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Dirty Recap

Clay brings Annie and Joy to the Marsten House and Ace welcomes them. She wonders why Clay brought her there, and Ace says that Clay is with them now. The deputy leaves, and Ace takes the two women to a place where they can clean up.

The mesmerized townspeople take the statue of the Angel through town, and people along the way see the statue, fall under its spell, and join the others marching.

Clay shows Ace and Valerie Annie's anti-psychotics, and Ace replaces them with lookalikes.

Annie remembers Joy injecting Rita with the sedative, and Rita dropping her gun and shooting herself.

She remembers seeing the House a week ago when it was a wreck, and Ace says that they figured if they could fix it, they can fix anyone. He tells Annie that she has sanctuary there, and warns Annie that if she leaves then she's taking her choices with Child Protective Services. Ace invites Annie to stay the night until it's safe.

Annie hears Joy sobbing and goes over to comfort her. She says that they can't stay there, and they'll leave once it's safe. Something moves in the corner, but when Annie turns there's nothing there. Annie imagines a woman saying her name, and Joy asks Annie if she's been taking her pills.

Chris comes in and Valerie tells him that Amity's vessel is there and Amity will soon join them. The drawings on the wall show Castle Rock in ruins, and Valerie says that Ace has told them that it's time for Nadia to be converted and Chris is the one to do it. Chris nods and smiles.

Later, Chris goes to Nadia's home and says that he needs to talk to her. She lets him in, and he figures that she's there alone, and Chris says that she and Albi will work things out. Chris chokes her from behind, and Nadia breaks free and runs out of the kitchen. He grabs her before she can get out the front door and she manages to grab a stethoscope and choke him unconscious.

Hassan tells the others to cut off the power and phone lines, then kill anyone who is left.

Nadia tries to call out on her cell phone but there's no signal. She takes Chris to the hospital and finds no one there. When Nadia dials Abdi's phone, she gets no answer.

Annie takes her pills and looks at the sleeping Joy. She leaves the bedroom, and Valerie watches her go. She goes into the bedroom and finds Joy's drawings, and realizes that they're in the same style as Amity's. Valerie shows them to Ace, and she wonders if Joy is the Vessel for Amity. He goes to the bedroom and looks at the sleeping Joy, then goes to the tunnels and tells Amity's coffin that he might have incorrectly believed Annie was the Vessel.

Ace goes back upstairs and locks the basement door behind him, and asks Annie if the drawing is Joy's. Annie confirms that Joy has always been an artist and Ace says that if there's anything Joy needs, Annie should let him know. Ace asks if Joy needs medication, and Annie tells him that she doesn't take it. Annie asks what is in the basement, noting that Ace keeps it locked, and he says that they're finishing and doesn't want someone to get hurt. Once Ace leaves, Annie hears the woman's voice calling her name.

Nadia straps Chris to a bed and wakes him up with a drug to stabilize him, and hears a woman, Miss Davis, pounding on the railing of her bed with a bedpan. When Nadia checks on her, Davis says that everyone went out to look at the parade and never came back. Chris wakes up and moans, and Nadia goes back to his room. He says that there's something inside of him and begs Nadia to get it out of him, and Nadia explains that he attacked her. Chris tells her that they're coming for everyone.

In the bedroom, Annie hears the voice asking her if she can see what the "dirty birds" want. She imagines her mother Crysilda there, and Crysilda says that Annie is giving Joy to them. Annie grabs her pills and runs out, goes to the bathroom, and takes her medication. The mirror explodes and water shoots into the bathroom, and Crysilda tells Annie to get Joy clean.

Joy puts on her shoes and sees blood from Rita on the shoelaces. She goes downstairs and Ace steps out, and asks if she got any sleep.

Annie looks at the unshattered mirror and realizes that she hallucinated the water. She goes to the bedroom and discovers that Joy is gone.

Joy wonders why Ace is being so nice to them, and he says that people change.

Annie goes to look for Joy, and a man comes out of the basement, leaving it unlocked.

Ace tells Joy that the man she met was in a strange place in his life, and his time was up.

Annie goes down to the basement.

Ace tells Joy that it's a terrible thing to be responsible for someone else's death like Joy was for Rita's. Joy insists that it was an accident, but Ace says that things happen for a reason.

Annie finds corpses in the basement.

Joy tries to run, and Hassan grabs her. Ace tells her that he won't let her go for long.

The townspeople parade down the road past the downed powerlines.

Chris convulses and then tells Nadia to give her more of the drug, warning that he can't hold back the other for long. As Nadia goes to get more of the drug, she hears two Converted come in with orders to kill anyone they find. She goes back to Chris, and Bernard--having possessed Chris--tells her that they're his men. Chris yells to his "brothers", and Nadia gags him and wheels his gurney down the hall. The two men hear Chris and shoot at Nadia, and she wheels Chris into the pharmo room and locks the door behind her. They're unable to get a clear shot at her through the closed doors, and Chris tells Nadia to open the doors because she won't get out alive. The men leave, and Nadia gives Chris another injection.

Annie runs upstairs and hides in a closet. Valerie tells the Converted to secure the grounds and Annie, overhearing them, realizes that they have Joy. Crysilda tells Annie to find Joy and get her out of the "dirty world", and disappears. Annie goes out, grabs a kitchen knife, and goes to the second floor. She finds Heather, knocks the woman on the floor, puts the knife to Heather's throat, and demands to know where Joy is. Heather finally points out an attic room, then manages to stab Annie in the arm. Annie cuts her throat then goes up to the room. She sees Hassan lock a door and sit down to keep guard.

A minute later, Hassan hears Heather screaming and goes downstairs to investigate. Annie kills him with a sledgehammer, takes the keys from his pocket, and opens the door. Joy swings at her with a board until she realizes who it is, and the women hug. Crysilda appears and tells Annie to save Joy like she tried to "save" Annie, ending her pain. Annie stares at her shaking hands, and Crysilda disappears. After a moment, Annie tells Joy to hold onto her and not make a sound, grabs a hammer as a weapon, and leads the teenager out.

Annie leads Joy through the House, avoiding the Converted, and they get outside. Hundreds of townspeople are on the lawn, staring at them. The townspeople turn away after a moment.

Chris reverts back to his normal self. The two Converted come back with Davis and threaten to kill her if Nadia doesn't open the door. Chris tells her not to open the door as the Converted give Nadia ten seconds. He says that he can hold Bernard back, and tells her to release him so he can help defend the room. Nadia finally releases Chris and he opens the pharmo door. He tells them that he's Bertrand, holds up a bloody scalpel, and thanks them. When they come in, Nadia knocks the first one, Billy, out from behind. Chris grabs the other one, Timothy, as he goes for his gun. As they struggle, Nadia grabs Billy's gun and shoots Timothy in the head. Chris is hit in the stomach by a stray shot, and Nadia tries to stabilize him. He tells her that it's okay and she has to stop the Converted, and starts to tell her his true feelings before he dies.

Annie leads Joy out to the yard, avoiding looking at the Angel. They make their way through the motionless townspeople, and Valerie sees them and calls out a warning from the house. More Converted cut off Annie and Joy's escape, and Annie heads for a nearby truck as the townspeople start moving forward. The two women are separated in the crowd, and Clay grabs Annie. As he drags Annie back, Annie sees Joy walking with the townspeople, heading toward the Angel.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2019

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