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The Broken Circle Recap

Gert hears something in Molly's room and investigates. She finds Old Lace lying beneath the covers and asks her if she knows where Molly is. Gert returns to the others who are also searching the Hostel for Molly, and asks Alex for his input. Molly calls Nico and they tell her that they got Alex, and claims that she got away from the coven. She says that she'll come back when it's light out. Once Molly hangs up, Cassandra and Bronwyn tell her that she was convincing. Morgan arrives and the acolytes tell her that Molly is ready.

Geoffrey wakes up alone in Morgan's bedroom and tries to remember what happened to him. He goes out, finds his Wizard security badge, and hides as Morgan, Molly, and the coven come down the hotel hallway. Geoffrey overhears Morgan tell Bronwyn to make sure the rooftop of the Olympic Grand is clear by midnight and they don't want any witnesses to see what happens to Molly. Once Morgan goes back to her office, Geoffrey rips off Morgan's necklace and leaves.

Alex is looking at a photo of Catherine on his computer, and contemplates the knife he used to kill the Dark Dimension version of her. Meanwhile, Nico tells Karolina that she figures they can use Tawny's light dagger to stop Morgan by neutralizing her dark energy. Karolina suggests that they regroup as a team, and Alex arrives and says that it's war and time for them to hurt back. Wondering if Tawny was right about Alex and Nico, Karolina walks off. Nico tells Alex that she's sorry for leaving him in the Dark Dimension, and insists that she would have done anything to bring him back. Alex says that what they do together now is what matters, and Nico hugs him.

Gert approaches Chase in his room and admits that she's realized things after their near-death experience. She says that she hasn't been fair to Chase, and he left and hurt her the way she always figured he would. Gert explains that Tyrone made her realize that she can't operate out of fear, and realizes that he's staring at his tablet. Chase shows her the late registration for Smith College and assures her that she hasn't missed the deadline. Gert asks him what he wants, and Chase admits that he's still figuring it out. He's looking at a college with an engineering program, and asks Gert what she was saying. She kisses him and then thanks him.

Geoffrey has Tamar meet him and drive him to a parking garage near the Olympic Grand, and tells her what's been happening to him. She believes him and Geoffrey says that he's not going to let Alex and his friends down again. Geoffrey tells Tamar to go home to Xerxes, and Leslie, Dale, Stacey, Victor, and Tina pull up in their cars. He assures Tamar that he won't be alone and he can handle Morgan. Geoffrey then meets with the other parents and says that Morgan has something planned on the rooftop of the Olympic Grand, the highest point in the city. Tina figures Morgan is going to cast a major spell, and is going to sacrifice Molly to power it. Dale suggests that they contact their kids, but Geoffrey and Victor refuse to put them in danger. Tina suggests that they disrupt Morgan's incantation and use the five or ten minute to rescue Molly. Geoffrey warns that they have to clear the civilians out of the Olympic Grand so they don't hurt anyone innocent, and Dale and Stacey figure they can arrange a way.

Soon, PRIDE pull up to the Olympic Grand in a CDC van, wearing hazmat suits. The Yorkes tell the security guard that there has been an outbreak of a communicable disease and everyone needs to lock themselves in their rooms. When the guard hesitates, Dale "diagnoses" him with the disease symptoms, and he and Stacey examine the man. Leslie drives down to the service entrance and tells the others that they'd better hurry as a police car goes by. Victor goes off to find Molly, and Geoffrey tells Tina that he's sorry about what happened to Robert. Tina assures him that she'll make Morgan pay once they save Molly.

On the rooftop, the coven gathers and Morgan says that it's time. They recite the incantation and cast the spell. Victor watches them through his x-ray goggles and tells the others that the coven has started, and pinpoints Molly's location. Tina tells Geoffrey that they have to wait until the coven is deeper into the incantation.

Lightning shoots down from the sky and hits Molly, and the flash blinds Victor. Geoffrey goes up despite Tina's warnings, grabs Molly, and takes her out of the circle. Victor tells Leslie what's happening, and after a moment, Tina follows Geoffrey. As they get to the parking garage, Molly wakes up and knocks Geoffrey back. Tina casts a spell to break the mesmerization, and Leslie pulls up. Stacey and Dale get Molly inside and Tina and Geoffrey join them, and Leslie drives off.

Morgan tells the coven that Molly served her purpose and they had to let PRIDE take her. Their armies are assembling both sides of the veil and the world will soon be theirs.

Molly arrives at the Hostel as the storm clouds gather overhead. The PRIDE parents come in behind her and Stacey explains that they rescued Molly. Molly explains that she was mesmerized into calling them earlier, and Tina says that she heard enough of Morgan's spell to realize that she's bringing the Dark Dimension crashing into the real world. Alex comes out and says that they can't let it happen, and they gather. He says that they need to take the fight to Morgan, and Leslie warns that the Wizphones have been distributes all along the West Coast to use her followers to amplify her power and bring down the veil. Victor and Chase plan to tie in with the power towers that are still working, and Nico says that they need Tawny's light dagger to defeat Morgan. Tina figures that there's a way to contain Morgan's magic with a circle of salt imbued with magic and Wiccan blood.

As the others go, Geoffrey tells Stacey that he needs her help. They go to a room and she tends to his injuries, and he refuses to go to a hospital. Alex comes in and Stacey leaves father and son alone. When Geoffrey notes that Alex wasn't at Catherine's funeral, Alex says that he was in another dimension. Geoffrey asks Alex to tell him what happened, and Alex says that no one can help him. He insists that it's about survival and walks out. Molly asks Gert if Alex is okay, and Gert apologizes for leaving. Gert wishes that Molly would go back to Atlas, finish school, and meet her in college. Molly tells her that she doesn't want her old life back, and shows Gert the scar she got when the lightning hit her. She figures Morgan chose her because she's the strongest, and they're superheroes. Molly tells Gert that she'll keep getting up as many times as she can.

Leslie approaches Karolina and figures she's worried about Nico's connection with Morgan. Her daughter worries that Nico is giving into the dark magic and they're going on different paths. As Leslie sympathizes, Dale comes in and wonders about the sound emitted over the phones to induce suggestibility and then violence. Karolina says that she couldn't hear the voices like the others, and Dale figures that Karolina's alien genetics protect her. He has the samples of Jonah's blood, and figures that the antibodies in Karolina's blood could protect them all. There's an emergency medical kit in the church van, and Dale high-fives Leslie.

Chase tells Victor that he's already checked the power grid, and Victor brings up the virtual Janet. She assures Chase that she's the best she's been in her whole life. They go to work and Janet reveals every state tower being used in the state. Victor goes to work accessing the system.

Tina cuts herself and mixes the blood with salt. She tells Nico that she put more than blood into the salt as she weakens, and the salt bursts into flame. Tina warns that it will cost her years off her life, and tells Nico that she meant it when she said she would give her life to protect her. She admits that she's never done it before, and asks Nico how she crossed over to get Alex. Nico shows her Robert's glasses and Tina says that if they can figure out the spell together, they might be able to send Morgan back. They check the mirror Morgan used to communicate with Nico, and the hands of Morgan's dark army reach through as the veil weakens.

Wizard employees keep distributing the Wizphones, and Morgan checks the cell towers throughout the state on her computer. The coven keep chanting, and Morgan's eyes glow with power.

Tina tells Nico that Morgan won't need the Staff once the two worlds merge. She explains that Morgan befriended her but was actually manipulating her from the Dark Dimension. Morgan considers the Staff her birthright, and convinced Tina to steal it. Tina kept the Staff for herself to keep it out of Morgan's hands, and tells Nico that she can cast a spell to contain the dark army... but Nico will be on her own. Nico tells her to do it and Tina begins her spell.

Nico finds Alex and tells him that it's happening faster than they thought. She says that Morgan will come there to get the Staff, and insists that they stick together no matter what. Geoffrey yells in pain, and Alex tells Nico that Geoffrey is hurt but he'll live.

Stacey tends to Geoffrey's injuries and says that they have to remove the fragment of metal imbedded in his body. Leslie brings the emergency kit from the van and Stacey prepares to operate.

Dale makes a centrifuge out of Chase's smoothie blender, and Gert tells him that he's really bad-ass. Touched, Dale injects Molly with the serum. Gert worries it will affect her connection with Old Lace, and Dale admits that it might. She calls in Old Lace in and says that she can't have Morgan get into her head and use Old Lace. Gert tells Old Lace that they're going to have to lock her away so she doesn't eat anyone, and promises she'll come back for her.

Janet warns that she can only take the cell towers down for thirty seconds, and she and Victor admit they made a disruptor that was taken by the FBI. She figures that they convince the network it's under attack so they can breech the security protocols, and Chase goes to tell the others. He finds a case in the hallway, and takes out a Wizphone, which starts chanting. Mesmerized, Chase continues downstairs and prepares to blast Gert with his Fistigon when she approaches him. Molly tackles Chase and Gert injects him with the serum.

Alex and Karolina arrive, and Morgan teleports in via a portal. She easily deflects Chase and Karolina's energy attacks and demands Nico. Nico throws the light dagger into Morgan's chest, and Morgan shrugs it off. She explains that the light dagger makes her stronger in the real world and absorbs it, and tells them that they didn't stand a chance. Nico prepares to use the Staff against her, and Morgan says that she is too strong to kill. She tells them that there's still time to save themselves and the ones they love if they submit to her. Nico refuses and Morgan tells them that they can change the world by joining her regime and raze the world to rebuild it without the troubles of the old one.

Alex kneels to Morgan, telling Nico he can't go through what happened in the Dark Dimension a second time. Gert wonders if it's the world's last chance, and Molly figures that they have no choice and kneels. Karolina refuses to let Nico die and kneels, as do Chase and Gert.

Dale tells Stacey and Leslie that Morgan is there and she's already won.

Morgan tells Nico that the Staff is now hers, but she fears the power and fear is weakness. She promises that she will rule, and Nico tells her that she can't force people to follow her. Morgan says that millions of people are following her via the Wizphones, and Janet announces that she's initiating obstruction. The sorceress weakens and Nico says that her circle is powering up. The Runaways stand and say that they would never turn against each other so they pretended to submit to buy themselves time.

The sorceress casts a spell, knocking them back, and Nico blocks the blast and tells the others to get to cover. They do so and watch as Morgan says that she doesn't need the Staff as long as she controls Nico. Nico's eyes turn black as the dark magic sweeps over her, and Karolina uses her energies to shield her lover. Bronwyn and Cassandra arrive, and Chase goes to fight them, blasting Cassandra back with the Fistigon. Bronwyn blasts Chase, stunning him, and she finds Geoffrey and the others. As she prepares to cast a death spell, Alex stabs her in the back and the parents stare in shock at him.

Gert goes to get something to use against Morgan. She goes to Tina and gets the salt.

Morgan finally knocks Nico and Karolina down, and tortures Karolina with a spell. Molly and Gert come up behind Morgan, and she easily blasts them aside.

Old Lace slams against the door holding her contained.

Morgan dismisses the Runaways as stupid children, and Gert tells her that she's pathetic. Disgusted, she tells Morgan that she's a bully and it's kind of sad. She repeats Molly's worlds about getting up as many times as she has to as she circles around Morgan, trailing the salt. Gert seals the circle and Morgan realizes that she's trapped. Tina comes in wearing Robert's glasses and casts the spell to open the portal to the Dark Dimension, sucking Morgan through.

Nico's eyes go back to normal and she wakes up, and Tina goes to her. The skies clear and Gert collapses. Chase goes to her and realizes that she's bleeding to death from being thrown back on one of the statues. He tells Gert that everything will be okay, and Gert strokes his cheek before dying. Sobbing, Chase holds her corpse. The parents come out, and Stacy and Dale run to their daughter. Old Lace breaks free and runs in, and howls in anguish.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 22, 2019

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