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Final Girl Recap

At the remains of an old camp, an Uber driver arrives at the overgrown road and asks his passenger if it's where he wants to go. The passenger, Bobby, says that Camp Redwood must be up ahead and advances on foot. Bobby continues up the overgrown road and past the gate, and looks at the tattered remains of the 1989 musical festival. As he takes photos of the place on his phone, Montana appears and asks what the phone is. Bobby lets her see it and she asks what year it is, and he says that it's 2019. Montana says that nobody has come to the camp for years because they've been forgotten. When Bobby wonders who the rest of them, Montana says that he has to get out because he's in danger. Bobby says that he wants to find out what happened to his father. Bobby explains that he's Bobby Richter, and Montana realizes that he's Jingles' son and hugs him, crying.

Montana takes Bobby into the cabin where she "lives", and shows her a photo of himself from the research he did on 1989. He says that Montana died and even if she didn't, she'd be in her 60s. Montana desperately asks what's been happening in the rest of the world, including what people think of the 80s, and Bobby says that it's having a bit of a comeback.

Trevor comes in and kisses Montana, and Bobby realizes who he is. He says that none of it makes sense, and Montana tells Trevor who Bobby is. Bobby says that his aunt told him the truth about Jingles on her deathbed, and he's been receiving anonymous checks for years. He tells Montana and Trevor that he has to talk to Bobby, and Montana says that Jingles is dead. Bobby insists that Jingles isn't the single killer he read about, and Montana says that dark forces took him away and none of the ghosts have seen him since.

Montana introduces Bobby to shoot them and hands him a gun. She pulls the trigger for him, and Trevor cuts his throat with a knife and falls to the ground. When Bobby runs for the door, Montana and Trevor come in and explains that Margaret had everything set up in Halloween 1989.

Halloween 1989

Margaret complains on the phone that the talent hasn't shown up yet. Richard and Bruce are in her office, and Courtney comes in and tells Margaret that the bands aren't there because Trevor has blocked the road and is sending people away. Margaret wonders why, and Courtney tells her that Trevor hates him... and he might have told her about Kajagoogoo being murdered. She kills Courtney with a gun and goes to deal with Trevor.

Trevor has parked a bus across the road and is turning people away with different stories. Margaret pulls up and he tells her that she's complicit in Kajagoogoo's murder. He has a knife, and Margaret says that he's complicit in the murders. Trevor tells her that he's found real love and he's shutting her down, and Margaret aims her gun at him and says that people can never get away from him. Margaret shoots him in the leg and then the stomach, and says that he's not in Redwood but across the property line. When Trevor tries to get up, Margaret shoots him in the ground and walks off.

Once Margaret drives off, Montana runs to the gate but can't cross the property line. She begs Montana to come back to the camp, but he can't make it. Brooke walks out and says that Trevor isn't going to make it. Montana yells at her to leave Trevor alone, but Brooke helps Trevor into the camp. Brooke tells Montana that she's not like her and walks away, and Montana tells Trevor that he can go. Trevor's ghost appears behind Montana and they hug.


Montana tells Bobby that Brooke saved Trevor, and that act changed her forever. She decided that all the killing had to stop, and the ghosts became a community. They realized that it was Margaret's bloodlust that they needed to end... and the two men with her.


A girl lures Bruce out of Redwood, and Trevor kills him and makes sure that his body falls outside of the camp.

Montana approaches Richard and says that she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him. Richard says that he's going to Alaska to kill Jingles' kid, and says that Billy Idol wants to meet him. Montana grabs her, puts his knife to her throat, and says that he knows about the blockade. She convinces him that Idol is there, and Richard apologizes for keeping his guard up. She takes Richard to a cabin and says that Idol is coming. The ghosts are waiting, and Montana stabs Richard in the back and says she's going to be the one to end him. Richard falls to the ground, and Montana tells him that they're going to make him pay for eternity for what he's done. The ghosts stab him repeatedly and step back, and Richard promises that he'll come back for them. Montana says that she's counting on it and cuts his throat.


Montana tells Bobby that the Devil brought Richard back to him, so they needed to keep him under constant supervision once he came back.


Richard wakes up and finds Ray waiting for him, and Ray breaks Richard's legs with a sledgehammer. When Richard prays to the Devil to give him strength, Chet stabs him in the head and promises all he will feel is pain. Every time Richard comes back, the ghosts kill him in increasingly painful ways.


Montana explains that if Richard escaped, he'd go for Bobby. Bobby is shocked that they've been saving his life for decades, and thanks them. Montana says that it's the worst possible place he can be, and Jingles has been gone for 30 years. Bobby refuses to leave until he finds his father.

20 Minutes Earlier

Bertie and Chet tie up Richard, and Bertie notes that it's taking longer for Richard to wake up. The chef suggests that they play Strip Pictionary, and points out that Chet sleeps with everyone. Bertie suggests that he tangle with someone more mature, and asks what he's afraid of. Meanwhile, Satan's force crawls over Richard and unties his hands. As Bertie and Chet start making out, Richard kills them both.

Richard goes to the cabin and hears Bobby saying that he's not leaving until he finds Jingles. Richard comes in and attacks them, and Trevor struggles with him while Montana tells Bobby to run. As Bobby runs out, he bumps into Ray. Richard kills Montana and comes after Bobby, and Bertie and Chet attack Richard as well. As Bobby runs for the gate, Richard throws a knife into his back before he can get out the gate. Richard tells Bobby that he's there to collect the debt that Jingles owes Satan. The ghosts jump Richard, and Montana tells Bobby to go to Red Meadows Asylum to find the answer. She helps Bobby out the gate and then goes back to help the other ghosts fight Richard.

Bobby arrives at the asylum and tells the receptionist, Jess, that he needs to see the medical director. Jess says that the director is indisposed, and Bobby angrily insists. He takes a seat and Jess calls the director. Two orderlies arrive and lead Bobby away. When he shouts that he's there for information on Jingles, Rita steps out and orders Bobby sent to her office. She says that Jingles was innocent and Margaret planted evidence against him and she almost got away with it until Halloween 1989.


Margaret calls for someone to move the bus, and her line goes dead. The lights in her office shut off, and the ghosts surround her cabin carrying torches and calling to her. Margaret gets her gun, and Rita comes in and slashes her. They struggle and Margaret starts to beat in Rita's head. When Margaret flees into the next room, Brooke attacks and stabs her. Margaret manages to shoot her, and Rita yells in frustration. The ghosts break in and Rita tells them to take Margaret.

The ghosts take Margaret to a wood chopper, and she says that they can't kill her. They cut her apart, toss her in the chipper, and let her parts shoot over the property line. Dying, Margaret says that she's already dying. Montana tells her that the brain can live for 30 seconds after decapitation, cuts off Margaret's head, and tosses it into the chipper.


Rita wishes that Brooke had lived to see Margaret's death. Bobby realizes that Rita was the final girl, and Rita says that she went back to Redwood. However, it was hard for the ghosts to see someone with a life. Bobby takes Rita's hand and thanks her for the money, realizing that she was the one who sent him the checks. Rita has no idea what he's talking about, and Bobby figures that someone else made it out.

Later, Rita watches a house from her car. Bobby joins her with coffee, and Rita assures him that the routing number on the checks indicates a bank in Oregon where they are. A truck pulls up and Rita stares at the driver in shock.

Later, Bobby and Rita follow the driver to a home. A youthful Brooke answers the door and stares at Rita in surprise, and then asks Rita what took them so long. She invites them in and Bobby looks at the photos of Brooke and her family. Brooke serves coffee and says that having a dermatologist as a husband helped. Rita is angry that Brooke never let her know she was alive, and Brooke explains that she called but could never say "hello" because the memories of Redwood overwhelmed her. Her friend says that she wishes she could have been a part of Brooke's life, and wonders how Brooke got out of Redwood.


Ray goes back into the cabin and sees Brooke dying on the floor. He kisses her and she wakes up, gasping for air. Ray checks her and discovers that the bullet went right through, and goes to get her some bandages and iodine. He treats her wound and promises her that she's deserved better and won't die in Redwood. Ray carriers her to the gate and says that he can't help Brooke further, and she says that Ray is sorry he has to stay there. She kisses him and then limps out past the gate, collapsing on the road beyond.


Brooke says that paramedics got her to the hospital, and she headed north and kept going. Bobby wonders why she helped him after what Jingles did to her, and Brooke says that she needed to believe a normal life was possible after Redwood. Jingles represented that hope to her, and the camp pulled her and Jingles back. She knew eventually Redwood would pull Bobby in, so she did what she could to help Bobby avoid his legacy. Brooke hopes that Rita will forgive her, and Rita says that they're bonded for life as the ones who got away.

Bobby and Rita go to the car, and Rita figures Bobby is going back to Redwood. He explains that he felt someone watching over him while he was there, and Rita warns that he won't find what he's looking for. Bobby thanks her for her help and leaves.

Bobby returns to Redwood and walks along the lake. Margaret's ghost approaches him and Bobby recognizes her. Margaret realizes that he's Jingles' son, and offers to take Bobby to him. She says that she and Jingles have a long history. When Bobby says that he doesn't trust her, Margaret walks away. Bobby follows her and Margaret explains that she died just before the chipper spit her out, but she's been hiding and waiting to kill Bobby.

As Margaret comes at Bobby with a knife, Jingles grabs her arm and says that he wouldn't let her hurt his son. He drives the knife into her head and leads Bobby off before Margaret comes back. Bobby hugs Jingles, crying, and Jingles hugs him back and asks why Bobby came there. His son tells him that he sacrificed himself for his child, and he had to come back to thank him. Jingles assures Bobby that he's worth it, and tells him to forget the place and go live.

Margaret stabs Jingles in the back and says that she's always the final girl. Bobby runs and Lavinia appears in front of him. Lavinia tells Margaret that Bobby deserves a happy ending because he's innocent. Margaret doesn't believe it, and Lavinia cuts her throat. As Lavinia admires the boy who looks just like her son if he'd grown up, the other ghosts appear. Montana tells Bobby to get out and tell their ghost stories to his children, and Bobby runs out of the camp. Outside the gates, Bobby turns back and sees Jingles, Lavinia, and the young Bobby watching him affectionately. Smiling, Bobby nods to them and walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2019

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