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Rest in Pieces Recap

One Day Before Halloween: 1989

Brooke and Emma stop at a diner and Brooke talks about where she'll go once Margaret is dead. Rita suggests that they go back to the Mote, and tells Brooke to start eating to build up her strength to be the "final girl". She explains that the "final girl" is the girl who survives at the end, and figures that it could be either Brooke or Margaret. Stacey Phillips comes over and tells Brooke that she looks exactly like Brooke Thompson. Brooke passes it off as a coincidence, and Stacey sits down with them and congratulates Brooke on her costume. Stacey says that she's with the National Enquirer and does books about serial killer. Her newest book is about Brooke and Jingles, and talks about the 80s as the era of bullshit. Brooke says that they'll see Stacey at the camp and leave, and Brooke worries that Stacey recognized her.

On the road to Redwood, Jonas is limping along the road. Bruce pulls up next to him, and Jonas says that he needs to get to Redwood. The other man tells him that he has a soft spot for hitchhikers and offers Jonas a ride, and Jonas gets in. As Bruce drives along, he talks about music and storytelling. Jonas notes that Bruce's hands are bandaged, and Bruce says that his hitchhiking days are over and he's meeting a couple of women at the festival.

Jonas hears someone in the back, and Bruce curses when Jonas points it out.

Last Night

A Mary Kay saleswoman pulls up to Bruce, tied to a post, and frees him. He chokes her unconscious, tosses her in the trunk, and cauterizes his bleeding severed thumbs with the cigarette lighter.


Bruce pulls over and yells at the saleswoman to keep it quiet because they're listening to the radio. He rants at her, and then stabs her in the chest and goes back up front. Jonas is gone.

Margaret looks at the dead Kajagoogoo band, and tells Courtney that he didn't tell her right away that the band was dead. Courtney says that he was scared, and Margaret points out that they're dead and she expects him to keep his cool. When Courtney says that they have to call the police, Margaret tells him to dispose of the bodies without telling anyone. She assures Courtney that everyone is still coming and no one will miss the band.

Courtney carries the bodies out of the bus, and hears the band music. He investigates and finds them playing.

Richard watches the bands set up and spots a roadie with a badge. He approaches the roadie and ask what he has, and the man shows him Billy Idol's rings. Richard says that he's with Satan and goes off in the wood. Jingles jumps him and Richard says that he forgot who he was. He attacks Jingles and the two men fight. They tumble down a hill and Richard draws a knife... and Bruce slams his stolen car into Jingles. By the time Richard gets over to where Jingles landed, Jingles has gotten away. Bruce recognizes Richard and admires the serial killer, and insists that he's a huge fan. He shows Richard the dead saleswoman and says that he's going to kill the two women who took his thumbs. Bruce offers to help Richard track down Jingles, and has heard of the legendary Jingles. Richard draws a pentagram in the dirt, cuts his arm, and summons Satan to show them the way.

Brooke and Rita are in the motel when Stacey knocks at the door. Rita answers the door and Stacey is there. She says that she knows both of them, and invites them to her room to find out how she knows. Once they go there, Stacey says that she's been studying the Redwood Massacre for years and is the expert. She knows Rita's real name because she did research on her, and worked out that it was Rita at the execution. Stacey has a video of the execution and wonders why Rita rescued Brooke. Brooke explains that they're both after revenge and offers to give Stacey the full story and she lets them go if she sneaks them into Redwood. Stacey wants to know new angle they have, and Brooke says that Margaret killed everyone. The reporter says that she'll buy them first-class tickets to Paris if they can prove Margaret is the killer.

Jingles wakes up in the woods, screaming in pain. Jonas is there and says that the first time of coming back from dying is the worse. When he warns that they lose pieces of themselves such as their memories, Jingles puts his knife to Jonas' throat and says that he can't forget why he's there and let his son down. With that, he runs off.

After sex, Trevor and Montana lie in a cabin bunk. Montana says that they can feel pain, please, and love, but the only thing that lasts is the longing to be anything but stuck there. She says that she's going to kill everyone there so the publicity hopefully brings them someone who can release them. Montana explains that she just wants to be distracted, and Trevor suggests that he stay there and provide her with distractions. She asks about Margaret, and Trevor says that he hates her and just wants to be with Montana at Redwood. Trevor explains that the 80s are over and fashions are boring, and Montana is 80s forever. The two of them kiss.

Later, Trevor and Montana leave the cabin and Margaret sees them.

Richard and Bruce track Jingles through the wood, and Richard insists that Jingles is his worst enemy. he explains that he was on a roll just before he was caught, and Jingles betrayed him so he has to have his vengeance. Xavier appears and says that he's another of Jingles' victims, and leads them to Jingles.

Xavier leads Richard and Bruce to where Jingles' body is buried. Jingles arrives and stabs Xavier dead. He tells Bruce that if he stays he dies, and Bruce quickly steps aside. Richard wonders who killed Jingles, and Jingles says that he killed himself. so he could face Richard and keep his son safe. The serial killer tells Jingles that since Jingles can't leave, he's going to Alaska and will kill Jingles' son. Jingles attacks him and says that he's going to kill him, and then spend every day killing Richard.

Margaret arrives and shoots Jingles, and Richard says that Bruce is with him. She says that Jingles will be back soon, but she needs all the killers she can get for her plan.

Brooke and Rita take Stacey to Redwood and explain that Richard was there as well. Stacey doesn't care if what Brooke is saying as long as the story sells. They'll take Stacey to the cabin where Jingles tied her up, and then Brooke will kill her so Stacey can't leave. Rita warns that Brooke isn't a killer, but Brooke says that person died five years ago. Nearby, Richard and Margaret watch them.

Montana and the others string Jingles up, and Jingles apologizes for not convincing his mother to let them go. He finally tells them to do what they want to him, but first let him kill Richard. The spirits refuse, saying that they don't want Richard there. Jingle warns that innocent people will die if he doesn't trap Richard there, and insists that if Bobby dies, the spirits are no better than Richard. When Jingles says that Montana seduced Richard and she was his inspiration, and the fire she stoked in Richard spread after he left there. Jingles begs them to give him a last chance to save Bobby.

Brooke takes Stacey to the cabin and says that Rita was the one who drugged her there, not Jingles. Stacey is shocked that Rita played an active role in the massacre, and Brooke tells her to close her eyes to put herself in Brooke's shoes. The reporter does so, and Brooke starts to cut her throat. Rita grabs Brooke and throws her out on the ground, and tells Stacey to run. Slamming Brooke against the cabin, Rita says that they can't let their anger grow out of control. She says that if the two of them can get revenge without hurting anyone else, it will wash away all of the shitty things that they've done.

Stacey runs through the forest and bumps into Richard. She recognizes him, and Richard draws a knife and advances on her. Margaret blocks her escape, and when Stacey tries to run Bruce grabs her. Stacey says that she'll do anything they want, but Richard and Bruce kill her. Margaret says that she wants to do something that will change the world, and explains that she's going to kill every musician coming for the festival. Richard insists that they don't kill Billy Idol, and Montana agrees and says that she'll make a fortune turning the place into a musician memoriam.

Trevor finds Montana, who is off on her own crying. He suggests that he stay there and die so he won't age. Montana says that she's a monster, and explains that Richard is her ex-boyfriend. She complains that men are treated as idols for doing heinous things, but women are the scapegoat. Montana insists that she didn't make Richard evil, and explains that since she died she's killed as many people as Richard and she likes it. Trevor tells her that they can all change, and insists that she's the only person who has made him realize what happiness. Montana says that she wants someone as fucked up as her and tells Trevor to go.

Xavier and the others take Jingles to the dock and cut him, vowing that he'll die over and over. As Jingles lays bleeding, Xavier says to let Jingles bleed out slowly. He kicks Jingles into a rowboat and shoves it out onto the lake.

Later, Jingles calls to Bobby, saying that he's sorry. He sees Montana on the shore and sits up, and his brother Bobby comes out of the water and pulls Jingles in.

Jingles wakes up on the shore and finds Bobby standing there. Bobby tells a joke and runs over to Lavinia, who has made a picnic for her sons. Jingles says that he doesn't deserve it, having failed his son. Lavinia tells him that he did the best he could and made the ultimate sacrifice, but nothing can rise above the evil and violence in the camp. Crying, Jingles sits down and Lavinia says that Jingles brought her son Bobby back to her and she's eternally grateful. She tells Jingles that they're a family there and Redwood is where Jingles can find peace. Bobby asks Jingles to stay there and invites him to play with him, and Lavinia nods in agreement. Jingles goes off with Bobby.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 7, 2019

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