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AKA I've Got the Blues Recap

The Past

After the car accident that kills her family, a young Jessica wakes up in the hospital. A young Trish and her mother Dorothy are arguing, and Dorothy insists that they have to change how the public views Trish by taking in Jessica as an orphan. Later, Jessica wakes up fully awake and discovers that TV is tuned to the Patsy show. Trish turns it off and Dorothy insists that they have to have a photo op with Jessica. When they realize that Jessica is awake, Dorothy tells her that Trish is going to save her.


At the restaurant, Jessica covers over Hope’s body while Robyn and the others stagger up. Malcolm holds a sobbing Robyn and glances over at Jessica, and the three survivor group members look over at her after a moment. Jessica tells them that their story is that they came there for a drink, she invited a former client, and she killed herself. Robyn refuses to lie, but Malcolm points out that no one will believe the truth. Jessica points out that Hope is dead that she can’t bring back Hope and Ruben, but she can kill Kilgrave. If they bring the cops in, then Kilgrave will control and kill them as well. Furious, Robyn wonders how many people she’ll get killed, and Jessica says that it’ll be less than how many Kilgrave will kill.

The police arrive and question everyone, and they all stick with Jessica’s story. When Robyn starts to tell the interviewing detective the truth, she glances over at Robyn and sticks to the story.

Later, Jessica meets with Trish on the street. Trish agrees that trading Albert for Hope made sense, but Jessica warns that Albert is as good as dead now that Kilgrave has him. She tells Trish to take her to the Riverbank Medical Center because the morgue there got a John Doe. Trish points out that her friend is covered in blood, and Jessica agrees to go home and clean up first.

Later, Jessica and Trish go to the morgue and tells the clerk, Maury Tuttlebaum, that the coroner’s office sent her to examine a corpse. Maury doesn’t fall for it and Jessica tries to impress him with Trish. He has no idea who Trish is, and Jessica says that Trish can get him a table at any restaurant in the city. Trish plays along and gets Maury a reservation at an exclusive restaurant, and he gives them five minutes with the corpse.

Maury takes them to the locker and he explains that the victim apparently threw himself in front of the car. It’s not Albert, and Jessica tells Maury to call her if any other elderly corpses come in. As they head back to the car, Trish warns that Jessica is grasping at straws. Jessica refuses to let Kilgrave use innocents as hostages against her after Hope, and Trish says that they both need to get some sleep. The PI says that she’s going to walk home and leaves. She takes a taxi to more hospitals instead and checks the morgues there.

The next morning, Jessica she arrives at an older building and discovers that the website has it wrong and it’s not a morgue. Jessica sits down and dozes off, and dreams of promising the dying hope that she’d kill Kilgrave. She catches a glimpse of Kilgrave among the pedestrians and goes after him. She crosses the street and a van hits her. She sees the man she was following in the crowd, but realizes that it’s not Kilgrave. Relatively unharmed because of her superpowers, Jessica limps off.

Trish is hosting her show when Will comes into the sound booth. She has her engineer take over and says that she doesn’t want to talk to Will. He apologizes for becoming violent and says that Kozlov’s drugs were messing with his mind and he quit the program. Jessica calls to have Trish pick her up, and she tells Will that she has to get back to her show. Will asks where Jessica is so that he can apologize to her as well, and then asks if he can see Trish later. She vaguely says that they’ll get together later. Once Will leaves, Trish texts Jessica for her location.

Trish goes to her apartment to meet Jessica. She wraps her ribs and warns that her friend has to take it easier because she’s not invulnerable. Jessica lays down to rest, and she wonders if humanity is worth saving from Kilgrave. Trish asks if she’d let someone she loved die to get Kilgrave, and Jessica admits that Trish is the only one she cares about and can protect.

The Past

Jessica is in the bathroom as Trish and Dorothy argue about Trish’s career. Listening to them, Jessica loses control and smashes the strength with one blow. She stares at her hands, shocked, and then lifts the heavy basin over her head with one hand. Trish comes in and sees what Jessica is doing, and Jessica realizes that Dorothy hit her daughter. The other girl tells Jessica that she’s gifted and wants to tell Dorothy. Jessica refuses to let her, pointing out that if Dorothy knew Jessica was gifted then she’d exploit her just like she does Trish. She gives Trish a wet cloth for her wound and admits that she doesn’t know if she got her powers in the accident. Jessica threatens to tell Lifetime Trish’s real story and save her, and Trish agrees not to tell if Jessica doesn’t save her.


Maury texts Jessica that a new body came into one of the morgues she contacted. When Jessica gets there, the new attendant says that Maury just went off-shit and a body came in from the old CDC building. She tells Jessica to check in with reception, and Jessica reluctantly leaves. She then comes back and breaks into the morgue, Clemons’ charred corpse is among the bodies Trish calls from her apartment and Jessica tells her that the police detective is dead. She figures that Kilgrave killed him and burned down the CDC building to cover his tracks, and Trish says that she’ll meet her friend and they’ll check the other morgues.

When Trish leaves, she finds Will waiting for her. He wants to talk, and Trish tells him to go home and get some sleep. Will says that he doesn’t want to lose her because of bad medication, and Trish says that it’s okay. She claims that she’s going shopping, but Will figures that she’s meeting with Jessica and asks what’s going on. Will insists that he just wants to find Jessica because she keeps getting in the way. Two commandos arrive and say that Kozlov is worried about Will. Will refuses to come back, and the commandos warn that they can’t leave without him. Will tells Trish that he’s got it and takes two of his red pills. He then turns and shoots them dead, then turns back to Trish.

Jessica calls Trish and Will answers the phone as he wipes up the blood. He says that Trish is going to her car, and he has a lead on Kilgrave but will only give it to Jessica if he can come along. Jessica tells him to meet her at her office. Once Jessica hangs up, Trish pounds on the gym door. Will says that it’s the only way to keep her out of the way, and he’ll take care of things. Once he leaves, Trish smashes off the door hinges with a dumbbell.

Jessica returns to her office and finds Malcolm waiting for her. He says that he and the others have been waiting for her and they want to plan an attack on Kilgrave. Jessica tells her friend to tell the others that they should forget it. Malcolm insists that they deserve an update and Jessica agrees... and then goes into her office and locks the door.

A few minutes later, Will arrives holding a gun. He knocks and prepares to shoot, but then puts the gun away as a couple leave their apartment. Jessica opens the door and Will comes in. He says that he convinced Trish to stay behind because she’s not like the two of them. Will wants a guarantee that Kilgrave will die, and Jessica says that he killed Clemons. The cop claims that he heard from the precinct that Clemons is dead and he died in the fire. Jessica knows from the coroner’s report that Clemons died from a bullet to the head, and it was police-issue. Will figures that ballistics didn’t come back that fast, and Jessica points out that Will knew where to find Trish and Albert because he went to the CDC and got the location from Clemons before killing him. There’s a fresh burn on Will’s arm, confirming her theory.

Will goes for his gun and Jessica kicks him back. They fight and Will says that he’s acting on his own, and he killed Clemons because he was going to put Kilgrave in the system. Will kicks Jessica over the desk and opens fire, and she kicks the desk into him and then tackles him. Will throws her into the wall and takes another pill, and throws Jessica through the wall. Jessica insists that she’s trying to kill Kilgrave, but Will doesn’t believe it. He figures that he has the advantage because of Jessica’s ribs, and tries to break her neck.

Trish comes in and clubs him with a fire extinguisher. Jessica knocks him back and the two women take refuge in the bathroom. As Will tries to kick in the door, he yells that he only wants Jessica and Trish can leave. Jessica warns that she’s too hurt to take Will down, and Trish takes out the bottle of Will’s pills that she stole. He knocks a hole in the door and warns that she has no tolerance. Without the blues, the reds will kill her. Jessica asks for the pills, but Trish tells her that if she dies then no one can take out Kilgrave and takes a red. She then grabs a knife and stabs Will in the arm, then comes out and attacks him. Her training and new strength give her the advantage, along with Will’s reluctance to hurt her.

Will finally knocks her down, but Jessica attacks him from behind and slams his head repeatedly into the refrigerator until he passes out. Trish admits that the rush is as amazing, but then clutches at her throat and collapses. Jessica calls an ambulance for her friend and administers CPR.

The Past

Jessica listens at the bathroom door as Dorothy forces Trish to vomit up her food after she eats too much pizza. Furious, the girl finally comes in and tells Dorothy to let Trish go. Dorothy says that it’s family business and Jessica isn’t part of any family. Trish reminds Jessica of her promise not to save her, but Jessica says that she can’t help it. She throws Trish out of the bathroom and into the opposite wall, and Dorothy crawls away. Trish warns Jessica that now her mother knows, and Jessica says “good.”


The ambulance picks up Trish and Jessica tells the EMT what Trish took. He gives her an injection to counter the stimulant, and Jessica begs her friend to live. Trish flatlines momentarily and then comes back to life. Relieved, Jessica hugs her.

Malcolm group-texts the other survivors, but none of them come... except Robyn. She tells him that the group is done, and advises Malcolm that any of the survivors could be brainwashed to kill him. Robyn insists that he’s going to get them all killed, and Malcolm insists that there has to be more than just people being out for each other. She says that she thought her and Ruben were stronger together, but he’s dead and no one can help anyone. When Malcolm says that if he accepts it then he’d kill himself, Robyn tells him that there’s a noose in a dumpster and no one will stop him. Once she walks away, Malcolm goes home.

Trish wakes up and finds Jessica sleeping in the hospital room.

Kozlov and two of his people enter Jessica’s apartment. The doctor confirms that Will is alive and tells the other two to take him. Malcolm comes back and sees the lights in the office, and starts to text Jessica... and then puts his phone away and goes into his apartment.

In the hospital, Jessica wakes up when Kilgrave contacts her. He says that he has her boyfriend and ifs he hurries, she can say goodbye to him. Jessica takes a taxi to Luke’s bar and Luke looks out at her through the window. He sees her and closes the window, and the bar explodes. Luke walks out, staggered but unharmed, and Jessica puts out his burning clothes. Shocked, Luke stares at Jessica.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2015

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