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Busted Cop Recap

Branded as a "renegade" cop, Frank Riker is actually working undercover for Deputy Attorney General Brice Landis.

His first assignment is to expose Otis Trask. A top loan shark who also runs a major arson-for-insurance racket. Naturally suspicious, Trask hires Riker. His first job is to keep watch while Trask and his henchmen, Bruno and Elroy, rob a warehouse.

Spotting a police car, Riker tries to sound his car horn, only to find it broken. To distract the police, he crashes his car into theirs, pretending to be drunk Arrested, Riker is shocked to learn that the whole incident was a test Trask had gone out the back door and phoned the police himself. Riker passed with flying colors.

As Riker and Bruno return from making a money collection, shots ring out, Bruno slumps in the seat, and the out-of-control car crashes.

The dazed Riker awakens to find police examining the wreckage, which contains a body so badly burned that it must be identified through dental charts as Bruno's. An attaché case found in the car contains only paper, not money. Both Trask and the police suspect that Riker has double-crossed his new boss and stolen the missing $300,000.

Riker escapes being killed by Trask, aided by Tina, Trask's secretary and Bruno's girlfriend

During the romantic interlude that follows. Tina casually mentions Bruno's dentist. Going to his office, Riker forces the dentist to confess that, as a favor to Bruno, he gave the police someone else's charts. The body in the wreck is not Bruno's. Suddenly shots ring out, and Riker takes off after Elroy.

Elroy leads Riker to Bruno, who admits that he stole Trask’s money. Bruno now plans to kill the only two people who know he is alive, Elroy and Riker. Elroy is wounded, but Riker manages to kill Bruno. Trask appears to claim his money. A fight ensues and Trask, too is injured.

Riker's former superior, Lt. DeGarmo, arrives on the scene with his men to find "dead and wounded all around, a bagful of money… “ and Riker. Although he has no case against Riker, DeGarmo sees that he spends another night in jail. The following day. a disheveled Riker meets with Landis to learn about his next assignment.

Written by TVgy1960wXc on Dec 8, 2020

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