because they didn't know the money was stolen. Peter tells Roland to find out what the police will deal for, and Roland warns that the police will only deal based on what Peter offers.

Jerome shows Bill a photo Antonio sent from security cam footage at the bookstore, taken from Andrew's desk.

Alma tells Morris that they need to grab Marjorie, and figures that it's safer to grab her at the house while Tom is at a PTSD meeting that night. Morris wonders if Alma thinks she was in the novels, and she insists that she was. Alma says that she and Rothstein loved her, and she was mostly Rothstein's character of Susan Harris. Morris talks about how he was in love with Susan when he was 16, and Alma says that now he can have her for real. They have sex on the couch and Alma calls Morris "Jimmy".

Roland comes to Finders Keepers and asks Holly if Lou is ready. He then tells Bill about Peter wanting to get together with the DA. Holly goes to get Lou and overhears Roland, who asks Bill to use his influence with Antonio. Bill figures that Peter has the manuscripts, and agrees to help. After Roland leaves, Holly warns that getting involved with Peter is risky.

Later, Bill meets Ida and tells her about Roland's deal. They watch Lou and Roland on TV, being interviewed by Monica Porter. Monica notes that many people claimed Lou thought she was above the law, and Lou talks about how the big people can be above the law.

Holly and Jerome watch the interview, and they figure that Lou seems crazy.

Ida figures that Lou needs to shut up, and Monica asks Lou if she thinks what she did could spur on others like Andrew's killer. Lou says that when the law doesn't work, there needs to be a revolution.

Morris and Alma drive to the Saubers house and Alma tells Morris to go with chloroform while she stands watch and then he brings Marjorie around the side so Alma can pick them up. Morris puts on a stocking cap to cover his face and breaks into the house. Boogers barks at him, and Morris calls the dog over and leashes him to a desk leg. Marjorie goes out to the kitchen, and Morris grabs her and chloroforms her. She hits him in the head with a salad bowl and runs, and fights back when he grabs her again. Morris finally pins her on the floor and chloroforms her unconscious.

As Roland drives Lou home, he says that she had him worried for a second but the interview went well. Lou asks when they get the money, and Roland says in a week or two. She talks about how Brady is the one who is a Presidential historian, but tells Roland that Brady is gone and he's not telling her anything. Lou then asks if it sounds good, and Roland hesitantly agrees.

Bill returns to Finders Keepers and Jerome tells him that he found a piece of artwork Alma did among Rothstein's things. Roland comes in and says he dropped Lou off downstairs, and Jerome tells him that Lou sounded crazy. Bill informs the lawyer that Antonio wants to meet with Peter, and Roland invites Holly to have a late dinner with him. She refuses and he figures something is wrong. Holly finally says that the two of them aren't working out, and tells Roland to respect her choices. Surprised, Roland agrees and leaves.

After Roland leaves, Bill goes over and asks what was going on. Holly refuses to tell him and goes to check on Lou. Jerome tells Bill that Holly likes Roland.

Morris takes Marjorie to Alma's SUV and says that his DNA is all over the place. He puts her in and tapes her up, and Alma takes photos of her on her phone to send to Tom before he calls the police.

Tom leaves the PTSD meeting and gets the photos that Alma is sending him from Marjorie's phone.

Marjorie wakes up tied to a chair, and Alma rips off the duct tape gag. She tells Marjorie that she'll remember the day if she lives through it, and takes out one of Andrew's severed fingers. Alma rams it up Marjorie's nose and Marjorie vomits. Once Morris gags Marjorie, Alma says that Liza Minelli would say "money" to Marjorie.

At the club, Peter gets a call from Morris. Morris shows him the tied-up Marjorie, then tells Peter that he will deliver the manuscripts the next day or Marjorie dies and maybe Tom as well. Peter curses him, and Alma takes the phone and videos Morris slapping Marjorie repeatedly. Morris then tells Peter to carry out his plan to deliver the manuscripts or he'll kill Marjorie.

Tom drives home and confirms that Marjorie is gone.

Bill visits Holly in her apartment, and he tells her to tell her what is happening between her and Roland. When Holly says that it's personal business, Bill points out that she' been in his personal business. Holly finally explains that she needs to be in control of her life to be successful. When she heard that Roland was representing Peter, she became afraid because it's dangerous. If she continues to see Roland she might fall in love with him and lose control. Bill tells her it's the dumbest thing he's ever heard, and Holly insists that she has to protect herself by being in control. He tells Holly that if she likes Roland, she should be with him.

A masked Morris calls Tom on Marjorie's phone and says that if he calls the police, they'll kill her. He tells Tom to tell Peter to deal with them and hangs up.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2019

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