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You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon Recap

Ivy sits in the abandoned mall with her books and pours herself some wine. She's interrupted with Harley and her crew return with a stolen King Tut sarcophagus complete with Tut's mummified body inside. Harley checks in on Villiany.Evil only to discover that there's nothing about the heist. KGBeast is being nominated for the Legion of Doom, and Harley insists that she's better than him. Harley goes berserk, complaining that she's been busting her ass to get busted by the Legion for the last two months.

That night, Ivy tells Harley that she's noticed that Harley is being extra-Harley and wonders why her friend is obsessed with the Legion. Harley figures that she has to be in the Legion to match up to Joker, and Harley asks the crew for ideas to get the Legion's attention. She figures that they should go after WayneTech, and soon the gang drives to the building and park in a van across the street. They're going after an invisible motorcycle on the 26th floor, and bring it down by shooting it from one skyscraper to another.

Clayface disguises himself as a normal man and runs in, asking the guard if he's seen his daughter. While he distracts the guard, King Shark sneaks by, bites the head off of a guard, and bypasses the security. Ivy sends Harley and Psycho up on a giant plant to the 26th floor, Ivy throws Psycho through a window, and Psycho mentally immobilizes a guard. They use his retina to bypass the scanner and Harley flips through the laser beam security system to get the bike. She spots an even more restricted area and goes to steal whatever is inside.

A few minutes later, Harley runs out the front door with guards in pursuit. Clayface's guard hits the lockdown button, and Clayface loses his arm when the shutters come down. Psycho leaps the invisible motorcycle between skyscrapers, but falls. Ivy catches him with one of her plants and throws him into the van, then gets in and they escape.

Gordon turns on the Bat Signal to summon Batman, and Gordon complains about his wife Barb is sleeping with someone else. He irritably insists that he didn't call Batman about the break-in, and Batman complains that Gordon abused the Bat Signal. Batman insists that he and Gordon are coworkers, not friends, and warns that WayneTech equipment in Harley's hands could be catastrophic. He gives Gordon a bag of evidence from the crime scene and tells Gordon to ask it what it is, and says that Gordon used to be a damned good cop. Gordon insists that he still is and Batman tells him to prove it before leaving. Gordon stares in the bag in shock.

At the mall, Psycho complains that the heist was a disaster. Syd comes in and realizes that he missed the heist. Harley says that the device she stole is highly classified, and Ivy figures Harley has no idea what it does. She checks her tablet and discovers that the Cowled Critic reviewed their heist. The Cowled Critic says that the crew isn't worthy of Legionnaires Disease. He accuses Ivy of being Psycho's new girlfriend, and Harley left behind Clayface's arm.

Gordon interrogates the Arm and demands to know where Harley is. When the Arm breaks into tears, Gordon insists that he's not a stranger and suggests the Arm talk about Clayface. When Gordon rants about his wife, the Arm suggests that they should talk about it and Gordon agrees.

Clayface explains that the Arm knows everything he knows. He figures that it's like a kid and will do anything for approval, including turning them in. Psycho figures that it's stupid, but Harley insists that no one is going anywhere because they'll rescue the Arm. When they break into the GCPD, the Legion will call them. Psycho wants to find Cowled Critic, and Ivy agrees to go with him.

Gordon and the Arm go up on the roof and the Arm commiserates with Gordon over Batman's attitude. The Arm assures Gordon that he's a good cop and Gordon is shocked to hear someone else say it. They have a montage of drinking in a bar, playing basketball, playing cards, and riding a motorcycle... or so Gordon imagines.

Harley, Clayface, and King Shark beat up a cop and Clayface takes his place. He takes King Shark in as a prisoner, with King Shark planning to stage a riot. The officers spot King Shark as soon as he goes in and shoot him down, then kick him. A lot. Then throw him in a transport van and haul him to prison. Harley tells Clayface to distract the police officers, and goes in and says Joker has kidnapped Bruce Springsteen. The police officers immediately leap into action, and Harley and Clayface go to get the Arm.

On the rooftop, Gordon tries to convince the Arm to give up Harley's lair. Gordon admits that he was trying to trick the Arm, but then it listened to him and didn't judge. Harley and Clayface come out just as the Arm prepares to tell Gordon where the lair is, and the Arm begs Gordon not to let them take him. Gordon draws his gun and shoots at Harley and Clayface, and they take cover.

Ivy and Psycho track Cowled Critic through the grapevine and arrive at a suburban house. Giganta answers the door and Psycho tells Ivy that Giganta is his ex-wife. The villainess lets them inside and says that she doesn't care that Psycho is with Ivy, and she's too busy having sex with her new boyfriend Brad. Ivy asks who did write the review, and Psycho's son Herman comes in.

Gordon reloads and insists that the Arm is his friend, and Batman is no friend. The Arm yells at Harley and Clayface to leave them alone, and Harley figures the Arm is going to snitch. Harley takes out the stolen device, steps out, and says that she'll press the button on it if Gordon doesn't hand over the Arm. Clayface points out that they don't know what the device does, but Harley doesn't care. Gordon shoots anyway, and Harley presses the button and disappears. She finds herself in the Batcave and Batman is there. He wonders why he shouldn't let her drop from the stalactite she's snagged on, and Harley explains that Gordon has lost his mind and could be suicidal. Batman wonders what Gordon wants from him and insists that their coworkers, despite the screensaver on his Batcomputer showing them together as friends. Sort of.

As Harley says that she and Batman are a lot alike, the stalactite breaks and Harley falls. Batman rescues her and Harley admits that she's selfish because she's doing what will help her instead of getting her friend's arm back. She says that Batman let Gordon down the same way, and Harley says that they can get Gordon before he does something crazy.

Psycho and Herman go into Herman's bedroom, and Herman notes that Psycho made his life a living hell. The villain tells his son that he cares about him, and he saw so much evil in Herman that he made his life hell. Psycho is happy that Herman is more evil than he could have dreamed, and they break into tears as they say that they hate each other. Ivy is watching from the door, and figures that it's fucked up but moving.

Clayface tells the Arm that he only wants it to be safe. Batman and Harley arrive and Gordon says that he has a new friend. When Batman apologizes, Gordon apologizes and hugs Batman. Batman restores the Bat Signal and says that it's a damned good Bat Signal for a damned good cop. Gordon thanks the Arm for everything but says that he has his real friend back so it can go back to its "daddy". It breaks into tears, says it will never forget Gordon, and Clayface absorbs it back into his body.

Batman prepares to take Harley to Arkham, and she activates the device and tosses it to Batman. He's teleported to the Batcave, but the police arrive and all draw their guns. Psycho telekinetically disarms them and shoots at the officers' feet with them, and Gordon can't bring himself to shoot at Harley as she and Clayface escape.

Later, Cowled Critic retracts his previous review and says that Harley and her crew have more than proven themselves. Harley assures the crew that they're more important than getting into the Legion. Cowled Critic gives a special shout-out to Psycho, saying that he made Batman vanish. Ivy stops Harley from correcting the story, telling her to let Psycho have it. Cowled Critic apologizes for saying Ivy and Psycho are a couple, and says that the crew is worthy of being nominated for the Legion if Harley stops leaving crew members behind. Harley remembers that Killer Shark is still in prison.

King Shark is drinking toilet wine in prison and enjoying being cool. Ivy breaks through the wall with a giant plant, and King Shark takes offense when the other prisoners call a new inmate a "fishie" before they leave.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 4, 2020

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