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Last Call Recap

In Texhoma, Texas at B's Sugar Bar, Angela Sullivan helps her drunk friend Sally Anderson to her car. Sally wants to go to Ryan's after party at his house, but Angela tells her no more drinking and no more parties. When Sally goes to the side to vomit, Angela gets into her car. Something attacks Angela, and when Sally turns, she sees that Angela is gone. Sally calls to her friend but gets no response.

Angela wakes up tied to a chair in a cellar. She hears a low growling in the shadows and sees a tube hooked up to her hand. Her blood drips through the tube and into a faucet, and in a nearby care, a bestial creature lunges at the bar.

In the bunker in his room, Dean is drinking and looking for supernatural events on the Internet. He finds a story about Angela being raptured while Sally was drunk, and goes to the kitchen to tell Sam about it. Sam is cooking breakfast with Eileen, and Dean realizes that they're hungover. Eileen admits that they got carried away with margaritas, and Dean says that he can't eat breakfast with them. Dean tells them that he's going to head out alone, and Sam goes after him. His brother insists that he's good but he has to get out of there to clear his head. Surprised, Sam agrees and says that he and Eileen will look for Chuck and Lilith. Dean figures that they have something else in mind and tells Dean to leave a sock on the door knob.

Sam goes back to the kitchen and tells Eileen that apparently Dean leaving is progress. However, he doesn't look convinced.

Dean arrives in Texhoma and talks to Sherriff Dillon about Angela's disappearance. Dillon says that Angela's car is gone and figures that the girl went to L.A. to get into TV shows. The sheriff says that Sally has issues that keep her at Swayze's Bar, and Dean goes to check it out.

That night, Dean arrives at Swayze's Bar and goes inside. A woman, Lorna, greets him and flirts with him, then tells him to hand over his cellphone. He does so and Lorna figures that Sally will show up there occasionally. Once the woman leaves, Dean watches Lee Webb on stage performing. Once Lee finishes his set, Dean goes over to greet his friend. They hug and Lee says that he owns the place. Dean explains that he's still hunting, and Lee calls Lorna over to get them a couple of beers.

Sam and Eileen sit and smiles at each other while going over reports, and they finally agree to take a break. Eileen suggests that they go do something fun, and Sam takes her hand. As they start to kiss, Castiel comes in and says that it doesn't matter where he was because he's there to help. Sam introduces Eileen and says that Dean went for a drive while they've been searching for Chuck and Lilith. Castiel figures that Sam's wound hasn't healed, and suggests that since Sam find the Equalizer, there may be some of Sam's soul in Chuck.

Lee asks about John, and Dean says that he died 13 years ago. The owner talks about John catching them wasted on a hunt, and Dean says that John always liked Lee. They share a toast to John, and Dean admits that he thought Lee was dead. Lee talks about how he finally decided Hunting wasn't the life for him so he bought the bar. Dean asks him if regretted walking away, and Lee says that he never has.

Castiel offers to study Sam's wound and see if it can lead them to Chuck. The angel admits that it's dangerous, and Sam agrees. Castiel's hand glows with light, and then Sam is blasted back into the wall. As Sam recovers, Castiel calls Dean and gets his voicemail. The angel leaves a message for Dean to call him back.

Dean, Lee, and Lorna drink and talk about old times.

Castiel calls Sergei and says that he needs his help to deal with Sam's divine wound. The angel figures that Sergei owes him after Jack, and Sergei tells Castiel that he's with his niece. Castiel promises to find him and burn him alive if he doesn't help and then hangs up. Someone calls Castiel and he says that he needs a favor.

Dean tells Lee about Sally, and Lee says that he doesn't recognize Angela from her photo. Lorna points out that she's in there all the time, and Lee remembers that she comes in with Sally. Dean says that it's been a rough decade, and Lee suggests that someone else can kill monsters. Lee pours drinks and tells Dean that he deserves a break or two. The owner goes up on stage and tells Dean to join him. Dean reluctantly comes up and they sing John's favorite hunting song together

When they finish, Dean and Lee spot two men hitting on Sally. They go over and tell them to leave, but the men refuse and the two men soon go flying out the windows, while Dean and Lee high-five each other. Back inside Lorna is comforting Sally and Dean realizes who she is.

Sergei arrives at the bunker and admires the Men of Letter's base. Castiel takes Sergei to Sam, and Sergei takes out a glowing crystal and holds it over Sam. When he's done, Sergei says that Sam is dying.

Sally explains that Angela was a good girl, and tells Dean that they left the bar around closing. The girl explains that when she was done throwing up, Angela was raptured and was left behind. Sally figures the car got raptured, and Lee points out that a car can't be raptured. He talks to Dean privately and points out that Sally isn't the most reliable witness. Dean agrees but figures that something is wrong. Lee suggests that they work the case like old times, and Lorna suggests that the car was dumped at Merle's scrapyard. Dean goes to check it out while Lee checks the Lake.

Sergei explains that most wounds want to be healed, but Sam's wound goes down to his very soul and out into the world. Sam's soul is connected to someone or something somewhere. As Castiel probes deeper, it stretches Sam's soul to stretch. If it is stretched too long or too far, it snaps and Sam dies. Sergei says that they can fix it.

The next day, Dean goes to the scrapyard and finds Angela's car. He opens the trunk and finds Angela's body inside. Lee comes up behind Dean, draws a gun on him, says that Dean couldn't live far enough alone, and knocks him out.

Sergei checks Sam's wound and says that he's done. Sam gasps awake and moans in pain, and Sergei says that he made the wound worse. He explains that Sam will die unless Castiel gives him what he wants. Eileen grabs him by the throat and says to fix Sam or he dies. Sergei warns that if he dies, so will Sam, but if Castiel gives him the Key to Death then Sam will live. Eileen has no idea what the Key is, and Sergei says that the Men of Letters procured a black key that can open a door to Death's library. Castiel refuses to hand it over, takes out the phone, and shows Sergei a photo of Sergei's niece Anna. The angel says that his friend Bobby is watching Anna and will kill her if Sergei doesn't cooperate.

Sergei heals Sam and he wakes up. The wound is still there, and Castiel tells Sergei that they're good for now. As he goes, Sergei tells Castiel that he likes Castiel's new attitude and it's very Russian.

Dean wakes up tied to a chair in a basement. He hears growling in the shadows, and Lee comes in. Dean says that it's not Lee, and Lee says that it's not the old him. Lee figures that guys like them could never win, and he found a marid. As long as Lee feeds the marid, it gives him whatever he wants. Lee figures that they're owed happiness after everything they're done. Dean tells him that he's not God, and God isn't even God. Lee says that no one cares, and Dean insists that he does. Disappointed, his former friend turns on the tube in Dean's arm and starts draining his blood to feed the marid. As Lee goes, he says that he didn't want Dean to get involved but he was going to pick himself over Dean.

Once Lee goes upstairs, Dean manages to knock himself over. As the marid tears at the bars, Dean pulls the tube out and frees himself just as the marid breaks free.

Upstairs in the bar, Lee hears the marid roaring in the basement. It roars and Lee draws his gun as he hears footsteps coming up the stairs. Dean drops the severed head of the marid on the floor, and Lee shoots at him. Dean takes cover behind the bar, finds the shotgun there, and returns fire as Lee takes fire. Once the shotgun runs out of cells, Dean ducks back down and yells that he figures they're both out of rounds. He stands up and both men set down their guns. Lee says that he's Dean but a Dean that realized the world was broken. Dean insists that they fight to fix the world, and Lee suggests that Dean walk out and suggests that they forget the whole thing. Lee asks Dean if he really wants to do it, and Dean says that he doesn't but he kills monsters. The two of them fight and Dean finally rams a pool cue through Lee's chest. Dying, Lee asks Dean why he cares so much and Dean says that someone has to. Lee says that he's glad it was Dean and dies when Dean pulls the pool cue out of his chest.

Later, Dean returns to the bunker and asks if Sam is okay. Castiel tells him that Sam is. They meet with Sam, who says that he experienced Chuck's memories. He's realized that Chuck is weak and figures that they can beat God.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 6, 2019

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