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Echoes Recap

Jupiter 2 approaches the Resolute, and Maureen awakens in the middle of the night when she hears something move in the hub. She gets up and investigates, and the lights flicker. Maureen enters the hub and finds a case on the table open, but nothing inside. She runs to Will's cabin and watches as the SAR attacks her son...

... and wakes up from her nightmare. The computer reports that they're approaching the Resolute, and tells everyone that they've made it. The Robinson children put on their suits and wait in the hub, and talk about what they've missed. Jupiter 2 enters the docking area, and Maureen tries to raise anyone on the radio but gets no response. She and John wonder why the Resolute is there when it should be on its way to Alpha Centauri, and John figures that it doesn't matter. Maureen initiates docking procedure and Jupiter 2 attaches to its port.

Penny and Judy talk about how Vijay dumped Penny and then she dumped him. Don joins them despite being ordered to bed by Judy, but then his legs give out and he decides it's better to follow her advice. Smith is in the hub, and Maureen handcuffs her to a chair and makes it clear she's not going with them. Smith asks her to remember all the good that she's done, and Maureen tells her that it doesn't come close to making up for the bed. The prisoner tells her that nobody's hands are completely clean, and insists that they're the same. As Maureen goes, she says Smith's supposed real name, Jessica Harris, or whoever she is.

The Past

A young Smith and Jessica play in their mother's dressing room, and when their mother comes in, Jessica drops a perfume bottle on the floor and cuts her foot. Their mother Sheila insists that Smith see the pain that she caused.


The Robinsons go through decontamination and the children run to the dining hall, but there's no one around. Maureen calls Don and says that the deck is apparently closed for repairs so they're heading to the other side. Smith comes in and goes through Don's stuff, finds the real Zoe Smith's identification badge in Don's bag, and complains that he didn't tell her. She reminds Don that they're supposed to be partners, and Don insists that they're not partners. Smith notes that he has incriminating evidence on her, and leaves, tossing him the badge as she goes.

The Robinsons find the empty dining hall and find overturned tables and discarded food. They figure something other than relocation happened, and John tells the children to go back to Jupiter 2. Once they leave, John and Maureen figure something is wrong and tries to raise anyone on her wrist radio. She suggests they go to the system portal and check for any evacuation orders or system malfunctions. When they get there, they discover that it's shorted out. There's a staticky recording of the last order to abort and nothing else, and the time stamp shows it was made seven months ago... the day they disappeared.

Smith enters the Resolute but discovers that she's still locked out because the system shows her as detained. She goes to Jupiter 2 and takes a drink in her cabin, and then packs her things.

The Past

Smith talks to Jessica, who is smoking despite the fact she quit. Jessica says that Sheila isn't getting any better and refuses to lend Smith any more money. Smith notes that she's missed some payments on the loans that Jessica cosigned, and Jessica is furious that it will ruin her credit. Her sister says that Sheila took care of it and she thought Jessica should know, and Jessica wonders what will happen to her when Sheila finally dies. Smith tells her that she'll have to figure out how to survive on her own.


Smith burns her things in the hallway and walks away. The fire springs the emergency unlock on the door, letting her escape.

The Resolute bulkheads come down in response to the fire, sealing off Judy from Penny and Will. Maureen calls, confirming they didn't make it back to Jupiter 2. Their parents tell them to find a way back circumventing the closures, and to call them if they see anything strange.

Smith uses Zoe Smith's badge to access his personnel file and changes him from a pediatrician to a therapist, then inserts her photo over Zoe's.

Judy heads up toward Jupiter 2, finds the Resolute's Hall of Heroes, and turns to see a young girl standing in the corridor behind her, The girl says her name is Samantha and asks if Judy came to get her. Samantha says that everyone else evacuated because of a monster.

Don hears someone enter Jupiter 2. He assumes that it's Smith and goes out to check on her, but no one is there. Don continues on to investigate and arrives in the hub, and finds the closed case. He opens it and metal tentacles whip out from the SAR hand inside until Don slams the lid shut.

Judy tells John and Maureen that she found a girl talking about a monster on the Resolute, Don calls to tell them about the hand, and complains they didn't tell him about it. Will and Penny listen in, and Will says that when he first met the Robot it tried to put itself together the same way. Maureen wonders if the SAR is nearby. Will and Penny head for the dining hall to meet the others, while Samantha reveals a cooling vent and tells Judy that they can go that way, and Maureen tells Don to go to the cockpit. Once he gets there, he spots the dining hall and Maureen has Will and Penny wave to him as they arrive. Don realizes that Smith triggered the bulkhead dolls and tells the others that she escaped. John figures they have something bigger to worry about than Smith and leads Maureen to the dining hall.

Will and Penny wait in the dining hall, and Will wonders if the Robot is alive. He tells Penny that he feels connected to the Robot, and she points out that he would feel it if something bad happened to it.

As John and Maureen go to the dining hall, John sings the song that was playing on the automated recording in the dining hall. Maureen tells him to stop, and figures that he's trying to distract her from worrying about their children. She says that it's not working.

Samantha leads Judy through the cooling vents to the dining hall, and admits that she's been staying out of the main corridors for a while. The girl drops some photos, and Judy realizes that they're from Samantha's family. Samantha says that her father brought them along to take them to Alpha Centauri, but he disappeared in the first attack, and Samantha and her mother were separated when the monsters came back. Judy says that her family will help Samantha find her family, and wonders if there were more than one "monster". Something moves in the darkness and Samantha motions Judy to silence. They access the IR security cameras via Judy's wrist unit and see something moving their way. They peer over the table and see... a horse. The children tell their parents what's there, and Don spots it as well. and they call Judy but get no response.

Judy and Samantha hide in a vent and see the monster pass beneath them. Once it passes, Judy responds to her parents' radio call and says that they saw something heading toward the dining hall.

Smith opens the cyro sleep container holding the unconscious Zoe who is awaiting treatment. He wakes up as she starts to cut his hand and asks who she is, and Smith says that she's him, takes a DNA sample, and reactivates the container.

The Past

Smith and Jessica take Sheila out on a docked boat and Smith claims that she has a new corporate job that makes a lot of money. Once Sheila leaves to refill her glass of champagne, Jessica notes that she found business cards for a dead businessman in Smith's new car. She warns that just because Smith pretends to be someone else doesn't mean it's her faulty, and Smith says that if it does if she doesn't get caught. Sheila calls her daughters over to enjoy the view before the painkillers wear off, and Jessica tells Smith that she'll tell her mother if Smith won't. Smith tells her not to ruin Sheila's good day, and insists that she's never seen the people whose lives she has ruined.


Smith leaves the med bay.

Maureen looks into a room and finds blast marks on the wall. There are charred bodies, and Maureen realizes the alien engine is behind the wall. She figures the SAR came back to finish the job that the Robot couldn't, and the Resolute can't move without the engine. The two of them head on to the dining hall.

Penny talks about how she used to hang out with horses because Maureen did even though she hates them, and she wanted to have something in common with their mother. The horse whinnies nervously, and Penny realizes that it's scared of something.

The SAR walks down the Resolute corridor.

Judy and Samantha emerge from the cooling vents, and Judy talks about how her father Grant's name is up in the Hall of Heroes but he died before she was born. Judy suggests that Samantha's father is the one keeping the monster away from her.

Smith brings up the video of the Resolute officer interrogating her after her capture, then deletes the file. She finds the video of her trapping the officer in the airlock and covers her face, as the officer says on the video that it's not her fault. After a moment, Smith deletes the video and leaves.

Don tells Penny and Will that their parents are almost there. The lights go out and Don figures that Smith did something to reset the electrical system. He has the Robinsons turn on their flashlights so he can see where they are, and spots a moving light. Don contacts Judy, who confirms that the light isn't hers, and he suggests that it's Smith that he sees. The horse neighs again, and Don warns that the thing with the light is moving toward the dining hall.

Will tells Penny to calm down the horse, and she nervously does so. Don reports the light is heading off another way, but a tray falls off a table, upsetting the horse. The light heads back for the dining hall and Don reports that it's not Smith. He tells Will and Penny to hide and they duck behind a counter. Will peers over the counter and they realize that it's a third alien robot, neither the Robot nor the SAR. The damaged robot enters the dining hall, but turns and leaves when John stings to draw its attention. When he runs out of words he can remembers, John tells Maureen to run.

Don brings up the schematics of the Resolute and tries to direct John and Maureen. He loses visual contact with them, and John and Maureen hide. Maureen tells Don to set off an alarm as a diversion, and he warns that it's going to take a few minutes. The robot follows their voices and finds that they're coming from Maureen's discarded comm unit inside of a room. John closes the door, trapping it inside, and Maureen tells the kids that it's safe to come out.

Smith is walking down a corridor when Judy and Samantha drop out of a vent. She claims that Don sent her to check on Judy, and says that they're like family. Samantha says that her photograph is of her and her father. Smith looks at it and realizes that it's the officer she killed in the airlock. She abruptly says that she's sorry for Samantha's loss and walks away.

John and Maureen reach the dining hall and embrace their children. Judy and Samantha arrive and Judy pulls the girl into the family hug. Don limps in and complains that the Robinsons look for danger, and Judy tells Will that more robots attacked the Resolute than just the SAR, and one of them had two legs and was protecting people. She figures that the Robot was there, and Will figures that there's a clue somewhere for where the Robot is now.

Maureen sees a Jupiter dock with the Resolute and points it out to the others. Deputy Director of Advanced Systems Ben Adler comes in with his men and John tells him that they contained the alien robot. Ben recognizes Samantha and says that they looked everywhere for her, and her mother has been missing her. After the attack, they took refuge on a planet in the system until the Resolute was safe enough to support them again. Will asks where the robot came from and what happened to it, and Ben says that the other survivors have said a lot about the boy.

Maureen and John talk to Ben privately, and he says that Will wasn't the first one to make contact with one of the robots. They call the alien intelligence "Scarecrow", and goes to a section of wall. Ben explains that the robot has been on the Resolute since before it launched, and invites John and Maureen to come with him to see what's on the other side of the wall.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 29, 2019

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