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Full House Recap

In Denver, Bret is playing poker and wins $2,000 on his opponent, Foxy Smith. Foxy discovers that someone took his wallet, and Bret takes his diamond stickpin as collateral. When Foxy says that it's a trademark and a good-luck piece, Bret insists on taking it. As the Denver marshal looks on, Bret takes the pin. Foxy draws a gun on him, and Bret disarms him and they brawl. The marshal calmly looks on and Bret finally wins. Bret tells the marshal that Foxy made the first move, and the marshal says that was looking for a reason to arrest Foxy as he puts handcuffs on the man. He tells Bret that he can hold Foxy for a few days while he figures out what Foxy was doing in Denver.

Bret rides on to Bubbly Springs, Colorado. A group of men are in the hotel lobby and taking shots at the candle balanced on the clerk Willie's head. Cle Younger takes a shot and takes off the top of the candle, and insists on using the same candle. A drunk Sam Bass prepares to shoot, his gun hand wavering. He takes off the top of the candle and the men go to the saloon. Bret comes in and offers Willie a light for his candle. He says that he was just passing through, and Willie tells him to get out because they're closed. Bret offers him the stickpin, and Willie tells him that it's worth Bret's life.

Cole comes in and tells Bret that it took him enough time, and goes to get the other men. Bret says that he'd like to play poker but all he has is the stickpin, and Cole tells him that it's all he needs. Belle Starr comes down the stairs and Bret admires her. Cole notices Bret's attention, and tells Belle that they've been waiting for Bret and she should round up the others. Bret and Belle exchange introductions, and Belle compliment Bret's shoulders while saying that he looks familiar. Cole orders Belle to do what he says, and Belle irritably says that a few more minutes won't matter.

Cole takes Bret into the saloon and tells him to lay off Belle because she belongs to him. Bret sits down and Belle comes in with the other two men. They all gather around Bret, and Cole insists that he's in charge. They want to know what Bret's plan is, and Bret has no idea what they're talking about. The outlaws figure that Bret is playing it cagey, and each of the outlaws presents a wanted poster with their name on it. Bret calculates that the outlaws are worth $73,000 in reward money, and says that he doesn't know what to say.

Willie comes in and Bret asks if he knows why they're there. Belle tells Bret not to worry, but Bret plays into his new role and says that he worries easily. He takes Willie outside and asks what's going on, and Willie says the outlaws figured Bret is Foxy. No one knows what Foxy looks like, but he was supposed to show up with the diamond stickpin. Cole comes out and asks what's going on, and Bret says that he was checking out Willie and never gambles.

That night, Belle comes to Bret's hotel room and he lets her in. She says that she figured out that she met some other fellow, and asks about the job. Bret tells her he'll tell everyone the next day and tries to get Belle out. She invites Bret to sit on the bed with her, and tells Bret not to worry about Cole. Bret leads her to the door, and Belle kisses him goodnight.

Later, Bret is leading his horse out of the livery stable when Billy the Kid comes up and asks if Bret is leaving. Bret claims he was taking his horse for a walk and he'll figure the job out. Cole fires a warning shot and says that nobody is going to get away with anything. He takes Bret for a walk, and Bret describes how he ran into a two-bit gambler in Denver. Cole tells him to wear the lucky stickpin the next day because he'll need all the luck he can get, and Bret goes back to his room. Billy joins Cole, and Cole says that the outlaws are taking turns watching Bret.

In Denver, Foxy tells the marshal that no one holds Foxy for long. Foxy says that he has important business, but the marshal isn't impressed.

The next morning, Willie brings water to Bret's room and tells him that the outlaws have the hotel surrounded. The clerk suggests that Bret lay out a job for the outlaws, but make it so wild that even the outlaws will back out. Cole comes in to get Bret, and Bret tips Willie and goes to the saloon. Bret tells Cole to call the meeting to order since he's in charge, and asks if Cole will vouch for every man in the room.

Sam tells Bret to stop stalling and tell them about the "mint of money" Bret has promised. Bret suggests there's a leak in the organization and they'd better find out who. He says that someone must have been in his room, and Belle points out that she was in Bret's room. Bret hastily says that it wasn't her, and describes his plan to take over the Denver Mint. He describes 50-75% casualties, and much to his surprise the outlaws agree to take the mint. Billy figures Bret was two days later because he was checking out the Mint, and Bret says that they'll get in and replace the tem men in key positions.

Bret makes up a plan on the spot and says that they'll get inside, take the $10 million, and leave with the money. The outlaws agree to the plan, and Bret tells them they'll have to wait. Cole figures that Bret is stalling, and Bret says that gold shipments coming into the Mint in three days. The outlaws argue about whether to wait, and Cole tells them to keep it down. He says that they'll wait after checking with his contact in Denver to check out Bret's story.

Foxy offers the marshal a bribe to let him go, but the marshal refuses.

Cole gets a telegram from Denver and shows it to the outlaws. Bret is there and Cole finally says that his contact confirmed the gold was arriving a day later than Bret said. The outlaws tell Cole to apologize, and he reluctantly does so. Once the outlaws leave, Cole tells Bret that his contact is working to confirm Bret is Foxy. He then says that they should go to a hotel and demonstrate his skills, since Foxy is the best trick shot in the business.

The men go to the hotel and Cole tells Willie to light the candle so Bret can show him his trick of lying on his back and shooting out a candle while looking in a mirror. Bret flips his gun and says that he doesn't showboat anymore, flipping it back into its holster. Willie looks relieved and Bret goes up to his room.

When Bell enters his room, he finds Belle waiting with drinks. She says that she's heard about Bret's reputation for massacres, and Bret tells her that he doesn't need a reason to kill. Belle likes his nerve, and he doesn't scare her. Bret advises her to change and find a safer line of work, but Belle says that she'll ride into town with the others but she'll spend the night with Bret and kisses him. Bret tells her that he has a lot to do, but Belle continues kissing him and then leaves.

The next morning, the outlaws put on suits for their disguises and Bret sends them to Denver. Billy assures Bret that he'll be proud of him. Cole hangs back and says that he's waiting for Belle. Belle comes in and Bret tells her to take care of herself. Cole snaps at Belle to come with him, and Bret tells her to keep Belle safe. The outlaw figures that Bret is still a fake, and Bret tells him that he's going to make him rich.

Once the outlaws leave, Willie comes in and confirms everyone else is gone. Bret tells Willie that there's one more step, and sends a wire to the Denver marshal about the intended robbery, and he'll be arriving in town as a bounty hunter.

Bret rides back into Denver and goes to the marshal's office. Belle comes up and takes Bret to a restaurant, and the waitress figures Bret is proposing to Belle. Once the waitress leaves, Belle says that the marshal and his deputies were waiting for them. She figures someone tipped the law, and Cole figures Bret did it. Belle says that Cole was killed in the shootout, but some of the others got away and will be gunning for them because they figure they're involved. Bret goes to talk to the marshal, saying he's going to get his revenge by talking to the marshal and figuring out who turned them in. Belle begs Bret to take her with him, and he agrees as long as he talks to the marshal alone.

Bret and Belle go to the mint and they find Cole there. Cole congratulates Belle and takes Bret's gun, and the outlaws take the Mint gold out. Foxy is behind the desk, and congratulates Bret on coming up with a brilliant plan. Cole intercepted the telegram and Foxy met Billy, and Foxy demonstrates his trick shot. Cole puts a stack of coins on Bret's head, and Foxy lies on his back and looks into a mirror. Foxy makes the shot, then pays Bret his $2,000 and punches him. Cole keeps his gun on Bret, and Foxy takes back his stickpin.

Billy guards a tied-up Bret until the others finish robbing the Mint. Bret warns Billy that Cole and the others are tricky, and they'll try something with Billy because he's younger than the others. Billy isn't impressed, and Belle comes in and tells Billy to leave her and Bret alone. Once he does, Belle figures Bret must hate her. Bret says that she did what she had to do. Bret asks for a smoke from his pocket, and Belle gets out his cigar and lights it for him. She bemoans her luck and wishes Bret was "legit" like the others, and she kisses Bret. Billy comes back in and watches. Once Belle leaves, Bret says that Belle is very friendly.

Sam comes in to tell Billy that they're staying to cover their escape. Bret suggests that they're going to betray Billy and Sam agrees. Foxy comes in and tells Billy and Sam to stay, but Billy figures that Foxy is setting him up. Cole comes in and Billy draws his gun as Bret backs up as much as he can and then knocks over a file cabinet. Billy figures it's an ambush and opens fire, and everyone takes cover and starts shooting. Billy wings Foxy, and Cole gets out and leaves with the others.

Sam and Billy go for the money, and Bret sees the outlaws leaving in the Mint wagon. Bret yells a warning to Billy on his wagon, and when he pulls out he slams into the other outlaws' wagon. They ride off to avoid the posse, and the marshal sends his deputies after the outlaws and enters the Mind. The marshal puts his handcuffs on Foxy, unties Bret, and Bret explains that he was trying to break up the robbery. Bret says that if his posse captures the outlaws, the marshal will be famous in the West. As they go, Bret sees Belle on the street and distracts the marshal while Belle makes a hasty escape. The money is outside lying around the wagons, and the marshal admits that whoever came up with the plan to rob the Mint must have been quite a guy, and Bret agrees. Bret says that he'll tell the marshal the story, grabs a gold bar, and starts to leave. The marshal tells Bret that he won't need the gold bar, and Bret hands it over and goes.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 4, 2020

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