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O Brother Where Art Thou? Recap

At a park, an evangelist is preaching to the crowd about how only the forgiven will ascend to holy grace. Amara speak up and asks if God is watching, and the evangelist insists that only the chosen will be raised to Heaven. She says that God isn't that interested, and the evangelist tells her to beg Him for forgiveness or face His wrath. Amara gestures and a nearby fountain spouts blood. She then summons a storm and the evangelist wonders if Amara is God. She says that she isn't, and warns that God isn't the only game in town. Amara then calls down the lightning, and each blast incinerates one of the crowd. Soon Amara is surrounded by charred corpses. She then looks up at the sky and asks, "Well?"

Sam has a vision of being in the cage with Lucifer. Lucifer strokes his face and smiles, and Sam finds himself standing in a field. He wonders if it's what God wants, and a nearby bush bursts into flame. Sam then tells Dean about his vision, and says that he felt calm when Lucifer touched him and that wouldn't be his typical reaction. Each time Sam has asked God for details, the visions have become clearer. Dean points out that they have no proof that any of it is real, and Sam describes the burning bush. He figures that Lucifer would know how God imprisoned the Darkness since Lucifer was there.

Later, Sam and Dean meet with Crowley and tell him about Sam's visions. He says that they don't want to open the cage and prepares to leave, but Dean reminds him that the Darkness will destroy everything. Crowley asks Dean why Amara spared him, and Dean says that Amara is God's sister. He asks if Sam can meet Lucifer outside of the cage, and Sam says that they can't let Lucifer out. Crowley considers and says that there may be a way.

In Hell, Lucifer senses someone approaching.

Crowley explains that they need a secure site in Hell where they can neutralize Lucifer's power. He warns that there are challenges but God sealed the cage Himself. Crowley believes that the mystery to the wards is written in the Book of the Damned.

At a church, the priest is greeting his parishioners and finds Amara seated in a pew. She says that she's looking for God and needs an actual meeting. The priest says that the way to reach God is through prayer and invites Amara to try it. She hesitantly does so but gets no answer. The priest assures Amara that God has heard him, but admits that no one alive has met God. When he shows her a Bible, Amara says that it's manipulation and humans only believe what God wants them to. The priest insists that God is the Light and the Light vanquishes the Darkness.

In his palace, Crowley has his demons bring Rowena to him in chains. Once they're alone, Rowena tries to bluff her way out. Crowley doesn't fall for it, and Sam and Dean come in. Dean says that they have to work together and can kill each other later, and Rowena realizes that the Darkness is free. She wonders how she can trust any of them, and Crowley admits that she can't.

The lesser angels and demons meet on Earth, well aware that Amara plans to take over Heaven. The other angels figure that it's on God to make things right, but he's not around. They figure that their leaders won't do anything, so they have to spread the word that they unite and move against the Darkness.

Sam and Dean tell Rowena that Amara is God's sister, and she asks what's in it for her. Crowley says that he'll call off his assassins if she helps, and Rowena says that she'll need the Codex and Charlie's codebreaker. She wonders what's in the cage that is so dangerous, and Sam tells her that it's Lucifer.

In the church, Amara kills everyone and drains the priest of his soul. She tosses him aside, breaking his neck, and looks up at the stained glass windows. Amara calls to God, saying that his favorites are suffering, and tells her brother to show himself.

When they hear about the church murders, Dean goes to confirm that Amara was involved. He calls Sam, who says that what they're looking for is in the Book. The police have confirmed from witnesses that an unknown woman was talking to the priest, and they figure that it's Amara. Dean asks Sam if he's okay with their plan, and Sam points out that they don't have a choice. He agrees to wait until Dean gets back. Rowena points out that she's still chained up, and Sam points out that she has the Book and the Codex. H tells her to get back to work, and Rowena chuckles and then finds the spell they need to go to Hell.

After Dean finishes talking with the police, he senses Amara nearby. He goes to a nearby park and Sam calls him. However, Amara appears next to Dean and he stares at her.

Sam tries to get through to Dean without success. Rowena says that it's now or never, and Sam gives up.

Amara tells Dean that he felt her presence, and takes his arm. Dean finds himself teleported to a lake.

Sam, Crowley, and Rowena proceed through Hell and Crowley warns his mother that she has no idea what they're dealing with. He explains that they're in Limbo and Lucifer should be powerless there. They come to the cage and Rowena scribes the wards. Rowena then activates them and it begins.

Amara tells Dean that he misunderstands her purpose. She had to get God's attention, and He ignored her so she harmed His chosen. Dean says that it's between the two of them, and Amara is killing humans by taking their souls. Amara explains that they're a part of her and they will live forever.

Lucifer appears inside the cage and asks what Crowley wants of him. Sam steps forward and Crowley and Rowena move back to watch from a safe distance. Sam explains that they have a crisis on Earth, and tells Lucifer about the Darkness. Lucifer wonders where God is, and Sam admits that there's no sign of him. However, he says that God has recently reached out to him and answered his prayers. Sam says that God sent him to seek out Lucifer.

Amara tells Dean that God was so threatened that she'd make a more perfect creation that He exiled her and passed out stories that she was a threat. He encouraged religions as monuments to his ego and offered safety to the faithful if they adored Him. Dean points out that it's God's universe and rules, and Amara asks what would happen if there were no rules: just bliss. She says everyone can have the same feeling Dean has when he's around her.

In Limbo, Lucifer admits that he helped God seal up the Darkness millennia ago. He tells Sam that Amara is equal in power to God but doesn't have the experience, and God sent Sam to get Lucifer's help. Lucifer wants a vessel who is strong enough to hold him.

Dean asks Amara what she gets, and she says that she will have everything. He points out that would make her God, and reaches for his dagger. Amara says that she will be the Dark to God's Light, and that's all that Dean needs to know. He stabs her and the blade shatters on her body. Amara says that she knows Dean's instinct is to resist, but she can't be resisted. She then kisses Dean without taking his soul.

Lucifer admits that it's a lot to ask, and points out that Sam has been working with Crowley. He's no fan of God but he's ready to pitch in, and Sam can't say no to the Word of God.

Dean backs away and asks what the kiss meant, and Amara says that it's the future. They're bonded because Dean is the one who set her free, and they will be together. Dean insists that it isn't going to happen, and Amara wonders why he doesn't want it. Three lesser angels appear and call on Amara to surrender. She tells them to summon God to fetch her Himself, and the angels warn that every one of them is ready to smite her with one blow that she can't survive. Dean speaks up, saying that if Amara dies then a whole group of people will die. The leader steps forward and Amara kills first him, and then the other two. A storm masses overhead, and Amara figures that now God will hear her. She teleports Dean away and offers herself, and a blast of heavenly light smashes down.

Dean finds himself back in the park.

Sam tells Lucifer that he won't do it. The wards go out and Rowena tells Crowley to follow him. Meanwhile, Lucifer teleports Sam into the cell and advances on him. Sam calms himself and says that it's how God told him it would be. He figures that he just has to go with it, and Lucifer explains that when the Darkness descended, the cage was damaged. Reaching out through the fissures, Lucifer made contact with Sam and gave him the visions. Sam says that it's never going to happen, and Lucifer tells him to get ready.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 10, 2015

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