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The Word Recap

New Jerusalem, 1619

People wander around the village, some sitting listlessly in the mud. Animals lay dying, covered in bugs. Amity Lambert looks in the door of her former home, and her father Marius slams the door shut in her face.

Pere Augustin preaches to his congregation, telling them to accept the "tests" that have befallen them, as Job and Moses did. After his sermon, Amity speaks from the back, saying that Job and Moses were called by God while they were ordered by a prideful man with a fortune at stake. Marius tells her to mind her place and says that his daughter isn't well. Amity persists, saying that Marius promised the King that the colony would succeed. She says that Jerusalem's Lot is cursed, and tells the congregation that they need to find fertile ground. When Augustin refuses to testify in agreement, Amity says that she will, goes the lectern, and collapses in convulsions before she can speak out. Marius says that she's possessed.

Later, the villagers imprison Amity while the town council meets. Augustin says that Amity is sick but not possessed, but the others note that she listens to the dark mutterings of the natives and draws strange pictures. Pere Augustin warns them against giving into superstition, and Marius reads a love letter from Amity to Augustin. Marius accuses the priest of having sex with a witch, and casts him and Amity out. Augustin begs Marius to banish him but not Amity, but the villagers drag Augustin away on Marius' orders.

Amity and Augustin are turned out of the stockade, and Augustin kisses her. Later, Amity goes into the woods and hunts, but finds nothing. She returns to their camp where Augustin lies burning with fever, then uses a charcoaled stick from the fire to draw. Something howls through the trees, and Amity goes into the woods to investigate. She finds a fire burning on a cliff, and looks over the edge at the lake below. A hooded man appears, watching her, and steps forward and removes his hood. The light from his face shines like sunlight on Amity.


Ace, possessed by Augustin, looks at a drawing of Amity meeting the hooded man, and then goes into the next room and looks at the Converted refurbishing the interior of the Marsten House. He then looks at a drawing of Augustin and Amity, together.

Later, Hassan watches as the Jerusalem's Lot decoration committee prepare the town for the town's 400th anniversary celebration. The leader thanks the volunteers for turning out, and Ace walks out as the leader says that the parade will kick off four days of festivities.

The police take Annie back to her cabin and she tells Deputy Clay that she doesn't want a lawyer and she's giving a confession. She claims that Rita broke into her room and tried to rob her, and Annie did what she had to do. Annie demands to speak to Joy, but Clay asks if the pills of anti-psychotics are her. He asks about the syringe that was used on Rita, and Annie insists that she's a nurse and had access. Clay points out that Rita called Joy's phone number while she was in New York, and asks why she came there. Annie says that Rita was crazy and she doesn't know why Rita came there. She asks what is going to happen to Joy, and Clay leaves without a word.

Clay brings Joy back into the room and Annie hugs her. She tells Joy not to say a word, and says that her daughter saved her when she shouldn't have, because she didn't deserve it. Annie tells Joy to let her do the saving and says that she'll get Joy clear of it. Clay comes in and says that they're both going to the police station, and Annie insists that Joy has nothing to do with it.

Pop looks through his ledger, a revolver nearby. After a moment he gets up and drives to Shawshank. He goes in and meets with a prisoner, his brother-in-law John. John knows about Pop's cancer and asks how long he has, and Pop welcomes him back. Pop says that he has weeks, and John notes that he has life in prison. John asks why Pop is there, and Pop reminds him that he's in prison for killing his wife: Pop's sister Brenda. The prisoner says that Pop got his sons and he knows what he is, and Pop says that he came there to forgive him. John doesn't believe it and wonders what's really going on, and says that Ace was there two days earlier to talk to him.

As Pop goes, he asks the guard Jimmy if Ace came there. Jimmy finally says that he let Ace to go Warden Lacey's hole in Block F because there was nothing left there for Ace to hurt. Pop wonders what Ace wanted there, and Jimmy says that Ace paid him $100 not to ask. The guard confirms that the prisoner Henry's cage is still there, and the cage is locked with a prison uniform in there. Jimmy tells Pop that Ace has been at the Marsten House and figures he always has an angle.

Pop drives to the House and sees the people working on the outside of the house.


Amity enters the church and says that she met an angel. Augustin is behind her, bearing a basket of fruit, and Amity leads them out to show that plants have grown up around the village. Amity hands out fruits and vegetables, saying that there is plenty for everyone, but Marius insists that it's witchcraft. One elder asks Augustin for his forgiveness, and Augustin says that he should ask for Amity's forgiveness. The elder drops to his knees and begs Amity for forgiveness, and after a moment the other villagers do likewise. Marius walks away in shock.


Pop enters the House and looks at the renovated interior. Ace comes in and Pop asks why he's there. His nephew says that they're fostering a connection between Castle Rock and Salem's Lot. Ace asks if Pop is going to the parade, and says that history doesn't define them. Pop demands to know what Ace is doing there and at the prison, and Ace tells him that he's had revelations about himself. His uncle doesn't believe him, and Ace denies going to Block F. He tells Pop to go because his friends don't want him in their house. After a moment, Pop leaves.

Pop goes to the construction site and tells Albi that Nadia figured out he killed her mother on her own. Albi draws a gun and orders Pop out, and Pop warns him that Ace and Hassan are working together along with other townie. Pop says that something bad is coming, but Albi doesn't believe him and tells him to stay away from him and his family. As Pop goes, he looks at the House looming over the town.

In the House, Ace says that now 38 of them have vessels, soon Amity will return. He says that they'll act at the place where the most people are gathered. A man comes in and says that the police have Annie, and Ace tells Andersen to take care of it. Andersen nods and leaves.

Ace goes to where Amity's coffin rests in the tunnels, and whispers to her that she'll be brought back in three days during the anniversary.


Amity watches at the villagers hang Marius upside down and burn him and his two supporters. She then tells the villagers that the Angel has told her to spread His word far and wide on a holy crusade. Later, Amity has sex with Augustin in the church and paints her pictures on the walls.


Ace looks at Amity's pictures and remembers the past. Andersen returns and tells Ace that it will take time to get Annie out. He warns that Annie is taking the same anti-psychotics as Heather, and warns that there isn't time to sober Annie up. Ace insists that Annie brought them all back, and Andersen warns him that he's seeing signs when there are none. Ace asks him which vessel is suitable, and Andersen remains silent.


Amity kneels before the church altar and the statue of the Angel, and Augustin asks if He really asks it of them. Amity tells him and the villagers behind him to leave. Once they did, Amity says that she opened their ears to His Word, and the Angel now asks her to do an unspeakable act to His followers. She wonders why, saying that she killed a God for him, then screams. Bugs fly out of the statue past Amity, and after a moment she says that the Angel's will be done.

Later, Amity tells the villagers that the Angel tests their faith in Him by asking the unspeakable. She insists that He has a plan for them when they return, and the villagers go to work building.

That night, the villagers gather and Amity places a bug in a child's mouth. Once he swallows it, Amity cuts his throat. As villagers place the boy's body in one of the coffins they built, Amity assures the weeping mother and the other villagers that the flesh is weak and they will reawaken in four centuries in new vessels. Then there will be a new world for them to conquer.

After Amity has killed the remaining villagers, she and Augustin finish interring them in the tunnels. She tells him that he'll be reborn first and gives him the knife, and says that she'll be last. Amity tells Augustin that when he returns, he must find the Angel. As Amity gets in her coffin, she tells Augustin that she has faith in him that he'll find the Angel. She promises that in 400 years, she'll return. Augustin feed her a bug, cuts her throat, and seals the coffin.


The townspeople gather for the parade.

At the construction site, Albi goes to the Marsten House through the forest. He finds Hassan burning three police officers on upside down crosses, and Hassan sees Albi.

Pop checks with a police officer who says that there's been no trouble at the parade. Appleton gets up on the stand in front of the church and thanks everyone for coming. The Converted bringing out the covered Angel statue on a platform, and Pop sees Ace come up to the stand. Meanwhile, Appleton says that the statue is a blessing that will unify all of them. Ace yells that something bad is coming, and the police officers hold him back. The Converted unveil the statue, and the townspeople stare at the Angel, mesmerized. Pop isn't looking at it, and realizes that everyone else is facing it and immobile.


On the cliff, Amity sees the face of the Angel: Henry.


Pop gets in his truck and drives away. Meanwhile, Ace tells the mesmerized townspeople a story about starting over. He says that the story ends when it begins, and it starts in Castle Rock and it will end there as well.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 24, 2019

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