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Left-Hand Path Recap

Molly stares entranced at the Wizphone. When Chase reaches for it, Molly yells at him not to. He tries to get through to her, and she tosses him out of the room into the hallway. Karolina tries to blast the Wizphone out of Molly's hand, and Molly dodges and slams her mattress across the door, barring Chase, Karolina, and Gert from getting out. Chase grabs a poker from the fireplace and knocks the Wizphone out of Molly's hand, and Karolina destroys it with an energy blast. Molly snaps back to normal with no memory of what happened.

The next morning at the hotel, Nico sleeps among the acolytes. She wakes up, and Bronwyn wakes up as well and tells Nico that she was great the previous night. Nico doesn't remember what happened and wonders if they roofied her, and confirms that Morgan was reading from her book of spells. Robert comes in and tells Nico that Morgan is waiting for her, and as he leads his daughter to Morgan he says that he trusts Morgan and her friends. Nico asks where Tina went, and Robert tells her that Morgan has Dr. Lee the psychiatrist tending to her at an asylum. He assures Nico that he's happy and asks Nico to give Morgan a chance.

Robert escorts Nico into a study and Morgan tells Nico that she has tremendous potential. She says that the world is changing and Nico will soon notice, and she should be on the right side when things shift and she's the key to it. Morgan wants Nico at her side, and asks where the Staff is, saying that she's no longer a stranger. Nico wants to go back to the Dark Dimension and get Alex, and Morgan insists that she'll need to work with Nico and the staff to train her to do so. When Nico insists, Morgan says that she'll do everything she can to help once Nico brings the Staff. Nico agrees and leaves, and Morgan smiles in satisfaction.

Tina lies in a bed and mutters incantations under her breath. The nurse tells her they won't let her cast a spell there and as she increases the dosage of sedative, Tina sees the serpent tattoo on her arm before passing out.

The group at the Hostel look at Molly's shattered phone and Karolina suggests that they use the Wizphones to spread the message that the Wizphones are dangerous. Nico arrives and Karolina sarcastically asks if she enjoyed the party. As Nico goes to confirm the Staff is safely hidden, Karolina confronts her and says that she texted her repeatedly but got no answer. She says that Nico turned her back on her, and Nico insists she needs Morgan's spell book to rescue Alex. Nico plans to play Morgan to get the book, and insists that she has to be totally committed. Karolina suggests that Nico turn to Tina, but Nico refuses and Karolina figures that it's all about Nico and her mission to Nico. She angrily walks out on Nico.

Gert tries to examine the Wizphone but it keeps resetting to the default. She tries a password and the pone shorts out the password. As Karolina comes in, Chase suggests that they need a safe place to make a video of the Wizphone's power. Karolina says that she knows just the place.

Nico goes to see Tina, and the nurse refuses to give her access to Tina. Nico says that Morgan will be disappointed, claiming Morgan asked her to come down and deliver a message to Tina for her. The nurse quickly offers to call Morgan, and Nico reminds her that Morgan doesn't like to take calls from underlings. She talks about the party and the nurse points out that she doesn't have the mark, and Nico says that she'll get it soon. The nurse takes Nico to Tina, and Nico asks for a minute alone with her mother. Once the nurse leaves, Nico closes the door and tries to wake Tina up. Tina is conscious and says that she just wanted to hear Nico say what she said, and she's ready to go.

A minute later, the nurse hears screams from Tina's room and runs in. Nico punches her unconscious and she leaves with Tina.

Gert and the others record a video warning and release it. Morgan and her acolytes see it as the Runaways insist that the Wizphone users have to get rid of the phones. The sorceress tells Bronwyn and Cassandra to deal with the Runaways, and Geoffrey comes in response to Morgan's summon. Morgan confirms there's been no word from Alex, and says that she can bring Alex back. She has him wear a necklace in return for her help.

Nico and Tina arrive at the hotel and Tina warns that the plan is risky without the Staff. They hide when Morgan comes through, and Tina says that she should go into the room instead of Nico. Tina insists that she's fine and says that she loves Nico no matter what happens.

The Runaways thanks Leslie for letting them use her office computer, and Chase discovers that their video is gone. Leslie suggests that Morgan used magic to make it disappear, and they don't show up on camera when they try to make a new video. Molly glares at Leslie suspiciously and leaves.

Tina starts to enter Morgan's office, and Robert spots her. She notices that Robert is wearing one of Morgan's necklaces and tells him that he's always put family first... but now he's lost. Robert insists that Morgan is all there is, and Tina asks if she's better than getting their family back together. She magically destroys the enchantment, and Robert snaps out of Morgan's spell. Tina kisses him in relief.

Leslie goes after Molly and asks if something is wrong. Molly asks if it was her parents' destiny to die in the explosion, and Leslie invites her to kill her if she needs to. However, Leslie says that once she takes a person's life, there's no going back. Molly gets control of herself and tells Leslie that she still hates her, and leaves.

Janet shows Stacey and Victor an archived version of the Runaways' video, and explains that it has been erased by means she can't identify. She confirms the number of Wizphones in LA and that they're being loaded into trucks for worldwide distribution. Victor suggests that they plant a virus in the Corvus mainframe to disable the Wizphones after distribution. Janet says that she is a virus.

Bodhi looks for Molly and Vaughn finds him. Vaughn hasn't seen Molly, but Bodhi spots her and goes after her. Molly says that it's been a shitty month, and Bodhi invites her to go somewhere that they can talk.

Morgan returns and stops at the concierge desk, and Nico spots her. The girl texts her parents, who are searching Morgan's office. Robert tells Tina to go because Morgan doesn't know he's free of the enchantment, and Tina kisses him and goes. When she rejoins Nico, Tina says that Robert is still searching for the book and explains that she broke the enchantment spell. Nico figures Morgan will catch and kill him, and goes to rescue him over her mother's protestations.

Nico approaches Morgan in the hallway and offers to see Alex in return for the Staff. Morgan agrees and Nico suggests that they go somewhere else, but Morgan refuses and goes into her office.

Geoffrey runs into Victor and Stacey at Wizard, and he says that he's in charge of manufacturing and distribution. Victor says that there's something wrong with the Wizphones, and Geoffrey agrees to get Victor access to the mainframe. He leads them into an empty room and locks the door behind them.

Bodhi takes Molly to a private gazebo, and Molly explains that she almost hurt her friends and wanted to hurt someone else. He says that she's a good person, and Molly demonstrates her super-strength. Bodhi tells her that it's amazing and she should do it again.

Morgan uses a mirror to show Nico Alex in the Dark Dimension. He begs a guard to stop, while Robert listens from hiding. Morgan assures Nico that Alex is still alive--for now--and should bring her the Staff right away. Nico agrees and leaves to get the Staff, and Morgan goes after her.

Karolina, Gert, and Chase look for Molly, and Dale hears them and comes out of his tent to ask if Molly is back. He leads them to Molly, while Bronwyn and Cassandra walk through the tents looking.

Robert continues searching, and when he removes a book from the bookshelf, it opens to reveal a secret room. It's Morgan's private office and workshop, and Robert finds the spell book. Morgan is leading Nico out and senses when Robert picks up the book. She accuses Nico of betraying her and teleports away, and Nico realizes that Morgan knows what Robert is doing.

Morgan teleports in front of Robert as he leaves with the book, and summons the book to her hands. She chokes him by the necklace and realizes that Tina broke the enchantment, yanks it away, and says that Nico came willingly to her. Robert tells Morgan that no one loves her willingly, and Morgan insists that Tina is getting what she deserves and she'll enjoy Nico's tears when Nico finds Robert's corpse. She takes away the life she gave him and says that Hell is there.

Bodhi tells Molly that he'll keep his secret, and assures her that he thinks she's strong, fearless, and beautiful. He says that he has a surprise for her and Molly agrees to give him five more minutes, and Bodhi leaves to get it. Bodhi finds Bronwyn and Cassandra and says that he has the "strong one", and Karolina and the others arrive. The acolytes say that Morgan will be thrilled to have them all, and Bodhi grabs Dale while the acolytes knock out the three Runaways and Dale with a spell.

Nico and Tina find Robert, and Robert gives Nico his glasses and tells her to see the world as she saw it. Nico tells him that he loves her, and Robert tells Tina that Nico is the brightest star in the universe and that she should guard their daughter with her life. He dies, and Tina assures a crying Nico that it's not her fault.

Back at the Hostel, Nico calls to the others but gets no response. She goes to her room and lights candles to Robert, calling on the Great Mother to take him back. She then burns a photo of Robert in remembrance of him. The candlelight through Robert's glasses show Nico the image of him studying the pages of Morgan's book, saying that one has to enter the Dark Dimension with a "spirit's ransom".

At Wizard, Bronwyn and Cassandra tie up their prisoners, including Victor and Stacey. Dale wonders why Stacey is with Victor, and Stacey insists that they're just friends even though the aliens used their bodies for physical relief. Karolina can't use her powers like in the Dark Dimension, and she wishes Nico was there.

Nico goes downstairs with the Staff and casts the spell to open the portal. Tawny Bowen and Tyrone Johnson come through the portal and ask Nico what she's done.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 22, 2019

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