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Restore Hope Recap

Mogadishu, Somalia: 1993

A young Abdi and Nadia play in the streets. Helicopters pass overhead, and when the children return home, their mother Kalifo tells Nadia that they're going to America with her. Nadia doesn't want to go, and Kalifo says that she doesn't want to go either but it's for the children's safety. The girl goes outside and then calls to Kalifo to come see. The town is on fire, and Kalifo goes out as Abdi comes in. He has a rifle slung over his shoulder, slaps him, takes the rifle away, and tells him to pack his things.

As Abdi packs, the phone rings. It's Kalifo, who says that she's heading back. Abdi goes out to find Nadia, who is looking for Kalifo. American soldiers approach, grab them, and push them to the street. Kalifo arrives still holding Abdi's gun, and when she runs over the soldiers shoot her. Nadia runs to her mother's body, and Abdi vows to kill the soldiers.


Nadia looks at Pop in his hospital bed, and he looks up and sees her.

Ace drives through Castle Rock, passing Joy at a bus stop. He sees her and stops down the street, then backs up as Joy starts walking the other way. Ace asks if she needs a lift, and asks how Annie is. Joy's bus pulls up and she gets on.

At the hospital, Jamal comes to Nadia's office and reminds her that it's Saturday. She says that she's too busy with Pop's situation, but Jamal insists. They go to the church to do charity work and Reverend Appleton asks if there's anything he can do for her. Appleton points out Joy and says that she needs treatment, and Nadia recognizes the girl.

At the motor lodge, Chance breaks into the Wilkes' cabin and gets Joy's things. Annie comes in and Chance tells her that Joy told her to get her things. The teenager refuses to tell Annie where Joy is.

Joy tells Nadia that it's her fault for not making sure Annie took her pills. Nadia assures Joy that she didn't cause any of it, and explains that sometimes it helps to blame oneself because they think they can fix it. Joy says that she can fix it.

Annie yells at Chance to tell Joy that she needs to come home. Chance tells her that she almost killed Joy and walks out.

Joy asks Nadia if she can stay with her, and Nadia tells her that they either have to call the police or Annie. A few minutes later, the phone rings in the Wilkes' empty cabin.

Later, Annie goes to the Somali warehouse and asks Nadia where Joy is. Nadia says that Joy is at her house, and points out the girl was covered in blood. Annie says that the sutures opened up, and Nadia asks Annie if she has full custody of Joy. The woman says that they had to run from a violent man, and Nadia refuses to let her come back to the hospital. Annie walks off without a word.

Annie goes to Nadia's house and pounds on the door, calling to Joy. Abdi opens the door, aims a gun at Annie's head, and tells her to leave. He tells her that Joy told them what Annie did and orders her not to come back. As Annie goes, she sees Joy in an upstairs window and calls to her, and Joy steps back out of sight.

Ace plays home videos of him, Chris, Abdi, and Nadia together as children. Chris comes in and asks what he's doing, and then says that Billy and Lance are outside waiting for Ace and talking about shooting up Somalis. Ace calmly says that he's learned that he can live with a lot, and watches a video of him and Abdi fighting.

Abdi calls Nadia and tells her that he'll stay there with Joy until Nadia comes home. Once she hangs up, Nadia goes over the test results on Pop and goes to his room. Pop tells her that he made a mistake with Abdi, and Nadia tells him that the chemo hasn't given them the outcome that they hoped. He says that he might not want to fight the cancer, and Nadia tells him that he owes her to try.

Later, Nadia calls a VA doctor, Tom Heiden, to discuss treatments for Pop. She says that Pop hasn't signed up with the VA before, and says that she can convince Pop to join the study if Tom will accept him.

Annie drives back to the cabin, and then ducks down when Ace walks past. He sees Annie's SUV, hangs up, and goes into his cabin.

That night, Ace goes out ignoring Bobby as the dog barks at him. He drives to the Marsten House where Hassan and Valerie are waiting for him, and they all go inside.

Nadia visits Chris and she asks him to get Pop back in the fight. They drink and Nadia says that if Pop dies it will be her fault, just like it was her fault that Kalifo died. She insists that she can save Pop if he lets her, and Chris tells her that he'll work on his uncle.

The next day, Pop tells Appleton that there's a debt eating at him. He says that he needs to tell the person he did it to, but she doesn’t know. Pop wonders if he should do it, and Appleton asks why he's confessing to her and not God. He asks Pop what the confession will cost her, and Pop considers. Pop then drives off, unaware that Hassan is watching him. Appleton sees Hassan, and Hassan smiles briefly at him.

Back at the Emporium, Pop takes out an old letter he wrote to Abdi and Nadia, then burns it. As he looks around the shop, Chris comes in. Pop tells him that they're closing the Mellow Tiger for a private event, and get word to anyone who wants to get drunk to come for free drinks. When Chris wonders what's going on, Pop tells him that they're having a wake but refuses to say who for. Chris points out that Pop missed chemo, and Pop tells him that it's not doing any good and assures his nephew that it's okay.

Chance goes to Nadia's home and gives Joy her things. The teenager says that Annie didn't see her take her lockbox, and Joy thanks her for her help. Chance tells Joy to call her later and leaves. Once she's alone, Joy works through possible combinations to open the lockbox. She finally gets it and finds a gun inside., along with license plates and a floppy disk from 9/04. Joy plays it on a laptop and finds a manuscript, The Ravening Angel.

Later, Joy buries the lockbox's contents in the backyard.

Annie lies in her cabin, eats snacks, and watches The Wizard of Oz.

Nadia wakes up next to a sleeping Chris and discovers that Tom left her a message saying that a spot opened up in the study, and they need Pop's discharge papers. Nadia goes to the Emporium and lets herself in, She goes up to Pop's offices and looks for his discharge papers, and finally finds a file from the Army. Nadia reads them and heads for the door, and someone moves in the shadows behind her. Lance steps out and asks what she's doing there, and he says that he's making Ace's deposits. Nadia tells him that she's trying to save Pop's life, and turns to find Billy behind her. Billy grabs her when she tries to run for the door, and he throws her on a table and says that they have a message for Abdi. Nadia grabs a revolver hidden under the table and puts it to Billy's head, and shoots at a jar next to Lance's head when he asks if she knows how to use it. After saying that she grew up there, Nadia leaves.

The next day at the Mellow Tiger, everyone drinks to Pop's death. Timothy loads beer cans in his backpack, and Pop tells him to take some more and get out. Ace shows up and tells Pop that after Pop is gone, he won't make any more trouble with Abdi. Pop doesn't believe him, and Ace just smiles and goes to the bar to order wine. Andersen and Valerie come in, and Ace nods to them.

In her office, Nadia looks over the Army file she took.

At the bar, Valerie eats pickled eggs and smiles at the bar manager. Chris gets in the mike and says that Pop is like a father to him and Ace. Pop takes the mike and gives his eulogy. He talks about how he raised Chris and Ace, and fostered two kids from Somalia.

Nadia continues reading the file, shocked.

Pop says that he took in the two Somali children to settle a debt, but mumbles that it can't be settled. Nadia comes in and Pop abruptly thanks everyone for coming. Chris goes over to Nadia and she asks if he knew. He doesn't know what she means, and she walks away. Chris asks Ace if she said something to Nadia, and Ace says that he's just trying to grant a dying man's final wish. He asks what it will take to convince Chris he's changed, and says that there's something new and takes Chris out to show him.

Ace takes Chris to the church and says that he's had a conversion of sorts.

Timothy is biking home, and Hassan runs him over.

Valerie takes the bar manager into the back room and kills him.

Andersen takes the drunken Pinto out to his police car, and strangles her.

Ace says that Jerusalem's Lot was founded by unique people and the land is still theirs. He tells Chris that they never surrendered and never will surrender. He takes Chris to the back meeting room, says that he's creating a fellowship of a sort, and stabs Chris in the stomach. Chris head-butts him and they fight, and Chris shoves Ace off of him and punches him, then slams his head into the floor repeatedly.

Chris staggers out and collapses in the church aisle. He calls for help, and Appleton comes in and goes to him. The reverend says that he's going to call an ambulance, comes back with a cross, and jams it into Chris' neck. Ace comes in, and he and Appleton exchange looks.

Nadia approaches Pop, who says that she can bring him back to life if anyone can. He says that he's done with the chemo, and Nadia explains that she read his discharge papers. She tells him that he left out telling her one story about his time in the Army. Nadia knows that Pop was in Somalia when her mother died. Pop tells her that it was a classified mission, and Nadia says that he wanted her and Abdi. She asks why, and Pop remembers shooting Kalifo dead. Nadia has come to the same conclusion, curses Pop, and walks away, crying.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 2, 2019

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