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Shadow of the Hawk Recap

The League is fighting a team of villains when Vixen is wounded and Green Lantern comes to her aid. After the battle, a man steps forward and identifies himself as Carter Hall, and says he’s wanted to talk to her for a long time. He shows her a sword which Batman disarms, then determines the weapon is Thanagarian. Hall, an archaeologist, reveals he found it in Egypt and it's centuries old.

Hall invites Shayera to dinner and she accepts, much to Green Lantern’s dismay. Batman is working on analyzing the weapon while Shayera goes off on another date with Carter Hall and runs into John Stewart on the way out. Before she can leave, Batman determines Hall is named “Joseph Gardner” and is a curator at the Midway City museum. He claimed aliens landed in ancient Egypt and is a big fan of Hawkgirl on the Internet. Batman investigates and determines that Hall has been following her on her various missions. Hawkgirl insists they let her handle it and they reluctantly do. John confides in Batman that he thinks this is all wrong. He remembers that they traveled to the future and that they met his and Shayera's son, and the two of them being together is destiny.

Shayera catches up to Hall in Egypt for a dig and they enter an ancient tomb. She sets off a spike trap which they barely avoid. Batman is secretly tracking them while avoiding the traps on his own, unaware a shadowy figure is following him. They find a series of glyphs and Hall reveals that he brought her there under false pretenses – he reveals they are the incarnations of lovers who died thousands of years ago, and he is Katar Hol--Hawkman. He dons a set of wings and hawk-mask but Shayera isn’t totally impressed.

The shadow figure confronts Batman and after a brief struggle tosses him into a crevasse. “Hawkman” reveals he’s found an Absorbacon that he discovered--when he touched it, he understood all of the writings and possessed the knowledge that in 1600 B.C., two Thanagarian law officers crashed on Earth. They improved the locals, helping the Egyptian civilization develop. The two officers were poisoned by a jealous priest and they are the reincarnations.

Hall takes Shayera to a hidden tomb where the spaceship is stored. Shayera reveals the Absorbacon is a damaged ship’s log that imprinted memories on him but he insists she touch the Absorbacon. When she turns against him, the shadow figure shows up and attacks. The shadow figure stuns them both and hauls them away. The figure imprisons them then wakes them up and reveals he is the Shadow Thief and he needs them to defuse the traps leading to the burial chamber where he can steal the Thanagarian technology within.

Rather then let the Shadow Thief torture Shayera, Carter agrees to bypass the traps, but Batman interrupts and blinds him with a light bomb. The Thief sets off a trap, causing mummies to animate and attack. Batman and Hawkman join forces to defeat them as the chamber collapses around them. The Thief has gained access to the burial chamber and Shayera attacks him and repels him with the light of her power mace. Hawkman holds him at bay with a torch and Batman uses a flare--he bores into the Earth to escape and the chamber collapses while the spaceship falls into the resulting crevasse. Carter goes back for the Absorbacon but Shayera knocks him out and gets him free of the collapse. Carter refuses help in sorting his memories and clearly knows a great deal about her. Although Shayera isn’t willing, he’s willing to wait and takes off.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2015

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