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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two Recap

On Earth-1 in Central City, Sara pours a drink out for Oliver, while Kate and Kara look on. Sara points out that Oliver died a hero, saving a billion lives, and Kate says that the multiverse isn't ending soon. Kara refuses to drink, saying that it feels like giving up, and figures that there's a way to undo Crisis. Sara suggests that they prevent it from happening to every other universe. Harbinger arrives and says that Diggle is with JJ and doesn't know about Oliver yet./

Ray and the Monitor come in and the Monitor says that they need Waverider's technology. Harbinger says that they need Ray's lab and teleports away to the Waverider.

On Earth-74, Harbinger appears in a Waverider and knocks over an alcohol bottle. The AI, Leonard, greets her and says that she's trespassing. Mick steps out wielding his fire gun and cold gun, and explains that he took Waverider because the other Legends retired. Leonard explains that Mick is trying to become a romance writer, and Harbinger invites Mick to come with her for the beer, stories, and the chance to save the Multiverse.

Later when Waverider arrives on Earth-1, the Monitor says that they've suffered a horrible loss. However, there are seven heroes of the purest will. Clark and Kara try to comfort Jonathan, but the baby doesn't settle down until Mick takes him. The Monitor says that the seven heroes are Paragons, and he only learned of them by consulting the Book of Destiny. He summons the Book and explains that he went into the timestream and retrieved the book. As Mia arrives, Kara asks if the Book can bring back the destroyed Earths. The Monitor warns that it would cause madness, and Mia asks if the Book can bring Oliver back. The alien says that it's impossible and he grows weaker as the Anti-Monitor grows stronger. The Monitor tells them that Kara is the Paragon of Hope. Sara is the Paragon of Destiny, and one of the others is a Kryptonian who is the Paragon of Truth. Clark and Lois offer to find him, and the Monitor says that the fourth Paragon is of Courage and is known only as the "Bat of the Future". The Tome of the Guardians reveals Kara and Sara's names, and the other two. Bruce Wayne exists in the future on Earth-99, where Bruce Wayne has dedicated himself body and soul to fighting crime.

Later, Kara looks at a display of Earth-38 being destroyed, and Lex comes in with the Monitor. Lex is amused at the destruction of his homeworld, and the Monitor tells Kara that even Lex has an important part to play. As Kate comes in, the Monitor explains that he had the power to bring Lex back before the Crisis began. Kara refuses to work with Lex as an ally, and Kate tells Lex that she's unfriendly toward him.

Kate goes after Kara and they bond over their mutual losses. After a moment, Kate takes out an extrapolator and invites Kara to come with her and save the universe.

Harbinger staggers through Waverider, a voice telling her to find the Book to destroy it. She goes into the study and finds Lex taking the Book. He teleports away with it, and the Monitor comes in. Harbinger warns him that Lex took the Book, and the Monitor says that they all have a part to play.

The Monitor brings Iris to reunite with Barry. Barry suggests that they can use the Lazarus Pit to bring Oliver back, and insists that his friend can't be dead. Iris says that the Monitor gave her a mission to find the Kryptonian Paragon, and they kiss as Iris says that she will take a life with Barry.

Mia tells Sara that they're going to use the Lazarus Pit to bring Oliver back. Sara warns that exposure to the Pit strips the person of their humanity. Mia says Nyssa told her everything she needs to know about the Pits and Sara, and makes it clear she doesn't trust Sara.

On Earth-99, Kate and Kara arrive at an old manor and knock at the door. An alternate version of Luke answers the door, and Kate explains that she's Bruce's cousin. Luke slams the door in their faces, and Kate knocks at the door but gets no answer. Kara kicks in the door and the two women go inside. Luke trains a gun on them and tells them to leave, but Bruce walks down in an exoskeleton and tells Luke not to be rude. Bruce and Kate recognize each other, and Bruce takes Kate to his study while Luke takes Kara to the library. When Kate comments on his suit, Bruce says that he wears it because of his injuries and "his" Kate died five years ago. He wonders who Kate is, and Kate starts to explain.

On Earth-75 in Metropolis, Iris radios Clark and Lois and tells them that Lex is alive and killing off Supermen. They see a newscast about the Superman of that world being dead.

On Waverider, Barry, Mia, and Sara get Constantine to help them cast a spell to create a map of the multiverse. He realizes that many Earths are gone and more are vanishing, and finds one Earth with a functioning Pit. Barry and Mia head out, and Sara makes Constantine promise to bring back Oliver's soul. Constantine reluctantly says that he'll do it... if he can.

On Earth-167 in Smallville, Iris, Clark, and Lois find that Earth's Clark. Lois tells Clark-64 how Lex Luthor is going to try and kill him. The trio disappear, and Lex steps out with the Book and greets his "old friend". Clark says that Lex isn't the Lex he knows, and Lex explains that he sent the others back to Waverider. He insists that Clark will always be his greatest enemy on any Earth, and he knows that Clark is Superman. Lex takes out a piece of kryptonite, and Clark tosses it away and says that kryptonite hasn't affected him since he gave up his powers.

Lex is astonished that Clark would give up being a god. He steps on a child's toy, and Clark says that it's worth more than any superpowers. Lois-64 calls to Clark, and Lex throws a punch at Clark. Clark easily blocks it, and Lex says that Clark took all the fun out of him and he should enjoy his mediocrity. Lex teleports away, and Lois comes out. Clark tells her what's going on, and Lois assumes that he's making a joke. They go in to see their daughters.

Bruce laughs at the thought that he's the Paragon of Courage, and says that Kate is a few years too late. He shows her a newspaper article about a "reign of terror", and explains that he's lost track of all the people he's killed. Bruce admits that he had a code, but the first time he took a life, it was easy to take another and another. He says that Kate will see, and his Kate put on the cape thinking she'd succeed where he failed. Kate insists that she's not Bruce's Kate, and tells Bruce that he's needed and she's giving him the chance to be a hero again to the whole damn universe.

Ray works in his lab on a Paragon detector while Mick comforts Jonathan and reads his romance novel to the baby. It calms the baby down despite the fact it's not kid-friendly.

On Earth-96, Iris, Lois, and Clark arrive at the Daily Planet where they've tracked Lex. They bump into that world's Clark Kent, who looks like Ray. Clark-96 and Clark admire each other's glasses, and Clark says that they're there about Lex Luthor.

In the library, Kara scans the walls with her x-ray vision and talks to Luke about Bruce's mementoes to his greatest victories. There are glasses that belonged to Clark on that world, and Kara realizes that Bruce killed Clark.

Clark-96 is the editor-in-chief, and he assures the others that he can handle Lex. The trio warns that the Book lets Lex do anything. Lois notices dozens of plaques on the wall, and Clark-96 explains that Joker gassed the building and killed all of his friends. They realize that he's the Paragon, and Iris asks Clark-96 to come back with them. Clark-96 puts on his costume, and so does Clark. The two of them promise to stop Lex, and Lex comes in and says that he'd rather make more Supermen then kill them. He takes control of Superman-96 and tells him to attack Superman.

Superman-96 punches Superman and says that he doesn't care about saving the universe. He tells them that he serves Lex and throws Superman out the window. The two Supermen battle across the city, and Superman tells Superman-96 that he has to get Lex out of his head. Superman-96 flies at Iris and Lois, but Superman knocks him away while Lois knocks Lex out. The two women pry the Book open and picture the Clark-96 that they met.

The two Superman slam into the office, and Lois tells Superman-96 that he's not the Superman that Lois loved. Superman blocks Superman-96's heat vision, and Lois tells Superman-96 to remember who he is. Superman-96 breaks Lex's spell and helps his counterpart up.

On Earth-18 in North Dakota, Constantine takes Barry, Sara, and Mia to the mine beneath an Old West ghost town. Barry and Constantine go to get Oliver's body, and Mia insists that she wants to resurrect Oliver. Sara talks about how she and Oliver got arrested more, and Jonah Hex comes in and says that the mine is off limits. When he suggests that they can come to an arrangement, Sara and Mia attack him. Jonah fights back and Sara finally takes his knife and cuts his face until he yields. Barry and Constantine return with Oliver's body, and they put him into the Pit's water.

Bruce and Kate go to the Batcave, and Bruce figures that it's for the best if everyone dies. He insists that there's no hope for the world. Supergirl comes in and says that Bruce killed Superman. Bruce tells Kate that Superman gave the authorities too much power, and his parents taught him that life only makes sense if they make it. He punches Supergirl with a Kryptonite gauntlet, knocking her across the floor.

Oliver finally comes to life and attacks Constantine. Barry speeds him out of the way, and Sara jabs Oliver with a tranq as he goes after Mia.

Bruce is surprised that Kate trusts a Kryptonian, and says that it can all end because the world isn't worth saving. Kate tells him that he'll have to kill her, and he attacks her. She throws him into a generator and he collapses. Dying, Bruce tells Kate that there is no hope.

On Waverider, Ray and Clark-96 chat with each other while an imprisoned Lex sulks. Mick gives Jonathan back to Lois, who introduces him to Clark-96. The Monitor congratulates them on finding the Paragon of Truth and Lex led them to him. Kate and Kara come in and Kara says that they still only have three Paragons. The Monitor isn't so sure, and says that Ray's work is finished. Ray turns on the detector and locates one Paragon on Waverider. The Monitor says that it’s the Paragon of Courage: Kate, the Bat of the Future.

Constantine casts a spell to bring Oliver's soul back to his body, , but then says that something has gone wrong. He figures that the antimatter has drained his magic.

In the cargo hold, Kara brings Kate some liquor and Kate wonders how she can be a Paragon. Kate points out that Kate has saved all of them, and says that how hard Kate tries is what makes her a hero. She assures her friend that she has heart and bravery, and Kate wonders if she'll end up like Bruce. Kara assures her that she'll make her own destiny, and gives Kate a photo from Bruce's library of Kate and her sister. The Kryptonian suggests that Kate might be able to know Beth as a sister, and they share a drink to hope and compassion. Kara hopes that she can use the Book of Destiny to bring Earth-38 back, and figures that she has to have hope before leaving.

Harbinger continues to hear the voice in her head and begs it to stop. A figure steps out of the shadows, addresses Lyla by name, and says that his strength grows stronger as Earths die. He says that he is the Anti-Monitor, and tells Harbinger that there is work to be done.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 10, 2019

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