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The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace Recap

Tobias Whale lies in his cell and answers The Voice's questions. He says that he knows all about what ASA has planned for Freeland, and proudly proclaims that he's something different than a meta.

Jeff wakes up in bed alone and looks at his and Lynn's wedding photos. He remembers the last conversation they had, and calls Lynn but gets her voice mail.

At the Sanctum, Gambi tests Anissa's pain response and confirms that her powers are back to normal. She reveals the black scar on her arm where Painkiller tells her, and Gambi tells her to give herself time to heal. Anissa says that he has to get back to work for Freeland, and Gambi shows her a video of a news report from Jacksonville. The anchor says that the ASA has quarantined Freeland against a SARS outbreak. Anissa wants to tell the people the truth, and Gambi tells her that he can't get a signal out with his limited equipment. He explains that he needs proof of what is happening in Freeland, and Anissa tells him that she knows someone who can help him.

Lynn is checking the surveillance cameras for Khalil's presence in the Pit but doesn't find him. The guards bring Tobias in, and once they're alone Tobias says that she's going to be famous as the black woman who saved Freeland by enslaving black youth. Lynn asks what he's talking about, and Tobias tells her that she knows what the ASA is going to do with the metas from the list she gave him. He realizes that Jeff has told her the same, and Lynn insists that she's giving the metas a choice. Tobias isn't impressed and says that the kids don't have a choice. The ASA will use them as weapons along with everyone in Freeland with the metagene. Tobias doesn't know how the ASA will get enough Green Light to flood the city, but he does know it will be because of Lynn.

Jennifer goes to Brandon's apartment in response to his invitation, and he says that he called her there to apologize. She accepts his apology and explains that she wants to know what happens when their powers merge. Brandon suggests that it might involve his earth powers grounding her electrical powers. Jennifer figures that she doesn't have to hold back using her powers against Brandon and blasts him, laughing.

Jamilah prepares a statement about the truth, and Blackbird arrives and applauds her. Blackbird says that she wants to get Jamilah's message outside the perimeter, and asks for any footage she has of the ASA's actions.

Jeff is working in the kitchen when Bill visits. Bill admits that they need to be on the same page like Jeff said, and notes that Black Lightning helped the refugees escape. The inspector says that it's about third-grade teacher Mrs. Shepard, who needs their help. Black Lightning injured Grey so Williams is taken over and using Jeff's old apartment building, Franklin Terrace, as his new troop's barracks. Mrs. Shepard refuses to leave with the other tenants, and Williams has given them until midnight to get Shepard out or they'll throw her out on the street.

Jennifer claims that she was dosed with Green Light rather than tell Brandon how he got her powers. Brandon says that Jace was experimenting on his mother while she was pregnant with Brandon. One of Jace's assistants helped his mother escape, and he was thrown into foster care after she died. Brandon ran away when he got his powers and has been looking for Jace ever since. Jennifer sympathizes, saying she wanted to get revenge on the person who killed Khalil. She offers to tell Brandon Jace's last-known whereabouts.

Williams and his men are confronting the police when Jeff and Bill arrive. Bill stops the soldiers from breaking in, and Williams gives them ten minutes. Jeff tells them that it's an occupation, not a war, and warns Williams that the people will rise up. Williams whispers that Jeff is a meta, but lets him and Bill in.

Mrs. Shepard is in her apartment and takes out a gun when Jeff knocks at her door. She welcomes him and lets him in, and she explains that she's not living her home. Shepard tells Jeff that he should know what the place means, and reminds him of the place's history. Jeff warns that they'll throw her out, and Shepard says that it's her decision and she's not leaving. Outside in the hallway, Jeff calls Bill and tells him that Shepard isn't leaving and they're making their stand with Bill's people.

Williams orders his men to break in, and Jeff suits up and goes to confront them. He blasts lightning through the door, knocking the soldiers down, and walks out. Black Lightning continues attacking the ASA soldiers.

Anissa goes to the Sanctum and tells Gambi that she has footage. Gambi explains that he needs a radio tower to send the signal, and found an old abandoned facility. A police report comes in on the scanner about Black Lightning fighting the ASA, and Anissa goes to back him up. Gambi tells her that Thunder would go better than Blackbird with Black Lightning, and Anissa smiles and gets her costume.

Williams' remaining soldiers move in from the flank. One soldier asks his commander if they're really going to drive an old lady out of her apartment, but the commander says that orders are orders. The soldiers open fire and Black Lightning blocks the bullets, and another squad prepares to shoot him from the side. Thunder attacks them and Williams orders his men to fall back. She joins Black Lightning on the roof and reveals Bill and his men coming up. Bill tells Williams that he's done taking orders from him, and Black Lightning tells Williams that he just kicked his ass.

Gambi goes to the facility and turns on the power. When he enters the broadcast room, someone closes and locks the door behind him. Gambi draws his shotgun and tells the person to come out, and one of the pod kids, Baron, steps out. Baron figures Gambi is with the ASA, and Gambi says that he's trying to get a message out. He shows Baron the video tape and notes that he'd use the ASA's transmitter if he was on their side. Baron releases Gambi but refuses to shake his hand.

Lynn sneaks into an ASA storage room and finds hundreds of vials of Green Light. She goes back to her lab and tells Tobias that he's going to help her find a workaround to keep the ASA from turning the metas into weapons. Tobias says that there is one way to stop the ASA: break him out. Without his blood, the ASA can't stabilize the metas. Tobias explains that he can use Maryam's camouflage power to get out, once Lynn splices her DNA into his.

Jennifer tells Brandon that the Markovians have Jace. The building starts to shake as he loses his temper, and Jennifer begs him to stop. After a moment he passes out. Jennifer wakes him up and tells him the had a power flare connected to his emotions. She says that the same thing happens to her all the time as less like a freak.

Baron tells Gambi that he can talk to machines, and has been since he took the vaccine 30 years ago. The smart devices never stop talking, so he came to the tower to escape the "noise". The ASA called him "Technocrat", and Baron calls himself "TC'. They shake and TC takes over for Gambi, interfacing his video equipment with the broadcast equipment.

Painkiller enters the building and confronts Thunder. She says that he killed her friend and attacks him. They fight and Thunde3r grapples Khalil, but he escapes. He tries to touch her, but Thunder kicks him through a wall. Painkiller takes off his broken goggles and Thunder realizes who he is, and knocks him out through a window.

A soldier tells Williams that Painkiller is down, and Williams says that it ends now as his eyes flare purple.

Thunder goes to the tower and gives Gambi the video of Jamilah revealing the truth. He hooks it into his equipment and warns that the ASA will soon track him down. Gambi sends out the signal, but a second firewall jams the signal. TC takes over and manages to break through the firewall, and they upload the video.

Back at the Sanctum, Gambi pulls a file on the ASA and looks up the information on TC. A lockdown alarm goes off at the Pit, and Gambi quickly leaves.

At the Pit, the alarms go off. Gambi calls Lynn and says that they're trying to lock her down. He warns that Black Lightning joined the Resistance, and the ASA will use Lynn as a bargaining chip. Lynn grabs the vials of the cure and her own stash of Green Light, heads out, and Gambi directs her to a room across the hall just before the soldiers arrive to take her into custody. Gambi continues directing Lynn out past the guards, but she ignores Gambi and goes out. She bumps into a soldier, who tells the other soldiers that Lynn has access and lets her by. She gets up in the elevator just in time and gets out to Gambi's van, but drops her bag with the Green Light.

Williams mimics Black Lightning's power and tells the hero to step down. When Black Lightning refuses, Williams blasts him and Williams blasts back. Black Lightning's suit protects him but Williams has no such suit and collapses. His men carry him off while the people cheer. Bill and Shepard come out, and Shepard thanks Black Lightning for saving their home. Once she goes back inside, Black Lightning thanks Bill for his help and Bill welcomes him to the Resistance. The hero says that it's time to take back their city as the people cheer.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 3, 2019

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