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Take Your Choice Recap

Dr. Campbell is meeting with Sophie, and Jacob who is still in prison.  They show him images of the masks that Alice has been able to make with Mouse, but the doctor is not convinced. He is still parroting that all this sounds too much like science fiction. They then reveal to Dr. August Campbell  that they have a criminal by the name of Mouse at Gotham General under a 24 hour watch since his arrest. He goes on to say he wants to meet him, run some tests on this Mouse character and if he convinces him, he will testify in favor of Jacob.

At  the Crows Headquarters,  Sophie tells her team that if they see Alice, they need to shoot to kill.  One of the Crows agents asks Sophie if she can give such an order, to which she replies that as acting Commander, she can.

Meanwhile, Luke is with Mary, driving Beth past the checkpoints in the city to find out what  is wrong with her and get her away from the Crow’s crosshairs. However, they are caught off guard when the route they took is also a checkpoint. They get taken out of  the vehicle when Beth has another ear splitting attack that makes her make a sound. However, right as the Crows agents discover a third person inside the car, Batwoman  gets to the check point and incapacitates the agents; giving Luke and Mary enough time to escape.

Somewhere in  Gotham City, Alice kills a Crows agent, but much like Beth from another Earth, she gets an ear splitting headache that hinders her mobility temporarily.  Mary finds out that Beth’s cells are disintegrating on a molecular level. Beth tells Mary, Luke and Kate that through her research she can surmise that Alice must be having a killer headache now too. But more importantly, that this universe is literally not big enough for the both of them. So the more they co-exist, the more that they continue to live on borrowed time. Mary then discovers that they only have seven hours before both Alice and Beth die since they’re stealing “time” from each other by both existing on this Earth.

Both Alice and Beth cough simultaneously and Alice ends up coughing blood. Alice successfully manages to get into Mouse’s room dressed in a Crow’s uniform, but Mouse tells her to get away.  When Alice tells him she’s come to break him out, he asks her how she continues to mistake her for Beth. Thus, not believing it’s really Alice in front of him. Mouse then notices Alice is bleeding from one of her ears.

Batwoman tries to get Sophie to change her mind on the kill order she has on Alice, but he refuses. In jail, Dogdson  corners Jacob, and stabs him.

Beth and Luke continue to brainstorm on a way to save her, but Beth eventually tells him that they need to stop being polite. Beth herself says that  the harsh reality is that in order for one to live, the other has to die. A few seconds later, Alice comes into Wayne Tower and finds herself face to face with her doppelganger. 

Alice then realizes that this Beth from another Earth was saved by her Earth’s Kate actually saved her. Alice then throws her aim at Beth in order to survive, but Kate manages to catch the knife. 

Back in jail, Jacob gets beaten by Dogdson and is bleeding from the knife injury. Dogdson promises to kill him because of all the good people Jacob and the Crows hurt since they couldn’t afford the protection they provided. However, he is stopped by an African American inmate who then tells Jacob that he is worth more to him alive.  Then goes onto say that he has heard Jacob is on his way out, so he will need the favor returned since he now has a target on his back for saving a glorified cop.

In her clinic, Mary is visited by Alice who seeks her help because as a doctor, she can’t do no harm. Mary refuses and exclaims that all this multiverse stuff is above her pay grade. Alice then realizes that coursing through her Mary’s veins is the only antidote on the planet capable of curing anything. Thus, Alice knocks out Mary after telling her how people underestimate her, when in reality Mary will prove to be really useful to her.

Mouse is visited by Dr. Ethan Campbell, but Mouse refuses to talk to him. Who ends up confessing to Mouse that he’s really his  Dad using one of his masks to live a different life. Dr. Campbell asks Mouse to give the whereabouts to Alice, but Mouse refuses.  He tells his dad that to him, Alice is his family, and he needed to stand up to his abuser. Mouse then goes onto say that he will never, ever betray Alice.  He then goes to his back and takes out a syringe with an orange substance inside. When Mouse asks him what he is doing, his father replies by saying that he’s making it so that Mouse has no choice.

Back in her clinic, Alice has extracted  blood from Mary but Mary comes to and fights Alice. Thereby releasing all the pent up rage she has towards Alice for killing her mother. She handcuffs Alice to a bedpost, and leaves. However, Alice calls the Crows and sends them to Wayne Tower where Beth is.

The Crows end up surrounding the building and get inside in search of Alice. Kate decides to take the elevator that goes down to the Batcave.

On her deathbed, Alice  hallucinates Catherine who talks to her.  The hallucination of Cathrine tells Alice that  the universe must really love Kate to give her a version of Beth she didn’t lose. She then taunts Alice saying that even if she did bad things, she showed remorse, but Alice doesn’t have any. Which is why Kate will never choose her. 

Alice tells the hallucination of Catherine she is seeing that Kate will save her. Catherine tells her that for her sake, she hopes that true. But in case it doesn’t, she will save Alice a seat in hell.

Kate then reveals to Beth that she is Batwoman. Mary then calls Kate and gives her vial of blood. But tells her stepsister that they can only save one Beth. Kate is on the fence, since she feels like she’s walking away from her Beth all over again. Mary argues that it’s a no brainer; Kate can save the kindest and smartest human she has ever met, or  she can save the person who killed her mom. 

Kate ends up back at Mary’s clinic, to be with Alice. However, when Alice asks for the syringe, Kate is empty handed. Instead, she chose to save Beth, and came to say goodbye to Alice. She tells Luke to take Beth to safety and she’ll catch up when she can.

A teary-eyed Alice asks Kate if it's because Beth is pure and good. Kate tells Alice she hopes she finds peace in the afterlife. Alice then asks Kate to stay with her.

In an unknown location, Mouse is tied up and kept prisoner by his father.

Back in Mary’s clinic, Alice closes her eyes.

Luke and Beth get off the bike; unbeknownst to them that Sophie has her gun locked on Beth. She gets ready to take the shot, but stops herself at the last second. However,  Dr. Campbell shoots her and she dies in Luke’s arms. Alice then comes back to life and angrily tells Kate that she let her die… But in the end she didn’t.


Written by AgentRose07 on Feb 19, 2020

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