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Golden Time Recap

Jessie from 3C knocks on the door of Rowena's study. When there's no answer, Jessie casts a spell and unlocks the door. Jessie turns on the lights and tears up the room searching for valuable magical artifacts. When she looks at an open tome, Jessie's nose bleeds and she starts coughing and collapses to the floor, blood oozing from her eyes. She crawls to the door and then collapses, dead.

At the bunker, Sam checks the Internet for stories on Chuck or Lilith. He hears something moving behind him, but dismisses it as his imagination. Dean comes in and reads the joke from a back of a cereal box. Sam admits that he hasn't found anything and suggests that his visions have stopped. Dean doesn't believe it, figuring Chuck will find them eventually.

Castiel goes to a bait and tackle shop and discovers that it's closed. The owner, Andy, comes over and opens up the shop for Castiel. They talk about fishing and Castiel admits that he doesn't find it relaxing. He notices Andy pouring himself a drink and asks if everything is all right. Andy says that they pulled a missing kid, Shane Coogan, out of the lake that morning. He figures that Shane drowned, but was drained of his blood.

Sam is out jogging by the lake, and the temperature around him suddenly drops. He glances over and Eileen's ghost appears and greets him. Sam brings Eileen back to the bunker, and she explains that the Hellhound that killed her dragged her to Hell. She escaped when Chuck blew the doors open, and she escaped before the barrier went up around the town. Eileen says that she's been trying to get them to see her, and figures that it ends with her going crazy like all ghosts have, killing people. She tells the Winchesters that she can't stay there and won't go to Hell, and hoped that they could put in a good word with Heaven. Dean says that souls from Hell can't go to Heaven and apologizes, and Eileen says that she's sorry as well.

Dean and Sam leave, and Dean suggests that they use a soul catcher to lock up Eileen's spell. Sam warns that the spell isn't easy, and says that he'd need a crystal. He suggests that they go to Rowena's place and look for a crystal, and Dean tells him to do it on his own. Sam notes that Dean has been acting like nothing they do makes a difference and helping Eileen matters, and Dean tells his brother that he'll kick its ass.

Castiel goes to see the sheriff and sits down to wait. A woman, Melly Krokowski, says that she heard he was renting a cabin and has heard he's an FBI agent. Castiel claims that he's on vacation, and Melly tells him that her son Caleb is missing as well. The receptionist assures her that her son will turn up, but Melly figures that with Shane dead, she needs to find Caleb. Castiel agrees to help her.

Sam stops at a gas station to fuel the Impala, and tells Eileen that he wishes there was more he could do. Eileen figures that it's the best chance she has, and Sam talks about how he was in Hell once and talking about it helps. She says that she can't talk about it yet, and when Sam drops it, Eileen signs to him.

At Rowena's house, Sam and Eileen go inside and find the dead intruder on the floor of the apartment. A nearby mirror shimmers but neither of them notice.

In a van across a street, two women watch Sam and Eileen through the mirror. One of them recognizes Sam.

Sam discovers that the intruder has a tattoo identifying her as a witch. He closes the doors and they look for a crystal.

Sheriff Alden Roy finally returns and Castiel talks to him. Roy dismisses Melly as a crank and says that some years they lose a hiker. Locals saw Shane using opiods and Roy figures he OD'd, and says that Shane's body is on the way to Cheyenne. When Castiel demands to see the ME files, Roy asks to talk to his supervisor.

At the bunker, Dean hears a cell phone ring, answers it, and finds himself talking to Roy. The phone is one that Bobby used to pass as a FBI supervisor, and Dean plays along and asks to speak to Castiel. Roy hands over the phone, and Dean tells Castiel that Sam has been trying to call him. Dean tells him that Chuck is back and to check his messages, and hangs up. Impressed, Roy agrees to get Castiel the files.

Sam wonders where Rowena's real stash is, and Eileen walks through a bookshelf. She then calls to Sam, and Sam opens the secret door. Inside is Rowena's storage room of spells and books, and Sam finds Rowena's journals of her spellwork. Eileen realizes that he misses Rowena, and Sam says that Rowena sacrificed herself to save the world, and Sam was the one who killed her. He says that he feels like the punch line of a joke, and Eileen tries to take his hand but it passes through Sam's. A piece of paper falls out of the journal Sam is examining, and he reads it in shock.

Back in the apartment, Sam tells Eileen that Rowena was working on a way to make the spirit flesh and bring Mary back. He figures that he can finish the spell and bring Eileen back.

Castiel goes through the ME files on Sam and the other dead tourists. He discovers that they're all centered around Jenny Lake.

Sam loads Rowena's spell components into the Impala trunk, and then starts spitting up blood. He collapses to the street and manages to grab a mojo bag out of the wheel well of the Impala. The two women come over and the one who recognized Sam, the other two witches' mother, dispels Eileen with a gesture after Sam signs to her to get Dean. Mother kneels down and greet Sam by name.

The woman drag Sam to the van and tie him up. Mother explains that Rowena is dead and they came for what she left behind. She tells Sam that the apartment was hexed against anyone but Sam, and figures Rowena left her treasures to him. The intruder was Jessie, Mother's youngest, and she's going to bring Jessie back. Sam says that he can get Rowena's stuff for Mother but he needs the resurrection spell. Mother refuses, saying that the spell can only be used once and calls over her other daughter, Emily. Emily has made a doll with some of Sam's hair, and Mother uses it to torture Sam unless he agrees to help.

Castiel drives to the lake and Melly follows him. She says that Caleb wouldn’t have come there because there's an old silver mine nearby that the EPA shut down. Melly offers to take Castiel there and he reluctantly agrees.

Sam and Emily go back to Rowena's apartment and he tries to make conversation with her. She tells him not to talk and pricks the doll, and Sam goes into the apartment with a box. Emily looks at Jessie's corpse from the doorway, and asks Sam if she's pretty. Sam points out that Jessie is dead, and Emily says that Jessie made her life hell. Emily refuses to explain, and Sam says that his brother played pranks on him. The witch explains that Jessie made her invisible for a week, tried to sell her soul to a demon, and turned her crush into a water balloon and popped him. Emily tells Sam to stop packing and turns away.

Melly takes Castiel to the silver mine and thanks him for working on his vacation. She figures that he burned out, and Castiel says that he and his coworkers had a fallout. Melly sympathizes, saying that she took herself out the game but couldn't get away from it. Castiel warns her that there Shane was killed by a djinn, and monsters are real. He figures that the mine is the djinn's lair and he doesn't want her to see what's inside. Caleb is sitting by a tree, and Melly runs over and hugs him.

Emily talks about how Jessie killed her pet rabbit to get its bones, and Jessie turned Emily's tongue into a snake. Sam suggests that Emily run from Mother and start over again with Rowena's things. Emily looks at Jessie's body, then says that Sam is a liar and jams a pin into the doll's heart.

Castiel and Melly lead Caleb away, and they stop for a rest. Caleb explains that he saw a guy dragging a dead body into the lake, and he took a photo of him and then ran, twisting his ankle. Roy arrives, gun drawn, and says that he doesn't kill more than he has to. Castiel draws his blade, and Roy shoots him in the chest. Castiel heals the wound, says that Roy is a selfish little man with authority, and advances on Roy. Roy shoots him again, and Castiel heals the wound, knocks Roy to the ground, and stabs him repeatedly as Melly and Caleb look on.

Sam emerges from Rowena's apartment with a box of Rowena's things. Dean comes in holding a gun to Mother's head, and Emily tortures Sam. She says that if Dean doesn't let Mother go, she'll kill Sam. The lights flicker and Jessie's ghost appears, knocking Dean out. Sam knocks the doll out of Emily's hand, and Jessie advances on Dean. Emily grabs the doll and twists it, and Eileen knocks Jessie backs and fights her.

While Eileen and Jessie fight, Dean grabs his discarded gun and shoots Emily. Asa stares at her daughter in shock and then hexes Dean. Sam tackles Mother and reveals that he pocketed a token to protect himself from Emily. He jams the token into Mother's mouth and casts a spell. Meanwhile, Jessie chokes Eileen. Sam burns Jessie's body, banishing the ghost just as Jessie comes for him.

Castiel disposes of Roy's body and heals Caleb's sprained ankle, even though it's an effort. Melly says that it's a miracle and wonders if God sent Castiel. Castiel says that he can't explain it and she's better off not knowing him, and she figures that he's leaving. If he stays, nothing changes, so he figures it's time to get back into the game.

At the apartment, Sam pours leaves into a tub of water and tells Eileen to get in. She smiles at Sam and steps into the water, and he recites the spell. After a moment a naked and solid Eileen emerges from the water and puts on a towel, then steps out of the tub. Sam has turned away, and Eileen calls to him. He turns around and Eileen holds out her hand. After a moment, Sam takes it and Eileen thanks him, and they hug.

Later at the bunker, Sam gets Eileen settled in a room and joins Dean in the main room. Dean figures that Sam is some kind of witch, and tells him that Sam did good while he did jack. Sam points out that he killed a witch, and says that they have moves to make and can't just give up. Dean tells him that he doesn't know what Chuck is and what isn't, and Sam insists that they'll find a way to stop him because they're the guys who breaks the rules. He says that he can't do it without Dean and needs his brother.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 22, 2019

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