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Burning Man Recap

Morris complains to Marjorie that it isn't fair that he had to kill Alma. He insists that he loved her even though he hated her, and wraps up her body as he says that he loved Alma more than Danielle and then Alma killed Danielle. Morris laments that he doesn't have anyone, and tells Alma that he would have lived a normal life if Brady hadn't done anything. Kicking the freezer, Morris insists that he went to Rothstein's house figuring he would never have turned Jimmy Gold into a piece of shit and leave him in advertising. He curses Peter for stealing Rothstein's manuscripts, and promises to cut off Marjorie's head off if Peter doesn't give him the manuscripts.

Bill and Jerome drive back to Alma's house, and Bill tells Jerome that he'll keep watch while he breaks in. The PI figures that if Alma is there, it's time for him to start scaring people, and curses her. They pull on Alma's street and Bill tells Jerome to buzz him on his cell phone if he sees anyone coming. Bill breaks into the house and searches the place, and confirms that Alma's bed isn't slept in. He checks the work shed next, but finds nothing inside. Morris is hiding around the corner of the house, holding a gun to Marjorie's head and watching Bill.

Allie calls Bill and tells him that everything is okay. She says that she's in Bridgeton at Bill's house, and Bill tells her that he's on her way. Bill returns home and finds her laying on her old bed staring at the stars painted on the ceiling. Allie tells him that she had to get away so she came there, and explains that she just called Donna and Donna wants Bill to call her. Bill welcomes Allie home, and she says that she's just there for a week. After a moment, they hug, and Allie finally says that she's done crying and doesn't want Bill to start. Crying, Bill says that he's not going to cry.

Morris takes Marjorie back into the shed, ties her to a chair, and says that he's going to call Peter. Marjorie needs to tell her son that time is running out for him to deliver the manuscripts.

The next morning at Finders Keepers, Bill tells Holly and Jerome that Allie is visiting him. He wonders if it's a good thing Allie came there, but figures something is wrong. Lou comes in and says that she's going to meet someone with the employment office. She admits that she doesn't know what her job thing is, and Bill says that it's okay if she wants to keep working there. Lou thanks him for thought but says that her counsellor has recommended she create some space from them. Once Lou leaves, Bill says that something isn't right and reminds Holly about the Mercedes she inherited, and tells Jerome that they're leaving.

Morris calls Peter, who tells him to return Marjorie. Morris warns that Marjorie is in deep fucking shit, puts his gun to his head, and says that he's about to lose it. Marjorie tells Peter to give Morris the manuscripts, and when Peter offers to move the manuscripts to a secure location, Morris figures that he's trying to buy time. He shows Peter Alma's corpse and says that he'll kill Marjorie next, and gives Peter one hour or he kills Marjorie. Peter says that he'll call Morris with the location and hangs up.

Jerome suggests that they go back to Morris' place, but Bill figures that he won't go there. They see the Mercedes parked next door... painted yellow. Jerome says that it looks good, but Bill considers it a "death machine". He wonders why Holly wants the Mercedes, and Jerome suggests that he drive it because it still has a hold on him. Jerome reminds Bill that he sees the car driving to him in his nightmares, and suggests that he take control of his demons. He points out that Brady indirectly gave them family, and Holly is their leader

Antonio pulls up and stares at the Mercedes in surprise, and agrees with Bill that it's fucked up. Bill says that Antonio needs to get a search warrant for Alma's house and shed, and explains that she and Rothstein had an affair. Antonio warns that he doesn't have enough evidence to get a warrant, and Bill tells him that he'll get him something by the time he has the paperwork drafted.

Bill and Jerome go to the Saubers house and Tom says that he hasn't talked to Peter, and Peter knows he's been in contact with Bill. Tom points out the government hasn't had their backs in a long time and Peter doesn't trust them, and figures that Peter is doing his own Jimmy Gold thing by saving the day and saving Marjorie. Bill tells Tom that they're keeping the police in the loop, and wants Tom to give him his phone so he can talk to Morris if he calls. He warns Tom that they're running out of options and needs to trust Bill. Tom asks for his word that he won't bring in the police, father to father. Bill promises and Tom hands over the phone. Outside, Bill asks Jerome to track Morris the next time he calls. He says that he'll play it by ear whether he tells Antonio.

Holly visits Allie in her room and introduces herself, and admits that she's wanted to meet Allie for a long time. Allie asks why she lived there, and Holly says that Bill saved her in a lot of ways. Holly admits that Bill might be the most wonderful man she's ever met, and says that she understands Bill wasn't around much when Allie was growing up. Allie points out that Bill hasn't said it to her, and Holly notes that Bill isn't the best communicator but gets the message across that Allie is the most important thing in his life.

Lou interviews with John, the manager at the computer store where she worked. He asks why she'd want to return there, and says that it has enough time ditching the ghost of Brady without hiring his best friend and a killer. Lou asks if people come in to see where Brady worked, and John admits that they do. She points out how many people would come in to see her, and buy things. Lou admits that she's a freak show and people love a freak show.

Peter tells Morris to come to the club, but insists that he brings Marjorie if he wants to get the manuscripts. Morris says that he'll be there in an hour, and tells Marjorie that she'd better hope Peter is playing things straight.

Antonio calls Bill and asks if he has anything for the warrant. Bill says that he's working on it, and Antonio explains that they did some digging and learned that Morris was living with Danielle and she disappeared a few weeks ago.

Morris tells Marjorie that they're going on a road trip and ungags her. He has her say that she understands the severity of the situation, and Marjorie does.

Bill finds Allie in the backyard petting his tortoise Fred. When he says the tortoise will outlive them all, Allie complains that he's morbid. Bill asks why Allie came there, and she says that some things have recently came up. She keeps having nightmares about Bill being in danger, burning in a fire in Hell, and she came there to make sure she's not the one putting him through hell. Bill tells her that he's having the same nightmare with Rothstein in it, and he asks her what other things she was talking about. Allie finally tells him that she's pregnant, and a shocked Bill sits down next to her. He chuckles and takes her hand, and Ida comes out. Bill asks her to go into the house and he'll come inside in a few minutes to ask her some stuff. Allie tells him that he can go, insisting that she'll be fine, and Bill chuckles again and goes in.

Morris tapes Marjorie up and calls Tom to tell him to warn Peter not to pull anything.

Bill tells Ida about the case, and Morris calls Tom's phone. The PI introduces himself, and asks Morris what the end game is. Morris promises that Marjorie is dead, and Bill tells him that he has an out. The killer says that it's too late and all he cares about are the manuscripts, and Bill puts Ida on the phone. She talks about how the two of them used to talk in high school, and Morris says that she's a teacher who aged like shut. Bill takes the phone and says that they were both fucked over by Brady and then Rothstein because they both read his manuscripts. He admits that he's fucked up repeatedly but says that they both know there's more to Jimmy' story and they can find it together. Morris tells Bill that he doesn't believe him and hangs up.

Morris picks up the gun, opens the freezer, and shoots the two corpses inside out of frustration. He then chloroforms Marjorie unconscious.

At Finders Keepers, Jerome tries to trace Marjorie's phone and explains to Holly what he's doing. Lou comes back and says that she got a job catering. As she and Holly hug, Jerome gets a hit.

Bill asks Ida if Peter ever went anywhere, and Ida mentions that Peter used to help clean up Tom's properties that he sold. As Ida leaves, Bill tells her that Allie is pregnant. Bill vaguely says that he's happy for her, and Ida tells him to enjoy it. Jerome calls Bill and says where Marjorie's phone is... near Alma's house. Bill has Jerome call the police to have them meet him there.

Peter sets up a pile of newspapers at the club, and places the manuscripts on a trunk. He then covers them over with a plastic sheet

Antonio calls Bill, who warns the ADA that Morris is crazy. Peter calls Tom and Bill gets the call. Bill explains that Tom gave him the phone and they can sort it out, and Peter hangs up on him. Jerome calls and says that Marjorie's phone is moving into town. Bill changes directions and tells Jerome to call Tom and see what listings he has where they're headed.

Peter moves the booths where he wants them and then checks his cigarette lighter.

Morris pulls up to the club and pours water on Marjorie's head to wake her up.

Jerome calls Bill and says that he has three possibilities. They figure Peter is at the club.

Morris takes Marjorie in via a side door, using her as a shield and holding a gun to her head. Peter steps out, gun drawn, and tells him to let Marjorie go. Morris says that they're not negotiating and demands the manuscripts. When Peter doesn't respond, Morris takes out a knife and says that he's going to cut Marjorie's throat. He yanks the gag off of Marjorie's mouth, and she tells Peter to do what Morris says, and then head-butts Morris. Peter runs over and hits Morris repeatedly, and Morris pistol-whips him and tries to cut his throat. Marjorie grabs Morris' dropped gun and shoot at his head. She shoots off his nose and Peter goes over to untie her. Morris draws his gun and orders Marjorie to drop her gun or he'll kill Peter. After a moment, Marjorie puts down the gun.

Bill pulls up outside the club and gets out.

Peter kicks the gun to Morris, and Morris tells him to give him the manuscripts or Marjorie dies. The teenager pulls the sheet off the manuscripts, then sprays them with lighter fluid. As Bill comes in, Peter lights the lighter and holds it over the manuscripts. Peter points out that if Morris shoots him, the lighter drops and sets the manuscripts on fire and Morris will never get to read them. As Morris says that he's had enough and prepares to kill Marjorie, Bill shoots him. Startled, Peter drops the lighter, setting the manuscripts on fire. Screaming, Morris tries to rescue the manuscripts and sets himself on fire. Peter gets Marjorie out, and Bill watches as Morris dies trying to read a manuscript. He imagines Rothstein watching, and watches the author walk away. The club catches fire and starts to come down, and Bill gets out.

Later, the firefighters put out the flames. EMTs take Morris' body away, and Tom arrives and goes to Peter and Marjorie. They hug, and Jerome and Bill watch. Bill admits that maybe Jerome was right and says that Morris was trying to read the manuscripts while he was on fire. Jerome says that it's what Rothstein does. Antonio comes over and says that they found Alma in the shed and the reward money required that the manuscripts were intact. Bill tells Antonio that he doesn't get to prosecute a big case again, and Antonio half-jokingly curses at him.

Later, Holly and Roland arrive at Bill's house and he assures them that everyone is fine. Holly says that they're going for a drive and gives Allie the dog paperweight from her room. Allie hugs Holly and tells her father that it's a family heirloom. As Holly and Roland go to their car, Holly sees Ida and goes over to her. She asks if everything is okay between Bill and Allie, and Holly tells her that everything is fine.

Later, Bill and Allie watch Fred eat. Bill talks about how Fred will watch over Allie's son or daughter after he's gone. Allie breaks into tears and tells him not to say sad Irish things. She asks Bill not to die, and Bill says that he'll do his best... or at least do better.

Lou pulls up in an ice cream truck and serves ice cream to the neighborhood kids.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 16, 2019

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