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Swan Song Recap

The Past

Aboard a ship, a young Killian lies in his cabin as a storm rages outside. He calls to his father Brennan, who comes in and assures Killian that he's there. Brennan lights the lamp and assures Killian that there's nothing to be afraid of, and tells him to look inside himself for bravery if he's scared. He tells Killian that he has to decide what kind of man he's going to be, and Killian says that he's going to be just like him. Smiling, Brennan tells him to go to sleep because he'll watch over him.

Later, Killian wakes up and realizes that Brennan is gone. A captain comes in and says that Brennan is a thief, and he heard that soldiers were waiting for him at the next post. He paid for the rowboat by trading Killian and Liam into his service.


Gold approaches Hook, wielding a sword, and Hook says that he's won. When Gold attacks him, Hook easily teleports away and figures that Belle left him because she now knows the kind of man gold is: a man who loves power more than anything. When Gold dismisses his abilities as parlor tricks, Hook says that he's going to get his revenge.

Emma and the others walk through town, and Emma warns that they have to stop Hook before he resurrects the Dark Ones. Grumpy and the other dwarves join them and vow to fight, and Emma says that she's going to talk Hook out of it. Regina figures that they have to hit Hook with everything they've got, and Emma agrees. Mary Margaret points out that Hook is the man that Emma loves, but Emma says that man died in Camelot. Now they need to split up and stop Hook, no matter what it takes.

Robin and Reina head to the docks to find Hook, and Zelena teleports to them. She wants to talk about their daughter, and says that she's granting herself sole custody. Zelena plans to teach her how to be wicked, and says that soon they'll be dead so there's no point in fighting. Two Dark Ones arrive and Robin prepares to shoot them.

As David and Mary Margaret get to the truck, two more Dark Ones approach them.

More Dark Ones surround the dwarves and move in.

Emma and Henry search the pawnshop, and Nimue approaches Henry and walks through him. Emma runs to him as the others join them, and Gold has them check their wrists. They all have a glowing mark on them, and Gold explains that it's the Mark of Charon. The Dark Ones only have a temporary pass into the real world, and the only way they can stay is to trade places with living souls. When the moon reaches its peak, the ferry will arrive from the Underworld and take them there. Gold warns that they can't stop it and being there will make them wish for death... and they're already dead. He insists that they can't fight, but Emma points out that she isn't marked. Gold tells them to use their time wisely and say goodbye.

The Dark Ones continues their passage through Storybrooke.

Regina finds Hook at the docks and tells him that he can't go through with it. She warns that dragging Emma's family to the Underworld isn't the answer to Emma's betrayal, and Hook reminds her that she enacted the Dark curse for revenge on Snow White. He promises that all of the people that Regina killed are waiting for her in the Underworld, and Regina reminds him that she recruited him to kill her mother. Hook silences her with a gesture and reminds her that they agreed never to speak of it again, says that he's not the man she once knew, and walks off.

The Enchanted Forest

Regina meets Hook in the forest and says that she wants him to kill Cora in return for her taking him to a land without magic where he can get his revenge on Rumplestiltskin. She wants to know what kind of man he is, and make sure that he has no weakness for Cora to exploit. Regina tells Hook to get into her carriage, and Hook says that he'll pass whatever test she has before getting in.


Henry and the others go through the books trying to find a way to escape the Mark. Mary Margaret wonders if Gold is right, and Emma reminds her that as snow White hope has always been in her blood. Her mother says that she wants to make the most of her remaining moments with her family, and Henry suggests that they have dinner at Granny's. David agrees, and Mary Margaret says that Neal will be there with Emma. Emma refuses to give up on her family, but Mary Margaret says that time with those they love is the most important thing. She asks her to meet them at the diner and promise to say goodbye, and they hug.

Once the others leave, Regina comes in and Emma says that she's not giving up. Once she destroys the Dark Ones, her friends and family will be spared. Emma reminds Regina of their promise in Camelot to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Darkness, and makes Regina promise not to tell anyone. Regina reminds her that she'll have to put the Darkness in someone and sacrifice them, and Emma says that she'll sacrifice herself.

Belle gets Gold's message and meets him at the pawnshop. He gives her a magical amulet and says that it will protect her when she crosses the town's border. Gold tells her to have all of the adventures she dreamed of, and Belle realizes that something is wrong. He insists that he just wants her to live her life, and Belle figures that the hero inside of Gold has finally emerged. Once she leaves to say goodbye to her father, Gold looks at the mark on his own wrist. Emma and Regina come in and insist that they're going to fight. Gold insists that there's no alternative, but Emma says that they need Excalibur. Regina explains Emma's plan, and Gold gets the blade. He gives it to Emma without a deal, and says that she's a brave woman. Gold warns that it might not work because Excalibur chooses its miracles. Emma says that it doesn't matter because she's going to be with her family. She invites Regina to come with her, but Regina says that she and Robin need to protect their children from Zelena and she'll catch up to Emma later.

The Enchanted Forest

Regina takes Hook to a tavern and says that he needs to face a man. Once he does, she'll know that he has what she needs. A massive brawler tells Hook that pirates aren't welcome there, and Emma knocks the man unconscious with a gesture. She then points Hook at his target: Brennan.


Regina and Robin go to the mayor's office and find Zelena at the mayor's office. She points out that they'll be dead in an hour and she has the baby, and Robin says that their child deserves their best bet. Regina takes out the Apprentice's Wand, and Zelena reminds her that she wasn't powerful enough to make it work. Regina activates it and says that now everyone in town believes in her. She teleports Zelena to the clock tower and says that she'll use the wand. The tornado smashes open and pulls Zelena away. As she goes back to Oz, she promises that Regina will see her again one day.

Gold watches as across the street, belle hugs her father and drives off.

Emma goes to the diner and secret puts a letter to her family on the jukebox. She whispers that it's the only way she can make up for what she's done and leaves. Across the street, Hook watches her from the shadows. Nimue tells him that he knows what he needs to do.

The Enchanted Forest

After the tavern closes, Brennan sees Hook drinking in the shadow. Hook says that his father abandoned him, and Brennan realizes that it's his son. The pirate steps forward and says that he became a pirate, and they've both found a way to cheat death. Hook admits that Liam is dead, and he's spent his time in Neverland. He demands to know where Brennan ran, and Brennan admits that he was soon caught and put under a sleeping curse. True love's kiss broke the spell: his nurse. She made him see the error of his ways and they fell in love with each other. Brennan wishes that he had known her when he and Hook were together, and then Hook could have had the father he deserved. He apologizes, and Hook asks where the woman is. A few years after they married, the woman fell ill of plague and died. Hook explains that Brennan's life was the price he had to pay to get his revenge. However, he figures that they've both lost too much and the world must believe Brennan is dead. Hook offers to get him a letter of transit to escape, but he can't leave. He plans to destroy Rumplestiltskin to avenge his love, and says that he'll return later with the letter. Brennan asks him to bring two letters: for him and his son: Hook's half-brother.


Emma goes to her home but Hook is waiting and says that he can't let her use Excalibur. He warns that she will die if she does it and admits that he owes her for making him the Dark One. Emma insists that revenge didn't matter to the Hook she knew, but Hook says that Emma only distracted him and now he can make Rumplestiltskin pay. He says that if she didn't want him to change then she should have let him die, and Emma insists that she couldn't let one more person that she loves dies. She tries to stab Hook but he easily teleports away... and takes Henry's form. As Emma stares, stunned, Hook takes the sword and drops his illusion. He tells her to enjoy the time she has left with her family and teleports away.

At the diner, Mary Margaret finds Emma's letter and reads it. She shows it to David and they head out to stop her. Nimue and two Dark Ones arrive and says that Hook has stopped Emma so there's no way they can stop the enchantment. She gestures and the Marks glow white, and Henry, Mary Margaret, and David find themselves at the pond with Robin and Regina. Robin assures the others that the fairies will take Neal and keep him safe with his children.

As Gold arrives, the Dark Ones surround them. Hook walks up and gestures to the arriving ferry. Emma arrives and apologizes to her family for failing. Regina tells Hook to drop the act, aware that he can never destroy another family to get his revenge. She knows why Hook doesn't want to talk about what he did to his father, and insists that he's going to listen because otherwise he will regret it for the rest of his life. Regina tells Hook to ask himself what kind of man he wants to be.

The Enchanted Forest

Hook brings the letters to the tavern and goes inside. He overhears his half-brother telling Brennan that he's scared. Brennan assures him that what matters most is that they're together. He tells his son--Liam--the same thing that he told Hook a century ago, and that they are all brave within. Hook steps outside and waits for Brennan. When the man comes out, Hook says that Brennan named his new son after the son he abandoned. Brennan says that he named him in honor of the first Liam, but Hook insists that people don’t change. When Brennan says that he would never leave his new son, Hook says that Brennan left him and throws the letters into a nearby fire. He tells his father that he's deciding to be what kind of man he wants to be. If Regina discovers that he's deceived her then he might not get what he wants, and he can't have that. Hook stabs Brennan in the chest, and the dying man says that it's never too late and begs him to be a different man.


Nimue tells Hook that it's time. When Emma tries to stop them, Nimue chokes her with a gesture to keep her from interfering. Emma looks up at Hook, who finally says that it's enough. He tells Nimue that he's being the man he wants to be, and promises to stop them. He uses Excalibur to pull the Darkness out of Nimue and the other Dark Ones and into himself. Emma realizes what he intends to do and says that he can't do it, and Hook says that there's no other way. He begs Emma to take Excalibur and use it on him, and admits that he was weak. Emma says that she doesn't want to lose him, and Hook tells her that she has to let him go and die as a hero. Emma reluctantly takes the sword and tells Hook that she loves him. They kiss, and then Emma runs him through. The Darkness leaves Emma and Excalibur disintegrates, and the wound on Hook's neck reappears. Hook dies and Emma holds him, sobbing.

As the EMTs take Hook away, Mary Margaret and David hold their grief-stricken daughter.

The next day, Gold is in his shop when Belle comes in. She says that Henry called and told her everything, and knows that Gold lied to her. Belle kisses him and says that he was selfless for the first time, and insists that she doesn't need to see the world to know that she wants to be with Gold.

Emma is resting on her couch and hears something whispering to her. Emma calls Gold and meets him at the pawnshop. She tells him that she can hear the Dagger calling to her, and figures that Gold has it. He takes it out and reveals that it has his name on it. Gold admits that he hoped to keep it secret, and explains that when Emma asked him for Excalibur, he turned it into a conduit to transfer the Darkness back into himself where it's safe. When Emma tracks him, Gold immobilizes her and says that he now has the combined power of every Dark One that ever lived. He found a loophole to betray them because that's the man that he is, and Emma says that he's going to do something for her because if he doesn't then she'll tell Belle everything. Gold considers her offer and then asks what she wants.

Later, Emma tells Regina, Robin, and her family that she's going to the Underworld to get Hook back. David reminds her that it's a one-for-one trade, and Emma says that she and Hook will share their hearts. Regina admits that it could work, and Robin asks how Emma will get there.

That night, everyone goes to the pond and Gold asks Emma if she's sure. She tells him to do it, and Gold summons Charon's ferry. She walks to it and Gold, Regina, Robin, Henry, Mary Margaret, and David go with her. Emma promises that she will always find Hook.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 7, 2015

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